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Topic: What to look in for an Order Management Software?

Order management is a backbone that it can very well make or break your business. Did you ever feel that your order management software is missing those important features? Are you aware of which products you are out of and when to re-order more?

Orderhive is Solution

Order management can really become a daunting and time-consuming task. Do not settle for overpriced software when you can obtain better functionality for minimal cost with Orderhive.

A multi-channel inventory and order management system

Ensures a great relief to online retailers relating to processing and fulfilling e-commerce orders. The Order management software accepts a number of orders everyday from multiple shopping platform and marketplaces and consistently processes them across multiple warehouses or distribution centers.

Order management refers

Order management refers to overall process that includes initial order, customer management, fulfillment, shipping management and inventory management. Different order management software accomplishes some or all these task.

What to look in for an order management software?

Key factors

Let me guide you with key factors as what you should look in to have the most efficient and cost-effective order management software. 1. Automation 2. Inventory management 3. Fulfillment integration 4. Multi-channel order management 5. Single database

1. Automation

Many steps have to be undertaken to process a single order. Every step needs it own expertise to complete an order which increase costs and error ratio too. Your order management software must have the capability to eliminate manual steps in your order lifecycle and not increase them. This will not only increase efficiency but also allow you use valuable resources for more strategic uses.

2. Inventory Management

Getting customers to purchase your products is the ultimate goal, but if your inventory is not integrated, there are maximum chances of back-order, lost orders and out-of stock issue. Nothing harms a business more than not being able to deliver the products on time. Making sure that your order management software has an access to a realtime inventory reports ensure orders are fulfilled efficiently alongside with customer’s satisfaction.

3. Fulfillment Integration

Gone are those days when you could rely on a single source for fulfillment. These days’ e-commerce businesses follow the trend of multiple warehouses, drop-shippers, third party logistics and more. You need to make sure that your order management system is integrated with each fulfillment source so that all your orders are routed automatically and fulfilled as per the expected turnaround time.

4. Multi-channel Order Management

Today’s customer expects multi-channel integration experience. They can either purchase it through your website or even through online marketplaces and shopping platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify and many more. Hence, your e-commerce order management system must be able to manage orders from all channels through a single integrated platform that can be easy to access anytime, anywhere. This will streamline your order management process while avoiding manual process to track and consolidate orders.

5. Single Database

This makes for an ultimate solution of increasing efficiency and eliminating errors. Having a system that can consolidate all your reports that includes inventory and customer information into a single database will ensure accurate quality and improve overall service.

Useful Tips

Managing orders can be a nightmare without appropriate order management software. E-commerce business is evolving and changing at a rapid pace. Being able to cope up with, make sure your e-commerce order management software meets all of your important business needs, creates efficiency, integrates with all your business operations, and allows scalability so you can successfully expand your online business.

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What to look in for an order management software?  

Order management is a backbone that it can very well make or break your business. Did you ever feel that your order management software is m...

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