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The HUTCHINSON Group: Production monitoring, performance analysis, ascending and descending traceability, production specification management, real-time alerts

The HUTCHINSON Group, the world leading manufacturer of rubber and thermoplastic elastomer, operates in many industrial sectors and, in particular, on the aerospace and automobile markets. Since 2004, MES solutions developed by ORDINAL Software have been chosen to meet the following needs of the HUTCHINSON DCI and then HUTCHINSON Desmarquoy production sites: supervision, production monitoring, ascending and descending traceability, performance analysis… Today, HUTCHINSON reconfirms its confidence in ORDINAL expanding the project to other workshops and introducing new features.

Founded in 1853, the HUTCHINSON Group is today the world leading manufacturer of rubber and thermoplastic elastomer for the aerospace, automobile and other industries. Its technological expertise is mainly focused on the 4 specific areas: 

Transmission (belts, rollers)

Vibration, acoustic and thermal insulation


Fluid transfer

General information Hutchinson has over 31 000 employees and 95 production sites in 23 countries. Every year, the group devotes a large part of its investments to research and development. Developing partnerships for both fundamental and applied research on materials, every year Hutchinson files dozens of patents thanks to its numerous researchers and engineers. In 2012, the group generated a turnover of €3164 mln, invested some €89 mln and 5% of its turnover in R&D (€162 mln of research expenditure). Europe, North America, South America and Asia respectively account for 57%, 28%, 8% and 7% of its turnover. Its breakdown of revenue by business line is as follows: sealing - 39%, insulation - 28%, fluid transfer - 24% and transmission and mobility - 9%.

Project origin Over ten years ago, the Hutchinson DCI site situated in Châlette sur Loing in the Loiret region had already chosen INDUSCREEN, a supervision solution developed by ORDINAL Software, to trace the evolution of the parameters of a production line as well as different associated events. Very quickly other needs emerged (the need to know the quantities produces, manufacturing time, number of batches, etc.) and that was when Hutchinson turned to COOX, a MES (Manufacturing Execution System or production monitoring) solution by ORDINAL. .

COOX applications Today, the Hutchinson DCI and Industriel Desmarquoy sites in the Loiret region are both equipped with the COOX MES solution ensuring, among others, the following functions:

To carry out the project through its different stages it was therefore necessary to create a data model and program architecture with the largest possible modification capacity while maintaining certain flexibility for particular cases. The whole project was performed in-house.

 Production monitoring (quantities produced, scrap quantities…)

Evolving software application

 Performance analysis (batch changeover time, number of shutdowns…)

Today the project is still continuing as there remains the last workshop to equip with the system.

 Ascending and descending traceability

New needs emerge and new features appear, such as interfacing with ERP (consumption according to a production order, production recipes, production monitoring…) and future deployment of a standard model for performance analysis using the COOX QPI module (Quality, Performance and Indicators).

 Production specification (adjustment / item sheets)


 Real-time alerts (parameters out of range/ machine alarm) .

Project modeling The . 2 sites where COOX is implemented are very different at the process level:

Interview with Maxime Chokomert, IT Manager – Cellular Rubber & Cutting Division – Hutchinson Group Industrial Rubber Department


Production monitoring, performance analysis, ascending and descending traceability, production specification management, real-time alerts

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