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VALUE MENU Pig Out Party Pack ● 3 lbs. Hand-Chopped Barbeque ● 3 racks Barbeque Pork Ribs ● 2 pints Brunswick Stew ● 2 pints Veggie of your choice ● 2 pints Coleslaw or Potato Salad ● 3 doz. Hushpuppies ● 1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce Price: $114.95 Carolina Oink Sampler ● 1 lb. Hand-Chopped Barbeque ● 1 rack Barbeque Pork Ribs ● 1 pint Brunswick Stew ● 2 pints Veggie of your choice ● 1 doz. Hushpuppies ● 1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce Price: $44.95 Meat Lovers Special ● 3 lbs. Hand-Chopped Barbeque ● 2 racks Barbeque Pork Ribs ● 2 pints Brunswick Stew ● 2 doz. Hushpuppies ● 1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce Price: $74.95 Rib Fest ● 3 racks Barbeque Pork Ribs ● 2 pints Coleslaw or Potato Salad ● 2 doz. Hushpuppies Price: $64.95 Family Pack ● 3 lbs. Hand-Chopped Barbeque ● 2 pints Brunswick Stew ● 2 pints Veggie of your choice ● 3 doz. Hushpuppies ● 1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce Price: $49.95

Sandwich Pack (Makes 12 or more heaping barbeque sandwiches. We suggest standard hamburger buns and several pitchers of cold iced tea.) ● 3 lbs. Hand-Chopped Barbeque ● 2 pints Coleslaw ● 2 doz. Hushpuppies ● 1 12-pack Buns ● 1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce Price: $19.95 SPECIALTIES Hand-Chopped Barbeque Pork Our State Magazine calls King’s Carolina Oink Express Barbeque one of the “100 foods you must eat” in North Carolina. The secret is in the sauce - a recipe Grandpa Wilbur King came up with more than 60 years ago! Made fresh daily and shipped via FedEx anywhere overnight, Kings classic eastern NC-style, vinegarbased barbeque can now be enjoyed darn near anywhere in these fine United States. Price: $8.75 Barbeque Pork Ribs Maxim Magazine crowned King’s Carolina Oink Express #1 for ribs “like hot sex, covered in barbeque sauce.” Now, we’re a family restaurant, so we’ll just send you the ribs and you can decide if you feel inspired. Each generous slab of tender, slowroasted baby back ribs is grilled and basted with plenty of Kings famous fingerlickin’ thick red rib sauce. Just heat and eat! Price: $18.99 Brunswick Stew We’ll let Georgia and Virginia duke it out over who invented it, we’ll just say King’s makes the best version of it! This hearty stew has plenty of pork, chicken and a bevy of garden vegetables, all simmered till they are rich and thick. Stick to your ribs goodness! Price: $5.95 Cole Slaw Make it a King’s Feast with our creamy homemade Cole Slaw. Enjoy it as a side or scoop some in between King’s Hand-Chopped Barbeque Pork and a bun for a barbeque sandwich with an extra crunch! Price: $4.95

Potato Salad Simple, sweet and chunky, with mustard to give it a little zing. A great compliment for ribs or chopped barbeque. Price: $4.95 Pre-Cooked Hushpuppies Finger-shaped deep-fried dumplings of cornmeal. More taste in two inches than the law allows. Price: $2.25 COUNTRY STORE Country Ham Center Slices (1 lb./$11.95+packing and shipping) Southern-cured country ham means delicious salty goodness (we won’t tell your doctor). Make it a meal by pan-frying it straight up by the slice or pile it up on a biscuit for breakfast. Price: $12.95 Cleaned & Cooked Chitlins (1 lb./$6.95+packing and shipping) The Scots have haggis, the South has chitlins. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s to taste test a Southern delicacy. Price: $7.95 Smoked Sausage Links (1 lb./$4.95+packing and shipping) Think breakfast is all about bacon? Well, wake up and smell the sausage! These delicious links are the perfect ingredient for a breakfast of champions. Price: $5.95 VEGETABLES Collard Greens King’s is going to let you in on a little secret...collard greens are a nutritional powerhouse. Put this new superfood on your menu, because one taste of these locally-grown, home-cooked leafy greens will have you hooked. We like ‘em with a little King’s Delight sprinkled on top! Price: $5.95

Black-Eyed Peas Make every day New Year’s Day with a Southern soul food staple. The traditional good-luck triple threat is “peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for

gold.” Our black-eyed peas are locally-grown, home-cooked, and hey, who couldn’t use a little extra luck or money? Price: $4.95 Squash Squash has been called the Southern workhorse of side dishes, and there’s a reason - because it’s delicious no matter what it’s sitting next to. Locally-grown and home-cooked, squash is perfect for everything from summer lunch to holiday feast. Price: $4.95 SAUCES AND MIXES King’s Delight Barbeque Sauce At King’s we make our own sauce, and it’s the same recipe Grandpa Wilbur King developed more than 60 years ago. The secret is in the sauce, and it’s what keeps members of Congress, celebrity chefs, generations of Crystal Coast tourists and NC natives coming back for more mouth-watering barbeque. King’s Delight Barbeque Sauce is vinegar-based with a spicy tang, and if you’ve never tasted it you’ll be an eastern North Carolina ‘cue convert after the first bite! 1 Gallon Price: $12.95 16 oz. Price: $4.95 5 oz. Price: $2.00 Rib Sauce Not just one but two secret sauces in the family! We call it rib sauce, but it’s delicious on chicken too. The perfect combo of thick, sweet and tangy in a tomatobased sauce, and the key to our mouth-watering ribs. 16 oz. Price: $5.95 Seafood Cocktail Sauce The perfect dip for shrimp, crab or any other seafood. Tomato-based with horseradish to give it some kick. Get some for your summer trip to the beach! 16 oz. Price: $5.95 King’s Delight Hushpuppy Mix Get a bag of King’s Delight Hushpuppy Mix and make yours any shape you want. There’s no sweeter sound than the sizzle of frying cornmeal batter! 2 lb. Price: $3.95 DESSERTS Pecan Pie

It ain’t Thanksgiving or Christmas unless one of these is on the table. But we won’t make you wait that long for the dessert version of Southern comfort food. Made fresh every day! Price: $11.95 Chocolate Chip Pie It doesn’t get much better than a chewey chocolate chip and pecan cookie baked in a pie pan. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top for a little freshly-made slice of heaven! Price: $11.95 Apple Pie King’s Restaurant is as American as... well, you know the rest. If you can’t make it to Kinston to enjoy the real deal, order one. Made fresh every day and as good as Grandma’s! Price: $11.95 Sweet Potato Pie A diet cheat that’s also a healthy treat? It’s for real y’all. This sweet, smooth Southern side dish is chock full of vitamins, even as a scrumptious dessert! Made fresh every day. Price: $11.95 OINK IF YOU LOVE BBQ King’s Restaurant T-Shirts Put your money where your mouth is (or was) and show your friends when it comes to Eastern North Carolina barbeque, only one name reigns supreme - King’s! Price: $12.95 Oink Express T-Shirts The first question you’ll get when you wear this shirt will be, “What’s Oink Express?” After you explain, the second question will be, “How do I get some - and fast!” Price: $12.95 Oink Express Bumper Sticker Here in North Carolina, barbeque is a noun, not a verb. The perfect way to tell the world you know the difference. Price: $2.00


Meat Lovers Special ● 3 lbs. Hand-Chopped Barbeque ● 2 racks Barbeque Pork Ribs ● 2 pints Brunswick Stew ● 2 doz. Hushpuppies ● 1 5 oz. King...

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