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FOOD & DRINK WITH A TWIST Wyatt’s proudly serves the finest ingredients & our signature house recipes

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served Saturdays 8 AM – 11 am, sundays 8 AM– 12 PM

Omelets Chef designed includes potatoes and toast. MILE HIGH DENVER Bavarian ham & lots of cheddar with onions & bell peppers $8.49 TWISTED: Add pepper bacon & portabellas $10.99 BLT Hickory bacon, braised greens, tomatoes and chipotle hollandaise $9.99 TWISTED: Sub smoked salmon for the bacon $11.99 TURKEY CHEDDAR CLUB Smoked turkey, hickory bacon, tomatoes & cheddar $9.99 TWISTED: Add jalapenos & a side of our fresh salsa $10.99

VEGGIE Tomatoes, braised greens, portabella mushrooms with mozzarella $7.99 TWISTED: Add ham, bacon or house sausage $9.99 CHEESE STEAK Tender sirloin with our four cheese blend, onions & bell peppers $10.99 TWISTED: Add our house chili $11.99 SAUSAGE & SHROOM House sausage, portabella’s with mozzarella $8.49 TWISTED: Add pepperoni $9.49

SPECIALTIES BREAKFAST PLATTER Two eggs, hash & toast, choose ham, bacon or sausage $8.49 TWISTED: Protein platter, toss out the potatoes & toast, enjoy with ham, bacon & sausage $10.99 BREAKFAST TACOS Warm flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar & bacon served with our house made salsa & potatoes $8.99 TWISTED: Sub salmon for the bacon $10.99 SCOTCH EGGS Sausage wrapped hard boiled eggs, breaded & deep fried with potatoes $7.49 TWISTED: Enjoy with chipotle hollandaise $7.99

SCRAMBLERS All scrambled with fresh eggs & lots of cheddar over potatoes, served with toast TWISTED: With cheesy potatoes add $1.00 Cheesy ham & cheddar scrambler $7.99 Maple sausage & portabella scrambler $8.99 Seven pepper bacon & jalapeno scrambler $8.99 WARM BANANA BREAD With whipped honey butter $2.49 TWISTED: Go ahead have it chocolate drizzled $2.99 RAINY LAKE COFFEE Locally roasted, includes free refills $2.49 TWISTED: With Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream $5.99 Bummer twisted refills are not free

PASTRAMI HASH BOWL Pastrami hash with peppers, onions & potatoes topped with over easy eggs $8.99 TWISTED: With cheesy potatoes $9.99

PANCAKES & FRENCH TOAST Served with whipped honey butter & sweet maple or home made mango syrup. SWEET CREAM PANCAKES Stack of three $5.99 TWISTED: With breaded chicken tenders and extra maple syrup $8.99 FRUITCAKES Chef ’s choice $7.99 TWISTED: Meat cakes no fruit here, have bacon or house sausage built right in $9.99

VANILLA SPICED FRENCH TOAST Three thick slices $6.49 TWISTED: Try them crispy deep fried CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY FRENCH TOAST With whipped cream $8.49 TWISTED: Deep fried is good

kids breakfasts 10 & under please. KIDS PLATTER One egg, two bacon or sausage and one toast $4.99 TWISTED: Swap your toast for a mini pancake

MINI CHOCLATE CHIP PANCAKES Three mini sized cakes $3.99 TWISTED: Make them fruit cakes FRENCH TOAST Single thick slice with whipped cream $2.99 TWISTED: Try it crispy deep fried

served daily starting at 11 am, 12 pm sundays

Appetizers SLOW ROASTED BONE IN OR BONELESS WINGS Dry rubbed, spicy house BBQ, sweet gold BBQ, traditional buffalo, smoky house buffalo or jack glazed 6 Pack $5.99/12 Pack $9.99 TWISTED: 3H habanera sauce or chile X sauce. GUINNESS MARINATED STEAK BITES Tender sirloin seared and caramelized with our horseradish sauce $9.99 TWISTED: To even think about NOT ordering these SCOTCH EGGS Sausage wrapped hard boiled eggs, breaded & deep fried with fries $7.49 TWISTED: Enjoy with chipotle hollandaise $7.99 FRIED PICKLE SPEARS Crisp pickles wrapped with Bavarian ham & swiss served with ranch $7.49 TWISTED: Try with sweet n spicy mustard

BOWL OF DUSTED FRIES House seasoned, ranch, garlic parmesan, jalapeno, cajun or sea salt $5.49 TWISTED: With beer cheese and seven pepper bacon $7.99 BATTERED ONION CHIP BOWL We suggest trying these with our twisted sauce $6.99 TWISTED: Go ahead beer cheese and seven pepper bacon these also $9.49 CHEESY STIX A four cheese blend wrapped, breaded, fried & served with marinara $6.49 TWISTED: Reuben style with pastrami and Bavarian kraut served with house Russian $7.99 BACON WRAPPED SMOKIES A full dozen with choice of spicy house BBQ, sweet gold BBQ or sweet ‘n spicy mustard $8.99 TWISTED: Go hot, hot, hot & try them with the 3H habanera sauce or chile X sauce. BREADED SCALLOP SKEWERS Sweet bay scallops breaded & drizzled with our lemon caper dill sauce $9.99 TWISTED: Garlic parmesan or ranch dusted

flatbreads FOUR CHEESE Alfredo based with mozzarella, provolone, asiago & parmesan $7.99 TWISTED: With seven pepper bacon $9.99

GARLIC CHICKEN Alfredo, garlic chicken, sun dried tomatoes & parmesan $8.99 TWISTED: Add hickory bacon & side of ranch to drizzle $10.99

DOUBLE PEPPERONI Signature red sauce & four cheese with lots of pepperoni $8.49 TWISTED: Add jalapenos $9.49 SAUSAGE & SHROOM House sausage & portabella shrooms on our signature red sauce with a four cheese blend $8.99 TWISTED: Add carmelized onions and bell peppers $9.99

pizzas Start with a Large 12˝ Four Cheese and build your own from there. FOUR CHEESE Signature red sauce with mozzarella, provolone, asiago & parmesan $8.99 TWISTED: Sub alfredo $9.99



Pepperoni $1.49

Bell peppers $.79

House sausage $1.49

Green or black olives $.99


Hickory or seven pepper bacon $2.49

Jalapenos $.99

Extra four cheese $1.99

Ham $1.99

Red or yellow onions $.79

Cheddar $1.99

Garlic chicken $1.99

Sun dried tomatoes $1.49

Blue cheese $2.49

Steak $2.99

Portabella mushrooms $.99

CALL AHEAD: These are absolutely fantastic as a Take and Bake or we’ll have it Hot and Ready.

served daily starting at 11 am, 12 pm sundays

sandwiches All sandwiches include choice of dusted fries, BBQ kettle chips, ranch slaw or cottage cheese. INSIDE-OUTSIDE GRILLED CHEESE Parmesan crusted out side, melted American and Swiss inside $7.99 TWISTED: With Bavarian ham or smoked turkey $ 9.99 BLT With 6 slices of hickory or seven pepper bacon, tomatoes, field greens & Italian drizzle $9.99 TWISTED: Grilled with havarti $10.99 ST. PAULI MEATLOAF SLIDERS Wild rice & portabella mushroom meatloaf with chipotle ketchup $8.99 TWISTED: Jack glazed $9.49 SMOKED REUBEN Smoky pastrami, Bavarian kraut & house Russian with melted havarti on caraway rye $9.49 TWISTED: Try it with our sweet ‘n spicy mustard

BLACKENED CHICKEN Pan blackened with caramelized onions, hot pepper jack cheese & sweet ‘n spicy mustard $8.99 TWISTED: Sub chile X sauce for the mustard PULLED PORK Smoked and hand pulled, tossed in sweet gold BBQ & topped with ranch slaw $ 9.49 TWISTED: Tossed in our 3H habanera sauce PHILLY CHEESE STEAK Sirloin tips with our four cheese blend & sautéed onions & bell peppers $9.99 TWISTED: Have it cheddar beer cheese sauced TWISTED ODD COUPLE Our chopped pork sandwich nestled between two pieces of deep fried French toast, drizzled with raspberry syrup and dusted with powdered sugar $10.99 Winner Best Overall at Black Dirt Theaters Odd Couple Sandwich Competition

Wraps All wraps include choice of dusted fries, BBQ kettle chips, ranch slaw or cottage cheese. SMOKED TURKEY CLUB With pepper bacon, swiss, greens, onions, tomatoes & sweet gold BBQ $9.99 TWISTED: Make it a smoked salmon club $12.99 CRAISIN CHICKEN Pan seared chicken with craisins, vanilla almonds, greens, onions & tomatoes with house strawberry vinaigrette $9.99 TWISTED: Substitute with breaded tenders $10.99


CHICKEN BACON RANCH With greens, onions & tomatoes $8.99 TWISTED: Try it with buffalo chicken $9.49 BEEF ‘N BLUE Guinness marinated steak bites, blue cheese sauced, greens, onions & tomatoes $10.99 TWISTED: Beef n cheddar & spicy bbq sauced


All burgers include choie of dusted fries, BBQ kettle chips, ranch slaw or cottage cheese and are served with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles. CALIFORNIA Lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo $7.99 TWISTED: With pepper bacon & blue cheese sauce $9.49 ALL AMERICAN CHEESE BURGER American, swiss or pepper jack $8.49 TWISTED: Basted in herb butter & cooked on a bed of onions $9.49 JACK DANIELS GLAZED With sharp cheddar, onion chips & smoky chipotle ketchup $9.49 TWISTED: Don’t even think about it, this is our best seller BLUE BUFFALO Smoky house buffalo sauced with blue cheese crumbles $8.99 TWISTED: Sub the buffalo for our 3H holy hot habanera sauce BACON CHEDDAR BURGER Hickory bacon with melted cheddar $9.99 TWISTED: Pepper bacon, havarti & spicy house BBQ $10.49

PATTY MELT Caramelized onions, swiss & house Russian spread on caraway rye $9.49 TWISTED: With portabellas & havarti $10.49 GRILLED CHEESE Yep a cheeseburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches $10.99 TWISTED: Pepper jack and jalapenos $11.99 SHROOM ‘N SWISS Balsamic & garlic braised portabellas with swiss $9.49 TWISTED: Try it as a turkey burger $9.99 FATBOY Double California cheeseburger $10.99 TWISTED: Add double bacon $12.99 TURKEY BACON RANCH Fully seasoned turkey burger with hickory bacon & creamy ranch $9.99 TWISTED: Cali style twist with pepper bacon & blue cheese sauce $10.49

served daily starting at 5 pm

Dinners **Includes herb butter garlic toast & your choice of two sides. Shrimp dinner & all pasta dinners include herb butter garlic toast only.



WYATT’S CAST IRON 8oz SIRLOINS** With balsamic-garlic braised portabellas $14.99

FISH N CHIPS ** Wyatt’s house amber battered pacific cod $10.99 TWISTED: Fish fry every Friday all you can eat only $11.99

House steak Blackened steak Herb buttered steak Jack Daniels glazed Seven pepper steak

CLASSICS ST. PAULI GIRL MEATLOAF** With wild rice, portabella mushrooms & chipotle ketchup $11.99 TWISTED: Get it jack glazed PAN SEARED CHICKEN TENDERS** House seasoned & juicy both low calorie & gluten free $10.99 TWISTED: Sauced & tossed, choose one from our wing menu

HERB BUTTER TILAPIA** Pan fried in our house made herb butter $10.99 TWISTED: Out of the pan and into the fryer amber battered SHRIMP PAN TOSSED SCAMPI STYLE With a bit of white wine, lemon & parmesan served over house rice $13.99 TWISTED: Beer battered & served with our lemon caper dill sauce

PASTA BAVARIAN HAM MAC N CHEESE A creamy cheese blend over corkscrew macaroni with a seasoned crumb topping $10.99 TWISTED: Have it beer cheese sauced $11.99 CHICKEN ALFREDO Pan tossed with onions & bell peppers $11.99 TWISTED: Try it Cajun seasoned SHRIMP ALFREDO With broccoli, portabellas and sun dried tomatoes $13.99 TWISTED: Fire seasoned

standard sides

premium sides

PREMIUM DUSTED FRIES $2.49 Sea salt Wyatt’s house seasoning Jalapeno salted Ranch Garlic parmesan Cajun

PASTA SALAD $3.49 – SUB $.99


ONION CHIPS $3.99 – SUB $1.49


SIDE SALAD $3.99 – SUB $1.49

SWEET POTATO TOTS $3.49 – SUB $.99 PORK N BEANS $3.49 – SUB $.99 HOUSE RICE $3.49 – SUB $.99 CUP O’ SOUP $3.49 – SUB $.99


Soups & Salads Specialty chili, soups & salads served with herb butter toast. Dressing choices: Blue Cheese, Caeser, French, Italian, Ranch, Russian, Strawberry House Vinaigrette HOUSE BEEF CHILI Big beefy flavor with a bit of heat Cup $3.49/Bowl $4.99 SPECIALTY SOUP OF THE DAY Chef ’s choice ask your server Cup $3.49/Bowl $4.99 WYATT’S HOUSE SALAD Fresh garden vegetables over mixed greens $5.99 TWISTED XL CAESAR Mixed greens tossed in Caesar dressing with lots of parmesan topped with croutons $7.99

BEEF N BLUE Fresh vegetables over mixed greens with tender sirloin & blue cheese crumbles $9.99 TWISTED: Add seven pepper bacon and dress with blue & french $11.99 CRAISIN CHICKEN Pan seared chicken with craisins & vanilla almonds over mixed greens with house strawberry vinaigrette $9.99 TWISTED: Substitute with breaded tenders $10.99

served daily starting at 11 am, 12 pm sundays

kids 10 & under please. All kids meals include choice of dusted fries, BBQ kettle chips, ranch slaw or cottage cheese and free small beverage (free refills on fountain beverages). CHICKEN TENDERS (2) $5.99

MINI CORN DOGS (6) $5.99









Half price kids meals with each paid adult. +$1.99 ROOT BEER FLOATS

desserts FUNNEL FRIES Topped with a chocolate or raspberry drizzle & powdered sugar $3.99 TWISTED: Mango drizzled SMORES PERSONAL CHEESECAKE You don’t have to share, we won’t tell $3.99 TWISTED: Chocolate 21 with Godiva Liqueur $5.99 WARM BANANA BREAD House made with whipped honey butter $2.99 TWISTED: Go ahead have it chocolate drizzled $3.49

SCOOP OF PALATE CLEANSING VANILLA ICE CREAM Choice of chocolate, raspberry or mango topping $2.99 TWISTED: Pour a shot of Razzmatazz schnapps over it $5.99 ROOT BEER FLOAT Frosty cold mug root beer with a scoop of vanilla $2.99 TWISTED: Add a shot of vanilla schnapps $5.99 CHOCOLATE PUDDING PIE With whipped cream and raspberry drizzle $3.99 TWISTED: Butterscotch 21 with Baileys Irish Cream $5.99

beverages FREE REFILLS ON FOUNTAIN BEVERAGES & COFFEE FOUNTAIN CHOICES $2.29 Pepsi Diet Pepsi Sierra Mist Mountain Dew Mug Root Beer Dr. Pepper Brisk Ice Tea Tropicana Lemonade SHAKES $3.99 Chocolate / Mango / Strawberry / Vanilla TWISTED: Shakes 21 with choice of schnapps added $ 6.99 MILK Small $2.29 / Large $2.99


JUICE Small $2.29 / Large $2.99 Apple, Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple, Tomato HOT COCOA OR CIDER Take the chill off with a warm mug $2.49 TWISTED: With a shot of McGillicuddy apple pie or peppermint schnapps $5.99 RAINY LAKE COFFEE Locally roasted, includes free refills $2.49 TWISTED: With Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream $5.99 Bummer twisted refills are not free.