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Jimmy’s at Home …. and Business Main Dishes and Casseroles Shrimp and Grits Shrimp and Poche’s Andouille sausage in a creamy sauce served with cheese grits. Crawfish Etouffée In the Creole tradition, we smother tender crawfish tails and tomato in a thick sauce seasoned with peppers, onions, celery, and spices and serve them over a bed of rice.

Jambalaya This New Orleans classic is a spicy blend of shrimp, chicken, Poche’s Andouille sausage, tomato, rice and Creole seasoning.

Pasta Mardi Gras Crawfish tails, Andouille sausage, mushrooms and red and green peppers mixed in a Creole cream marinara, served over fettuccine and topped with grilled shrimp.

Shrimp Victoria Shrimp sautéed with mushrooms, green onion, white wine and sour cream over rice. Chicken Rockefeller Chicken and creamed spinach served over rice and topped with cheese. Potatoes Jimmy’s Yukon gold potatoes and green onion in a cream sauce with cheese. Squash Casserole Yellow squash, onion, black pepper, chicken stock and bread crumbs baked together. Asparagus and Spinach Casserole Asparagus, spinach, cream sauce baked with bread crumbs. Small $9.95 (2—3)

Medium $16.95 (4—5)

Large $24.95 (7—8)

Soups, Sides, Salads, Desserts and Bread Gumbo – The Real Thing Our own recipe for a Louisiana style gumbo with a rich mixture of seafood and chicken. Rice is served separately as an additional quantity. Pint




Cheese Grits Southern style grits spiked with real Cheddar Cheese. Pint $3.95 Quart

$ 6.95

This Week’s Green Veggie—Turnip Greens or Green Beans This Week’s Beans—Black-eyes, Limas, Purple Hulls, Peas & Snaps or Butter Peas Pint



$ 8.95

Jimmy’s Chicken Salad All white chicken with red pepper and celery with mayo and Dijon mustard. Grape Salad Red and green grapes mixed with mayo, cream cheese, sugar and our special seasoning. Pint $7.95 Quart $15.95 Creole Potato Salad Yukon gold potatoes with green onions dressed with our Creole vinaigrette. Pint $5.95 Quart $12.95 Mixed Green Salad Select baby lettuce, red pepper, grape tomatoes and croutons plus dressing. Bread Pudding Bread from Gambino’s baked with egg, cream and cinnamon. Bourbon sauce. Banana Pudding A southern classic with bananas in a creamy pudding with vanilla and cinnamon. Small






Fresh Cookies Chocolate chunk or oatmeal raisin cookies fresh from the oven. $8.95 per dz. Fresh Yeast Rolls Fresh baked yeast rolls ready to eat.

$5.95 per dz.

Please call ahead to insure your order will be ready for you.

Jimmy’s 104 South Eighth Street

Opelika, Alabama 36801



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Main Dishes and Casseroles Soups, Sides, Salads, Desserts and Bread 104 South Eighth Street Opelika, Alabama 36801 Please call ahead to insu...