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December 2013

Oregon District Apostolic Accent Volume 49, Number 12 Editor……………………..........…………….Kassie Meyer (503) 689-3589 District Officials Superintendent……………......……………Ted Graves Secretary/Treasurer……..........……..Dan Sargeant Presbyters Section 1…………………......…..…………Gary Gleason Section 2……………………........…M. Dennis Johnson Section 3………………………......……..Kevin Goodwin Section 4…………………………......Steven L. Johnson Honorary Board Member M. David Johnson North American Missions Director…………………………….......…..Steve Hanson Secretary…………………….……….....…Virgil Alldritt Global Missions Director…………………………….......David Reynolds Apostolic Man Director……………………………..……......Mark Edday Ladies Ministries Director…………………………......….Geanice Langley Secretary…………………...…….....…….Rachel Sparks Sunday School Director………………………….…......…Darrell Sparks Secretary…………....………………….....…..Joe Higgins Oregon Youth President………………………….......…Shane Graves Secretary………………………………......……Kevin Neu Spanish Ministries Director……………………………………......Fito Avenia Life in Focus Coordinator…...........Bill Tittsworth Prison Ministry Coordinator….....….Doug Lethin Media Missions Director……......David P. Johnson A.C.T.S. President………...….......M. Dennis Johnson Senior Quiz Coordinator.…......…..Brian Huffman Junior Quiz Coordinator.…......…Jonathan Toews

Editors Note

As a child, I always looked forward to Christmas and still do as an adult but it has a whole different meaning now than as a child. I use to think it was all about the presents. I would get so excited to see what Santa was bringing…or what grandma and grandpa were getting me this year or mom and dad…then there were all the decorations we use to make. One year we made these balls with sequence on them and another year Care Bears. Growing up, I guess I never really knew the real meaning of Christmas. Jesus was never really a mention in our home. However, when I turned twelve and started attending church, I learned the real reason for the season. I am sure there are so many children and even some adults that do not understand that Christmas is about Jesus. It’s about all about His birth and the salvation He brings! One time a lady asked me about a family who said they were not going to have Christmas that year because they didn’t have any money. It got me thinking…is that what it has become all about even to the church people? Do we focus on the gifts and forget that Christmas is about the birth of our dear Jesus? It actually made me really sad that people would be down and out and mope about not being able to have presents for Christmas. Although the presents are nice, there are other things you can do to celebrate Jesus’ birth and to make memories with your family. Make the Season what it is all about…Jesus! Do you want some ideas on how to do that? Well, I’m going to offer them anyway! And you can do these even if you are exchanging presents…these will just help brighten your Christmas a little more! And they share the love of Jesus with those around… - Spend time reading the Christmas story with your kids and maybe even have your own play at home with them! - Drive around your city and thank the Lord for coming to Earth to save your city and pray for your city. - Go to a nursing home and sing Christmas carols to the elderly. - Volunteer at a food bank, homeless shelter or nursing home. - Choose a church or two and pray for them and the needs of that church. - Do outreach and share with those on the streets about the love of Jesus and that He came to save them! Pass out invites to your church while you are at it! - Write a new Christmas song with your children and get creative! - Do some craft projects at home with the kids that will teach them about Jesus! - Bake some goodies to take to the elderly with Scriptures tied to the package…you will be surprised at how you will brighten their day! These are just a few…get creative this Christmas and see what you can do to remind your family and others what this Season is all about!

2 APOSTOLIC ACCENT December 2013

Kassie Meyer

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January 2nd-3rd

“And Mary said, “Behold the handmaiden of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word” -Luke 1:38 GuesttSpeaker: LindaaGleason

$40 Registration Fee GirlssAges 122--19

PalaceeoffPraise 67500SWW198thhAve.. Aloha,,ORR97007

e Januaryy2nd:

Registration::12-11p.m. MainnService::33p.m. MalllScavengerrHunt::6-99p.m.

e Januaryy3rd:

MorninggSession::10:155a.m. DayySession::11p.m. MainnService::3:300p.m. FashionnShow::6:30-88p.m. Lock-In::99p.m.

December 2013 APOSTOLIC ACCENT 3

Looking Beyond... To a Great Year By Ted Graves

4 APOSTOLIC ACCENT December 2013

As 2013 comes quickly to a close, I would like to reminisce on some of the wonderful events and blessings of the Lord. While some memories are good, there are others that were difficult, challenging and seemed to take us by surprise. I choose to focus on the good things that God has wrought this year and put the others behind. The beginning of 2013 began with a powerful Prayer Summit, undoubtedly one of the most important times we shared together. The value of unity and “focused prayer” cannot be measured. God has blessed us in such a wonderful way in each special conference. Our recent Fall Planning/Ministers Seminar was a highlight and we were so blessed by the ministry of Bro. Wayne Huntley. His rich experiences and training tools will continue to help us build great churches in the years to come. I encourage those who were unable to attend to purchase CD’s available from Christian World Fellowship. We have seen many great things happen this year in the Oregon District: new churches, Bible studies and many souls added to His Kingdom! Several churches have experienced growth in their congregations; to God be the glory! This year M. David Johnson was approved to be an Honorary Board Member of the UPCI. Also, Randy Langley was approved by the Oregon District Board to be an Honorary Board Member. These two great men have much to give and we are grateful for their continued leadership.

I encourage each Pastor and minister to be involved with as many district events as possible. We have streamlined many conferences and events to free our schedules and help us to focus together. Someone said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” No wonder God’s Word instructs us in Philippians 4:8 to think on that which is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, things of virtue or praise. To step over the ugly and find the good is an attribute of true “Christlikeness.” Jesus did not let the failures of people cloud his vision as to their potential and future. Where would you and I be if God had focused on our faults? The writer said it well when he penned these words, “He looked beyond my faults and saw my need.” “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus,” Philippians 3:14. Let us anticipate great things for 2014, the beginning of a new year and a fresh anointing. May we set our sights high and believe God for revival. We belong to the greatest District in the UPCI. Let’s join together in harmony and unity and keep it at its best!◊ ____________________________ Ted Graves is the Pastor of Apostolic Worship Center in Gresham, Oregon. He also serves as the Superintendent of the Oregon District.

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6 APOSTOLIC ACCENT December 2013

The Manger By Shane Graves

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” John 1:3

cold, stone trough. Not a lot of thought or time went into the construction of these mangers. They were insignificant. Their entire purpose was to be a good container. That manger was insignificant until it held the esus is the beginning of everything. Everything Creator of the universe! You know, we are not that started with Him. Jesus himself said that He was the much different than that manger. “But we have this beginning and the end. Jesus is everything, and treasure in earthen vessels…” 2Co 4:7. You might not He wants to be your everything! feel pretty or significant, but when our lives become What I find so interesting is that, at one time, a a container for Jesus, we become something special. manger held everything. We often have this picture We become a dwelling place for the Creator. We of this neat little wood construction that looks more hold everything inside of us! Be a good container for like a crib than a feeding trough. But archeologists Jesus. Allow His presence to make you special. ◊ have found that the manger was probably stone. __________________________________________ Shane Graves is a minister at Apostolic Worship It was not a pretty wooden crib but a rather ugly,


Center in Gresham, Oregon. He also serves as the Youth President for the Oregon District and works with the A.C.T.S. Program for the Oregon District.

December 2013 APOSTOLIC ACCENT 7

Christmas Time By Lawna Goodwine


hristmas time officially starts the day after Thanksgiving at our house, and not a moment sooner. I am old fashioned enough that I don’t listen to Christmas music or decorate until I have fully enjoyed a day of thanksgiving and feasting with family and friends who gather at our table. It feels almost morally wrong for me to even consider jumping the gun and dragging out the crates of Christmas decorations any sooner than that. However, the day after Thanksgiving usually finds me putting away the fall decor and “decking the halls” so to speak. This includes: The nativity, the tree, the greenery and stockings on the mantle, the Christmas village, and the live wreath on the front door. Christmas music playing in the background sets the mood. There are holiday gatherings, Salvation Army bell ringers at almost every store, and new recipes to try, along with all the family favorites. There are sales to be shopped and packages to be mailed to out of state relatives. There are Christmas cards to ad-

dress for friends and family far and near. There is Christmas music to practice and a Christmas program to prepare for. There are choir and band concerts to attend. Just to name a few! With all the hustle and bustle of this time of year it is a challenge to really embrace what Christmas is all about. It is so much more than packages and bows. It is about an event that changed the course of history. It is about a baby. A little, tiny, helpless baby. The hope of the entire world! His name is Jesus! He came from heaven to earth to live among man kind. He lived a sinless life and then He died so that we might have the opportunity to live with Him forever. Of all the gifts that you will receive this Christmas, none can compare to the gift of salvation that is yours for the taking. Long after the food is eaten, the toys are broken or forgotten about, the clothes are worn out or outgrown, and the household items have been sold at a garage sale or taken to Goodwill, this gift will remain. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. In the early morning hours be-

8 APOSTOLIC ACCENT December 2013

fore anyone else is up and the house is quiet and still, I love to sit and sip my morning coffee and enjoy the beautiful holiday decor. As I glance at the nativity set and my eyes settle upon the baby in the manger, a peace fills my heart. And for that moment, all is right in the world.◊ ___________________________ Lawna Goodwin is a Pastor’s wife in North Bend, Oregon. She also serves as the section 3 ladies director for the Oregon District.



January 2nd-3rd

“And Mary said, “Behold the handmaiden of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word” -Luke 1:38 GuesttSpeaker: LindaaGleason

$40 Registration Fee GirlssAges 122--19

PalaceeoffPraise 67500SWW198thhAve.. Aloha,,ORR97007

e Januaryy2nd:

Registration::12-11p.m. MainnService::33p.m. MalllScavengerrHunt::6-99p.m.

e Januaryy3rd:

MorninggSession::10:155a.m. DayySession::11p.m. MainnService::3:300p.m. FashionnShow::6:30-88p.m. Lock-In::99p.m.December 2013 APOSTOLIC ACCENT


A Case for Large Families By David Reynolds

10 APOSTOLIC ACCENT December 2013

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: Genesis 1: 27,28 And did not he make one? … And wherefore one? That he might seek a godly seed. Therefore take heed to your spirit, Malachi 2:15 I remember Pastor Carl Adams, former missionary to the Philippines, saying, “I’m so glad that my parents did not limit their family to twenty children—if they did, I would not be here today”. One reason for ‘the family’ is so God can have a “godly seed” upon this earth. God instructed Noah to be fruitful and to multiply in order to replenish the earth [Genesis 9:1]. God promised Abraham that he would make of him a great nation and to make his dependents as the sand of the seashore and as the stars in the heaven –why? So He could have a Godly nation who feared and served Him. Why does He have a church? He has the church so that he might have a ‘godly seed’. The reason for seed is to multiply the genetic structure of the organism. There are two ways to ‘grow’

the kingdom of God. One is by evangelism—and the other is to raise large families who love and serve God. God told Adam and Eve to “be fruitful, and multiply, and to replenish the earth. A couple cannot multiply unless they have more than two children. If there was ever a time for us to replenish the earth –it is today. Many of us in the church have bought into this world’s materialistic values and are now limiting our families to one or two children in order to maintain the ‘good life’. It cost to have children –but it has always cost. Have we ever stopped to consider what we are giving up in order to have the big house and the two cars? I often watch parents who have only one child, the center of their universe --try to discipline this child. I know that what that child needs is one or two brothers and sisters. What the parents spend in money, time and emotional energy could be better spread over three children –and would help with the discipline of the one. Research forecasts that Europe will lose it’s identity and culture in just twenty years for their fertility rate is only 1.28 children per family. Any nation must have at least 2.11 children to even maintain their culture. In France the Muslim families are averaging 8.1 children. In the Netherlands over 50% of all births are Muslim. Germany can no longer recover their identity. In Canada and in the USA the birth rate is only 1.6 children per family. Canada and All Europe will become Muslim nations within thirty years. How

long will it take for us to be overwhelmed? I believe we are limiting our Christian families for selfish materialistic reasons. We are sending our wives out to work for the same reason our culture is doing it—to buy that house and those two cars. It is easier to give our children things than to give them time and training. As I look at some of our larger godly families who have maintained their numbers and spiritual heritage over three and four generations I cannot but feel this is the will of God. As I watch my great-grandkids play around my feet and then worship with me in church –then I know I am blessed! Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers. Proverbs 17:6 Note: The reason for this column is to counter the values of our culture that oppose the direct instructions of God in His Word.◊ ____________________________ David Reynolds has been the Minister of Discipleship at Portland Pentecostals since 2007. He is a graduate of Conquerors Bible College, Cascade College, Portland State University and post graduate work at the University of Oregon. He served as a teacher, assistant Principle & Principle. Since retiring from public education he has traveled extensively to over 37 countries preaching & teaching in Bible Schools and has written several books on Education, The Family & Parenting.

December 2013 APOSTOLIC ACCENT 11

North American Missions Giving Apostolic Worship Center $300.00 Apostolics of Portland - Alldritt $50.00 Bend, True Gospel U.P.C. $90.00 Corvallis, United Pentecostal Church $25.00 Cottage Grove, Hope Fellowship UPC $25.00 Grace Point Ministries $25.00 Hillsboro, Bethel U.P.C. $50.00 Klamath Falls, United Pentecostal Church $50.00 Redmond, Heights Pentecostals $50.00 Roseburg, Christian Life Center U.P.C. $20.00 Springfield, United Pentecostal Church $20.00 October Total $705.00 Apostolic Worship Center $50.00 Apostolics of Portland - Alldritt $50.00 Bend, True Gospel U.P.C. $90.00 Corvallis, United Pentecostal Church $25.00 Florence, Apostolic UPC $60.00 Grace Point Ministries $25.00 Hillsboro, Bethel U.P.C. $50.00 Klamath Falls, United Pentecostal Church $50.00 Monroe New Hope Life Center $50.00 Redmond, Heights Pentecostals $50.00 Roseburg, Christian Life Center U.P.C. $20.00 Springfield, United Pentecostal Church $20.00 November Total $540.00

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