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Italian Peppers and Sausage

Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp

SautĂŠed hot and mild peppers tossed with sausage and garlic sauce. 6.99

4 gulf shrimp wrapped in bacon broiled with a BBQ glaze. 10.99

Risotto Balls

Nachos Italiano

3 Risotto balls stuffed w/ Italian sausage, cheese, green onion. Topped w/marinara & asiago cheese 6.99

Crispy house made pasta chips w/Italian sausage & black olives, banana peppers, tomatoes, & gr. onions. Smothered in asiago cream sauce. 10.99

Garlic Steamed Mussels

Shrimp Di Capri

Served with warm butter and lemons. 9.99

4 Italian breaded shrimp with buerre blanc and fresh amogio. 8.99

Calamari Di Capri

Strips of calamari lightly fried served on a bed of buerre blanc with capers and amogio. 8.99

Battered Chicken Strips

Mozzarella Fritta

Served with ranch, or you can get them buffalo style for an additional 1.00 6.99

Fresh mozzarella breaded and fried golden. Served with homemade amogio sauce. 6.99

Artichoke and Spinach Dip Fresh spinach and artichokes in a creamy herb blend then baked. Served with pasta chips. 7.99

Salads Napoleon of Tomato and Mozzarella

Country Chicken Salad

Layers of tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. 7.99

Batter dipped chicken on a bed of mixed greens, tossed in ranch with bacon, peas, red onion and topped with crispy onion strings. 9.99

Caesar Salad

Classic Antipasto

Romaine lettuce and croutons tossed with Caesar dressing 8.99 with Chicken 11.99 with Salmon 14.99 with 5 Large Shrimp 15.99

Italian salad of mixed greens topped with salami, ham, banana peppers, provolone, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, and garbanzo beans. Served with red wine vinaigrette. 8.99

Warm Tuscan Salad SautĂŠed artichokes, salami, olives, and capers served on a bed of crisp romaine with warm red wine vinaigrette. 9.99 with Chicken 11.99 with Salmon 14.99 with 5 Large Shrimp 15.99

Club Capri Pasta Specialties All of Club Capri’s noodles and sauces are homemade in our kitchen to insure a quality pasta. Entrée’s include choice of soup or Capri house salad, and Italian breadbasket with flavored butter. Caesar salad add $1.00

Pasta Di Capri Fresh house made rigatoni tossed with marinara and your choice of Italian sausage, meatballs or meat sauce. 9.99

Shrimp Scampi Linguine Sautéed shrimp with butter, wine, lemon, garlic, tomato, green onions and Asiago. Tossed with linguine. 16.99

Abriatta Fresh rigatoni pasta tossed with hot and mild peppers and marinara. with Chicken 11.99 with 5 Large Shrimp 15.99 with Italian Sausage 10.99

Grilled Chicken Pasta Fresh house made fettuccine tossed with artichokes, spinach, black olives, and marinara. Topped with a julienne grilled chicken breast. 13.99

Fettuccine Alfredo House made fettuccine tossed with creamy Alfredo sauce 11.99 with Chicken and Broccoli 14.99 with 5 Large Shrimp 16.99

Stuffed Cannelloni Meat & Cheese

Angel Hair Agli Olio

Blended herb ricotta cheese, spinach and lean ground beef rolled in pasta sheets and topped with marinara and provolone then baked. 10.99

Tossed with olive oil, garlic, parsley and basil. 8.99 with Chicken 11.99 with 5 Large Shrimp 14.99 with Italian Sausage 10.99

Baked Manicotti

Angel Hair Primavera

Ricotta stuffed pasta sheets topped with marinara and provolone then baked. 9.99

Seasonal vegetables tossed with olive oil, garlic, parsley and basil. 11.99 with Chicken 13.99 with 5 Large Shrimp 15.99 with Italian Sausage 12.99

Cheese Ravioli - topped with marinara sauce and

Capri Pasta Bake

baked provolone cheese. 14.99 Meat Ravioli - topped with meat sauce 14.99

Italian meatballs and sausage tossed with rigatoni and marinara topped with provolone then baked. 12.99


Tuscan Chicken Ravioli

– topped with alfredo or cajun cream sauce 16.99

Classico Meat Lasagna Ground beef and Italian sausage layered with marinara and cheeses between pasta sheets topped with provolone. 11.99

Entrées All entrees include a cup of soup or Capri house salad, and choice of fettuccine marinara, angelhair agli olio, vegetables or parmesan redskins, and Italian breadbasket. Caesar salad add $1.00

Vitello Di Capri


Sautéed veal with prosciutto and spinach topped with provolone. 18.99

Sautéed with Portabella mushrooms and finished with sweet Marsala wine. with Veal 17.99 with Chicken 13.99

Parmigiana Picatta Sautéed with capers, artichokes, and lemon garlic sauce. with Veal 17.99 with Chicken 13.99

Chicken Cacciatore Boneless chicken breast sautéed with peppers, onions, garlic & mushrooms in a white wine tomato sauce. 13.99

Frutti Di Mare Fresh shrimp, salmon, calamari, mussels, sautéed with house made marinara. Served over linguine. 17.99

Breaded and topped with marinara and melted provolone. with Veal 17.99 with Chicken 13.99 with Eggplant 12.99

Shrimp Di Capri Six Italian breaded shrimp served on a bed of buerre blanc with amogio. 15.99

Pan Seared Salmon Fresh Salmon pan seared w/spinach, roasted red peppers & balsamic glaze. 16.99

Michigan Lake Perch Sautéed Michigan Lake Perch. Served w/ tartar sauce & lemons. 15.99

Veal Teko Sautèed veal with mushrooms, bacon and onions in a brandy cream sauce. Served over truffle and portabella ravioli. 21.99

Fish & Chips Golden fried cod filets served with crispy french fries. 10.99

•N.Y. Strip Center cut, 28 day, dry aged choice strip loin. Broiled & topped w/sautéed mushrooms.

21.99 *Cooked to your specifications. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness

~ Capri’s Famous Pizza ~

Traditional (small, medium, large) Deep Dish Round Cheese Pizza (small and large) Medium 12 inch 8 slices 9.99

Small 10 inch 6 slices 8.99

Large 16 inch 10 slices 10.99

Each additional topping Small .75

Medium 1.00

Large 1.50

Toppings Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Ground Beef, Italian Sausage, Green Peppers, Sweet Banana Peppers, Artichokes, Tomato, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Onions, Bacon, Garlic. (Anchovies $3.00).

House Specialty Pizzas Flavor Crust Sesame, Butter Garlic, Parmesan Butter, Cajun

Billy Special Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Mushroom, Gr. Pepper, Banana Pepper, Onion Small Medium Large 12.99 14.99 16.99

Ask about our Specialty Pizza Of the Day!

Meat Lovers

Capri Special

Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Ham, & Italian Sausage. Small Medium Large 10.99 12.99 14.99

Cheese, Pepperoni, Mushroom, & Green Peppers. Small Medium Large 9.99 11.99 13.99

Gourmet Veggie Cheese, Broccoli, Spinach, Red Onion, Zucchini, & Portabella Mushroom. Small Medium Large 12.99 14.99 16.99

Soups Minestrone French Onion

cup 2.49 bowl 3.49 cup 2.99 bowl 3.99

If we please you, tell others, If we don’t, please tell us! We know you have a choice and We appreciate the fact that you have chosen Club Capri.


Coffee or Tea Soft Drinks, Large - Unlimited refills Milk 2.00 Chocolate Milk Fruit Juice Hot Chocolate

2.00 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.50

Children's Menu Chicken Tenders and Fries Burger and Fries Fettuccine Marinara Grilled Cheese and Fries Fettuccini Alfredo

5.99 5.99 4.99 4.99 6.99

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