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Served with Home Fries and Toast

Served with Home Fries and Choice of White, Wheat, Rye, Sourdough, Pumpernickel, or Multigrain toast

ONE EGG with Ham, Bacon or Sausage with Taylor Ham or Canadian Bacon with Filet Mignon tips

$2.59 $4.29 $4.79 $6.39

TWO EGGS with Ham, Bacon or Sausage with Taylor Ham or Canadian Bacon with Filet Mignon tips

$2.99 $4.79 $5.29 $7.39

Onion Omelet Bacon, Sausage or Ham Omelet Broccoli Omelet Mushroom Omelet Canadian Bacon Omelet Taylor Ham Omelet

$4.79 $5.29 $5.29 $5.29 $5.79 $5.79

Add cheese for


asiago, american, mozzarella, cheddar, feta, swiss, pepper jack, smoked gouda or muenster.

CORNED BEEF HASH AND EGGS $6.39 Two eggs, and home made real corned beef hash, with sautéed peppers, onions and potatoes.

SKILLETS 2 eggs scrambled on a bed of home fries, served with toast.

BOSTONIAN $6.59 Smoked salmon, sautéed onions & warm cream cheese. HOBOKEN $5.79 Bacon, sausage, and cheddar cheese. CALIFORNIA $5.79 Avocado, bacon, tomato and cheddar cheese. $5.79 GREEK Sautéed spinach, onions and feta cheese. VEGGIE $5.49 Broccoli, mushrooms, peppers and onions with muenster cheese. KIDS BREAKFAST $3.99 1 egg, 1 small pancake and choice of bacon or sausage.

SPECIALTY OMELETS Made with 3 Eggs, Home Fries and Toast WESTERN $6.79 Ham, peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese. ITALIAN $6.79 Fresh basil, diced tomatoes & mozzarella cheese. MEDITERRANEAN $6.79 Sautéed spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese. $6.79 FLORENTINE Ham, sautéed spinach & swiss cheese. GARDEN $5.79 Broccoli, mushrooms, onions & peppers NORWEGIAN $7.59 Smoked salmon, sautéed onion & capers. $7.59 FARMER’S Bacon, ham, onions, green peppers, cheddar cheese and home fries inside. SMOKED SALMON BAGEL PLATTER $7.59 With capers, red onion, sliced tomato, cucumber, chopped hard boiled egg & cream cheese on the side.

GLUTEN FREE BREAD AVAILABLE BAKERY Coffee Roll, Scone Toast with butter Hard roll with butter English Muffin or Bagel with butter

$1.75 $1.00 $ .95 $1.49

Bagel with cream cheese Bagel with salmon & cream cheese Muffin*

$1.89 $3.95 $1.65

*Blueberry, cranberry, bran, corn, lemon poppy or chocolate.

~ HOWELL’S ~ Proudly Serving Goshen since 1956

HOWELL’S CAFÉ LOW CAL & VEGGIE SPECIALTIES DIETER’S DELIGHT $4.89 Grilled fresh turkey with 2 egg whites served with a side of cottage cheese. VEGGIE WRAP $ 4.29 2 egg whites, Broccoli, mushrooms, onions, spinach, and hummus. THE ’SKINNY ‘ WRAP $4.29 2 egg whites with grilled fresh turkey, peppers and onions. SARAH’S SANDWICH $3.79 2 egg whites with sautéed spinach & feta cheese on toasted multi-grain bread. LOW FAT COTTAGE CHEESE $2.49 With Fruit Salad Small $3.95 Large $6.99 FRUIT ‘N YOGURT $4.95 Add Granola add $1.00 FRUIT SALAD Cup $3.50 Bowl $4.95

SPECIALTY WRAPS Made with 2 eggs & choice of Spinach, Garlic, Herb, Whole Wheat or Plain

BREAKFAST SANDWICHES Choice of White, Wheat, Rye, Sourdough, Pumpernickel, Multigrain or Hard Roll

EGG SANDWICH $1.59 with ham, bacon or sausage $2.59 with canadian bacon or taylor ham $2.79 COUNTRY BREAKFAST SANDWICH $3.79 Two eggs scrambled with sausage, bacon or ham cheese & home fries on a toast hard roll. THE GOSHEN ‘GOSHDARNWICH’ $4.89 2 eggs, bacon, sausage or ham with american cheese between 2 slices of thick cut texas toast.

PANCAKES Add seasonal fruit, chocolate chips, cranberries or walnuts add $2.00

PANCAKES With two eggs With bacon, ham or sausage With canadian bacon or taylor ham

$3.99 $4.99 $5.79 $6.29

SHORT STACK With two eggs With bacon, ham or sausage With canadian bacon or taylor ham

$3.49 $4.59 $5.29 $5.79

SOUTH OF THE BORDER $4.59 Bacon, sausage or ham, with jalopenos, avocado, pepper jack cheese served with salsa & sour cream. $4.59 CALIFORNIA WRAP Fresh turkey, avocado, spinach, tomato, cheddar cheese served with salsa and sour cream. MEAT LOVERS $4.89 Bacon, sausage, and ham with american cheese and home fries. STEAK PHILLY $4.89 Grilled roast beef, sautéed onions, melted mozzarella cheese and A-1 sauce. VEGETARIAN $4.29 Sautéed mushrooms, spinach, onions, avocado and swiss cheese.

Add seasonal fruit, honey, cinnamon, cranberries or walnuts (prices vary)



Add an Egg or cheese Bacon, Ham or Sausage Canadian Bacon or Taylor Ham Corned Beef Hash (Brooklyn style) Home Fries Filet Mignon tips

$0.75 $2.79 $2.99 $3.19 $2.29 $4.89

FRENCH TOAST TEXAS STYLE FRENCH TOAST CINNAMON ROLL FRENCH TOAST With two eggs With bacon, ham or sausage With canadian bacon or taylor ham

$4.79 $4.79 $5.39 $6.29 $6.59

CEREALS “Best Oatmeal in Goshen” Please allow 15 minutes, it’s worth the wait! Hot Oatmeal $3.79 Cream of Wheat $3.79 Cold Cereal $1.89

Cappuccino, Chai Tea and Lattes Milk / Juice Chocolate Milk Coffee or Herbal Tea Tea Hot Chocolate

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$2.75 s. $1.29/L $1.69 s. $1.39/L $1.89 $1.49 $1.29 $1.69

Howells breakfast