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CRISPY EGG ROLLS (4pcs) (Chicken or Veggie)

CRAB RANGOON (5) Crabmeat, cream cheese, chopped onion, in wanton skins, fried, served with plum sauce. 6.00

SATAY (4) (Chicken or Beef or Tofu) Skewered, grilled, and served with peanut sauce and cucumber dip. 6.00

FRIED CALAMARI (10) Served with sweet chili sauce. 7.00


COCONUT SHRIMPS (4) Battered in coconut flakes, deep-fried and served with plum sauce. 7.00

Chicken or Vegetable roll, deep-fried, served with plum sauce. 5.00

Stuffed with ground chicken fried and served with plum sauce. 6.00

GOLDEN FRIED SHRIMPS (4 Sh, 8 Veg) Shrimp, veggies, battered, deep fried, served with house sauce. 8.00


Fried, topped with Thai spicy salad dressing. A very popular dish. 8.00


LETTUCE WRAPS (Chicken or Veggie) Chicken or Tofu Satay, bean sprout, Carrot, saba, lettuce leaves, Peanut sauce, sweet chili sauce. 9.00

Combination of our appetizers. (rolls, satay, curry puff, fried tofu) 9.00



Thai hot and sour soup with mushrooms, onion, limejuice, lemon grass, and chili.


Aromatic soup cooked in coconut milk with Thai herbs, galangal root, and lemon grass.


Chicken - bowl 4.50, pot 8.50 Veggie/Tofu - bowl 4.50, pot 8.50 Shrimp - bowl 5.50, pot 10.00 Seafood - bowl 6.50, pot 12.00 Chicken - bowl 5.00, pot 9.00 Veggie/Tofu - bowl 5.00, pot 9.00 Shrimp - bowl 6.00, pot 11.00 Seafood - bowl 7.00, pot 13.00

Wanton soup with chicken.

bowl 5.00, pot 9.50


Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, served with Thai peanut dressing. 4.00

SOM TUM (Green Papaya Salad) Green papaya, carrot, shrimps, peanut, green beans, tomatoes, lime juice in spicy garlic sauce. 8.00 LARB (Thai Minced Chicken Salad) Ground chicken boiled, mixed with mint leaves, red onion, chili pepper flakes, and lime juice. 8.00 YUM TOFU (Spicy Tofu Salad) Deep fried tofu, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, limejuice, spicy garlic sauce, and cashew nuts. 8.00 YUM GAl (Spicy Grilled Chicken Salad) Grilled white meat, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, scallions, onion, limejuice in Thai spicy garlic sauce. 8.00 YUM NUA (Spicy Grilled Beef Salad) Grilled beef, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, scallions, onion, limejuice in Thai spicy garlic sauce. 10.00

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