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The easy way to track your assets Overview Scan2Inventory

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Professional Asset Tracking solution • Identify & manage your assets • Make your initial & periodic inventories

(with or without barcode)




… For public & private companies of all size



Highly flexible: ready-to-go & evolutive • Pre-loaded standard structure of assets  Simple, powerful & ready-to-use

• Totally configurable if needed  Easily modify built-in asset data structure to suit your requirements

Tailor the software to your inventory needs and not reverse

++++ Free specific asset structure for some business activities (Hospitals, Police Zones…) +



User friendly – manage assets quickly • Multiple wizards (installation, creation of inventory missions…)

Accelerators for copying & encoding assets, characteristics…


• Clear PC & Mobile device interfaces • Customisable PC interface • Multi languages • User management • Database choice • Reports & printouts 4

Do more than just Asset Tracking… Services: • Monitoring of services • Maintenance contracts • Fixtures & fittings inventories

Documents: • Archive box tracking •Contracts •Mail in/out

Inspection: • Tracking safety equipment • Maintenance monitoring • Security event reporting



• Tracking of hire equipment • Fleet vehicle contents

• Simultations • Asset transfers

Basic stores tracking: • Physical inventory • Procurement monitoring



Your inventory in a few clicks Generate inventory

Validate structure Enter data

View reports

Upload data



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and 7

Track your Assets Easily  

S2I is a universal solution to easily track all your assets

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