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The Monthly Sculpt Volume 1, Issue 1 September, 2011

Join Our Posse for the Rock N Roll 10k!

In the AM next to Pier 62, Columbus sailed the Hudson blue (brown). Where were you?

What are your goals for the Fall? Without goals most of us stumble into seasonal malaise. The Rock-n-Roll Marathon series comes into The Big Apple by way of Brooklyn on October 22, 2011. This is a perfect way to warm up for a half or full marathon, as it is one nonconventional race! There are DJ's along the race route and a spirit of fun; perfect for the competitive athlete and the beginner. Come train with us at KINETIC

Sculpt™ and your training will be with the On-the-Run classes until the race. We will organize a running trip on a Sunday before the race to Prospect Park to learn the route in addition to a running program we will post online for you to choose from. Training is best when done with a team of friends. If you prefer to take in the scenes, don’t feel you have to run, walkers are welcome. There are no excuses for not

getting involved! Registration for the 10K can be found here. Once you are registered, send us an email at: to join our posse. *Please note that we are not the organizers nor are we getting a percentage from registrations. Long Sleeved T-shirts coming soon!

Before and After Feature Story uperlatives Most Improved Jessica

Most Enthusiastic Mary

Most Committed Participant Who Won't Buy A Package Alice

Here is Jessica, who started with us on June 4. When I asked in mid -August if she had lost weight, her response was that she wasn't sure, except her clothes felt loose. This young lady is exactly what Erwin is teaching. With KINETIC Sculpt™, she not only feels better, but her workouts enhanced her entire lifestyle. She didn't have to suffer through pain to get there. After I sent her these before and after photos Jessica replied, "Thanks for the picture. I can definitely see the difference! Wow, I didn't think it was that bad before, but I do look more fit! Besides working out with

Erwin, I'm doing spin and yoga. I am trying to lose a few more pounds and gain more muscle, but I think I've made great progress so far... I've always had some kind of exercise routine but working out with Erwin has motivated me and re-energized my entire attitude towards fitness." Please be sure to check out her video on YouTube. Jessica Before and After KINETIC Sculpt™ Jessica before & after: 6 weeks

Exercising consciously does work if you commit yourself. - John and will be relaunching September 12th. Get ready to click!

August’s Most Read Stories from 

How to Save A Life

Hurricane Irene KSO Performance

Join us for a 10k

5 Things Every Body Needs to Know About Exercise

Hurricane Irene NYC Before & After

Food For Thoughts Save the Date: End of Summer Party Sept. 25th 2pm-5pm

Saturday Socials If you are looking for an excuse to get that extra workout day in, KINETIC Sculpt's Saturday Social makes exercising more enjoyable. Even if you don't make the class, feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee, muffin, carrot cake, whoopee pie or whatever goodies are whipped up.

The Saturday morning of the arrival of our anticipated guest, Irene, we toasted with mimosas, breakfast treats and coffee after class . That isn't exactly the norm for an exercise class, but like to do things a little differently.

Saturday Socials: Where we do more than just pick-up Erwin...

New classes and Fall schedule begin September 24th, 2011. Be on the lookout!

Coming Attractions New features are brewing on as we add a new Travel writer, Lucy Vine. Also, after listening to our readers, the KINETIC Sculpt TM website will be beefing up our Nutrition department with delicious recipes by LuLa (our very own Marilu). We also will be featuring our very own Beauty editor, make-up artist Quentin Phelps. Every Bead of Sweat Tells a Story and we can't wait to hear what these three have to say.

Breathing Exercises May Boost Athletes’ Performance

Check out this video for pushup shoulder and stability!

Doing daily breathing exercises to strengthen inhalation muscles and reduce their need for oxygen helps boost performance during endurance sports such as cycling and swimming, a new Exercise study shows. Tip!

KS Newsletter-Volume 1 Issue 1  
KS Newsletter-Volume 1 Issue 1  

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