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Smokey JIM’S

BARBECUE 1234 Main St ree t Any where, USA 123-456-7899 w w w.your website .com

To G i t Y a S t a r t e d Bar-B-Q Dinners

Appetizers Smokey’s Potato Skins


Chicken Wings (includes 6 wings) Cheese Fries Salsa and Chips Mozzarella Sticks

5.99 4.99 2.99 6.99

(4 skins, include beef or pork, cheese and bar-b-que sauce)

Dinners include two sides and Texas Toast.

Choice of one: 7.29 Beef, Pork, Turkey, Ham, Link, or 1/2 chicken Rib Dinner 7.99 Half a slab of Baby Back Rib Dinner 10.99 Smokey’s Sampler Dinner (excluding Baby Back Ribs and 1/2 Chickens)

Beef, Pork, Turkey, Ham, Link 2 Meat Sampler 10.99 3 Meat Sampler 13.59 Catfish Dinner (2 Filets and 3 Hushpuppies) 8.79


Sandwich Combos

Other Combos

Combos include side order and a medium drink. Beef or Pork with dry slaw and sauce (Mild, Medium or Hot) Turkey or Ham with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and sauce

Regular Bar-B-Q Combo Jumbo Bar-B-Q Combo Jumbo Open-Face Bar-B-Q Combo

6.09 7.09 8.09

Include one side and a medium drink.

Hamburger Combo Add cheese .40 Add bacon 1.00 Double Hamburger Combo Add cheese .40 Add bacon 1.00 Footlong Combo Chicken Strip Combo

Side Orders Veggies Sides Small 1.39 Pint 2.99 Choice of: Bar-B-Q Beans, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Green Beans, Okra. Sandwich Slaw Small .60 Pint 1.09

Fries Large Fries Onion Rings Chilli Chips

1.39 1.99 2.19 3.59 1.29

5.99 7.89 6.49 5.69

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