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Shrink Fairview government...Vote 5! Vote for 5 supervisors to make Fairview Supervisors non-salaried . Vote 5 and Township meetings will be held in the evenings & YOU will have access to public meetings. Your supervisors presently run daytime meetings so they get paid by your taxes for their meeting time and YOU can’t be there to give input.

Why YOU want 5 supervisors 

Your current Supervisors strongly oppose 5 supervisors. Why? They will have to give up full time salary and benefits paid for by YOU!

Your existing Supervisors refuse to end corruption and cronyism. Two additional supervisors will demand integrity and transparency.

Vote for 5 supervisors and pay supervisors an annual STIPEND. (NO salary. NO pension. No more lifetime, salaried politicians!)

Vote 5 and YOU will have input on your water and sewer rates!

YOU pay high taxes yet you have no community center, no main street, no voice for businesses or citizens.

Vote 5 to make zoning work FOR you not against you. Vote 5 to keep

zoning officers off your back! 

Vote 5 to REDUCE government by paying one town professional town manager rather than lifetime politicians.

Many residents want to serve as Supervisor but can’t and should not have to quit their full time job to become a career politician. Vote 5 lets YOU serve as a supervisor and keep your job.

Vote 5 for transparency — You currently pay more than $1,400,000 in salaries for your local government for only 10,000 Fairview residents!

Vote 5 For Fairview!  

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