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T he D ay

Please ask your server.

F rench O nion S oup

Prepared daily with fresh onion & red wine then baked with crispy croutons and mozzarella cheese. 7.5

G reen S alad

Fresh tossed salad, served with your choice of dressing. 8.5

C aesar S alad

Caesar himself will be impressed with our signature dressing... we hope you will too. 10.5

K hal ’ s S alad

Grilled chicken, vegetables & feta on a bed of seasonal greens with choice of dressing. 13.5

G reek S alad

Just like in Greece! Kalamata olives, feta cheese, onion, tomato & cucumber, tossed together with lettuce on homemade dressing. 12.5

 APPY’S F ried C alamari

H ummus

Fried to perfection & served on a bed of salad with our private recipe dressing. 12.5

The homemade dip is an unbeatable appy... served with pita bread. 9.5

or TRY OUR SPECIAL RECIPE, tossed with tomato, olive oil, parsely, lemon juice & black olives 14.5

M exi F ries Crispy French fries topped with green onions,

N achos

Tortilla chips baked with green onions, tomatoes, peppers & jalapeno then covered with melted cheese. Served with salsa & sour cream. 12.5. Add Chicken or Beef 2.5

tomatoes, roasted peppers & jalapenos, baked with cheese. 12.5 Add Chicken or Beef 2.5

S teamed M ussels 15 full shell black mussels, pan tossed in olive oil,

D ry R ibs

Bone on ribs, crunchy, juicy & brown, served with our homemade ranch sauce. 10.5

P otato S kins

garlic, black pepper, diced tomatoes & basil 13.5

crispy potato shells topped with green onion, bacon bits & melted cheese 8.5

G inger B eef

C hicken W ings

Thin slices of baby veal, lightly breaded & tossed with fresh ginger. Served with fresh salad & our homemade ginger sauce. 10.5

E scargot Baby snails, mushroom & red onions marinated in white wine & baked with mozzarella. 9.5

Our wings are so good, they fly out the door! Choose from Honey Garlic, Hot or Teriyaki 9.5

B oneless C hicken B ites

Dipped in a sweet & spicy Thai sauce& garnished with cucumber & red pepper sticks... 9.95

S pinach & A rtichoke D ip

Served with tortilla chips to dip... 12.95

K hal ’ s P latter 1 Dozen chicken wings, Popcorn Shrimp & Calamari served with creamy ranch dip 24.5

P opcorn S hrimp

Served with our homemade dipping sauce. 9.5

Please advise your server of any allergies

STEAKS Your choice of soup or salad to start. Served with vegetables and choice of potatoes. Our steaks are Canadian AAA Angus Reserve

P eppercorn S teak

A 7oz sirloin steak char-grilled to your liking, glazed with peppercorn a demi - glaze sauce. 19.5

S teak S andwich

A 7oz sirloin steak char-grilled to your liking & served with garlic toast 17.5

R ibeye S teak

10oz ribeye steak, char-grilled to your liking. 22.50

P orterhouse S teak

18oz Porterhouse steak 27.5

N ew Y ork S teak

For meat lovers, we recommend the 12oz New York steak, cooked to your liking 26.5

ADD - ONS L obster T ail 18.5, C rab L egs 15.5, S auteed S hrimp 5.5, S auteed M ushrooms 2.5, O nions 2.5, G arlic , P eppercorn , or M ushroom S auce 2.5

ď ľ P O U LT R Y Your choice of soup or salad to start. Served with vegetables and choice of potatoes.

R osemary C hicken A nice size of chicken breast grilled without oil, pan tossed with fresh rosemary & finished with a rosĂŠ cream sauce. 18.5

F iorentini C hicken An Italian tradition with an Indian twist. A grilled chicken breast blanketed with pan tossed prawns, peppers, onions & olive oil. Finished with a mild curry cream sauce. 21.5

C amembert C hicken Grilled chicken breast baked with camembert cheese & glazed with a green peppercorn cream sauce. Highly recommended for a romantic dinner. 19.5

P rosciutto C hicken The key for a fun dinner, grilled chicken baked with prosciutto & Swiss cheese, finished with homemade Napoli sauce. 18.5 Please advise your server of any allergies


all seafood served with soup or salad to start

A tlantic S almon

A nice cut of skin-on Atlantic salmon, brown & crispy. Served with a dill sauce, red onion, capers, vegetables & your choice of potatoes or rice. 19.5

F ish & C hips

Battered Haddock fish fillet. Served on a bed of salad & homemade tartar sauce. 15.5

G arlic P rawns

Seven king size prawns, pan tossed with olive oil & fresh garlic; reduced white wine & finished with light cream. Served on a bed of rice & vegetables. 21.5

H alibut

7 oz Grilled halibut with lemon garlic sauce. Served with vegetables & choice of potatoes or rice. 24.5

S ea B ass

8 oz Chilean Seabass fillet grilled with olive oil. Served with vegetables & choice of potatoes or rice. Caution, may contain bones. 24.50

ď ľ PA S TA S

all pastas served with soup or salad to start

L asagna

Our homemade meat sauce is the difference to this traditional Italian dish. 13.5

P enne B olognese

Bolognese is the famous sauce that comes from the city of Bologna in Italy. Homemade meat sauce with penne pasta. 11.5

F ettuccini P ollo F ungi

Pollo = our fresh chicken, Fungi = freshly diced mushroom, Pan tossed with olive oil and finished with a white wine cream sauce. 14.5

S paghetti C arbonara

Diced bacon, green onions & mushrooms, pan tossed with olive oil & fresh garlic. Finished with a cream sauce. 14.5

S paghetti M atriciana

An ideal pasta for a cool night! Bacon, onion, peppers & garlic, cooked together on homemade spicy Napolitana sauce. 15.5

S pirale M arinara

A wide selection of fresh seafood, pan tossed with fresh garlic & olive oil. Finished on white wine & marinara sauce. 19.5

P enne R osa

Grilled chicken, broccoli, roasted pepper & sundried tomato tossed in garlic & olive oil, a touch of cream & finished with napoli sauce 14.5

P enne R oma

Olive oil, whole garlic, sundried tomato, feta & baby spinach 15.5 Please advise your server of any allergies

PIZZAS S picy B uffalo C hicken P izza

Chicken breast, fresh tomato, cheese, buffalo wing sauce & bleu cheese 13.5, large 16.50

B acon & C heeseburger P izza

Hamburger, bacon, onion & cheese 13.5, large 16.5

H awaiian

Freshly diced pineapple, smoked ham, mozzarella. 13.5, large 16.5

M eat L overs

Smoked ham, bacon, salami, onion & mozzarella. 15.5, large 18.5

P epperoni

Pepperoni & mozzarella. 14.5, large 17.5

V egetarian

Mushroom, onion, peppers, olives & mozzarella. 13.5, large 16.5

M argarita

Mozzarella cheese & oregano. 12.5, large 15.5

M exican

Onion, peppers, hot salami, chili flakes & mozzarella. 14.5, large 17.5

B arbecue C hicken

Fresh diced chicken, onion, mushroom, garlic, mozzarella cheese barbecue sauce. 14.5, large 17.5

E xtra T oppings :

Chicken or Vegetables (sm 1.5, lg 2.0) / Beef or Shrimp (sm 2.0, lg 3.0)

ď ľ P O P U L A R FA R E C hicken


S hrimp S tirfry

Mixed vegetables sauteed in sesame oil & teryaki sauce over rice or noodles. 18.5

B acon , M ushroom & C heese B urger

Crisp bacon, sautĂŠed mushrooms topped with melted cheese. 10.5

B aby B ack R ibs

Full rack of pork ribs baked with our homemade sauce, served with vegetables & choice of potato. 19.5

C enter C ut P ork C hops

Two char-grilled pork chops with apple sauce, vegetables & choice of side. 15.5

R oast B eef D inner

Thinly sliced roast beef stacked on garlic toast, topped with mushroom & onion, then drizzled with gravy & served with vegetables & choice of potato 14.5

1/4 BBQ C hicken

Char-grilled chicken marinated in our homemade bbq sauce served with rice & salad. 14.5

K ebob W rap

Grilled chicken kebob, hummus, lettuce, tomatoes & pickles. 11.5

K afta W rap

Delicious! Try our homemade kafta meat, topped with lettuce, tomatoes & hummus. 11.5

Khals Steakhouse Dinner Menu  

p oTaTo S KinS S pinach & a rTichoKe D ip  D ry r iBS m exi f rieS 1 Dozen chicken wings, Popcorn Shrimp & Calamari served with cre...

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