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D ay

Please ask your server 4.00

F rench O nion S oup

Sautéed onion, garlic, red wine and beef stock. Baked with croutons and mozzarella cheese 7.50

 APPY’S P izza S ticks Pizza dough baked with garlic & mozzarella. Served with meat sauce 9.50

C alamari

Battered and fried. Served with fresh lemon, red onion and tzatziki 12.50

C hicken W ings

Crispy fried chicken wings with your choice of Salt & Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Sweet Thai Chilli, Teriyaki, Honey Garlic, BBQ, Hot or Suicide Hot 11.50

H ummus

Blended chick peas garlic, tahini & lemon juice served with pita bread 9.50

N achos

Tri color tortilla chips baked with jalapenos, tomatoes, black olives, green onions & smothered in melted cheese 15.00 Add Chicken or Beef 2.50

D ry R ibs

Tossed in your choice of honey garlic sauce or sea salt & pepper 10.50

G inger B eef

Thin slices of tender breaded beef tossed in Asian style ginger sauce. 10.50

M exi F ries

Crispy french fries baked with green onions, tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos, & shredded cheese 12.50 Add Chicken or Beef 2.50

Please advise your server of any allergies

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12/7/2011 9:14:32 AM

SAL ADS G arden G reen S alad

Fresh mixed lettuce, cucumber, red peppers, tomatoes and red onion. Choice of dressing 8.50

G reek S alad

Kalamata olives, red onion, romaine lettuce and feta cheese,tossed in an oregano Greek vinaigrette 12.50

C aesar S alad

Crisp romaine, chopped bacon, parmesan cheese, croutons and creamy Caesar dressing 10.50

C hef ’ s S alad

Ham, turkey, egg, tomato & cheese, built on tossed salad with choice of dressing. 13.50

S teak F ajita S alad

Grilled 7 oz sirloin set on a salad of mixed lettuce, red peppers, tomato, cucumber, red onion & cheese 19.50

K hal ’ s S alad

Grilled chicken & vegetables with feta cheese on a bed of lettuce with choice of dressing 13.50

T aco S alad

Mixed greens, cucumbers, cheese, tomato, peppers & onions served in tortilla bowl 11.50 Add Chicken or Beef 2.50 add grilled chicken 2.50 or shrimp skewers 7.00

 SANDWICHES & WR APS Served with Fries, Salad, Soup or Onion Rings.

K afta W rap

Khals homemade Kafta patty with lettuce, tomatoes, onions & hummus on a pita 13.50

C lub H ouse Mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, turkey, bacon & ham piled high on three pieces of toasted bread 12.00

R oast B eef S andwich Thinly sliced roast beef served cold with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar, mustard & mayo on toasted bread 11.00

C hicken C lub W rap Crispy chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce & Ranch served on pita bread 11.50

A thena W rap Fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers & feta drizzled with Oregano Feta Greek dressing 10.50

K ebob W rap

Grilled chicken kebob, hummus, lettuce, tomatoes & pickles 13.50

BLT Classic bacon, lettuce & tomato on toasted bread 9.50 Please advise your server of any allergies

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12/7/2011 9:14:32 AM

BURGERS Served with Fries, Salad, Soup or Onion Rings.

B acon M ushroom C heeseburger

Served with lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo, bacon, mushrooms & cheddar on a freshly baked bun. 14.50

C anadian B urger

Ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce, onion & tomato on a fresh baked bun 14.50

M ushroom S wiss B urger

With mayo, lettuce, red onion & tomato. On a fresh baked bun 14.50

BBQ C hicken B urger

Grilled bbq chicken breast with mayo, bacon, Swiss cheese, red onion, lettuce & tomato. Served on a freshly baked bun 14.50

K afta B urger

Khals home made burger patty with lettuce, onion, tomato & hummus, served on a fresh baked bun 14.50

ď ľ ENTREES Served with seasonal vegetables and choice of Fries, Mashed Potato, Salad, Soup or Onion Rings

S teak S andwich

7 oz sirloin char-grilled to your liking & served on garlic toast 18.50

R ib E ye S teak 10 oz Canadian AAA Angus rib steak grilled to your liking 24.00

G rilled C ajun C hicken B reast A 7oz grilled chicken breast, dredged in cajun spice with cajun cream sauce 16.50

V eal C utlet Lightly breaded veal cutlet served with mushroom gravy 14.50

F ish & C hips Battered Haddock fish fillet golden fried & served on a bed of greens with creamy tarter sauce 18.50

C hicken S ouvlaki Two skewers of chicken breast served with Greek salad, rice, pita bread & tzatziki 18.50

Please advise your server of any allergies

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12/7/2011 9:14:32 AM


L asagna

House made meat sauce layered with lasagna noodles & baked with mozzarella. Served with garlic toast 13.50

S paghetti & M eat S auce

House made meat sauce on spaghetti noodles, topped with fresh parmesan cheese & served with garlic toast 13.00

F ettuccini A lfredo

Chicken & mushrooms sautéed in garlic & white wine. Finished with our own parmesan alfredo sauce 15.00


H awaiian

Smoked ham, pineapple & cheese 13.50, large 16.50

M eat L overs

Smoked ham, bacon, pepperoni & onion 13.50, large 16.50

P epperoni

Pepperoni & mozzarella 14.50, large 17.50

V egetarian

Mushroom, onion, peppers & olives 13.50, large 16.50

B acon C heeseburger

Hamburger, bacon, onion & cheese 13.50, large 16.50

S picy B uffalo C hicken

Chicken breast, fresh tomato, cheese, hot sauce & blue cheese 13.50, large 16.50


C lassic C alzone

Mozza, pepperoni, onion & red pepper 13.50

or make your own with any of the above pizza’s

E xtra T oppings :

Chicken or Vegetables (sm 1.50, lg 2.00) / Beef or Shrimp (sm 2.00, lg 3.00)

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12/7/2011 9:14:32 AM

Khals Steakhouse - lunch menu November 2011  

g inger b eef  D ry r ibS m exi f rieS p izza S tickS Crispy french fries baked with green onions, tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos, &...

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