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Protein Shakes Choice of Fat-Free Milk, Soy Milk, Whole Milk or Water Prices listed for Regular 24oz. Add $1.50 for a Large 32oz.

Post Workout

Recharge your muscles & fuel your recovery with this orange creamsicle drink! (40g protein) $6.45

Amazon Thunder

This acai & blueberry blend is loaded with antioxidants and natural energy! (34g protein) $6.45

Muscle Blondie

A vanilla, banana & peanut butter shake that’s so good, you won’t believe it’s a protein drink! (40g protein) $5.95

Strawberry Banana

You can never go wrong with this all American classic! (40g protein) $5.95

Triple Play

Choose chocolate, vanilla, or black & white for this whey & casein blend! (40g protein) $5.95

Muscle Monster

Unleash your inner monster with this chocolate, banana & peanut butter favorite! (40g protein) $5.95

Lean Body

Every flavor is fortified with vitamins, minerals, fiber, & EFA’s. It’s a meal in a cup! (50g protein) $6.45

Strawberry Sky

A strawberry lover’s protein shake dream! (33g protein) $6.95

Gladiator Gainer

This extreme chocolate drink is made to pack on the mass! (58g protein) $6.95

Cinn-A-Force flavor you will love! (33g protein) $6.45

Vanillachino for you! (33g protein) $5.95

Rio Rush

& fuel your body! (25g protein) $6.95


Catch the wave with this secret blend of pineapples and coconut! (20g protein) $6.45

Mochachino is so healthy and tasty! (33g protein) $5.95

Smoothie Roo - Protein Shakes  
Smoothie Roo - Protein Shakes  

Cinn-A-Force Strawberry Sky Strawberry Sky Rio Rush Rio Rush Muscle Blondie Muscle Blondie Gladiator Gainer Gladiator Gainer Vanillachino Va...