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Panama City Beach, Florida 32407 805.249.3425

All of our steaks & seafood are grilled over open pit charcoal

Here at Deadeye Dick’s Steak House we make almost everything from scratch including our soups, sauces, sides, desserts, salad bar items & even our french fries & ice creams!!! We cut most of our meats in-house & use USDA choice, aged mid-western steers (quite a mouthfull, literally). We also grind our own meats for burgers, turkey burgers & even make our own veggie burgers. At Deadeye’s we know a thing or three about fine seafood, just ask Deadeye’s twin brother Dirty. We are proud of these efforts and you will see them mentioned over & over again throughout the menu.

Don’t forget to “MEAT UP” for SUNDAY BRUNCH

at Deadeye Dick’s Steak House featuring our magnificent food bar with savory items including soup, salad, breads, rolls, breakfast items/breads, desserts, and much more changing everyday. We also feature a chef attended carving station, omelette, waffle, and grits martini bar. Home of 12 Bit $1.25 Mimosas & Bloody Marys



But only with purchase of brunch!

Deadeye says the 16th of every month we have


For only $16.16 you receive a 16oz steak, a 16oz baked potato and 16oz domestic draft beer or soda/tea. What a DEAL!

“It’s Finally Friday”

Get a 12 Bit $1.25 Martini with purchase of a lunch entree

Hey, It’s a Class Joint Horses Must Be Kept Outside Tied on the Railin’...YES YOU!

The Beaches Most Unique Salad Bar

Git Out Yer Specs, Honey, Here’s The Fine Print: Consumption of raw or undercooked beef, pork, poultry or seafood products may increase your risk of food-borne illness or aggravate existing health conditions possibly resulting in serious illness. If unsure of your risk, consult your physician. No substitutions, please. No separate checks. For your convenience, an 18% gratuity will be added to your check for parties of 7 or more.


Soups & Salads

Jarlsberg & Sausage Dip (for Two)


House-Smoked Salmon


Not your normal queso & sausage dip. Creamy Jarlsberg blended with our home-made beef/pork sausage. Served with grilled soft pretzel sticks.

Yep, FRESH! ... And smoked right here! Served with fresh grilled pita points, shaved red onion, chopped egg & creamy horseradish sauce.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Breaded to order, fried & served with our fresh, grilled, sweet & tangy corn relish.



JUMBO shrimp or JUMBO fresh scallops skewered on sugar cane, grilled & brushed with a molasses-rum BBQ sauce. Served with mashed candied yams.

Maple SLAB Bacon

Applewood-smoked slab bacon cut in-house, spiked with coarse black pepper & grilled. Coated with maple syrup glaze & served over grilled flat bread with our corn pudding. It smells GREAT in the kitchen & tastes BETTER at the table.

Thai Duck Wings

Grilled Portabello

You won’t find these anywhere else! Breaded duck wings fried & tossed with a sweet & spicy Thai chili glaze. Served with our roasted peach chutney. A Deadeye twist on Buffalo wings.

Whole grilled portabello brushed with a balsamic glaze & topped with grilled shrimp, applewood-smoked bacon & blue cheese.

Roasted Garlic Hummus (for Two)


Gourmet Soup & Salad Bar (with entree)



Soup of the Day Five ONION Soup

Market $ 4.99

Ranch House Chili



Chopped Salad



Caesar Salad




8.99 or $10.99







2.99 Market



Our flavored flat bread topped with different ingredients daily, then grilled. Kinda like a pizza with lots of pizzazz.

Grilled sausage surf & turf



Portabello Fries





One house-blend pork/beef & one home-made Maine lobster sausage grilled. Beef/pork served on mini tea biscuit with tomato/onion jam & brushed with brisket butter. Lobster is served with corn pudding & lobster sauce. .

Strips of portabello mushrooms coated in our special breading & fried to order. Served with hollandaise or bearnaise sauce. How simple-but-good does it get!

Tumbleweed Onions®

Thin cut onions soaked in buttermilk, coated with seasoned flour & fried in the shape of a tumbleweed. Just pull apart & “get after it.” Served with Deadeye sauce (creamy white horseradish BBQ sauce). THE BEST for Sharing!

Sauces, Toppings & Additions • • • • • • • • • •

Hey, this stuff just doesn’t jump out of the can!! This unique salad bar experience is one of a kind, most items change daily.

Creamy 5-onion soup with a hint of sherry. Topped with a large garlic crouton, parmesan & Swiss cheese then baked.

Made with tomatoes, smoked meats & sausages. Yes it does have beans, three different ones in fact, along with roasted corn. Served with sour cream, white cheddar & jalapeños “fresh of course”.

Chopped mixed lettuce with chopped tomatoes, honey-roasted pecans, bacon “candy”, chopped egg, chopped onion, blue cheese chunks & our bbq vinaigrette.

Crisp romaine tossed with fresh parmesan, home-made honey-wheat croutons & caesar dressing. Served over flatbread with parmesan crisp.


Deadeye Sides Choose Two (2)with any dinner entree & one with any lunch entree excluding entree salad bar.

Home-made & served with roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese & grilled flat bread. $ Add pit-roast meat of the day add

Grilled Flat Bread of the Day


Bearnaise/Hollandaise $ 1 . 9 9 $ Whole Burgundy Mushrooms 3.99 $ Whole Roasted Garlic 2.99 Grilled Onions $1.99 Sugar Cane Shrimp $7.99 Roasted Peach Chutney $3.99 Tomato Onion Jam $2.99 Grilled Lobster Tail (2) $15.99 Additional Sides $3.99 Additional Bread Basket $3.99 Southern “Yorkshire” Pudding $3.99 Wow!!! Not your ordinary “popover”. Prime rib & bacon drippings in a stuffed fluffy pancake filled with smothered collard greens & smoked ham shanks.

• Kosher salt baked potato with butter, white cheddar, sour cream & chives. Add applewood-smoked bacon $.99 • Jalapeño mashed potatoes • Mashed candied yam • Smoked brisket grits with cream, roasted corn & white cheddar • Baked potato casserole • Creole corn pudding • Smashed cauliflower $.99 • Potato logs® – home-made steak fries • “Mac” n Cheese – simply the best! • Cornbread stuffing with bacon, roasted corn, sun dried cranberries • Creamed spinach • Grilled corn on the cob with brisket butter • Grilled fresh peach with balsamic glaze, goat cheese & honey-roasted pecans • Grilled veggie kabob • Chopped salad/Caesar salad • Side of the day

stuff not from the grill All served with your choice of two sides & our signature bread basket. The first one is complimentary.

House-smoked brisket


Beef short ribs


Beef & wild mushroom stir fry


Sliced pit-roasted meat of the day


Gourmet Soup & salad Bar


We make Texas proud, REALLY GOOD!!!

Cooked on the grill, then braised ‘til they fall off the bone, really tender.

Strips of Choice beef seared quickly with wild mushrooms & onions in our Deadeye butter. Served on a sizzling platter.

Different whole cuts of meats cooked on our pit & then sliced.

Unlimited as an entree with daily changes, of items you will not see anywhere else. If you don’t brag about it, we will!!

Meats From the Grill

Signature Cuts of meat

Grill items are cooked on our signature charcoal grill, brushed with Deadeye butter & served with your choice of two sides. Our bread basket includes sweet potato hush puppies, orange blossom glazed sweet rolls, pull apart buns & honey wheat rolls and accompanies all entrees. The first one is complimentary...

Sirloin Steak


St. Louis Ribs


10 oz hand-cut USDA choice. Our most popular steak. We’re cuttin’ all day long!

House-smoked. Your choice “wet” brushed with our BBQ sauce or “dry” featuring our Deadeye Dick’s rub. Either is finished on our signature grill. Try a combo of wet & dry add $.99

“Dem bones”

Beef ribs from prime rib, slow cooked & finished on the grill “wet or “dry”. Texas sized!! Fred Flintstone would be proud.

House-smoked baby back ribs

The gold standard for ribs. Cut with extra meat left on the bone. Finished on our charcoal grill. Available wet or dry. Try a combo of wet & dry add $.99

rib three-way combo

Try all three- St. Louis, “dem bones” & baby back. Big portion, big taste, big variety. Order all wet or dry please..

Grilled BBQ Meat Loaf

House-made from the best stuff, then grilled & brushed with our honey-mustard BBQ sauce.

Smoked chicken halves



$22.99 $21.99 $24.99

$13.99 $13.99


DeadEye Thunder Thighs


pork filet mignon

Tenderloin of pork cut into medallions & grilled. Melt in your mouth tasty.

sugar cane duck breast

10-12oz scored & seared with a sugar & spice rub. It’s definitely a “Louisiana thing.” Brushed with our molasses rum-BBQ sauce. Big Quack says, “say the secret woyd”!






New York Strip


Kobe flat iron


Texas sirloin


24-28 oz bone-in, hand-cut USDA choice. A very richly marbled, flavorful steak.


20 oz that is the best of both worlds with both a strip steak and filet. Both of those meats are separated by a bone to give it the best of flavor. Grilled on our signature grill using USDA choice.

12 oz A combination of flavor & tenderness. Of course USDA choice, hand cut daily.

Center cut Ribeye “filet Mignon”


Cap Steak

The very center part of the ribeye with all the visible fat removed. 12 oz USDA choice. We call this the heart of the ribeye for great taste & very tender. What a great combination. It looks like a filet mignon, but is more richly marbled.

12 oz of the outer edge of the ribeye. Some call it the best 4 bites of the ribeye, although ours is a lot more than 4 bites..

“Cookie’s Favorite Steak”

Double-Cut PorK Chop


Lamb New york strip



16-18 oz White Marble Farms yes, again, cut here daily. We will cook it medium or to your taste.

Mixed Grill

$21.99 $34.99

We know a thing or three about FRESH & GREAT seafood, just ask Deadeye Dick’s twin brother Dirty!

Seared tuna


Whole Grilled Fish

#1 Yellowfin tuna cooked rare to medium rare & brushed with our Deadeye butter. Cooked longer upon request.

Yep, bones & all grilled the way you like it...

Your choice skewered on sugar cane grilled & brushed with a rum BBQ sauce. Combo (1 skewer of each)

Wait ‘til you see these. Chuck full of meats & veggies with a way cool presentation.

13.99 20.99 $ 33.99 $ 21.99

Kobe Sirloin Veggie Hawaiian Pork


Sugar Cane Tuna/Shrimp/Scallops $22.99/$22.99/$24.99

Deadeye’s Kabobs $


Seafood From the Grill

$15.99 18 oz Bone-in pork $18.99 34 oz Bone-in Beef




A combination of our Deadeye thunder thighs, smoked sliced brisket, our house-blend sausage, St. Louis ribs “wet or dry” & sirloin steak. A great way to sample several items at once.

Slow-roasted in our special ovens. All served with your choice of two sides, southern “yorkshire” pudding & our bread basket (the first one complimentary).

Chicken Tenderloin Filet Mignon Shrimp/Scallop/Lobster Jumbo Shrimp

12 oz domestic hand-cut lamb cut from the same muscle as a New York strip steak, brushed with mint butter.

Roasted Prime Rib 8 oz pretty Big 12 oz Real Big

Cowboy ribeye

The Cadillac, USDA choice, hand-cut daily from the best of meats.

Traditional well-marbled, 14oz. USDA choice hand-cut daily.

Three large juicy thighs pit roasted & finished with our white BBQ sauce.

7 oz $19.99 • 10 oz $27.99

8 oz Wagyu breed cattle hand-cut here daily. The finest beef in the world. Grilled & sliced with suggestion of ordering rare to medium.

Grilled chicken breasts

filet mignon

Just like our sirloin, but 24 oz. It is a huge portion for one, or reasonable for two.

A chicken half smoked in-house then finished on our grill with our Deadeye butter. Brushed with our white BBQ sauce upon request. This is real southern BBQ.

Breasts (12 oz) grilled & brushed with Deadeye butter & white BBQ sauce.

When only the best will do! All served with your choice of two sides, & our bread basket (the first one complimentary).

28.99 13.99 $ 16.99 $ $

Combo Choose any two price of highest



Grilled Scallops in their shell


Maple Glazed Salmon


Lobster Sausage


Lobster Tails (4)


Basted with Deadeye butter & parmesan. Be sure to “sop up” the juices with bread.

Fresh salmon grilled with our maple butter..

Home-made, then poached & grilled. Served with lobster sauce.

Four small juicy Maine lobster tails split, brushed with butter and grilled.

Ah Say, Ah Say eat more MEAT!

LUNCH Available 11am - 3pm

11:00 am -2:00 pm daily Initial order in by 2pm....18% gratuity added to bill All served with choice of two sides $

All of our dinner menu items are available at lunch. Our bread basket includes (sweet potato hushpuppies, orange blossom glazed sweet rolls, pull apart buns & honey- wheat rolls) the first one is complimentary. One side item is included with our lunch entree with the exception of our soup & salad bar entree.

Salads Gourmet soup & salad bar


Caesar Salad


Hey, this stuff just doesn’t jump out of the can!! This unique salad bar experience is one of a kind, The most unique salad bar around. Most items change daily.

Pit-roast salad

steak salad

$ Southern BLT 8.99 Fried green tomatoes, applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce & pimento cheese spread on your choice of bun. A southern twist on a classic sandwich.

Steak Our steak of the day grilled and sliced. Served on

Pit-roasted Market One of our pit-roasted meats sliced & served open-faced over our pull apart bread with an appropriate sauce or gravy.


Sliced brisket $9.99 Smoked here, sliced to order & served on your choice of bun with tomato onion jam & bbq sauce.

$ Open-faced prime rib 12.99 Just like our pit-roasted meat, but, obviously prime rib. Served with creamy horseradish sauce & au jus.

burgers & dogs

catch Market ALWAYS fresh! Grilled, sometimes fried-it just

Burgers are served on your choice of grilled onion rolls, twister rolls (crescent roll dough formed into burger buns-OMG!!) or Hawaiian sweet buns. Our giant hot dog is served on a special-you guessed it-hot dog bun????

$ $ Hamburger/Kobe 7.99/ 13.99 One half pound fresh ground beef hand-pattied daily.


Veggie burger Even our veggie burgers are made here.


portabello mushroom burger Grilled & brushed with balsamic glaze.


Beef & Wild Mushroom Stir Fry Strips of USDA choice beef seared quickly with aromatic


BBQ St. louis ribs A lunch portion of 6-7 bones “wet” or “dry”.


Giant “hot doggy dawg” It’ll be hard to eat it all.




Smoked meats, aromatic vegetables, potatoes & carrots in a tangy cream sauce. Our smoked brisket grits form the crust. We then add a pie dough crust on top.

Chicken Fried Steak

Lunch steak 8oz of USDA choice, It changes every day.

Toppings Extra-Ordinary

$.99 each

BBQ sauces white, honey-mustard, sweet, tangy .00 Applewood-smoked bacon, fried green tomatoes, ranch house chili Roasted peach chutney, fried pickles, tomato onion jam $1.99 each

Lunch k-bobs

$ Not your momma’s sloppy joes 8.99 Home-made, with fresh beef, smoked sausage, carrots, grilled corn & onions. Piled high on grilled flat bread with white cheddar.

BBQ Pasta A combination of our smoked brisket & chicken with



Prime rib Mac n Cheese



grilled corn, onions, our sweet BBQ sauce & fresh jalapeño’s tossed with pasta then topped with white cheddar & fresh cilantro.

Sauteed prime rib, Bermuda onions & green onions folded into our mac n cheese, then topped with more cheese. To die for!!!


Ask your server for the daily originals.

Blue, American, Swiss, white cheddar, pimento

kobe flat iron jumbo Shrimp Veggie


Yep, you heard it right-made with filet mignon & served with country gravy.

Topped with our ranch house chili, white cheddar, sweet relish & yellow mustard.

$ BBQ Pot Pie 9.99 Hey, we invented this one too! To try it is to love it.

Served open-faced with lettuce, tomato & pickle slices.

$9.99 $9.99 $11.99


vegetables, wild mushrooms & served sizzling.

It’s great with the roasted peach chutney. This really fits the bill....

pork Tenderloin Chicken tenderloin filet mignon

Other Stuff

daily lunch specials $ starting at

burgundy sauce. Very rich, very tender!

$ Duck burger 9.99 Half pound ground duck hand-pattied & grilled.

Grilled Onions, Sauteed Mushrooms, Cheeses

depends on the fish. Served on your choice of a bun with lettuce, tomato & pickle.

Braised Short Ribs Boneless, grilled & then simmered in a rich

It’s so good you’ll want to order it just because it is so tasty, not because it’s veggie. Hey, try it with a little applewood-smoked bacon.


your choice of bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, tomato onion jam & blue cheese chunks.

Our grilled & sliced steak of the day served over our chopped salad. Topped with optional blue cheese chunks.

Turkey burger Yes, ground & pattied here daily.

5 over Dinner 6 over Dinner $ 5 over market $ 7 over Dinner


$ Grilled meat loaf 7.99 Aaaaah, pure nostalgia! Ask your server– “Duh Licious”


Our sliced pit-roasted meat served over a pasta salad, with grilled vegetables & our bbq vinaigrette. Topped with tomato onion jam.



Crisp romaine tossed with fresh parmesan, home-made honey-wheat croutons & caesar dressing. Served over flatbread with parmesan crisp. Caesar with chicken add $2.99 Caesar with grilled shrimp add $6.99

Deadeye thunder thighs Smoked brisket pit-roasted meat pit-roasted prime rib 8oz

$17.99 $11.99 $8.99

Get ur Gift Certificates and make like a bandidt Purchase a $25.00 gift certificate then receive a $5.00 certificate for yourself

Desserts chocolate cobbler Hope you saved room for this one!


A combo of white, dark and milk chocolate with home-made honey-roasted pecans and streusel topping. Basically, we take out the healthy fruit and replace it with chocolate. Topped with home-made white chocolate ice cream. In fact, all of our ice creams are made right here at Deadeye Dick’s

Purchase a $50.00 gift Certificate then receive a $10.00 certificate for yourself Purchase a $100.00 gift certificate then receive a $25.00 certificate for yourself

strawberry shortcake The classic!!! Again, all fresh from scratch


donut holes in a sack Fried donut holes (Yep, they’re made right


whopper cake Napolean A rich, moist cake made with malt & malted milk balls


and made right here every day. Topped with strawberry ice cream.

Free certificates are not valid on the same day as purchase.

here every day) with powdered sugar, hot cream cheese icing, hot chocolate sauce and hot caramel sauce.



You’ve heard, from my brother, about mini dessert shooters, well “Deadeye” is sort of a “Meat” guy, so he came up with a series of “small plate” appetizers in souvenir shoot glasses. Light on your wallet and light on our waistline.

then sandwiched with layers of malted milk ball mousse. Served with malted milk ball ice cream. Just a little nostalgia!

$ Southern fried pie 5.99 Pie dough filled with a different fruit filling every day. Fried & served with a matching ice cream to the filling..

Berries & cream Fresh berries & sweetened cream. Fresh & Light.


Check with your server for tonight’s offerings.

Visit Our General Store to visit Dixie Dick Don’t forget to visit our retail shop. Lots of way cool stuff in there. Don’t leave empty handed.

Happy Hour where specials on drinks & “small plates” menu make ya want to come earily Monday-Friday 3-6 pm

We also feature a Function Room Multiple rooms to meet any party size State of the Art Audio Visual Experience We cater to any business, Christmas, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette, divorce, office, graduation, reunion, anniversary, retirement party, etc..., while also offering party pick-ups or drop-offs! call for times & available dates

We proudly serve Coca Cola Products along with Community Brand Coffee & Brewed Tea

Dead Eye Dicks Steakhouse Menu  
Dead Eye Dicks Steakhouse Menu  

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