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Open Wednesday thru Monday • Closed Tuesday Cabin Rental Inquiry call 715-478-1059

4.00 ogs Mini Corn D t dogs, just like at the fair. ho i in m d Battere o Dip oke & Jalapenoke hearts and h ic t r A h c a Spin spinach, artich


lers Onion Tang stack of onion shreds. 4.00 d Lightly breade

re of with tortilla Creamy mixtu kick, served e tl lit a r fo jalapenos chips. 8.00

s Cheese Curd Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds served readed white B essing. 6.00 with ranch dr

imp rved Cabana Shr ated shrimp grilled and se arin Garlic lime m 5.00 . er on a skew

Combo Tavern Mix ppers, mozzarella sticks, mushrooms cheese po Cream battered onion rings, s, rd cu se ee ch ies. 9.00 and waffle fr


et Cheese Bask jalapeno cheese Wisconsin s, curd

rella te cheese d five mozza A mix of whi eese curds an ch 0 w .0 llo 12 ye . h s, curd of ranc , with a side cheese planks

gs of Chicken Win ings served with a selection w Full pound of 00 8. . es sauc

chos Dockside Naips piled high with shredded os, n olives, jalape risp tortilla ch

C k n, onions, blac 11.00 / Half 6.00 beef or chicke a. ls cream and sa cheese, sour

ites Alligator B alligator meat pieces, served d de tly brea 9.00 Ligh uce. remoulade sa with a Cajun

fries r 2.00 / Add waffle Add french fries fo

or sweet potato fries

for 2.50

Philly Wrap

ers ions, green pepp , mushrooms, on ef be 00 7. ed . on lla as rti se Shredded ato-basil to wrapped in a tom and Swiss cheese

O u r S p e c ia l t ie s

n Wrap Buffalo Chicke l hot sauce over fresh


ated in our specia tortilla. 6.25 Crispy chicken co in a tomato-basil ed pp ra w , se ee lettuce and ch

icken Wrap Southwest Ch d our special spicy ranch lettuce, cheese an

25 Crispy chicken, o-basil tortilla. 6. rolled in a tomat


rap Cabana B.L.T. W lettuce, tomato and our n, co rimp with ba

rtilla. 8.50 Marinated sh a tomato-basil to special sauce in

rap Asian Chicken Wge sesame sauce with

an nders tossed in or 6.25 Crispy chicken te ato-basil tortilla. m to a in d fe uf st ce cheese and lettu

Salad Grilled Chicken ce with green peppers, a bed of lettu

atop of dressing. 9.00 Grilled 6oz breast with your choice s oe at m to d an onions

Add frenc Add waffle fries or h fries for 2.00 sweet potato fries fo r

Steak Sandwic h*


Grilled bistro stea k topped with fre shly sauteed onio and mushrooms. ns 8.25

Awesome Reube n

Tender corned be ef piled high on marble rye with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and reub en sauce. 6.50

Jack Daniel’s Steak*

Tender house steak slathered in Jack Daniel’s sauce, topped with mushrooms and served with your choice of potato. 11.00

Encrusted Pork Ribeye*


Hickory-encrusted pork ribeye served with our own orange ginger marmalade. 12.00

Surf ‘N Turf*

Skewer lined with garlic lime marinated shrimp, paired with our house tenderloin steak. Served with your choice of potato. 14.00

Chicken Club

Chicken breast to pped with Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato an d ranch dressing. 6.50

Black & Blue Ch icken Sandwic h Blackene

d chicken breast topped with blue cheese, mayo, le ttuce, onion and tomato, on a ciabatta roll. 6.00

Chicken Tender Basket

Lightly breaded ch icken tenderloins served with fries. 6.50

Beachside Chicken

Grilled chicken breast topped with sauteed onions, peppers, sliced mushrooms and cheese, served with your choice of potato. 9.50

side Burger* Double Beach ! Two third pound patties

ry slice of Hope you’re hung slice of cheddar, n, co ba ith w ed load thousand island ion, tomato and on , ce ttu le , iss Sw roll. 9.50 d on a ciabatta dressing, all pile

Baum Diggity*

rlic cheddar cheese curds, ga n, co ba ith w fry, with a Topped lers and a waffly ng ta n io on , ad spre of the roll. 9.50 eared to the top sp g in w n ke ic ch

ger* Boondock Bur rved on a ciabatta roll. 4.50 se Third pound patty tra. rger for 2.00 ex bu le ub do a Make it .50 Add cheese for

wiss* Mushroom & S

and Swiss eed mushrooms Topped with saut ll. 6.00 illed ciabatta ro cheese, on a gr

* The Shipwreckk patty, a brat patty, Swiss and uc Fresh ground ch ll. 7.50 on a ciabatta ro cheddar cheese

beef. es made from fresh Third pound pattiion and tomato for .50 Add lettuce, on fries for 2.00 Add french for 2.50 sweet potato fries e Add waffl fries or

Patty Melt*

onions, Swiss mushrooms, fried rye. 6.00 Smothered with ar toasted m ble on se ee ch r da and ched

r Burger* Garlic Chedda y garlic cheddar spread and m Topped with crea 50 ciabatta roll. 6. a on bacon strips


Bacon* Black & Bleu & chuck patty topped with ttuce and ar-crusted fresh Ch crisp le cheese, bacon, Wisconsin bleu 7.50 ll. ro ed ciabatta tomato on a grill

r* Wild Fire Burgenos, pepperjack cheese, crispy pe Topped with jala 6.50 d chipotle mayo. an rs le ng ta n io on

ts, poultry, seafood, undercooked mea food-borne illness. or w ra g in m su on of k *C ay increase your ris shellfish or eggs m

Don’t miss our homemade pizza, made fresh to order!


Tasty pizza crust with our Italian cheese blend, pepperoni, Canadian bacon and bacon pieces. 13.00

Chicken Mediterranean


Grilled chicken, bacon, cheesy spinach artichoke & jalapeno spread, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. 13.00

Create Your Own Pizza

Start with a cheese pizza. 9.00 Add your favorite toppings for 1.00 each: Canadian bacon, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes.

Coca Cola Products

Sprite • Diet Sprite • Coke • Diet Coke Mello Yello • Lemona de Cranberry Juicy • Oran ge Juice

Domestic Beer

Budweiser • Bud Light • Busch Light • Coors Light Miller High Life • Mille r Light • Miller 64 • MGD Pabst Blue Ribbon • Select 55

Wine Selection

WHITE Southern Point White Zinfandel • Southern Point Chardonnay Vista Point Pinot Grigio • Kendall Jackson Chard onnay RED Southern Point Caberne t Sauvignon Bel Arbor Merlot

Specialty Drinks

ORANGE JULIUS Orange cream vodka, orange juice and a splas h of cream. THE BEACHSIDE Grenadine, Malibu rum , pineapple juice and trip le sec.

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