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Amaretto Divine Applesauce Cake Carrot Chocolate Lover’s French Vanilla Lemon Marble Mocha Layer Cake Pistachio Pound Cake (Chocolate, Vanilla & Lemon) Red Velvet Yellow Strawberry Spice Cake White White Chocolate Banana White Almond White Chocolate Heaven

Bavarian Cream Buttercream Cream Cheese Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Ganache Peanut Butter Cream Lemon Raspberry Strawberry Strawberry Cream Blackberry Blackberry Cream

Icing Flavors:

Buttercreams: Chocolate Fudge, Cream Cheese, Strawberry, Almond and White . Plus Whipped Cream, and many more.

Pricing: Basic Decorated Buttercream Cake $1.75 per person Basic Decorated Fondant Cake $2.95 per person Sculpted Fondant Cake – 2D starting at $60.00 and 3D starting at $120.00 Basic Buttercream Wedding Cake - $3.25 per person Basic Fondant Wedding Cake - $4.25 per person *Per person charges may vary depending on minimum number of guests and design.

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