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Packages Private Cupping Social: An enjoyable experience to share with friends and a unique take on any special event. Includes: Cupping Class: Educating you about each tea and proper brewing techniques. (4) Teas of Choosing to Taste Social: Time to socialize and enjoy each others company, play games, open gifts. Each person is served a pot of tea of their choosing Complimenting Sweets and appetizers $25.00 per person

Afternoon Tea: A light elegant meal in between lunch and dinner. Great for special occasions where you’d like plenty of options for your guests. Includes: Selection of (3) Finger Sandwiches Selection of (2) Savory appetizers Selection of (3) Sweets Selection of (1) Tea Cake Creams, Butter, Jam or Curd Hot tea Service, Water or Iced Tea $22.00 per person

Buffet Luncheon: A heartier menu served in an informal way to allow “mingling� of guests. Also, creates a diverse menu for guests to choose from. Includes: Our House Salad with Dressing Options: Balsamic Vinegar, Ranch, PoppySeed Selection of (3) 1/2 Sandwiches Selection of (2) Sides Tea Dessert Spread or (1) Choice of Cake Hot Tea Service, Water or Iced Tea $18.00 per person

Plated Luncheon: An elegant and formal dining experience. Requires RSVP of Entrees and Place cards are included. Includes: Choice of Soup or Side Salad Assorted Breads or Crackers and Cheese Choice of Lunch Entree or Sandwich with side Dessert Spread or (1) Choice of Cake Hot Tea Service, Water, or Iced Tea 18.00 per person

Ala Carte Appetizers/Starters: $2.00 per item per person

Assorted Breads and spreads Cheese Tray with Crackers Mini Quiche Tarts Chicken Satay Skewers Meatballs Savory Pastries Hummus and Vegetables Fruit Skewers and Dip

Soups: $3.00 per cup/ per person

Creamy Tomato Creamy Pumpkin Chilled Peach Chilled Strawberry Corn Chowder

Salads: As a Side: $4.25 per item/ per person As an Entree: 7.95 per item/ per person

McDuff’s House Salad Caesar Salad All American Salad Caprese

Sandwiches: $6.00 per item/ per person $7.95 per person with sides

McDuffs Signature Sandwich Turkey, Brie, Apricot-Orange Chutney on Grilled Rye

Big Ben’s Club Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese w/ Lettuce Tomato on Grilled Sour Dough

Reuben Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut and our own Reuben sauce on Grilled Rye

Chicken Salad Sandwich Cubed Baked Chicken Breast, Granny Smith Apples, Red Grapes and Walnuts on a Golden Croissant

Tuna Salad Sandwich Fresh House Recipe Tuna Salad on a Potato-Onion Kaiser roll with Lettuce and Tomato

Veggie Supreme Grilled Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Tri-colored peppers on grilled artisan bread with a lemon-garlic mayo and Feta Cheese

Prince Charles Roast Beef, Cheddar, Caramelized Onions served with our Horseradish sauce on a Potato-Onion Kaiser roll

“BTC� Grilled Cheddar, Bacon and Tomato Sandwich served on an Artisan Bread

Tea Smoked Chicken Wraps Keemun smoked Chicken Breast in a wrap with lettuce, tomato and a special creamy sauce

Sides: $2.50 per item/ per person (unless combined with any of our meals)

Potato Salad Tri-Colored Pasta Salad Fruit Salad Chips ($1.50 each) Apple Slices Vegetable of the day Fresh cut raw Veggies Side of Risotto

(Cont. of Sides) Baked Potato Sweet Potato

Lunch/Dinner Entrees: Lunch: $9.00 per person each Dinner: $13.00 per person each For Dinner each Entree comes with a Salad, Bread, and Choice of Side

Grilled Shrimp and Grits Grilled Pork Medallions and Grits Risotto (7.99 w/o meat) Or Choice of Chicken, Shrimp or Pork

Tea Smoked Chicken Breast w/Choice of Side Grilled Pork Loin w/ Choice of Side Grilled Beef Filet Medallions w/ Choice of Side ($15.00 per person) Quiche, side Salad and Choice of Side Chicken Pastry Chicken Pot Pie Shepherd’s Pie

Desserts: $5.00 per item/ per person

Strawberry Nut Cake Zucchini Chocolate Cake Pineapple Carrot Cake Tea-Infused Creme Brulee Chocolate Colossal Cheesecake New York Style Cheesecake French Macarons Assorted Tea-Infused Truffles and Chocolates Tea-Infused Fudge

Beverages: $2.50 per person

Endless Assorted Sodas and Iced Teas, Sparkling Water add an additional $1.00 per person each for Hot Tea Service

Terms and Conditions BILLING GUARANTEE When your event is booked & menu selections are made, we ask for the number of guests who will be attending your event. Because guests lists change, 72 hrs prior to the start of your event, we ask that you contact us at (910)488-0328 & provide us with the exact number of guests who will be attending your event. Your event billing will be based on the guarantee, or the actual number of guests whichever is greater. Reasonable increases to your guarantee will be accepted up to 24hrs. Prior to your event. Your guest count can increase, but not decrease. Every effort will be made to accommodate your increase, however, we may not be able to insure that the same entrĂŠe as selected will be available for the entire group. Please be aware if a final guest count is not provided as requested, the last guest count becomes your final guarantee. For a party of 15 or more, we will require payment to be on one check. This is to ensure a prompt closing to your party as separate checks can take a very long time to close out. Service Charge of 21% and Sales Tax of 9.0% will be added to all checks. All checks must be paid in full before the conclusion of your event. FOOD QUALITY GUARANTEE McDuff's Tea Room will require final menu selections at least 7 days prior to the event. We order the freshest meats & produce available. However we sometimes find that the product delivered does not meet our quality standards, or there is a supplier issue. In these instances, we reserve the right to make an appropriate substitution to your menu items. Price & availability of some items may vary. No outside food may be brought into the restaurant. The only exception will be cakes for special events. All cakes must be from a licensed bakery. A $35.00 cutting fee will be added to all cakes brought in. ROOM GUARANTEE Guests must agree to meet a minimum number of people to reserve the restaurant dining room or a private room. If this number drops, the McDuff's Tea Room a room rental fee will be forfeited for the unmet minimum. Rooms are assigned according to the anticipated number of guests. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REASSIGN THE AREA OF THE EVENT. Unless a room rental fee has been paid, there is NO GUARANTEE that you will get a room you have requested. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request but it is NOT GUARANTEED.

DEPOSITS/CANCELLATIONS For groups planning to occupy a private dining room, a deposit is required which can be paid with credit card, cash, or check. In the event of a cancellation, this deposit is NONREFUNDABLE. All cancellations must be addressed to catering coordinator in writing, or via email. Cancellation forms are available at McDuff's Tea Room if you wish to come in person to cancel you catered event. CHILDREN’S PARTIES: For Children’s Tea Parties, we only offer them after 3pm. Anytime Mon-Wed. and 3-5pm Thurs.Sat. PRIVATE ROOM RENTAL FEES:

$250.00 Room Rental fee/Deposit for Private Party Option of Upstairs or Downstairs Dining Areas (max capacity 35)

A great option Bridal/Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Evening Events. *This fee is to accommodate a private party outside of Lunch Dining Hours (11-3) or Evening Dinner hours (Thursday/Friday/Saturday 5-9pm) *There is a 3 hour maximum with additional hours available for $50/hour. *The Restaurant would be closed to allow us to serve you best. *There is a minimum of (10) guests required.

$100.00 Room Rental fee/Deposit for Private Upstairs Room (max capacity 35) Ideal for Bridal Luncheons, Baby Showers, or Large Club Meetings * This fee is to accommodate a private party during Lunch Dining hours (11-3) or Dinner service (Thursday/Friday/Saturday 5-9) * There is a 3 hour maximum with additional hours available for $50.00/hour * The Restaurant would still be in service and the tea shop open.

* There is a minimum of (10) guests required

$475 Private Party fee/Deposit for full Rental of Restaurant and Tea Bar Great for Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, or any formal event. *This fee is to accommodate a private party outside of Lunch Dining Hours. * There is a 4 hour maximum with additional hours available for $50.00/hr * The Restaurant and Tea Bar would be fully closed to public or other parties. * There is a minimum of (15) guest required.

Misc. Charges: Service Charge: 21% to Food/Beverage costs Sales Tax: 9% to food/Beverage costs Optional: Cake Cutting Fee: $35.00 (for Outside Cakes) Includes: Cake Cutting, Serving Pieces, Plating and Clean up/Packaging left overs Corking Fee: $5.00 a bottle

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Afternoon Tea: Private Cupping Social: An enjoyable experience to share with friends and a unique take on any special event. Includes: Cuppi...

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