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Inner Beauty: Seeing the Unseen Book of poems by Angel Ferdinand

Photography by Angel Ferdinand

Acknowledgments First and foremost, I would like to thank my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without whom none of this would be possible I am without words. Arts and music among culture, have always been my life. Thank you to my mother Sharon and my father Rodger for being there, inflicting the driving passion, and for your guidance. To my late grandparents: Phil, Harlen, Bernice, Isabel, and Lavada love you forever, may you rest in peace, and thank you for your diligence, grace, love, and having me see the simple things in life. To my betrothed, David L. Wilkinson, for sticking with me an entire seven years, for your meekness, intuition, and for not sugar coating your words nor your actions. My siblings: Joey, Randy, and Cheri, my best friend of 16 years and songwriting buddy; Lizzy and her family, Terry, and my family including the cousins for your love, insight, encouragement, being my family and for believing in me regardless. We have plenty more memories to make and a lot more stories to tell. I would like to extend thanks also to my many “brothers and sisters in Christ,” not just in my church but around the world. Thank you to Josh C., Chris N., and Tom R. for hanging around and being a part of my life all these years back home in my hometown I am blessed. A thank you to all my mentors, teachers throughout my life; including my bus driver for special encouragement and reminding my why I do what I do both in and out of school. A big heart-felt thanks to all of my friends; a special thank you to: Adna class of 2000, Foss class of 1998, Mr. Eagan the only Brit Literature teacher that could get through to this thickheaded skull of mine. I still love Shakespeare and Chaucer. Thank you for passing on the wisdom as well as providing blunt honesty when it comes to another one's poetry and essays. Thank you to those in my hometown of Centralia and Chehalis, Washington that serve the community for your faithfulness and support never stop being that anchor. Lastly, gratitude of thanks to those out there in the songwriting, music, and Television entertainment industry whether I have met you or not, I wanted to take the time to applaud you for your work, dedication, and always giving “us kids” something to believe in, someone to lean on, and those songs you cannot get out of your head.....Thank you for your strong will and paving the way to the unreachable dream.

Inner Beauty: Seeing the Unseen “To those who never stopped believing in making dreams reality. Bless you.�

God Gave Us

Photography: Angel Ferdinand

God gave us friends to cherish and love. God gave us family, angels sent from above. God gave us the rainbow, the sun, moon, and the stars. God has blessed us with finances, homes, and cars. God gave us his word to stand upon each day.... And us one simple thing, for us to follow in his way. God gave us talent to use and not lose. God gave us emotions and beliefswith the free will to come to him with our griefs. It was once said "Of these three-faith, hope, and love; the greatest is love." Always tell someone you love them, tomorrow may be too late.

Light a Candle For Me

Photography: Angel Ferdinand

I went to Catholic church about six years ago. It had beautiful architecture and a candle five feet from the floor. We met the priest and sang Amazing Grace. Amoungst all the questions, it brought a smile to everyone's face. Things changed and people transferred in and out of town. Now I miss the old times, but this is what God has brought to mind when I think of our old friend. Light a candle for me and even say a prayer. Light a candle for me, it shows that you care. Though in spirit, no matter the miles, you'll always know I'm there. Through the many trails God will never leave. You will find strength in him down on your knees, light a candle for me. May God keep you safe. May he give you strength from day to day. May he bless you, may you continue to walk in his ways and read upon his word. As my brother in Christ, I know that I'll see you again. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen. Light a candle for me.

Life's Highway

Photography: Angel Ferdinand

Many times in life you find yourself on a two lane road with a million ways to go. Young and care free, the world is your playground. So much fun, there's so much to see. Also, so much pain and tears. Friendship is like a flower: So many colors. So many styles. Some closed and some open.

You wonder out of everyone, why someone, the least likely person chose you. It takes a lifetime to learn and also experience. It takes a decade to chase your dreams. Your life can change in 30 seconds; meaning: that dream you put to the side which was to be whom ever or words on a page stoppedyou stopped because you allowed the fire to be squashed in that dream; by letting it sit so long and thinking no one else important or significant cared. No one else thought you were important you thought. Life's drama messes you up. Purges you of energy. Drains your emotions and leaves you wordless. Of all your friends you will one guarantee: Only a few friends will be there for you, the dearest and the best. Then to your surprise, the new friends will have been standing there the whole time. Your dreams will come alive again not just because of God, yes he wants them to. Then at that moment, you'll realize one friend will make a dream come true because of a promise you kept to them.

Through the Fire- Ode To Liberty

Photography: Angel Ferdinand

Waves crashing against the distant shore. She stands tall above the mighty mountains. Freedom her cry; Unity her plea With the stars in the night sky; a beacon to the world; she shines brightly. People seek her guidance. Others long to live her dream. We pray for her. Soldiers salute her as they turn their back to protect fight for her. There is nothing she has not seen. No pain she has not felt. Nor a tear that she has not shed. Joy is her balance- Her children are her life. God and Mother Nature take her side. Burning fire, raging storms, angry seas, and her foes; all like hungry wolves they strike her down to her knees. The fallen died for her; she blankets them all with her colors...Her colors she proudly waves: Red- Valor (Her Courage), White- She is pure and innocent (Bringing her peace.), and Blue- Her perseverance and justice. (To never give up.) She has many names, but only one voice. Her anthem rings loud for all to hear. "One nation under God...Undivided...Land of the free and home of the brave." She is AMERICA!

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