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The SeaHorse Steaks, Seafood & Steam Bar 758-6958

Banquet Menu SERVING PARTIES OF 20-70 Reservations & Deposits Required

Entrees All entrees are served with a side salad and a choice of 2 side items, bread and sweet or un-sweet tea. Bottled beer or wine is available for an additional charge.

10 oz Ribeye Steak

$16.39 Grilled Chicken Breast Fried Shrimp $ 9.39


Side Items Slaw

Green Beans

Baked Potato

French Fries

Desserts Dessert selections will be presented after the meal at an additional charge. A 72 hour minimum notice is required for cancellations. $100 deposit required. The minimum total invoice will be based upon the number of attendees provided by the party coordinator. If a lesser number of people attend, the minimum charge still applies. If MORE attend than the number provided, an appropriate charge for each additional person will be added to the final invoice. The invoice for the party will be presented to the party coordinator/designated responsible person. Payment will be due upon the conclusion of the party.

Prices DO NOT include Sales Tax or 18% gratuity. These items will be added to the total invoice.