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Soups & Salad’s Lobster Bisque Chive Oil and Chunks of Lobster Meat $6.25 French Onion Crouton and Melted Gruyere Cheese $5.75 Haricot Vert Salad Green beans,red onion,cherry tomato, Pancetta,Gorgonzola cheese and a lemon basil vinaigrette $6.75 Endive Beet and Spinach tossed with apples,crumbled gorgonzola and roasted candied pecans in a Dijon vinaigrette $6.75 Untraditional Caesar Salad romaine hearts with diced tomato,crumbled gorgonzola and homemade croutons in a Caesar dressing $5.95 Waldorf Salad diced apples,walnuts,dried cherries in mixed field greens and a maple mayonnaise dressing $6.75 Publick House romaine,Feta cheese with Kalamata olives,diced tomato and cucumber,house croutons and balsamic vinaigrette $5.75 Garden Salad mixed greens,diced tomato and cucumber with balsamic vinaigrette $4.95

Appetizers Irish Potato Skins oven roasted,melted smoked gouda, bacon,scallions and a mild horseradish sour cream topping $5.50 Wings Choose spicy Buffalo,Bar-B-Q or sweet and spicy Asian $5.75 Chicken fingers homemade chicken breast tenderloins $5.25 Tri Color Nachos with cheddar cheese,cherry peppers,diced tomato, chipoltle sour cream $5.95 Calamari with fried shallots and sliced hot cherry peppers served with homemade marinara dipping sauce $6.75 Baked Clams whole local littleneck clams 2 stuffed, 2 oreganata and 2 casino style all topped with a scampi butter sauce $6.75 Mussels in either a white wine butter sauce or marinara style $6.75 Coconut Shrimp 6 served with a maple mayo dipping sauce


Seared Tuna crisps Six Ahi tuna seared and served over crispy wontons and covered in a soy reduction & wasabi mayo $7.95

Sandwiches (served with handpressed fries and pickle) Grilled Chicken Sandwich on Ciabatta bread with bacon,sliced apple, gruyere cheese and sundried tomato mayonnaise $6.75 8oz Sirloin Burger on an oversized English muffin $5.95 Please add .50 for each additional topping Meatloaf Sandwich on Ciabatta bread with gruyere cheese,sliced tomato,lettuce & chipoltle ketchup $6.25 Marinated Steak Sandwich on baguette with gruyere,lettuce,and basil Mayonnaise $6.95 Turkey Burger on Brioche with sliced avocado,tomato and lettuce Jumbo Lump Crab Sandwich on Brioche with tartar,lettuce and tomato Grilled Salmon BLT on Brioche with a lemon dill mayo




Black Bean Veggie Burger on a Brioche roll with sliced avocado,vine ripened tomato and lettuce $5.95

Wraps and Pizzas Buffalo Chicken Wrap crispy fried cutlet,Franks hot sauce,romaine lettuce and bleu cheese dressing $6.75 Waldorf Chicken Wrap grilled chicken,Romaine,walnuts,dried cherries and a maple mayonnaise dressing $6.75 Marinated Steak Wrap lettuce,tomato,cheddar cheese and sundried tomato mayonnaise $7.95 Untraditional Chicken Caesar Wrap grilled chicken,Romaine, gorgonzola cheese,tomato,grated parmesan and Caesar dressing $6.75 Margarita Pizza mozzarella,sliced tomato and basil pesto


Buffalo Chicken pizza Chicken cutlet,Franks hot sauce bleu cheese $5.75 Chicken Parmesan pizza chicken cutlet,mozzarella,grated parmesan $5.75 Mediterranean Pizza baby spinach,crimini mushroom,kalamata olives and fresh mozzarella $6.25 Shrimp and Chorizo pizza with carmelized onions & reduced balsamic


Horace & Sylvia Fall 2011