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A La Carte 4

Fries* Grilled vegetables Smoked Brussels with house pancetta* Gastrique Chips* Quinoa Salad Soup* Grits Mashed potatoes* Warm potato salad with maple bacon*

Evolving Specials Tuesday - 2.50 draft with the purchase of any burger. Thursday - Purchase any pasta and receive a glass of house wine for 4.

Oak Street Bistro Seeks to provide an authentic artisan dining experience, serving dishes made-to-order and prepared from the finest fresh ingredients, by partnering with local producers and offering the very best prompt service in Central Arkansas.



Fresh garbanzo beans, confit garlic*, house herbs*, olive tapenade*. House pitas. 9

Spinach Dip*

Chilled spinach dip, house spices. house pitas. 9

Spicy Crab Dip

Crab meat, smoked pickled jalapenos*, spinach, provolone, parmesan served hot. 10

Ploughman’s Platter*

Chefs selection of artisan meats, cheeses, relishes. 12

Sun Dried Tomato Baked Brie

Baked puff pastry, brie, sundried tomato pesto* crostini. 10

Small Plates

Chef’s Personal Flatbread* 10 -Roasted chicken, caramelized onion*, barbeque sauce*, goat cheese. -Confit duck, cherry ginger paste*, cremé fraiché*, field greens. -Oven roasted turkey, pickled red onion*, maple bacon*, brie spread*. -Pancetta* with fresh shiitake mushrooms and mozzarella*. -Chefs choice of seasonal vegetables. Confit Chicken Drummettes

Slow cooked, grilled. Six sauces. 10 -Barbeque* -Spicy Barbeque* -Cherry Sage* -Chimichurri* -Habenero Honey* -Confit Garlic with Lemon Mint Herbs*


Fresh hand shucked oysters. half dz 10 1dz 20 -Raw on the Half Shell -Grilled -Baked

Bourbon Shrimp

Sauteed in bourbon rosemary glaze. 9

Salads, Quiche & Hand Crafted Soups Grilled Lemon Vinaigrette, Pepper Parmesan, Classic Caesar, Creamy Gorgonzola, Honey Basalmic, Basil Vinaigrette, Ginger Parmesan, Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Classic Chicken Caesar

Artisan baby romaine, caesar dressing*, parmesan, croutons, roasted chicken. 10

The Gorgonzola Chop

Field greens, candied pecans*, shallots, carrots, tomatoes, roasted chicken, gorganzola dressing*. 13

Bistro Caprese

Garden tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella*, olive oil. 12

Bistro Beet

Field greens, roasted beets, goat cheese, candied pecans*, grilled lemon vinaigrette*, grilled strip loin. 12

Bistro Trio Salad

Choose three: 9 -broccoli -cranberry chicken -orzo pasta -cup of the soup

Bistro Quiche

Made daily, house salad. 11 half 8 (*) House Made Item Consuming Raw or Undercooked Meat Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Sandwiches Served with our signature gastrique chips. Substitute a la carte for 3.

Honey Habenero Turkey Panini

Roasted turkey, field greens, maple bacon*, pickled red onions*, habenero honey aioli*, provolone. Foccacia roll*. 11 half sandwich 8

Club Bistro

Roasted turkey, petit jean ham, maple bacon*, cheddar, swiss, spinach, garden tomatoes, garlic aioli*. Baked croissant. 11 half sandwich 8

Cranberry Chicken Salad

Roasted chicken, pecans, sundried cranberries, dijon aioli*, field greens, garden tomato. Baked croissant. 10 half sandwich 7

Open Faced Hot Crab

Crab, cream cheese, green onions, garden tomato, provolone. English Muffin. 10 half sandwich 7

Beef Short Rib

312 beer braised short ribs, garlic aioli*, field greens, garden tomatoes, caramelized onion*, provolone. Foccacia roll*. 12

Chicken Francese

Pan fried, egg battered chicken breast, sauteed spinach, brie cream sauce*. Foccacia roll*. 12

Bistro Po Boy

Field greens, garden tomato, remoulade aioli*. Foccacia roll*. 12 -oyster -shrimp -fresh catch

Burgers Served with our signature gastrique chips. Substitute a la carte for 3.

Build Your Own

(5) toppings on a pretzel bun. 11 50 cents for each additional topping. -bread and butter pickles* -carmalized onions* -fried egg, cooked to order -tomato -olive topenade* -basil pesto* -habenero honey mustard aioli* -ketchup

-sundried tomato pesto* -smoked and pickled jalepenos* -field greens -confit garlic* -maple bacon -shitake mushrooms -yellow mustard* -garlic aioli*

-gorgonzola -cheddar -brie -mozzarella*

-provolone -white american -goat

Mushroom Burger

Grilled shiitake mushrooms, field greens, caramelized onions*, mozzeralla*, sundried tomato pesto*, garlic aioli*. Pretzel Bun. 12


Premium ground beef, garlic aioli*, tomato jam*, provolone, field greens, pickled red onions*, confit garlic honey habenero rub*. Foccacia roll*. 12

Salmon Croquette

House smoked salmon, field greens, garden tomatoes, grilled lemon vinaigrette*, confit garlic honey habenero rub*. Foccacia roll*. 12

(*) House Made Item Consuming Raw or Undercooked Meat Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Pork and Poultry Choose 1 side from the a la carte menu.

Smoked Half Chicken

House smoked chicken. 12

Pork Tenderloin Schnitzel

Fried pork tenderloin, savory cherry jam*. 15

Bourbon Honey Pork Chop

Hand cut pork chop*, house seasoned*, grilled, honey bourbon glaze*. 15

Seafood Flown in fresh daily.

Catch of the Day

Prepared by our chef, ask your server for details.

Southern Grits

Andouille sausage, crawfish, shrimp, stone ground grits, seafood jus. 14


Mussels, clams, shrimp, catch of the day, lobster, crab, fennel, tomatoes, herbs. 17

Pasta Lasagna Bolognese

Meaty marinara, creamy ricotta, parmesan, house made pasta. 12

Lemon Mint Risotto

Shiitake mushrooms, spinach, garden tomatoes, parmesan. 13 Add protein for extra charge.


Andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, crawfish, spicy cajun sauce*, penne pasta. 14

Bistro Fresca

Garden tomatoes, red onions, spinach, capers, parmesan, beurre blanc, house made fettuccini. 12 Add protein for extra charge.

Roasted Chicken Pesto

Roasted chicken, shiitake mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, pesto brie sauce*, penne pasta. 13

(*) House Made Item Consuming Raw or Undercooked Meat Can Be Harmful to Your Health