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Brewed Coffee: Our Roasts Medium Roast: Guatemalan Monte Cristo This exclusive micro-lot, has a sappy maple aroma with flavor notes of brown sugar and white chocolate. The green grape acidity finishes thick and clean. Medium Dark Roast: Bullrider – Kenyan AA/ Costa Rican Deep chocolate and caramel aromas with a clean body and spiced cocoa flavors. Dark Roast: Sumatra Mendling? Smoked apple and mild earth flavors finish clean with a thick body and mind acidity Decaffeinated: Chocolate cinnamon and toffee aromas with a lingering syrupy body, earthy and clean flavors of smoked red apples. Flavored Roast: Highlander Grogg (need to get description) Brewed Coffee: Medium 12 oz Large 16 oz X-Large 20 oz $2.00 $2.25 $2.50 Our Loose-leaf teas :



Godfather espresso A clean well balanced body with milk chocolate sweetness and caramel flavors. Competition Blend espresso Aromas of Honey Dew Melon dipped in warm chocolate. Refined acidity opening sweet fruits with vanilla bean and a lingering creamy milk chocolate finish. Our speciality coffees start out with one of two espressos – Godfather™ espresso or Competition Blend™ espresso, cupped to perfection with just the right amount of rich crèma – golden and unique. We then steam our milk to a satin smooth texture and only use the best quality ingredients to finish off your experience. Thinking about whipped cream? We only use real ingredients here! All toppings are at no additional cost.

Specialty Beverages: (all prices inclusive of GST)

Lattes, Mochas, Macchiatos, Cappacinos, Chai Lattes:

Medium 12 oz $3.50

Large 16 oz $4.25

X-Large 20 oz $5.00

Medium 12 oz $2.75

Large 16 oz $3.50

X-Large 20 oz $4.25

Medium 12 oz $2.75

Large 16 oz $3.30

X-Large 20 oz $3.85

Steamers, Hot Chocolate & Ciders:


Frozen/Iced: All Beverages:

Iced 16 oz (one size only) Frozen 20 oz (one size only) *all prices are inclusive of GST

$4.50 $5.00

Lattes: A rich medley of golden Competition Blend™ espresso, silky steamed milk (soy option available) and a delicious flavor shot of your choice. Mochas: Rich, luscious chocolate, Godfather™ espresso shot(s) and silky steamed milk (skim and soy options available), topped with real whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle (topping is optional). (additional flavor shots are available at an extra cost upon request e.g. hazelnut mocha) Macchiato Sweet, rich caramel, Godfather™ espresso shot(s), silky steamed milk (soy option available) topped with real whipped cream and a caramel drizzle (topping is optional) [additional flavor shots are available at an extra cost upon request e.g. butter pecan macchiato ] Cappuccino Think latte…but less milk, more foam. Light and sophisticated. Chai Lattes At Merchants we use two brands of Chai. Our most popular is the Oregon Chai™. It is our customers’ favorite by far. In fact we tried to switch it once. After numerous ‘death threats’ we brought it back. Topped with real whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon (optional). The other is the

Valletta Spiced Chai™. It is most popular among soy lovers. (additional flavor shots are available upon request at an additional cost e.g. our popular holiday special~ pumpkin spice chai lattes)

Other Speciality Drinks (non-coffee):

Steamers Velvety steamed milk (soy option available) perfectly sweetened with a flavor shot of your choice with 30 flavors to choose from. Hot Chocolate Our hot chocolate is a supreme experience. We use real chocolate sauces: chocolate, white chocolate or for the daring, our spicy Mayan chocolate. No powders or fake stuff here! Top it off with fresh whip cream and a chocolate drizzle and….experience! Cider Sweet apple and cinnamon tones. A comforting treat for a cold day. And for a limited time (during the holidays)…cranberry cider


Our Feature Sandwiches Toasted Tomato Avocado Rich creamy avocado and the sweet, acidic subtlety of the tomato Simple but so tasty. Perfectly balanced. Grilled Pastrami on Marble Rye Scrumptious Marbled Rye bread encases a warm and delicious meld of pastrami, red pepper pesto mayo/aioli and Swiss Cheese (you can substitute for cheddar cheese). Truthfully….we dare you not to love it!

PIADINAS: (get description from Bakersource) (Multigrain Italian flatbread perfect for grilling)

Ham & Brie We use an award winning Carre Brie cheese and our red pepper pesto mayo to kick up the flavor

Turkey Cranberry Bacon Inspired by Aunt Dot the day after a holiday dinner. This is now something we dare not take off the menu Four Cheese Think grilled cheese for grown-ups! We use cheddar, award winning Brie, Swiss and a rich creamy goat cheese. (Fantastic paired with our Red Pepper Tomato Bisque) Chicken Pesto Basil pesto and chicken. We add goat cheese and fresh tomatoes to this classic combination. SEAFOOD FRIDAYS: Fridays are Merchants are popularly known as Seafood Fridays!

Features: •

Teriyaki Wild Sockeye Salmon Sandwich with maple ginger mayo

• Lobster Bisque Simply delectable. This item sells out early. Phone to preorder or come early.


Lobster Bisque (Fridays only) Red Pepper Tomato Bisque Sweet Pepper alla Bolognese Moroccan Chicken Spicy Thai Chicken Coconut Chicken Cream of Potato with Bacon Santa Fe Tortilla Triple Mushroom Bisque *Two randomly picked soups will be featured every day (while supplies last). Please phone us to find out!


Pumpkin Cheese Cake Key Lime Cheese Cake Mango Berry Cheese Cake White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake Classic Cheese Cake (plain cheese cake topped with your choice of chocolate, caramel or a berry sauce) Caramel Apple Cheese Cake Chocolate Cheese Cake 5 High (Tier) Chocolate Cake Colossal Carrot Cake Pecan Flan Triple Berry Cake Tiramisu *Three randomly picked desserts will be featured every day (while supplies last). Please phone us to find out!

Merchant Tea and Coffee