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Sandy’s Omelettes

Parlor 1234 Main Street Anywhere, USA 123-456-7899

Omelettes (No Substitutions) Our omelettes are made with three large eggs, skillet prepared, and are served with O.P. Potatoes and a Whole Wheat English Muffin.

Custom omelettes are available starting at 6.49.

Add 99¢ each item

The Classic Mayor

Swiss Mozzarella Cheddar Monterey Jack Feta Pepper Jack Sausage Ham Bacon Chorizo Chicken Crab Avocado

Sauteed fresh mushrooms, fresh chopped tomatoes, flavored with basil and black pepper. Don’t wait for adjournment! 6.99.

Add 75¢ each item

Potatoes Mushrooms Spinach Green Peppers Onions Ortega Chillies Tomatoes Jalapenos Pineapple Black Olives Roasted Red Peppers Artichoke Hearts

No Meadow Muffins Here

Diced green chiles and shredded cheddar cheese with sour cream on the side served with a tortilla 7.99.

The Denver

Onions and bell peppers are joined with ham and cheddar cheese. This combo will take you at least a mile high! 8.99.

Edna, The Egglady

Combine cheddar. Swiss and mozzarella cheeses 8.99, with diced ham if you wish, add 99¢.

Susan’s Greek Omelette

Artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, black olives, and feta cheese 8.99.

Broadmoor & More

Chopped Italian sausage, chopped fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. flavored with oregano, without reservations 8.99.

Blend of Italian sausage. oregano & chopped tomatoes 1.50.

Royal Gorge

Fills the gaping chasms with diced ham, shredded Swiss cheese and chopped fresh tomatoes 9.99.

W.J. Palmer, Founder

Bacon and potatoes with sour cream on the side. Very exclusive 7.99, add cheese 99¢.

Cadet Omelette

Chopped fresh spinach, shredded Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms. (spic and span) 8.99.

11-Miles or Almost

A seafood omelette combining “almost” crab, slices of avocado and Monterey Jack cheese. We went fishin’ for this one! 8.99.

The Great Chili Cook Off!

A fluffy omelette stuffed with cheddar cheese and covered with our homemade pork green chili or smothered with our Tex-Mex style chili, served with a tortilla 7.99.

Farmer’s Market

Green peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheddar cheese 8.49.

The Black Forest

Diced ham fresh pineapple and Swiss cheese, all rolled up in a blanket of fluffy eggs 8.99.

Pat’s Thunderbird

The Godfather

Italian sausage, green peppers and onions, fresh chopped tomatoes & oregano. Ganged up with marinara and mozzarella cheese ... this one’s Untouchable 9.99.

Entices The Mind Gratifies The Senses.

Inside a fluffy three egg omelette you’ll find a tortilla stuffed with sausage, potatoes, green peppers, onions, tomatoes & cheddar, then smothered in our homemade green chili 9.99. “This one’s worthy of a fly-over” Add choice of bread 50¢.

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