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Starters Cheeseburger Sliders 6.5

Perogys 9.5

2 mini burgers garnished with cajun mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion

cheddar cheese perogys with sour cream

1 Pound Wings 6.5

Jalapeno Poppers 9.5

We are famous for our wings!

cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, fried until golden

Popcorn Shrimp 10.5 Premium Pacific white shrimp, coated with a crunchy jalapeno breading

Authentic flavour! Served with spicy thai or creamy ranch dip

Hummus & Pita 10.5

Spinach & Artichoke Dip 11.5

S & P Dry Ribs 10.5 Chicken Bites 10.5 Bite size pieces of breaded chicken breast, tossed with spicy sauce.

Nacho Sticks 9.5 Spicy queso dip rolled in crushed tortillas... its like nachos with the cheese inside! Served w salsa

Garlic Shrimp 12.5 9 Tiger prawns, pan-fried with light butter and fresh garlic, finished with white wine, served with garlic toast.

Chicken Balls 10.5

Vegetable Samosa 9.5

served with tortilla chips.

Meat Pie 6.5 topped with donair sauce, tomato and cheese.

Chicken Fingers 10.5 Real chicken tender strips, served with fries and sweet & sour sauce.

Nachos 12.5 Add Chicken or Beef $3.

Sweet Potato Fries 10.5 Served with chipotle ancho sauce

Pizza Sticks 9.5

Tossed with thai spicy Thai sauce.

Onion Rings 7.5

Chicken Kebob 10.5

Deep Fried Pickles 9.5

2 skewers of grilled chicken

Shrimp Skewers 10.5

Potato Skins 9.5

3 skewers of grilled shrimp

covered with mozza, cheddar and bacon, served with sour cream

Calamari 11.5



SHRIMP SKEWERS, CHICKEN BALLS, POPCORN SHRIMP & NACHO STICKS 780-457-3117 richards pub October 12 2012 menu.indd 1

10/12/2012 8:39:48 AM

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