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AUGUST | 2014 | VOL.NO. 55


Earlier this summer, a team from the Northwest traveled to the South Pacific to provide orthopedic care to the people of the islands. PAGE 2


Why were there so many people without hair at Gladstone Camp Meeting? Learn about this special event and the reason behind it. PAGE 3


The grounds in Gladstone are now empty of the camp meeting camraderie. Instead, it has been spread out across the Conference. PAGE 4


Bits of news from around the Conference and around the world that we thought you might find interesting. PAGE 5

Camp Meeting Goers Step out for god in Gladstone


By Krissy Barber

uly 15 through 19 found “the campgrounds” in Gladstone, Ore. buzzing with the 84th year of Gladstone Camp Meeting. We celebrated the theme Here Am I... basing our seminars and programming on the biblical concept of giving ourselves to God in whatever form we are, and asking Him to use us as He sees best.

ed illness. The hydration carts, information in the daily newspaper, announcement slides, and verbal reminders from staff and volunteers all seemed to help, however, and most campers did a great job of staying hydrated and cool.

Those at the Friday evening program were invited to dedicate their lives to God. More than 70 earliteens stepped forward...

The week started out warm actually it was just plain hot– especially for us Northwesterners, who start to feel the heat when the temps rise above 80F. With temperatures in the mid 90s, reminders went out to stay hydrated and to watch for symptoms of heat-relat-

In the Children’s Amphitheater, the water slide was a popular attraction, as were the misters set up to provide a cooling mist for whoever walked near them. The Snack Shack did rousing business in ice cream, sorbet, smoothies, snow cones, and everything cold. The Juniors, Earliteens, and Youth enjoyed trips to the nearby aquatic park. c o n t i n u e d o n pa g e

Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists • 19800 Oatfield Rd • Gladstone, OR 97027 • 503-850-3500 •


Ben Dalusong

are from Portland, Ore., and they attend Hood View Adventist Church. Anderson practices medicine at Portland Adventist Medical Center. Anderson felt lucky to perform some surgeries that had never been done in Majuro. The orthopedic team did four uni-compartmental knee replacements and one ACL reconstruction—the first of their kinds at the hospital.

CAMP MEETING c o n t i n u e d f ro m pa g e


Tuesday evening’s first adult meeting started with a bang as Plaza Pavilion speaker, David Asscherick, took to the stage, blessing those listening and watching with his energy and frankness as he spoke about The Covenant God. The crowds grew as the week wore on, with many of the children’s divisions reporting higher than usual numbers. In the Earliteen division, those at the Friday evening program were invited to dedicate their lives to God. More than 70 earliteens stepped forward and wrote their names on the Wall of Remembrance! Over in the Sandpiper building, the 7- and 8-year-olds made pillows for refugees in South Sudan, and under cover of the One-Day Church building, the annual Used Book Sale sold over 1,600-inches of used books with proceeds going to Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS). There also was something rather unusual that happened on campus this year. We seemed to have a dramatic increase in baldness that got more prominent as the week wore on! Age was no discriminator, as both young and old, male and female appeared to have lost their hair during camp meeting. It turns out that these dedicated souls lost their hair for a very important and special reason. They lost it voluntarily in support of one of our own Oregon Conference pastors. You see, pastor Nick Jones wasn’t at camp meeting this year. He spent his camp meeting week in chemotherapy for six hours a day! Pastor Nick has cancer and is facing it head-on, so others decided to show their support by shaving their heads too. By last count, more than 40 people shaved their heads to show Pastor Nick their support! So many people celebrated this year’s theme in special ways, whether dedicating their lives to God for the first time or renewing their past commitment; showing support for a friend in need, or giving someone a cold drink, each presented themselves and said, “Here am I!” We hope each of you will do the same throughout this year and that we’ll see you again, or maybe for the first time, at Gladstone Camp Meeting next year!


Orthopedic Henderson was glad to have a number of pediatric cases. said, “We [treated] more children on this Mission Led Henderson trip than I’ve done on any other. There was a preponof huge cases.” Correcting children’s orthoby Northwest derance pedic problems is important because it prevents future problems and limitations. “We fixed at least four or five arms, allowing them to work normally in the future. Surgeons kids’ Without treatment, they would have been left with deBy Alexander Hirata formed arms.”

anvasback Missions, Inc. sent three medical specialty teams to Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) in May and June 2014. The orthopedic surgery team arrived May 24. Two separate dental teams followed, arriving May 31 and June 14.

After the team left, Robert Wells, MD, stayed a few extra days to make sure all post-op patients were infection-free until discharge. Wells, an orthopedic surgeon from Portland, Ore., has been working with Canvasback for decades and has been invaluable to the mission. His wife Susan Wells and grandson Jakob Voorhies accomThe orthopedic team consisted of three orthopedic surgeons, panied him on this mission, working in the clinic and at two operating room nurses, two recovery nurses, a physical Canvasback’s Wellness Center. therapist, a clinic coordinator, a biomedical technician, and three clinic office assistants. The team ran clinics for two weeks Canvasback Missions operates in the Micronesian isat the government-operated Majuro Hospital. lands with two goals. One: to reverse the epidemic of Richard Henderson, MD, the orthopedic surgeon who assembled the team, recognizes the value of orthopedic care in the RMI. “The resources in Majuro are pretty limited,” said Henderson. “The needs are huge.” He saw patients who had lived with joint problems for years, which had limited their mobility and productivity. This is Henderson’s fifth medical mission to the islands. He worked once with Canvasback in Yap, Federated States of Micronesia and three times in Ebeye, RMI. A “humble bone mechanic,” as he refers to himself, from Walla Walla, Washington, he practices at Providence St. Mary Medical Center and Walla Walla General Hospital. His wife, Kay Henderson, MD, triaged and counseled patients at the Majuro clinic. Running clinics on weekdays from May 26-June 5, the Canvasback orthopedic team examined 323 patients and performed 34 surgeries, including 12 total or partial knee replacements and a hip replacement. The value of services provided is modestly calculated to be $877,660. In order to see and treat so many people, the team worked long hours. Henderson said, “It was certainly a challenging trip.” “It was hard work,” said John Anderson, MD, “but it was very rewarding.” This was Anderson’s first trip with Canvasback. Accompanying him to Majuro were his wife Jeanette and son and daughter. While Dr. Anderson operated on orthopedic cases, his family helped in the clinic during the morning, and ran community children’s programs in the afternoon. The Andersons

diabetes in Micronesia. Two: to provide specialty medical teams that are otherwise unavailable to the people of Micronesia.

Although Canvasback’s work is largely medical, all are welcome to be a part of the mission. “I think there’s a role for everyone,” said Anderson. “You don’t have to have medical training to contribute. It really gives perspective on the world and causes you to grow. Just because you’re not a surgeon doesn’t mean you can’t come out and help.” Henderson has similar sentiments: “It’s a way in which you can combine service to individuals, service to humanity as a whole, and adventure. It’s quite a unique opportunity.” It’s also important to note that Canvasback works with volunteers from all over—not just the Pacific Northwest. For some reason, though, there does seem to be a lot of talent in that area. All three orthopedists look forward to joining Canvasback on future missions to the Marshall Islands or to the Federated States of Micronesia.

Ben Dalusong

Ben Dalusong

Annette McLain

Nicked for Nick


More than 40 people were "Nicked for Nick” at Gladstone Camp Meeting in July. Pastor Nick Jones (Gateway Adventist Church, and SonRise Outreach Company) missed out on Camp Meeting this year because he spent the week fighting cancer with chemotherapy treatments. Many of the pastors, volunteers, staff, and others who were at camp meeting decided to show Pastor Nick that they missed and supported him so they shaved their heads too!

Ben Dalus

What Happened at Camp Meeting?

Ben Da


When the seating inside the Plaza Pavilion was full, the crowds spilled out into the seating areas around the outside edges of the "Big Tent" to hear speaker David Asscherick.

The Plaza Pavilion programs were translated into multiple languages by dedicated volunteers and staff.

“Ten years ago, this would have been easy,” says Pastor Roger Walter (Adventist Community Church of Vancouver), “because I would have known it would grow back. Now, I’m not so sure” – but he shaved his head anyway!

Ben Dalus


In the Youth and Earliteen tents, the speakers, staff, and volunteers interacted and ministered to the kids in attendance. In the Earliteen division on Friday night, the attendees were challenged to dedicate their lives to God. More than 70 earliteens came forward to write their names on the Wall of Rememberance.

Watch the video that was made for Pastor Nick of the project on YouTube at You can also read Pastor Nick's blog at And of course, please keep him in your prayers!

Sara Withers

Gar y McLain

On Sabbath afternoon, The King's Heralds braved a very warm stage to share their music and message with the crowds.


Desiree R

Gar y McLain


Gary M c

In addition to the waterslide near the Children's Amphitheater, the Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) Book Sale, the Dorcas Boutique, and many other events and activities, the annual Fun Run/Walk was enjoyed by families and friends (both old and new.) And then there was the Cave Trailer! The Cave Trailer was a project designed and built by some of the Oregon Pathfinder leaders. It was tested out by the Juniors at camp meeting, and now it's headed for the International Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh this month!

Ben Dalusong

CAmp meeting EnerGy Now spread out across the Conference


s I write these words, I look out my office window at a quiet scene. The buzz of people is gone, the large white pavilion and division tents have been taken down, the Adventist Book Center no longer has piles of books outside waiting for signatures and purchases, and a skeleton crew at the office continues to provide ministry while the others enjoy much needed breaks. It could almost be discouraging if it were not for the memories of Gladstone Camp Meeting and the excitement of just a few weeks ago.

decisions to follow Jesus for the first time at camp. I also remember that there are groups of youth going door to door, making personal contact with people in our cities as they spread God’s word and love through the sale of inspiring books. Members and pastors have gone home with a new understanding of what it means to say “Here Am I.” Members in Minstry is becoming a reality in every corner of our conference as we all respond to the vision and gifts God has placed in our individual hearts. Big plans are becoming reality as churches join together in proclaiming the beautiful message of a loving God who wants them forever as His and pastors family. God’s work is active and strong among His people here in the Oregon Conference.

Gar y McL

Suddenly, my mind shifts. I see that the same energy and excitement that was here at camp meeting just a short time ago is apparent all throughout our conference during the rest of the year. This summer is no exception. This week there are over 800 Pathfinders from our conference packing up and traveling to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to attend the International Pathfinder Camporee. At Big Lake Youth Camp, thousands of young people are having the experience of a life-time, learning to play, work, and worship together, and many of them will make


During those 10 days, these grounds were busMembers tling with activity, first with our Spanish meetings and then with the English Camp Meeting. The have gone home with parking lots were full of cars, and the golf carts were scurrying back and forth transporting people a new understanding It’s quiet now at Gladstone, but soon we will to their next meeting. Seminars were in full swing, experience the greatest camp meeting ever held. with the presenters teaching us how to live a more of what it means to say I know the musical instruments are ready, the healthy and Christ-centered life. The main pavilgrounds have been prepared, and the dinner table “Here Am I.” ion resounded with music and powerful preaching. is spread. Though plans are already being made The children’s divisions were bursting with enthusiand speakers have already been contacted for anasm as the children participated in activities that would lead them also other camp meeting here at Gladstone, they will be cancelled the to know and love Jesus. And everywhere friends were meeting friends moment God says to Jesus, “Go get my children and let’s enjoy camp and sharing what was happening in their lives. But now all is quiet. meeting all together!” Maranatha! – Al Reimche, Oregon Conference President

Hendrickson to Become NPUC Certification Register

Note Worthy... Manny Cruz Accepts Call to Arizona Conference

Manny Cruz, associate youth director for the NAD, has accepted a call to the Arizona Conference to be their director of Youth Ministries. "Manny has served the NAD Youth Ministries Department for eight faithful years," said NAD Youth Director James Black, "and we have been blessed by his service. We are excited for him and his family. Please join us in praying for the Cruz family as they begin their new assignment."

WWU Alumnus Elected College Place Mayor

Julie Scott, a Walla Walla University (WWU) graduate, is the new mayor of College Place, Wash. She fills the remaining term of the recently deceased former mayor, Rick Newby. Scott, the unanimous appointment for the position out of three applicants, has been serving the town as a member of the City Council. Scott graduated WWU in 1983 as a history major where she met and married Kraig Scott, who is currently a member of the music faculty at WWU. They have lived in College Place for 20 years. Read more at

Gordon Pifher Appointed NAD Vice President for Media

Gordon Pifher, currently North Pacific Union Conference stewardship, leadership and innovation director, will be moving to Silver Spring, Md., to become the North American Division (NAD) vice president for media. As vice president for media, Pifher will be primarily responsible for developing and implementing a media ministry strategy for all Adventist media ministries across a territory that includes the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Guam, and Micronesia. Pifher will also work closely with the Adventist Church’s Hope Channel to develop new, regionally-contextualized programming. He will also coordinate the seven original media ministries in North America to develop new approaches for urban center outreach programming. Read more from the North American Division at

My Bible Friends Goes Digital

The popular My Bible Friends set of books has spun off an interactive app this month. The story of Noah and the Flood features hidden animations that children can discover as they explore the story. The paintings that helped build the reputation of the books come across in brilliant detail on iPad Retina displays. The app will read the story to preschoolers, allowing them to follow the highlighted words. Or children can turn off the narration and read to themselves. An introductory price of $1.99 is available until August 31 at the iTunes store. Learn more at

A New Approach for Stop Smoking Program

A new initiative updates the Adventist approach for stop-smoking programs. The new Breathe-Free 2 program bases its hopes for success on a combination of scientific research, an open-source website, and the personal relationships that participants develop as they take the course. Daniel Handysides, Loma Linda University associate professor of health and program developer, introduced the new initiative to more than 1,100 Adventist leaders and health professionals at July's Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle in Geneva, Switzerland. Organized by the world church’s health ministries department, the conference’s ultimate goal is to inspire community health centers with programs offering a blend of physical and spiritual wellness in every Adventist church. Learn more about this new program at

Deborah Hendrickson, currently vice principal and registrar at Columbia Adventist Academy in Battle Ground, Wash., will become the next North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) certification registrar. She will replace Paulette Jackson who plans to retire at the end of August after 38 years of service in Adventist education. Jackson served for more than two years at the NPUC and previously as teacher, school administrator and conference superintendent. With her own exceptional background of 31 years in Adventist educational leadership, Hendrickson will take over the responsibility of maintaining denominational certification records for all NPUC educators.

WWU Welcomes Poole to Chaplain Staff

Tommy Poole joined the Walla Walla University (WWU) chaplain's office team as the new associate chaplain for missions and discipleship, beginning July 14. A 2011 WWU graduate, Poole has a bachelor’s degree in theology and a minor in speech communication. After graduation, he served as a Bible teacher and residence hall dean in Hong Kong, and then as Bible teacher, chaplain, and pastor at Gem State Adventist Academy in Caldwell, Idaho. Poole is from the Lewiston/Clarkston area, and his parents are also WWU alumni. Read more at

Upper Columbia Conference ABC Manager Recovers From Accident

Herman Schreven, Upper Columbia Conference Adventist Book Center manager, underwent surgery in July for injuries sustained in a serious motorcycle accident while traveling in the remote Yukon Territory. He expects a full recovery, but we are sure he would also appreciate the prayers of members from around the Northwest and beyond.

The Gleaner Goes to Oshkosh

As thousands of Pathfinders converge in OshKosh, Wis., for the 2014 Forever Faithful International Camporee, the Gleaner is heading there too. They will be on the ground (along with 40,000 Pathfinders!) to capture the story for those back home. Clubs are arriving from all over North America. International clubs flying in from more than 100 countries will be hosted by North American Division clubs, including Northwest clubs. During the camporee, special editions of GleanerWeekly will be sent with reports of our Northwest clubs and kids. As the camporee gets going, we will be sending out special editions of GleanerWeekly, with updates from your clubs and kids! You can track the social media coverage of the event on GleanerNow's camporee page at and watch a live broadcast of each evening's program online at!

World Ordination Committee Releases Consolidated Report

The Theology of Ordination Study Committee for the world church completed its work in June, with a series of reports detailing its discussion and the various viewpoints represented. The committee has now released a consolidated report which includes all papers and summaries in one document. This combined document is available online at, along with all the committee's past papers at Further action on the issue of ordination for the world church will be taken at the Annual Council meetings in October, which may then also make further recommendations to the 2015 General Conference session.

The Hideout Film Screens in Portland Area

During the recent End It Now program to raise awareness on issues of sexual abuse, a short film was screened titled The Hideout. Centered around the story of Holly, a grade school student, the film tells her story of abuse and struggle to share what happened with her mother. While the filmmakers plan to make it widely available this year, Northwest members have an opportunity to see it at two different film festivals in the Portland, Ore., area in August. The Gleaner recently talked with Daniel Wahlen, writer and director, about his motivation for the project and how we can raise awareness about abuse. Read the interview with Wahlen at For additional news visit




When: September 5-7, 2014 Location: Sunset Lake Camp

When: Position Open Now Location: Portland/Vancouver Area

When: September 9, 6:30-8:30 pm Location: Eugene Adventist Church

Join outdoor adventurer Bob Gaede for the second annual Father/Son Retreat at Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Wash. This weekend event from September 5-7 will discuss what it means to be the priest of your family. Activities include hiking, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing, and canoeing. Bring your favorite tent and spirit of adventure. Fee: $35 per person. Register by September 1 by calling 360-829-0311 or emailing

His Praise, an all-male Christian chorus, began at the Meadow Glade Church 22 years ago. This group of 20-25 men from the Portland/Vancouver area is in need of a new director. Contact Nadine Dower at 360828-7146 or if you have an interest in directing this group.

In this informative class, you will learn the benefits of sprouting, and see demonstrations how easy it is to sprout. Come prepared to enjoy food samples and get great ideas on including more sprouts in your diet. Please preregistration. Email or call/text 541-863-9706 to reserve your seat. Sprout seeds and supplies will be available for purchase. This class is FREE of charge, however, donations are welcome. This event will be held at the Eugene Adventist Church located at 1275 Polk Street in Eugene, Ore.


When: August 23, 2014 Location: Anacortes, Wash. Walla Walla University invites you to join alumni, friends, and former faculty/staff for the annual Rosario Alumni Sabbath on August 23. Events include Friday potluck/vespers, Sabbath with special speakers including Cliff Sorensen, Don Rigby, Gene Stone, and John McVay, and a bonfire on the beach. Additionally, this year WWU is celebrating 60 years since the purchase of Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory. Meal reservations can be made by calling the Office of University Advancement/Alumni at 1-800-377-2586 or online at MINIKUS CONCERT AT HOCKINSON HEIGHTS CHURCH

When: August 9, 7:30 pm Location: Hockinson Heights Adventist Church The Hockinson Heights Adventist Church is pleased to host a sacred concert featuring Matt and Josie Minikus, acoustic musicians who recently were featured at Oregon's Gladstone Camp Meeting. “More than a concert — a moving experience. You will be glad you went,” says David Asscherick, co-director of Light Bearers Ministry and ARISE. Please bring your family and friends to enjoy this special evening of worship at 21109 NE 150th Street in Brush Prairie, Wash. For more information, call Eddie at 360-901-3833 or email


When: August 14, 7:00 pm Location: Hood View Adventist Church Cornell Trio Concert at 7:00 pm at Hood View Adventist Church. The Cornell Trio is a SGN Diamond award five-time nominee, premier gospel group. Their presentation touches the hearts of audiences wherever they go. Mike, Darla, and Patti sing and share their testimonies throughout the United States and the world. Invite your friends and neighbors. LIVING FOODS CUISINE: CULTURING FOODS FOR HEALTH

When: August 26, 6:30-8:30 pm Location: Eugene Adventist Church


When: August 30, 2014 Location: Sunnyside Adventist Church Sunnyside Adventist Church Reunion Sabbath is August 30! Our morning message will be presented by Herman Bauman, former ministerial director of the Oregon Conference. Ed Wagner will be at the organ. At 6:30 pm Sunnyside will host the 12th Annual Bobby McGhee and Friends Vespers. Stark Street pizza follows vespers. Join us for this fun tradition!

In this Living Foods Cuisine class, chefs Brian and Crystal will each be sharing how easy it is to culture different foods and why it is great to include them in a healthy diet. Join us for an informative evening and food demonstration with free food samples. Expand your culinary repertoire and health I.Q. No admission charge, but donations are welcome. This event will be held at the Eugene Adventist Church. SHARON CHURCH TO HOST CARLTON BYRD

When: September 7-13, 2014 Location: Sharon Adventist Church The Sharon Adventist Church will be hosting Dr. Carlton P. Byrd, speaker/director for Breath of Life television ministries, September 7-13. Learn more about this exciting series and about Breath of Life Television at The Sharon Adventist church is located at 5209 NW 22nd Ave in Portland, Ore. All links are clickable here and elsewhere in the eCommuniqué.

for more announcement

& event information please visit – this page is updated weekly.

Transitions Macy McVay is joining the Oregon Conference as the assistant pastor for the East Salem church.

Dan Bates (Anita) is transitioning from the Minnesota Conference to pastor the Lebanon/Sweet Home churches.

Pat Halleson (Larry) retired from her administrative assistant position in the Conference Education Department.

Del Griebel (Terrie) has retired from his pastoral position in The Dalles.

David Verastegui (Elizabeth) is joining the Oregon Conference from Rome, Italy, to pastor the Eugene/ Albany Spanish district.

Matthew Butte has resigned his associate superintendent position with the Oregon Conference and transitioned to the development director, with The Children’s Center in Vancouver.

Kang Soo Lee (Hea) has retired from his special assignment and previous pastoral position with the Oregon Central Korean church. Abraham Acosta (Natalya) will be transitioning from his interim pastor position in the Eugene/Albany Spanish district to Newberg and McMinnville. Sara Withers (Josh) will be returning from Andrews seminary.

Rafael Escobar (Lorraine) will be transitioning from his pastoral position at Newberg and McMinnville Spanish churches to begin seminary at Andrews University. Jonny Moor (Heather) will be transitioning from his assistant pastor position at the Hood View church to begin seminary at Andrews University.

Angela White (Kelly) has transitioned from the principal of the Scappoose Adventist school to an associate superintendent position with the Oregon Conference. Maricela Paczka (David) has joined the Oregon Conference as the assistant coordinator for Hispanic ministries.

Mirroring the sun By Jeremy Barber

Su n set Ca l endar Bend Eugene Hood River Longview Medford Newport Portland

Aug 2

Aug 9

Aug 16

Aug 23

Aug 30

Sep 6

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8:20 PM 8:27 PM 8:25 PM 8:32 PM 8:22 PM 8:32 PM 8:29 PM

8:10 PM 8:17 PM 8:14 PM 8:21 PM 8:12 PM 8:22 PM 8:18 PM

7:58 PM 8:06 PM 8:02 PM 8:09 PM 8:02 PM 8:10 PM 8:06 PM

7:46 PM 7:54 PM 7:50 PM 7:56 PM 7:50 PM 7:58 PM 7:54 PM

7:34 PM 7:41 PM 7:37 PM 7:43 PM 7:39 PM 7:46 PM 7:41 PM

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