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Far East Cafe 1234 Main Street Anywhere, USA 123-456-7899

Dine In • Take Out • Catering

Far East Specialty Dishes Substitute rice: add 1.50 for Brown rice. * Side order of White rice 2.00 * Side order of Brown rice 3.00

Noodle Combinations Udon 7.50 Chicken Udon 9.50 Seafood Udon 9.00 Shrimp Tempura Udon 8.25 Udon & Cali Roll 4 pcs 9.00 Udon & Spicy Tuna Roll 4 pcs 10.00 Udon & Crunch Roll 4 pcs 10.00

Bento Special Served with daily salad in Asian dressings, 4 pcs California roll, steamed rice, miso soup, 2 pcs gyoza or 1 pc tempura shrimp.

Add chicken or shrimp tempura to any udon for 1.50

Chicken Teriyaki 13.25 Beef Teriyaki 12.25 Salmon Teriyaki 14.25 Tofu Teriyaki 11.25


Marinated beef short ribs in homemade sauce. 12.00

Spicy Pork Bulgogi

Marinated park in homemade chili paste. 10.50

Beef Bulgogi

NEW Mile High

Chicken on Fire

Sauteed crispy chicken with Nam’s sauce, broccoli on top of rice. 12.50 Substitute tofu 10.50

Grilled thinly sliced tender beef marinated in specially formulated soy sauce. 11.50

Bulgogi Combo

1/2 Beef bulgogi & 1/2 pork bulgogi. 16.50

Yaki Soba & Yaki Udon (Stir-fry) Chicken 11.50 Beef 11.00 Shrimp 9.50 Vegetable 8.50

Teriyaki Bowl

Your Choice: Marinated beef, grilled chicken or salmon. Chopped lettuce, steamed carrots, broccoli, red onion, green onion, and teriyaki sauce in a rice bowl. Beef: 10.25 Chicken: 12.25 Salmon: 12.25 Tofu: 9.50

Grilled Tofu with Vegetables Served with rice. 11.50

Spicy Dishes

Miso Soup 1.00

Food may contain nuts, seeds and/or green onion. Gratuity of 15% may be added to party of 7 or more. Please notify ahead for split checks. Split check fee may be added to party of 4 or more.

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