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By Chris Killvin- With the fall weather upon us this is the time when people are starting to put away the excess bounty of their garden. Vegetables that have not already been consumed need to be stored for use throughout the winter months.Once you have bottled and/or packaged your vegetables they will have to be stored in a cold environment that is below their freezing point and at a low humidity level. Obviously a cold storage room is the most economical method. It uses the winter temperatures to keep foods cold. Unfortunately its downside is that the temperature cannot be regulated. If the outside temperature changes so does the temperature inside the cold storage room. Also few modern homes have a cold storage room. It is considered unnecessary in today's fast paced society.

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For those without the basement cold storage room an alternative is the household freezer. Many people use a small chest freezer for this purpose. Chest freezers seem to be the answer for many gardeners. An upright freezer will also work but they are not as efficient (or as cold) as the chest variety. Also the small chest freezer is generally less expensive than an upright of the same size.But if you invest in a freezer is it not economical to operate if only partially full. Freezer blocking is a possible answer for this problem.

Basically freezer blocking is filling up the unused space inside the freezer. The theory is ... the less air inside the freezer the less electricity will be required to freeze the food. Anything that lowers the internal volume of the freezer will cause the compressor to spend less time keeping the interior cold. It would be equivalent to having a smaller freezer.

To do this cardboard boxes called "blockers" are placed inside the freezer. These boxes are filled with insulation. Any form of insulation will work, but basic household wall insulation (fibreglass) is most commonly used. It is both inexpensive and easily obtained. An alternative are the insulating peanuts used for shipping and packaging. Whatever is used the boxes should be completely filled, and then sealed and taped shut. You do not want insulation mixing openly with food products. Also boxes of varied sizes work best because they allow you to fill up the open spaces better.If the freezer is only half full then place the boxes either at the bottom of the freezer or all to one side.

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The condition referred to as constipation is known by many other names including dyssynergic defaecation and costiveness dyschezia. It is di...