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APPETIZERS Our Favorite Wings – Lightly breaded and seasoned perfectly. Call your sauce on the side. Buffalo (hot or mild) - BBQ - Hot BBQ - Blue Cheese – Ranch Best wings we ever tasted. 10 - $8.49 20 - $13.99 Boneless wings served on a bed of fries. Chicken Fingers – White breast strips breaded with special seasonings. $7.99 Potato Boats – Skins filled with cheeses, bacon, green onions and sour cream. $6.99 Basket of Loaded Fries – Crispy Fries topped with melted cheese, real chopped bacon and green onions. $4.99 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail – We prepare huge shrimp with zesty sauces. $5.99 Breadsticks & Cheese – 4 Toasted bread sticks with a cup of warm cheese. $5.99

Millwood Combo Platter – Pick three of the Appetizers listed below: Onion Rings, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Cheese Sticks & Pickles. $9.99 Onion Rings Basket – A basket of sweet onion rings lightly battered and crunchy. $6.99 Fried Cauliflower Parmesan Basket - Hand breaded and coated with a touch of parmesan cheese and served with our zesty southwest sauce. $6.99 Fried Mushroom Basket – Batter dipped, crunchy and mouthwatering. $6.99 Best Fried Pickles “Ever” Basket – Dill chips that we fry in our secret batter. $6.99 Mozzarella Cheese Sticks – Ooey gooey deliciousness. $6.99

SOUPS Millwood Soup of the Day – Always home made by our chefs. Mmm! Cup - $2.99

Bowl - $4.99

Famous Steak and Mushroom Chowder – Bits of USDA choice steak and Morel (sponge) mushrooms nestled in flavorful, rich and creamy soup. Cup - $2.99

Bowl - $4.99

French Onion Soup – Made fresh right here without the help of anyone French. Cup - $2.99

Bowl - $4.99

SALADS (*with entrée add $.99)

Dressings : Homemade Buttermilk Ranch - Homemade Blue Cheese – French – Honey Mustard – Vinaigrette – Caesar *Wedge Salad “House Specialty” – Featuring an iceberg lettuce wedge, diced vine ripe tomatoes, the dressings and toppings are listed below for each signature salad. Blue Cheese: Covered with blue cheese dressing & crumbles with chopped green onions. The Rancher: Covered with buttermilk ranch dressing and chopped applewood bacon.

Blue-Vinaigrette: Covered with our vinaigrette dressing and real blue cheese crumbles. $3.99 *Caesar Salad – Heart of Romaine with parmesan cheese, Croutons blended with our own Caesar dressing. $3.99 Add grilled chicken - $3.99 Add 4 grilled shrimp - $4.99 *Spring Mix Salad – Spring blend of lettuces, vine ripened red tomato, select veggies and croutons. $3.99 Add grilled or fried chicken - $3.99

Add Prime Rib - $4.99

Cole Slaw – The kind your grandma made with a great sweet and sour creamy blend. $2.99 Cobb Salad - Grilled or Fried Chicken chunks, bacon, tomatoes, black olives, eggs and your choice of blue cheese crumbles or chredded cheddar jack on greens. $8.99

*DAILY SPECIALS* THURSDAY 3-5pm & 8-9:30pm - $1 off appetizer baskets

Our Famous Smoked BBQ Ribs - & 2 Sides $12.99 Bucket & Baskets – 5 Domestic bottles & choice of onion rings, pickles or loaded fries. $13.99 Velvet Tini - $5 Strawberry Quick Tini - $5

FRIDAY & SATURDAY Food Specials Vary 3-5pm & 8-9:30pm - $1 off appetizer baskets

16 oz Draft Beer - $2 Lola & belles Twisted Tea - $5.25 Belles Sweet Delight - $5

SUNDAY 3-5pm & 8-9:30pm - $1 off appetizer baskets

Our Smoked Beef Brisket - & 2 Sides $12.99 Bloody Mary’s - $3.25 Domestic Long Necks - $2.25

HOUSE SPECIALTIES All of the entrees and steaks on this page come with bread and your choice of two side items from our entrée or sandwich sides. Substitute a side for a cup of soup or side salad - $.99 Substitute a side for a bowl of soup for - $1.99

Catfish Filets – Our catfish filets are hand breaded with our specialty seasoned corn meal mix and deep fried to golden brown. This recipe has satisfied catfish fans for years! One filet - $11.99

Two filets - $13.49

Shrimp – Eight large gulf shrimp grilled or breaded lightly and fried. $15.99 Chicken Parmesan – Served on a bed of hot Fettuccini noodles, 1 bread stick and side salad. $12.99

STEAKS All of our beef steaks are cut fresh from USDA Choice Hand Selected Angus Beef We are not responsible for steaks ordered “Well Done”

Delmonico – Our favorite steak is a big, super tender cut from the flavorful large end of the beef rib. Just right for the big steak eater. 16oz - $24.99 Filet Mignon – This steak is the best cut from the center of the beef tenderloin. We wrap this beauty in applewood smoked bacon too. 6oz - $19.49

9oz - $24.49

The Rib Eye – We’ve got two sizes to fit your appetite. All of them are cooked just as you order them over our flame broilers. Tender and delicious every time! 10oz - $19.49

16oz – $24.49

Top Sirloin – Here is the flavor king of beef and we do it four different ways and in two sizes. You can have yours flame broiled naturally or encrusted with your choice of: Cajun, Caribbean, or Honey BBQ seasoned rubs. 8oz - $15.49 Smothered Chopped Steak – Topped with grilled onion, mushrooms, green peppers, smothered with brown gravy & topped with provolone. $13.49

Meat Wellness Guide Rare

125 degrees very red, cool center

Medium Rare Medium

135 degrees Red, warm center 145 degrees Pink, hot center

Medium Well

155 degrees Hint of pink, hot center

Well Done

165 degrees No pink, hot center

ENTREE SIDES $2.99 Add cheese and bacon - $.99

Add cheese sauce - $.75

Baked Potato – Butter, sour cream & chive. Loaded Potato Garlic Mashed Potatoes – Dab of butter. Sweet Baked Potato – Cinnamon and sugar (Served Friday & Saturday evenings) Fresh Broccoli Florets – Herb butter. Fresh Green Beans – Bacon and onion. Creamed Corn – Famous recipe…try it. Rice Pilaf – Healthy long grain rice mix. Tater Tots – Crunchy good.

MILLWOOD SPECIALS Only - $9.99 Each Complete meals with 2 sides & bread

Boneless Pork Chop – A half pound of center cut pork loin grilled to taste. Top it off with our BBQ sauce if you desire. Smoked Meat Loaf – Just like mom made only better with the slight crunch off our charcoal grill. Add the home made brown gravy on it! Chicken Breast – Charbroiled and available with Cajun, Caribbean or Honey BBQ rub. Grilled or Fried Tilapia – Every day is a great day for our tilapia. Enjoy it grilled or fried to perfection. Mushroom Chopped Steak – A classic comfort food dish. A half pound of char-broiled Certified Angus ground chuck prepared to your liking with our wonderful creamy morel mushroom sauce on top.

Black Plate Sides Onion Rings French Fries Garlic Mashed Potatoes Tater Tots Green Beans Creamed Corn Broccoli Wild Rice Potato Salad Slaw

Substitutions extra $.99

Baked Potato Baked Sweet Potato Wedge Salad Spring Mix Salad Cup of Soup

BEVERAGES Soft Drinks – Coke Classic – Diet Coke – Sprite – Root Beer – Fanta Orange - $1.99 Iced Tea - $1.99 Lemonade - $1.99 Coffee - $1.99

BEERS Domestic – Bud – Bud Light – Coors Light – Michelob Ultra – Bud Light Plat. – Busch Light – Odoula – Miller Light - $2.65 Imported and Premium – Fat Tire – Guinness – Corona – Heinekin – Reds Apple Ale – Land Shark - $3.65

WINES White – Riesling – Chardonnay – White Zinfandel - glass $4.75 Red – Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon - glass - $4.75

SPIRITS House “Well” Brands – Bourbon – Vodka – Gin – Rum – Tequila – Scotch – Triple Sec – Amaretto – Hot Damn – Blur Curaco – Crème de Cacao - $3.25 Call Brands & Cordials – Jim Beam – Jack Daniels – Crown Royal Black – Canadian Club – Absolute – Jack Daniels – Cadian Mist – Rated X – Beefeaters – Bacardi – Captain Morgan – Malibu – Jose Cuervo Gold – J&B – Dewars – Tanqueray – Kahlua – Baileys – DiSaronno – Butterscotch Schnapps – Jager – Apple Pucker – Peach Schnapps - $4.25 Premium - $5.75

SANDWICHES Served with your choice of one side below

French Dip Sandwich – Our house specialty prime rib is covered with a flavorful au jus and served on homemade roll. $8.49

Make Philly Style – provolone, grilled onion & peppers $9.49

Cajun Roasted Beef Melt – Thin sliced slow smoked beef with our Cajun seasoning. Covered with your choice of cheese and served on grilled Texas toast. $8.49

Sheridan’s Famous Jumbo Tenderloin – This classic sandwich is the real thing and we are making it even better with more meat than ever. $8.49 Sheridan’s Famous Junior Tenderloin – This yummy sandwich is a third of a pound of center cut pork loin. Grilled or breaded. $7.49 Steakhouse Burger – A half pound of delicious char-broiled ground beef served on a fresh made roll with choice of toppings to please any taste. $6.49 Blackhawk Burger – A full pound of our tasty char-broiled burger that is nestled between the huge fresh made bun our tenderloin is famous for. $9.49 Smoked Meatloaf Sandwich – Chargrilled and served on our signature hoagie bun. $8.49 Catfish Po-Boy Sandwich – Our nearly famous breaded catfish filet is fried to perfection and served on a fresh baked roll. Gonna love this one! $8.49

Add Cheese - $.75

U-Call-It Chicken Sandwich – How about we name it after you? We will grill, charbroil or deep fry your half pound chicken breast. We can also rub it with Cajun, Caribbean or Honey BBQ rubs. We will even drop it into our delicious Buffalo wing sauce. $7.49

Turkey Burger – Ours is freshly ground in house and hand made. Charbroiled and served on our classic sandwich rolls. You will love them! Cajun if you dare! $7.49 Grilled Cheese – Everybody’s favorite is made on our jumbo thick bread. Choose your favorite cheese from below. $5.99

Add Bacon - $1.49

Millwood Melt – 2 patties topped with swiss & American cheese, grilled onions served on Texas toast with special sauce and a side of jalapenos. $8.99 Add to any sandwich – Choice of cheese - $.99 – American, Pepper Jack , Provolone or Swiss 2 slices of Bacon only - $1.49

Add Cheese Sauce - $.75

SANDWICH SIDES A la cart- $2.99

French fries Tator Tots Homemade Macaroni & Cheese Onion Rings Homemade Potato Salad Homemade Slaw Homemade Kettle Chips Spring Mix Salad – add $.99

MILLWOOD BASKET DINNERS $8.99 All served in a basket with sauce, fries, and slaw or potato salad.

Chicken Tenders Tilapia Fingers Pig Tails – Pork Tenderloin Strips.

BEVERAGES Free refills

Coke Classic – Diet Coke – Sprite – Root Beer – Fanta Orange – Lemonade – Iced Tea – Milk – Coffee – Sweet Tea $1.99

MILLWOOD KIDS MENU Includes 1 side and drink Kids pick one side below: Mac & Cheese – Tator Tots – Applesauce – French Fries – Green Beans - Broccoli

White Fish Sandwich – Served on toasted bun - $5.99 Homemade Mac & Cheese - $5.99 Chicken Strips - $5.49 Cheeseburger - $5.49 Chicken Strips - $5.49 Kids Flat Iron Steak - $7.49 Grilled Cheese - $4.99

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