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Introducing Raven Books, Orca’s new imprint for adult fiction

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Looking ahead… In 2009, Orca Book Publishers celebrated twenty-five years of publishing. After a party and a bit of reflection, we now turn our attention to the future. This is a time of great change in the publishing industry, and we are optimistic about the challenges ahead. At Orca Book Publishers we are always looking for novel ways to promote literacy and innovative ways to share the stories we publish. As we head into 2010, we are engaged in several exciting initiatives, including:

Our new series, Rapid Reads, under our new imprint, Raven Books—short, “easy-read” books for adult readers. In our increasingly fast-paced world we believe there is a market for well-written, well-told novels that can be read in one sitting. Raven Books will also appeal to those struggling with literacy challenges. The Rapid Reads series will feature titles from some of Canada’s best authors—great writing, great storytelling in a small package. See pages 26 and 27.

EBooks—In the past year we have been digitizing content and making it available for purchase in a number of venues. While the physical book is more popular than ever, there are a growing number of avenues and opportunities to make digital content available, and we intend to pursue them whenever and wherever we can. In the near future we expect to make eBooks available on our website and to explore other innovative ways of distributing content.

Classroom Collections—We have introduced new display packaging for our bestselling series fiction: Orca Soundings, Orca Currents, Orca Sports and Orca Echoes. The sturdy and attractive displays make these popular series easier than ever to use and organize in the classroom setting. The package also includes a professionally written resource guide for each series.

In spite of all the changes occurring throughout our industry, there is also much that stays the same. Most importantly, we remain firmly committed to the belief that “good stories well told” is the secret to success. And that reaching readers is a noble calling. Here’s to the next twenty-five years!

Andrew Wooldridge Publisher

Bob Tyrrell President & Editorial Director


New Picturebooks

Elliot Moose and his firefighter friends end up at an unexpected rescue!

Elliot’s Fire Truck

Written and Illustrated by Andrea Beck

April 2010 9781554691432 $19.95 hardcover 8x9 32 pages ages 4-8

Also by Andrea Beck:


lliot Moose is on the loose once more. As he jumps aboard his bright red fire truck and takes off to the next rescue, he feels courageous. All his friends want to ride on the truck and be firefighters too. Nobody wants to be rescued. One by one, Elliot’s friends climb aboard until there is no more room on the truck. When suddenly they all need a rescue for real, it is his two youngest and smallest friends who save the day. This lively new addition to the Elliot Moose series is a charming tale of friendship and fair play. Andrea Beck is the originator of the Elliot Moose books, which became a hit TV series enjoyed by millions of kids. She has also recently created the brand-new series Pierre Le Poof! A former toymaker, Andrea found it was a natural evolution for her to write about toys that come to life in an imaginary world of friendship and play. She draws upon her experience as a mother and a social worker and memories of her own childhood to write and illustrate her charming tales of Elliot and his friends. Beck currently lives in Unionville, Ontario, with her sons, David and Ian, and her dog, Tillie the Terrible. Themes: friendship, fair play, firefighters, make-believe

Pierre Le Poof  !

9781554690282 $19.95 hc ages 4-8


New Picturebooks

Each of Silas’ seven grandparents has something special to offer, but finding time to spend with them all can get complicated!

Silas’ Seven Grandparents

Written by Anita Horrocks • llustrated by Helen Flook


ilas is a small boy who finds a unique solution to keeping up with his seven adoring grandparents. Most of the time, Silas loves having seven grandparents. Each of them has something unique and valuable to offer. They take him to amusement parks, museums, dog shows and camping. When Silas’ parents go away on a business trip, all seven grandparents invite Silas to stay with them. However, one Silas can’t be with seven different grandparents at once. How can he choose one without hurting the others’ feelings? But Silas comes up with an especially good idea that makes everyone feel included and happy. Silas’ Seven Grandparents is a fun and loving story about having multiple sets of grandparents and stepgrandparents as a result of divorce and remarriage. Silas’ grandparents enjoy exposing him to a variety of interests, values and cultures. But problems arise when Silas feels he can’t be everywhere at once. In the end, it’s Silas’ sensitive, inclusive nature which brings everyone together.

April 2010 9781551435619 $19.95 hardcover 8.25 x 10.5 32 pages ages 4-8

Silas’ Seven Grandparents is Anita Horrocks’ first picturebook. Anita has two granddaughters, Sydney and Wren, and is one of seven grandparents who love to spoil them. Anita lives in Lethbridge, Alberta. Helen Flook grew up in Wales and has always loved to draw. She lived in Guelph, Ontario, for ten years but recently returned to North Wales, where she spends six days a week working on book illustrations. She works in acrylic inks and uses a dip pen for line work, sometimes adding texture with watercolor pencils. Themes: cultural diversity, blended families, problem solving


New Toopy and Binoo This new collection presents little children’s favourite television episodes in picturebooks. The popular television series stars the friendly duo of Toopy and Binoo in funny, bubbly and very imaginative stories.

Grunt Monster 9781553890638

Treasure Hunt 9781553890645

Toopy and Binoo are getting back from playing in the snow when…Oh! They discover an adorable little monster in the house. Where did it come from?

Binoo prepares a surprise for Toopy’s breakfast--a marvellous treasure hunt to whet his appetite!

Water Wings 9781553890621

Where’s Patchy-Patch? 9781553890614

Binoo is getting ready to dive in the pool when Toopy realizes…Uh-oh…his friend’s floaters are deflating. So, the biggest blower of floaters in the universe blows…and blows…and blows…

Binoo can’t sleep without Patchy-Patch. So, when he disappears at bedtime, it’s time to go on an adventure to find him.

Dominique Jolin is a consummate artist, touched and inspired by the funny side of things and the children she meets every day.


All books are $6.95 • Ages 12 months and up • 8 x 8 Dominque & Friends

Backlist Toopy and Binoo A four-book series in the popular Toopy and Binoo series!

Peek-a-boo Binoo!

Binoo takes a good look at himself and discovers every part of his little kitten body.

How Are You Binoo?

Binoo is having all kinds of feelings: he is sad, he is mad and he cries, but in the end, he always flashes his unforgettable smile.

Peek-a-boo Binoo! 9781553890393

Binoo in Colour

Discovering colours and numbers makes our dear little Binoo laugh.

Binoo Loves Sounds

A car, a rattle, a duck and a ball: Binoo is thrilled to discover the sounds made by his favourite toys.

• This new four-book series stars Binoo, Toopy’s best friend. Binoo’s adorable smile will fascinate young children. Bright and attractive, these padded cover board books are a real pleasure to discover.

How Are You Binoo? 9781553890386

• Toopy and Binoo, the loveable characters created by Dominique Jolin, are the main characters of a popular television series on Treehouse tv. • Children, educators and parents will also find Toopy and Binoo at: • See page 34 for more Toopy and Binoo backlist titles. Themes: humorous, educational

As seen on Treehouse TV!

Binoo in Colour 9781553890331

$7.95 padded board book 5 1/4 x 4 1/2 12 pages ages 0-36 months Dominique & Friends Binoo Loves Sounds 9781553890348


New Orca Echoes

Ben’s Robot

Written by Robin Stevenson • Illustrated by David Parkins

Having a bossy robot for a friend really isn’t much fun.


even-year-old Ben loves pretending to be a robot, but his best friend Jessy is tired of being ordered to oil his knee joints and check his batteries. She says the robot game is boring and runs off to play with someone else. So Ben decides to build a real robot instead. He’s built all kinds of things before. But none of his creations have ever really worked. Until now. When his robot begins talking, Ben is thrilled. However, nothing goes quite the way he thinks it will. Having a real robot isn’t nearly as much fun as Ben thought it would be. May 2010 9781554691531 $6.95 paperback 5.25 x 7.5 64 pages ages 7-9

Robin Stevenson is the author of a number of novels for older children and teens. Ben’s Robot was inspired by Robin’s five-year-old son, Kai, who asked for a story about a robot, and who, like Ben, collects junk and prefers his bread frozen. Robin lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Themes: friendship, imagination, compromise

Timberwolf Prey

Sigmund Brouwer • Illustrated by Graham Ross

Johnny finds himself with a prankster in the house.


he Howling Timberwolves need to win the best two out of three hockey games to make it to the championship finals. But first Johnny Maverick has to survive a visit from his six-year-old cousin, Sarah. And not even Johnny’s dog Marvin is safe. Worse, Johnny’s got a big lesson to learn on the ice too. As always, Johnny and Stu and Tom think they have the answers. But, as usual, they are wrong. May 2010 9781554691098 $6.95 paperback 5.25 x 7.5 64 pages ages 7-9


Sigmund Brouwer is the best-selling author of many books for children and young adults. Sigmund loves visiting schools and talking to children about reading and writing. Timberwolf Prey is his eighth and final book about the Timberwolves. Sigmund divides his time between Red Deer, Alberta, and Eagleville, Tennessee. Themes: hockey, humor, sportsmanship

New Resource Guides and Collections

Orca Echoes Resource Guide Alex Van Tol


he Orca Echoes are lively, entertaining short chapter books aimed at readers between ages seven and nine. These popular classroom favorites are well suited for social responsibility and character building programs. The Orca Echoes Resource Guide helps teachers open the door for meaningful classroom discussion. Professionally written guides with curriculum connections, writing exercises, discussion questions and activities are provided for each title in the Orca Echoes series. With additional information on teaching ideas, reading levels, literature circles and assessment, the Orca Echoes Resource Guide is a valuable tool for teachers using Orca Echoes in the classroom.

Available 9781554692408 $45.00 coil-bound 158 pages

Orca Echoes Collection


he Orca Echoes are now available as a collection of 41 paperbacks in a convenient display that is perfect for retailer’s shelves and the classroom. With books by authors such as Jean Little, Frieda Wishinsky, Karleen Bradford, Jo Ellen Boggart and Sigmund Brouwer, this collection is sure to delight emerging readers. Special discounts offered with this collection. Please contact us for details.

Available 9781554692613 $284.95 Collection of 41 paperbacks ages 7-9


New Orca Young Readers Nick and Kia will do just about anything to convince the Toronto Raptors to visit their school.

April 2010 9781554692187 $7.95 paperback 5 x 7.5 144 pages ages 8-11

Also in the Eric Walters basketball series (see page 42):

Boot Camp

9781551436951 $7.95 pb

Home Team Eric Walters, Jerome Williams & Johnnie Williams III


n the tenth installment of the bestselling Eric Walters basketball series, Nick, Kia and their teammates embark on a letter writing campaign to persuade the Toronto Raptors community relations department to send one or more of the players to visit Clark Boulevard Elementary School. Unfortunately they are too late in applying and the team’s school program has already been set for the year. But Nick and Kia do not give up easily and their efforts become increasingly dramatic until Nick finally comes up with an idea that the team will be unable to ignore. Certainly one of Canada’s bestselling authors of books for young readers, Eric Walters confirms his support for literacy initiatives with this third title written with former Toronto Raptor star Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams and his brother Johnnie Williams III. Home Team will be the focal point of a unique collaboration between the authors, the publisher and the successful Read to Succeed program of the Toronto District School Board. Boys in Grades 3 and 6 will be given the opportunity read and offer editorial suggestions on the book in draft form and to interact with the authors throughout the process. Highlights of the program will include contests, visits from the authors and a complimentary copy of the finished book. Themes: perseverance, commitment, literacy, sports

Triple Threat 9781551433592 $7.95 pb 8

New Orca Young Readers

A Different Game Sylvia Olsen

For Murphy and his friends, the playing field is no longer level and the goalposts have been moved.


n this sequel to Murphy and Mousetrap, Murphy and his three friends, Danny, Jeff and Albert, are making the transition from the tribal elementary school to the community middle school. They are all trying out for the middle school’s soccer team, and they’re pretty confident that The Formidable Four will all make the team. But once the tryouts begin, Albert, the tribal-school superstar, plays like a second stringer. Murphy’s new friend, Molly, is determined to help the boys find out what’s wrong with Albert, but when they discover the truth, they realize that Albert is playing a whole different game. Sylvia Olsen is the author of two previous Orca Young Readers as well as two Orca Soundings. She lives in North Saanich near Victoria, British Columbia, with her partner Tom, and Jude, their very beautiful and energetic Australian shepherd. Themes: soccer, cancer, friendship, First Nations

April 2010 9781554691692 $7.95 paperback 5 x 7.5 120 pages ages 8-11

The Ballad of Knuckles McGraw Lois Peterson

Home on the range is more than the name of a song.


fter eight-year-old Kevin Mason’s mother abandons him, he takes refuge in his fantasy of becoming Knuckles McGraw, a tough cowboy roaming the plains on his legendary horse, Burlington Northern. But instead of riding the range, Kevin is stuck in a foster home with a pierced and tattooed teenager named Ice and a mute girl named Breezy. While he waits to be claimed by the father he barely remembers or the mother who left him a good-bye note in his lunchbox, Kevin (aka Knuckles McGraw) tries to communicate with Breezy, learns to get along with his bunkhouse-mate Ice, and discovers that memories can be as deceptive as family secrets. Lois Peterson is the author of Meeting Miss 405, another Orca Young Reader. She lives in Surrey, British Columbia, where she writes, reads and teaches creative writing to adults, teens and children. Visit her website at Themes: foster families, cowboys, imagination

April 2010 9781554692033 $7.95 paperback 5 x 7.5 120 pages ages 8-11


New Juvenile Nonfiction

Great bears need a great rainforest to survive.

The Salmon Bears

Giants of the Great Bear Rainforest Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read • Photographs by Ian McAllister April 2010 9781554692057 $18.95 paperback with flaps full-colour photos 7.5 x 9 96 pages ages 8+


xtensively illustrated with Ian McAllister’s magnificent photographs, The Salmon Bears explores the delicate balance that exists between the grizzly, black and spirit bears that inhabit the last great wilderness along the central coast of British Columbia and their natural environment. Key to this relationship are the salmon that are born in the rivers each spring, who then go out to sea as juveniles and return as adults to spawn and die, completing a cycle of life that ensures the survival of not only their own species but also virtually every other plant and animal in the rainforest. In clear language suitable for young readers, the authors describe the day-to-day activities that define the lives of these bears through the four seasons. But this is also very much the story of the Great Bear Rainforest—a vast tract of land that stretches from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaska border and contains some of the largest stands of old-growth forest left on the West Coast. The Salmon Bears focuses on the interconnectedness of all life in the rainforest and makes a strong case for the importance of protecting this vital ecological resource. Ian McAllister, a founding director of both the Raincoast Conservation Society and Pacific Wild, is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker. He has spent more than twenty years working to preserve the West Coast’s temperate rainforest. Ian lives with his family on an island in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Nicholas Read, a lifelong lover of animals, works as a journalism instructor at Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has written on animal issues for the Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Sun and other publications. Themes: ecology, the environment, natural history, the cycle of life


New Graphic Guide Adventures

Devin and Nadia are in a desperate race to stop a multinational corporation from gaining control of the food supply and destroying their mother’s career in the process.

Food Fight

A Graphic Guide Adventure Written by Liam O’Donnell • Illustrated by Mike Deas


hile Devin and Nadia spend summer vacation at a university camp for little kids—Nadia as a counselor and Devin as an unwilling participant— their mother’s research project is vandalized and her motives are questioned. Devin, Nadia and Simon stumble upon shady characters, corporate conspiracy and a plot to take over the nation’s food supply with genetically modified fertilizer. Mixing action and suspense with information on the agricultural system and the intricacies of the food supply, Food Fight is another gripping installment in the Graphic Guide Adventure series. Liam O’Donnell studied media at Ryerson University and has worked on film sets in Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Liam now teaches elementary school in Toronto and keeps a close eye on where his food comes from. Mike Deas is a talented illustrator in a number of different genres. He graduated from Capilano College’s Commercial Animation program and has worked as a game developer. Mike lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

April 2010 9781554690671 $9.95 paperback 5.75 x 8 64 pages ages 8-12 Also in the Graphic Guide Adventure series:

Media Meltdown

Soccer Sabotage

9781554690657 $9.95 pb

9781551438849 $9.95 pb

Ramp Rats

Wild Ride

9781551438801 $9.95 pb

9781551437569 $9.95 pb

Themes: food/nutrition, genetically modified food, agriculture


New Juvenile Fiction

When it comes to family, there’s no such thing as perfection.

April 2010 9781554692460 $9.95 paperback 5 x 7.5 176 pages ages 9-12

Also by Becky Citra:


9781554690831 $7.95 pb

After the Fire Becky Citra


elissa is waiting for the “new life” that her mother Sharlene has promised her since a fire devastated their family. But nothing ever seems to change. Melissa has difficulty making friends at school, they never have enough money and her little brother Cody is a brat. When Sharlene announces that they will be spending the month of August at a remote cabin on a wilderness lake, Melissa is less than thrilled. But there is more to do at the lake than she expected, and she is surprised to learn that her mother knows how to paddle a canoe, fish and make bannock and s’mores. On an island in the middle of the lake, Melissa meets Alice, a strange girl who is writing a fantasy novel. Alice shares her tree fort on the island with Melissa, and while at first Melissa is attracted to Alice’s strong personality and her stories of her “perfect family,” she becomes increasingly uneasy around Alice. As Melissa’s relationship with her mother improves and her confidence increases, she is able to hold her own with Alice and start to appreciate her own imperfect family. Becky Citra is the author of many books for children, including Never to be Told, Whiteout and the Max and Ellie historical series. Becky lives on a ranch in Bridge Lake, British Columbia, where she cross-country skis, rides her horses and watches the wildlife that visits her home. Themes: loss, grief, friendship, new beginnings

Never to be Told 9781554690831 $8.95 pb 12

New Juvenile Fiction

Theresa needs more than a smooth river stone to vanquish her fears in a new world.

The Gnome’s Eye Anna Kerz


n the spring of 1954, when her father announces that the family has a chance to immigrate to Canada, Theresa’s life changes forever. She and her family are wartime refugees from Yugoslavia, so it shouldn’t be hard to leave Austria. But the weathered barracks of Lager Lichtenstein are the only home she knows, and they are filled with family and friends she doesn’t want to leave behind. As she says her goodbyes, Theresa’s friend Martin gives her two gifts: a package of postcards and a stone he calls the gnome’s eye, which he says will “protect her from all things evil, living or dead.” Theresa is convinced the stone has no power, but she still keeps it close as they travel on the crowded immigrant ship and when they settle into a rooming house on Kensington Avenue in Toronto. At first Theresa is afraid of everything: the other tenants in the rooming house, the rat that lives in the kitchen, learning a new language. But as time goes by, Theresa’s need for the gnome’s eye fades, until she is finally able to give it to someone who needs it more than she does.

April 2010 9781554691951 $9.95 paperback 5 x 7.5 176 pages ages 9-12

Also by Anna Kerz:

Anna Kerz is a retired teacher who immigrated to Canada as a child in the 1950s. In addition to writing for children, she works as a storyteller, telling tales to audiences of all ages. Her first novel was The Mealworm Diaries. She lives in Scarborough, Ontario. Themes: immigration, courage, superstition The Mealworm Diaries

9781551439822 $9.95 pb


New Orca Currents


Frieda Wishinsky

School is hell when you’re not perfect.


t’s hard enough for Eve to adjust to a new high school without the extra weight she’s gained over the summer. Her best friend is ashamed to hang out with her, and she’s become the focus of a schoolmate’s cruelty. Determined not to be “that pathetic fat girl” at school, Eve struggles with a diet and forces herself to join a mentoring program. The diet only makes her food-obsessed, and she feels she is failing as a mentor. How can a lonely overweight girl gain the confidence she needs to succeed?

March 2010 9781554691814 • $9.95 pb 9781554691821 • $16.95 lib 4.25 x 7 112 pages ages 10-14 • rl 2.9

Frieda Wishinsky is the award-winning author of over forty books for young people, including Queen of the Toilet Bowl in the Orca Currents series. Frieda lives in Toronto, Ontario. Themes: self-image, obesity, mentoring

Branded Eric Walters

What’s really behind a label?


he principal announces that the school is implementing uniforms, and Ian finds himself caught in a conflict. His friend Julia wants him to devise a plan to fight the decision, and the principal is determined to convince Ian the uniforms are a good idea. Ian wants nothing to do with the issue. While doing research for a social justice class, he learns that the manufacturer of the uniforms is on a top-ten list for human-rights violations. When he tells the principal this, all he gets is a reminder that the penalty for refusing to wear the uniforms is suspension, and Ian finds himself caught in a whole new conflict—one with himself. March 2010 9781554692675 • $9.95 pb 9781554692682 • $16.95 lib 4.25 x 7 112 pages ages 10-14 • rl 4.1

Eric Walters is no stranger to social justice issues. His book When Elephants Fight (cowritten by Adrian Bradbury) takes on the subject of the effect of wars on children, and War of the Eagles and Caged Eagles are novels about Japanese internment in British Columbia. Eric lives in Mississauga, Ontario. Themes: social justice, activism, clothing manufacture


New Orca Currents


Lesley Choyce

Dirt-bike adventure and a wilderness rescue.


osh knows he’s riding recklessly when he knocks down the old man he suspects is the hermit of Loggerman Creek. But he is shocked when the hermit walks into the forest with his bike after the accident. Being without his beloved bike for a week motivates Josh to hike into the woods and confront the crazy old man. The hermit, Jonathan, has fixed Josh’s bike, and Josh learns that he has more in common with the old man than he ever imagined. When Jonathan needs help, Josh has to respect the old man’s choices in order to save his life. Lesley Choyce divides his time between teaching, writing, running Pottersfield Press and hosting a television talk show. He is the author of almost sixty books for youth and adults. Lesley lives in Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia. Themes: dirt bikes, wilderness, Vietnam War

March 2010 9781554692231 • $9.95 pb 9781554692248 • $16.95 lib 4.25 x 7 112 pages ages 10-14 • rl 2.9

Bear Market

Michele Martin Bossley

A grizzly case of wildlife poaching.


hile volunteering at the local zoo, Robyn, Nick and Trevor learn that grizzly bears are being poached and their gall bladders removed for use in alternative medicine. Always ready to solve a mystery, the kids set out to find the poachers. Bear is not only big game, they learn, but big money to poachers. The stakes are high and the suspects many, as the kids head into their most dangerous adventure yet. Michele Martin Bossley is the popular author of many books for young people. This is her fifth story in the Orca Currents series featuring amateur sleuths Robyn, Nick and Trevor. Michele lives in Calgary, Alberta. Themes: wildlife conservation, mystery, activism

March 2010 9781554692200 • $9.95 pb 9781554692217 • $16.95 lib 4.25 x 7 112 pages ages 10-14 • rl 3.8


New Orca Sports

Boarder Patrol Erin Thomas

Will doing the right thing ruin Ryan’s life?


May 2010 9781554692941 $9.95 paperback 4.25 x 7 168 pages ages 10+ • rl 3.2

yan is determined to be a professional snowboarder, but he’s learned from what happened to his whistleblower father that doing the right thing doesn’t always pay off. When his parents leave Kamloops, Ryan decides to stay with relatives so he can be near the Salmon Valley Ski Resort. He spends all his time at the ski hill, volunteering with the Junior Safety Patrol to cover the cost of his lift pass. When his board is stolen, he discovers that his cousin, Kevin, knows more than he should about recent thefts at the resort. Kevin’s in way over his head, and soon Ryan’s involved, whether he wants to be or not. As Ryan prepares for the video shoot that could be his big break, he learns that Kevin’s in danger. Ryan has to choose between career and family, and hope that, for him, doing the right thing will pay off. A mediocre skier with exceptional first-aid skills, Erin Thomas spent five years as a ski patroller, before giving it up to focus on her writing and primary school teaching. Erin lives with her family in Whitby, Ontario. Themes: snowboarding, loyalty, moral choices

Flying Feet James McCann

Jinho is in a grudge match between indomitable spirit and outright brutality.


fter losing yet another tae kwon do tournament, Jinho gives in to his anger and breaks his opponent’s fingers. While this gets him barred from competing at his dojang, it also gets him scouted by Austin, a trainer for an underground mixed martial arts club. At first the prospect of fighting without boundaries appeals to Jinho, but the more involved he gets, the more disturbing he finds it and the harder it is to find a way out. Unlike legal MMA, which has rules and regulations, underground MMA is a free-for-all: there are no weight classes and no referees to stop the fight should it go too far. When Jinho is set up to fight a boy known as The Ripper, he realizes that he doesn’t belong in this world, but the only thing that can save him is the ancient code of tae kwon do. May 2010 9781554692903 $9.95 paperback 4.25 x 7 168 pages ages 10+ • rl 3.8

James McCann grew up on the icy plains of Manitoba, where he spent most of his teenage years reading comics and training in tae kwon do. In 2002 he came to the West Coast, where he’s worked as a bookseller and a workshop leader, mentoring youth in creative writing. When he isn’t writing books for teens, McCann is practicing tae kwon do or going on hikes with his shih tzu, Conan. James lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Themes: tae kwon do, honor, respect, mixed martial arts


New Resource Guides and Collections

Orca Sports Resource Guide Sarah Harvey, Susan Geye and Janice Reynolds


erfect for reluctant teen readers, the Orca Sports titles combine mystery and adventure with team sports such as hockey, baseball, football and soccer, and solo sports like scuba diving, running, sailing, horse racing and even race-car driving. Written by popular, award-winning writers such as Sigmund Brouwer and Nikki Tate, Orca Sports books engage young readers with exciting plots and easy-to-read language. The Orca Sports Resource Guide provides teachers with ideas for connecting each title in the series to the curriculum, the text and, most importantly, the students. Certain to encourage lively discussion in the classroom, the Orca Sports Resource Guide is a valuable tool for teachers who want to give their students the very best.

Available 9781551439259 $20.00 coil-bound

Orca Sports Collection


he Orca Sports novels are now available as a collection of 22 paperbacks in a convenient display that is perfect for retailer’s shelves and the classroom. Each book in the Orca Sports series is written at a grade 2.0 to 4.5 reading level, with exciting stories that will compel even the most reluctant reader. Special discounts available for this collection. Please contact us for details.

Available 9781554692583 $218.90 collection of 22 paperbacks ages 10+


New Teen Fantasy

Love is the strongest magic of all.

April 2010 9781554691586 $12.95 paperback 5.5 x 8.25 208 pages ages 12+

Shapeshifter Holly Bennett


Also by Holly Bennett:

The Warrior’s Daughter

9781551436074 $9.95 pb

The Bonemender 9781551433363 $9.95 pb

woman trapped in the body of a deer. A dark sorcerer in relentless pursuit. A mysterious child, found alone on the slopes of a great mountain. This is the turbulent and heartbreaking story of Sive, a girl of the Otherworld who must flee her world of plenty to live as a hunted beast. Surviving hardship, danger and crushing loneliness, she finally finds refuge—and unexpected joy—with a mortal champion, Finn Mac Cumhail, the great hero of Irish legend. But Sive’s ordeal is far from over. She has a gift the Dark Man craves, and the smallest misstep will give him his chance to snatch her away from all she holds dear. Set in the wild, magical landscape of Iron Age Ireland, Shapeshifter is a tale of rapacious evil, quiet courage and the healing power of love. Holly Bennett is the author of The Warrior’s Daughter and the Bonemender series. She is the editor-in-chief of Today’s Parent Special Editions. Born in Montreal, Holly now lives in Peterborough, Ontario, with her family. Themes: Irish legend, magic, transformation


The Bonemender’s Choice

The Bonemender’s Oath

9781551437187 $9.95 pb

9781551434438 $9.95 pb

New Teen Fantasy

A young man fights to save a dying land…

April 2010

9781554691654 $9.95 paperback 5.5 x 8.25 240 pages ages 12+ Also by K.V. Johansen:

The Shadow Road

The Warlocks of Talverdin, Book Four K.V. Johansen


Warden of Greyrock

9781554690053 $9.95 pb

n Book Four of the popular Warlocks of Talverdin series, the struggle passes on to the next generation. Betrayed by a member of his own family, abducted, poisoned and forced to recreate an ancient spell that might—if it doesn’t kill him—open the lost shadow road, Nethin, son of a Nightwalker lord and a human witch, is thrown into a struggle for survival in a dying land. In that land, he meets Alabeth, an orphan who is willing to trust him, but her people have rejected her. Capture means execution for both, but an even deadlier foe plans vengeance against Nethin, and the life of every Nightwalker rests on what Nethin does next. “If one book has shaped what I think a book should do and what literature should be,” K.V. Johansen says, “it is Lord of the Rings.” As Tolkien was, she is thorough in her research as she creates other worlds for her stories. Johansen, who has a master’s degree in medieval studies, lives in a bit of another world herself; she grows exotic trees indoors and seedling oaks and apples outdoors in what used to be the vegetable garden, and hopes some day to have her very own forest, because both the house and the yard are getting rather crowded. She lives in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Treason in Eswy

9781551438887 $9.95 pb

Themes: prejudice, genocide, ice ages, climate change


9781551434810 $9.95 pb


New Resource Guides and Collections

Orca Currents Resource Guide Kate Lane Hill, Susan Geye and Janice Reynolds


ritten by best-selling, award-winning authors, Orca Currents have become classroom favorites. With compelling mysteries, humor, adventure and contemporary themes, Orca Currents offer something for every kind of reader, particularly the reluctant reader. The Orca Currents Resource Guide, now available on CD, provides information on using the books in this popular series as part of the classroom curriculum. Professionally written guides with curriculum connections, writing exercises, discussion questions and activities are provided for each title in the Orca Currents series. With additional information on reading levels, literature circles and assessment, the Orca Currents Resource Guide is a valuable tool for teachers using Orca Currents in the classroom. Available 9781554692347 $45.00 cd 9781551439563 $45.00 coil-bound

Orca Currents Collection


he Orca Currents are now available as a collection of 34 paperbacks in a convenient display that is perfect for retailer’s shelves and the classroom. Special educational discounts offered with this collection. Please contact us for details.

Available 9781554692590 $338.30 Collection of 34 paperbacks ages 10-14 20

New Resource Guides and Collections

Orca Soundings Resource Guide Susan Geye and Janice Reynolds


ith contemporary themes and exciting stories, the Orca Soundings for reluctant teen readers are books that teens want to read. The Orca Soundings Resource Guide, now available on CD, provides information on using the books in this popular series as part of a literacy program. Professionally written guides with curriculum connections, writing exercises, discussion questions and activities are provided for each title in the Orca Soundings series. With additional information on reading levels, literature circles and assessment, the Orca Soundings Resource Guide is a valuable tool for teachers using Orca Soundings in the classroom.

Available 9781554692330 $45.00 cd 9781551439549 $45.00 coil-bound

Orca Soundings Collection


he Orca Soundings are now available as a collection of 57 paperbacks in a convenient display that is perfect for retailer’s shelves and the classroom. Special discounts offered with this collection. Please contact us for details.

Available 9781554692606 $567.15 Collection of 57 paperbacks ages 12+


New Orca Soundings

Rock Star

Adrian Chamberlain

The jump from school band to rock band is a tough one. Does Duncan have what it takes?


truggling at home and at school, Duncan decides to try out for a local rock band. He plays the bass in the school orchestra, but it is a long way from band camp to rock star. Joining a heavy metal band, he tries to fit in, dumping his old friends and trying to walk the walk. When his dad’s new girlfriend starts to teach him about real rock music and introduces him to her musician brother, Duncan discovers that there is more to being a guitar hero than playing in a heavy metal band. March 2010 9781554692354 • $9.95 pb 9781554692361 • $16.95 lib 4.25 x 7 136 pages ages 12+ • rl 3.0

Adrian Chamberlain has always wanted to be a rock star. While holding down a day job as an entertainment writer for the Victoria Times Colonist, he indulges his fantasies (albeit on a reduced scale) by playing organ and piano for The Soul Shakers, a Victoria rhythm-andblues band. Themes: music, relationships, friendship

Comeback Vicki Grant

Can you ever really know another person?


ia is rich, slim, pretty, popular. If you only knew her at school, you’d think she led a charmed life—and until recently you’d have been right. But her situation has taken a sudden, unfortunate change. Her parents’ seemingly perfect marriage has broken up, and before she’s had a chance to absorb the blow, her beloved father disappears in a plane crash. What’s worse, rumors begin to surface that he may have perpetrated a multimillion-dollar investment scam and everybody—Ria’s mother, her best friends, even her boyfriend— believes them. Ria sees no choice but to take her little brother and run. She vows to keep the memory of her father alive. Soon, though, she begins to wonder: is her memory playing tricks on her—or is he? March 2010 9781554693108 • $9.95 pb 9781554693115 • $16.95 lib 4.25 x 7 136 pages ages 12+ • rl 3.2


Vicki Grant left her career in advertising and television to write her first novel in 2004. Vicki’s books have gone on to win many awards, including the prestigious Arthur Ellis Award in 2006. Vicki lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband and three children. Themes: family relationships, crime, expectations

New Orca Soundings


Sarah N. Harvey

In our beauty-obsessed culture, standing up against the drive to perfection can have some disastrous consequences.


hen Jack develops an interest in something, he puts his all into it, making lists, doing research and leaning all he can. When his best friend Leah decides to have plastic surgery for her sixteenth birthday, Jack is horrified—and then determined to stop her. Researching the surgery and the results, he finds that there are unscrupulous surgeons operating on the very young, and no one does anything about it. Jack organizes a protest and becomes an instant celebrity. But when someone else takes up the cause and the protest turns violent, Jack is forced to make some tough decisions. Sarah N. Harvey is an editor and author of novels for teens, including The Lit Report, Bull’s Eye and the upcoming Better off Dead. Sarah lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and has never had cosmetic surgery. Themes: protest, plastic surgery, friendship

March 2010 9781554692521 • $9.95 pb 9781554692538 • $16.95 lib 4.25 x 7 136 pages ages 12+ • rl 3.2


Lesley Choyce

Who’s ready to be a father at seventeen?


ach and Ashley have been going out for a while, and things are going well—until Ashley finds out she is pregnant. She is angry and blames Zach. She wouldn’t be in this state if he hadn’t tried to take their relationship further than she wanted. Insistent at first on an abortion, she turns against Zach. Confused, Zach struggles with what he should do and what his responsibilities are. Coming to terms with the reactions of their families and friends, Zach realizes that this is a decision that he and Ashley must make together. Lesley Choyce teaches part-time at Dalhousie University, runs Pottersfield Press and has published nearly sixty books for adults and kids. Lesley surfs year round in the North Atlantic and has been a lead guitarist and a newspaper boy. Lesley lives in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. Themes: teen pregnancy, responsibility, choices

March 2010 9781554692774 • $9.95 pb 9781554692781 • $16.95 lib 4.25 x 7 136 pages ages 12+ • rl 3.0


New Orca Soundings in Spanish

El blanco (Bull’s Eye) Sarah N. Harvey

Emily’s life is turned upside-down by a visit from the UPS man.


fter her aunt dies, Emily learns that everything she has always believed is a lie, and her world crumbles. Forced to face the fact that her mother is not who she thought she was, Emily tries to find the truth about her past and make sense of her future. Turning to graffiti and vandalism as a way to deal with her anger, she comes to realize that there is more to a family than shared DNA. May 2010 9781554693177 $9.95 paperback 4.25 x 7 128 pages ages 12+

Sarah Harvey is an editor and the author of Puppies on Board, The West Is Calling and The Lit Report. Bull’s Eye is her first Soundings novel and was written between Ping-Pong games. Themes: family issues, relationships, self-acceptance

El soplón (Snitch) Norah McClintock

After his best friend snitches on him, John must learn to control his anger.

J May 2010 9781554693153 $9.95 paperback 4.25 x 7 128 pages ages 12+


osh had been living in a group home after being ratted out by Scott, his onetime best friend. Now he has moved in with his brother and overbearing sister-in-law and has been sent to a class designed to teach him to deal with his anger. When an old enemy continues to push his buttons and Scott appears to be up to his old tricks, Josh struggles to control his temper. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, it will take all of his new-found strength to keep his cool—and his freedom. Norah McClintock is a bestselling author of a number of novels. She is a five-time winner of the Arthur Ellis Award. Themes: family issues, overcoming challenges, peer pressure

New Adult Nonfiction

Hiking Trails 2: South-Central

Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands Vancouver Island Hiking Trails Info. Society

The completely revised and updated 9th edition for south-central Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.


he completely revised and updated 9th edition of Hiking Trails 2 is your guide to south-central Vancouver Island, including the Cowichan Valley and Duncan area, Shawnigan Lake, Ladysmith, Port Alberni, Long Beach, not to mention Oceanside, which includes Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Qualicum Bay, Bowser, Fanny Bay, Nanaimo and the Gulf Islands. Data from the past eight editions has been expanded and revised, with new trails and color maps added. Now you can read the descriptions right beside the maps, often with photos of geographic features to help you choose your hiking destination. This bestselling classic continues to be one of three essential hiking guides to one of the most spectacular islands in the world. The book will appeal to both novice and experienced hikers.

May 2010 9780969766773 $26.00 paperback 6x9 192 pages

Information has been collected from local hikers and outdoor specialists, and revised and edited by Richard K. Blier, well-known writer and outdoor enthusiast. Enjoy the outdoors!

Other books in the Hiking Trail series:

Hiking Trails I

Hiking Trails 3

Victoria and Vicinity 13th edition

Northern Vancouver Island 10th edition

Vancouver Island Trails Info. Society

Vancouver Island Trails Info. Society

9780969766759  $24.95 pb • 192 pages

9780969766766  $26.00 pb • 224 pages


New Adult Fiction—Rapid Reads

Love You to Death Gail Bowen

Someone is killing some of Charlie D’s favorite listeners.


harlie D is the host of a successful late-night radio call-in show. His listeners have a particularly intimate relationship with him and often reveal much about themselves, confident that he will honor their trust and that he can save them. In their minds, he is perfect: one of life’s winners. But Charlie feels he’s something of a fake. His easy confidence on-air belies the reality for a man born with a wine-colored birthmark that covers half his face. Love You to Death covers one hour on “The World According to Charlie D”—an hour during which he must both discover the long-time listener who is killing the people who trust him and attempt to come to terms with the man behind the birthmark. April 2010 9781554692620 $9.95 paperback 4.75 x 7.25 128 pages Orca/Raven Books

Gail Bowen’s bestselling mystery series featuring Joanne Kilbourn will number an even dozen titles with the publication of The Nesting Dolls in August 2010. The first six books in the series have appeared as made-for-television movies with world-wide distribution. Winner of both the Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award and the Derrick Murdoch Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Crime Writers of Canada, in 2008 Bowen was named “Canada’s Best Mystery Novelist” by Reader’s Digest. Themes: mystery, suspense, literacy

The Middle Ground Zoe Whittall

When everything goes wrong at once, Missy Turner begins to make some unusual choices.


issy Turner thinks of herself as the most ordinary woman in the world. She has a lot to be thankful for—a great kid, a loving husband, a job she enjoys and the security of living in the small town where she was born. Then one day everything gets turned upside down—she loses her job, catches her husband making out with the neighbor and is briefly taken hostage by a young man who robs the local café. With her world rapidly falling apart, Missy finds herself questioning the certainties she’s lived with her whole life. Zoe Whittall is the author of five books, most recently the critically acclaimed Holding Still

April 2010 9781554692880 $9.95 paperback 4.75 x 7.25 128 pages Orca/Raven Books 26

For As Long As Possible and Bottle Rocket Hearts, a Globe and Mail Best Book of 2007. She has a master’s degree from the University of Guelph. Originally from Quebec, she has lived in Toronto since 1997. Themes: relationships, trust, literacy

New Adult Fiction—Rapid Reads

The Barrio Kings William Kowalski

“Look, man, real life is not always pretty. Sometimes you gotta do hard things. You have to protect what’s yours in this life. No one else can do that for you.”


osario Gomez gave up gang life after his brother was killed in a street fight. Now all he wants to do is finish night school, be a good father and work hard enough at his job at the supermarket to get promoted. But when an old friend shows up to ask him why he left the gang, Rosario realizes he was fooling himself if he thought his violent past would just go away. When his pregnant girlfriend is hit in a drive-by shooting, Rosario has to make some hard choices. Revenge means a return to his old ways, something he swore he would never do. But unless he takes action, his enemies will not rest until they’ve settled the score against him. William Kowalski is the award-winning author of four previous novels, including the international bestseller Eddie’s Bastard. He also teaches communications skills to adult learners at Nova Scotia Community College. He lives on the South Shore of Nova Scotia with his wife and children.

April 2010 9781554692446 $9.95 paperback 4.75 x 7.25 128 pages Orca/Raven Books

Themes: gangs, loyalty, friendship, literacy

The Spider Bites Medora Sale

My name is Rick Montoya. But you can call me the Spider. Other people do.


hen detective Rick Montoya returns to the city to try to clear his name after being accused of taking a bribe, he discovers someone is living in his apartment. Before he can find out who it is, the apartment house goes up in flames. Rick watches covertly as the police remove two bodies. Was the firebombing meant for him? Who exactly was killed in the fire? And why? What was his landlady Cheryl doing at home in the middle of the afternoon? And why is her daughter Susanna acting strangely? Then his estranged wife arrives at the scene of the fire. The questions mount up, along with the suspects. Mystery writer Caroline Medora Sale Roe is the author of fourteen novels. As Medora Sale, she has written six police procedurals, including Murder on the Run, winner of an Arthur Ellis Award for best first novel. The author is a past president of both the international organization Sisters in Crime and the Crime Writers of Canada. She lives with her husband in Toronto.

April 2010 9781554692828 $9.95 paperback 4.75 x 7.25 128 pages Orca/Raven Books

Themes: mystery, suspense, literacy


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Teen Fiction for Reluctant Readers 28

Backlist Board Books

Instill an early love of books Welcome Song for Baby by Richard Van Camp Chosen for over twenty hospital programs for new babies.

Dance Baby Dance

Welcome Song for Baby

Andrea Spalding

Richard Van Camp

9781554690794 $9.95 board book ages 0-12 months

9781551436616 $9.95 board book ages 0-12 months

“If you have a need to purchase a book as a gift for parents of a newborn, this is the one to get. It will be a treasure long after the baby has grown.” —Resource Links

Backlist Picturebooks

Award-winning, fully illustrated picturebooks

The Twelve Days of Summer Jan Andrews Susan R. Jolliffe, illustrator

9781551437354 $9.95 pb ages 4-8

Alphabetter Dan Barel Graham Ross, illustrator 9781551438610 $9.95 pb 9781551434391  $19.95 hc

ages baby to preschool

Buttercup’s Lovely Day

Pierre Le Poof!

Carolyn Beck Andrea Beck, illustrator 9781554691227 $9.95 pb 9781551435121  $19.95 hc

9781554690282 $19.95 hc ages 4-8

Andrea Beck

ages 4-8

Pierre Le Poof! by Andrea Beck


That’s Hockey

David Bouchard Dean Griffiths, illustrator 9781551432120  $19.95 hc

David Bouchard Dean Griffiths, illustrator 9781551433486  $9.95 pb

ages 4-8

ages 4-8

“Detailed, humorous and lively illustrations bring out the personality of Pierre and his owner. The appealing and expressive drawings give a special charm to this delightful story.” —CM Magazine


Backlist Picturebooks continued

You Can’t Rush a Cat Karleen Bradford

Leslie Elizabeth Watts, illustrator 9781551432830 $8.95 pb ages 4-8

Out of the Deeps Anne Laurel Carter Nicolas Debon, illustrator 9781551435596 $19.95 hc

William Roy Brownridge 9781551430546 $9.95 pb

Victory at Paradise Hill William Roy Brownridge 9781551432199  $19.95 hc

ages 4-8

Under a Prairie Sky

By A Thread

Peek-a-Little Boo

Ned Dickens Graham Ross, illustrator 9781551433257 $19.95 hc

Sheree Fitch Laura Watson, illustrator

Anne Laurel Carter Alan & Lea Daniel, illustrators 9781551432823 $8.95 pb

Pocket Rocks

No Two Snowflakes

William Roy Brownridge 9781551431024  $9.95 pb

ages 4-8

ages 4-8

9781551432892  $19.95 hc ages 4-8

The Final Game

ages 4-8

ages 4-8

Sheree Fitch Helen Flook, illustrator


The Moccasin Goalie

Sheree Fitch Janet Wilson, illustrator 9781551432274 $9.95 pb

ages 4-8

ages 4-8

9781551433424  $19.95 hc ages baby to preschool

Grandpa’s Clock

Puppies on Board

Rachna Gilmore Amy Meissner, illustrator

Sarah N. Harvey Rose Cowles, illustrator

9781551433332  $21.95 hc ages 4-8

9781551433905  $19.95 hc ages 4-8

Backlist Picturebooks continued

The West Is Calling by Sarah N. Harvey & Leslie Buffam “Highly recommended for both school and public libraries. It is an enjoyable recreational read and a highly informative resource for young historians.”

—Resource Links

The West Is Calling Sarah N. Harvey & Leslie Buffam Dianna Bonder, illustrator

9781551439365  $19.95 hc ages 4-8

Lady Ginny’s Tea Parties Susan Rennick Jolliffe

9781551433981  $19.95 hc ages 4-8

The Littlest Sled Dog by Michael Kusugak & Vladyana Krykorka

An Alcuin Design Award winner Queen Nadine

Carl, the Christmas Carp

The Littlest Sled Dog

Maryann Kovalski

Ian Krykorka Vladyana Krykorka, illustrator 9781551433295 $19.95 hc

Michael Kusugak Vladyana Krykorka, illustrator

9781551430959 $8.95 pb 9781551430935 $17.95 hc ages 4-8

Dragon Tide Ingrid Lee Soizick Meister, illustrator

9781551433523 $21.95 hc ages 4-8

ages 4-8

9781551437521 $19.95 hc ages 4-8

Emily Carr’s Attic

Maxine’s Tree

Diane Carmel Léger Michael Léger, illustrator 9781551439587 $9.95 pb

Diane Léger Dar Churcher, illustrator 9780920501382 $8.95 pb

ages 4-8

ages 4-8

“The story’s sly confluence of fantasy and reality, tradition and modernity, is captured in Krykorka’s candycolored pictures that blithely swoop from Igvillu’s dreams to the equally spectacular Nunavut landscape.”

—The Horn Book Magazine


Backlist Picturebooks continued

Who’s In Maxine’s Tree? Diane Carmel Léger Darlene Gait, illustrator 9781551433462 $21.95 hc

ages 4-8

Jessie’s Island Sheryl McFarlane Sheena Lott, illustrator

9780920501764  $9.95 pb ages 4-8

Waiting for the Whales Sheryl McFarlane Ron Lightburn, illustrator 9780920501962  $9.95 pb

ages 4-8

The Summer of the Marco Polo Lynn Manuel Kasia Charko, illustrator 9781551433301 $19.95 hc

ages 4-8

Fred and Pete at the Beach Cynthia Nugent

9781554691265 $19.95 hc ages 4-8

Me and Mr. Mah Andrea Spalding Janet Wilson, illustrator 9781551431772  $9.95 pb

ages 4-8


Follow That Bus Suzan Reid C.L.A. MacKenzie, illustrator 9780920501887  $5.95 pb

The Name of the Child Marilynn Reynolds Don Kilby, illustrator

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring Andrea Spalding Leslie Elizabeth Watts, illustrator

ages 4-8

9781551432212  $19.95 hc ages 4-8

Secret of the Dance

Solomon’s Tree

Jousting with Jesters

Andrea Spalding Janet Wilson, illustrator 9781551433806  $9.95 pb

An ABC for the Younger Dragon Martin Springett 9781551433271  $19.95 hc

Andrea Spalding & Alfred Scow Darlene Gait, illustrator 9781554691296  $9.95 pb 9781551433967  $19.95 hc

ages 4-8

ages 4-8

9781551432298  $8.95 pb ages 4-8

ages 4-8

Backlist Picturebooks continued

Mechanimals by Chris Tougas An Alcuin Design Award winner

Art’s Supplies Chris Tougas

9781551439204 $19.95 hc ages 4-8

“This salute to ingenuity features...amusing industrial-hued illustrations with pops of color honor the farmer’s imaginative vision.” —The Horn Book Guide

Mechanimals Chris Tougas

9781551436289 $19.95 hc ages 4-8

Clever Rachel by Debby Waldman A PJ Library selection

Ben’s Big Dig Daniel Wakeman Dirk van Stralen, illustrator 9781551433844  $19.95 hc

ages 4-8

A Sack Full of Feathers Debby Waldman Cindy Revell, illustrator 9781551438634 $9.95 pb

ages 4-8

Ben’s Bunny Trouble Daniel Wakeman Dirk van Stralen, illustrator 9781551436111  $19.95 hc

Clever Rachel Debby Waldman Cindy Revell, illustrator

“Waldman maintains the beautiful flavour of the folktale using simple and colourful language…32 pages of sheer delight.” —Edmonton Jewish News

ages 4-8

9781554690817 $19.95 hc ages 4-8

Perfect Man

Jeffrey and Sloth

Each One Special

Kari-Lynn Winters Ben Hodson, illustrator 9781551439747 $9.95 pb 9781551433233 $19.95 hc

ages 4-8

Troy Wilson Dean Griffiths, illustrator 9781551434353 $9.95 pb

ages 4-8

Frieda Wishinsky H. Werner Zimmermann, illustrator 9781551431246  $8.95 pb

ages 4-8


Backlist Toopy and Binoo

As seen on Treehouse TV!

The Lost Sleep

Funny Halloween



Little Red Toopy




Super Toopy

Robinson Toopy



$9.95 notchbound • 2 round corners 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 • 24 pages • ages 12 months+

Merry Christmas Toopy

Toopy Takes a Nap

Toopy Dresses Up

Toopy Tells a Story



Toopy and the Shampoo



Toopy Wants to Play 9781553890317


$7.95 board book • 6 x 6 16 pages • ages 0-36 months

Baby Toopy

Sneezing Toopy



Binoo Blows Raspberries

Toopy Goes Bananas




Toopy’s Story



Camp Out

The Big Race



Funny Stories

9781553890515 $6.95 paperback • 8 x 8 24 pages • ages 12 months+ 34

Funny Stories 2


$15.95 padded hardcover • 8 1/4 x 8 1/4 96 pages • ages 0-36 months

Backlist Orca Echoes • Early chapter books for beginning readers • At-level fiction for ages 7 to 9 • Free individual teachers’ guides online • Complete resource guide available • Guided Reading selections • $6.95 paperback • 64 pages • 15 black-and-white illustrations

Bruno for Real

I, Bruno

The Paper Wagon

Marsh Island

Caroline Adderson Helen Flook, illustrator

Caroline Adderson Helen Flook, illustrator

martha attema Graham Ross, illustrator

Sonya Spreen Bates Kasia Charko, illustrator





Out and About with the Big Tree Gang

Ghost Wolf

Timberwolf Challenge

Timberwolf Chase

Timberwolf Hunt

Sigmund Brouwer Dean Griffiths, illustrator

Sigmund Brouwer Dean Griffiths, illustrator

Jo Ellen & Jill Bogart Dean Griffiths, illustrator


Karleen Bradford Allan Cormack & Deborah DrewBrook, illustrators


Sigmund Brouwer Dean Griffiths, illustrator


The Big Tree Gang Jo Ellen Bogart Dean Griffiths, illustrator





Backlist Orca Echoes continued

Timberwolf Revenge

Timberwolf Rivals

Timberwolf Tracks

Timberwolf Trap

Sigmund Brouwer Dean Griffiths, illustrator

Sigmund Brouwer Graham Ross, illustrator

Sigmund Brouwer Graham Ross, illustrator

Sigmund Brouwer Dean Griffiths, illustrator





Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater Becky Citra Jessica Milne, illustrator


Jeremy and the Golden Fleece by Becky Citra

Jeremy and the Fantastic Flying Machine Becky Citra Jessica Milne, illustrator

Jeremy and the Golden Fleece Becky Citra Jessica Milne, illustrator

“An entertaining read for those students who enjoy fantasy and adventure.” —Resource Links


Jeremy in the Underworld Becky Citra Jessica Milne, illustrator

Sam’s Ride Becky Citra Amy Meissner, illustrator




Sea Dog

The Fossil Hunters

Sharing Snowy

Theodora Bear

PJ Sarah Collins Katherine Jin, illustrator

Dayle Campbell Gaetz Amy Meissner, illustrator

Marilyn Helmer Kasia Charko, illustrator

Carolyn Jones Barbara Spurll, illustrator



Marilyn Helmer Dermot Walsh, illustrator



Sam and Nate



Backlist Orca Echoes continued

A Puppy is for Loving Mary Labatt Renata Liwska, illustrator


Down the Chimney with Googol and Googolplex

George Most Wanted Ingrid Lee Stéphane Denis, illustrator


Over the Rainbow with Googol and Googolplex

George, the Best of All!

Ingrid Lee Gabrielle Grimard, Ingrid Lee Stéphane Denis, illustrator illustrator



Under the Sea with Googol and Googolplex


Nelly Kazenbroot

Nelly Kazenbroot




The Raspberry Room

Monster Lunch

Rhyme Stones

Alison Lohans Gillian Newland, illustrator

Maybe Later

Nelly Kazenbroot

Pat Skene Graham Ross, illustrator

Pat Skene Graham Ross, illustrator



Wendy A. Lewis Graham Ross, illustrator

The True Story of George Ingrid Lee Stéphane Denis, illustrator


The Birthday Girl Jean Little June Lawrason, illustrator



What a Hippopota-Mess!

Kelly’s Cabin

Pat Skene Graham Ross, illustrator


Linda Smith Zorica Krasulja, illustrator




Backlist Orca Echoes continued

Captain Jake

A Bee in Your Ear

Dimples Delight

A Frog in My Throat

Shannon Stewart Ben Hodson, illustrator

Frieda Wishinsky Louise-Andrée Laliberté, illustrator

Frieda Wishinsky Louise-Andrée Laliberté, illustrator



Frieda Wishinsky Louise-Andrée Laliberté, illustrator



A Noodle Up Your Nose Frieda Wishinsky Louise-Andrée Laliberté, illustrator


Backlist Orca Young Readers • Award-winning, bestselling chapter books • At-level fiction for ages 8 to 11 • Story themes include historical, contemporary, Judaica, humor and sports • Canadian content • Teachers’ guides available at

Hero martha attema

9781551432519 $7.95 pb 144 pages


Things are Looking Grimm, Jill

Casey Little— Yo-Yo Queen

Dan Barel

Nancy Belgue

9781551434001  $7.95 pb 144 pages

9781551433578 $7.95 pb 128 pages

Feather Brain

Dog Days

Maureen Bush

Becky Citra

9781551438771  $7.95 pb 136 pages

9781551432564 $7.95 pb 96 pages

Backlist Orca Young Readers continued

Strawberry Moon by Becky Citra “A valuable addition to a classroom study of early Canada.

Ellie’s New Home Becky Citra

9781551431642 $7.95 pb 112 pages

Strawberry Moon Becky Citra

Highly Recommended.”

—CM Magazine

9781551433677 $7.95 pb 96 pages


The Undergardeners

Becky Citra

Desmond Anthony Ellis

9781554690831 $7.95 pb 112 pages

9781551434100  $7.95 pb 144 pages

Flight from Bear Canyon

Flight from Big Tangle

On the Trail of the Bushman

Poachers in the Pingos

Racing for Diamonds

Anita Daher

Anita Daher

Anita Daher

Anita Daher

Anita Daher

9781551433264  $7.95 pb 128 pages

9781551432342  $7.95 pb 144 pages

9781554690138  $7.95 pb 128 pages

9781554690114  $7.95 pb 128 pages

9781551436753  $7.95 pb 128 pages

Belle of Batoche

Secret Signs

Peggy’s Letters

Jacqueline Guest

Jacqueline Halsey

9781551432977 $7.95 pb 144 pages

9781551435992 $7.95 pb 144 pages

9781551433639 $7.95 pb 128 pages

Dinosaurs on the Beach

The Big Snapper

Jacqueline Guest

Marilyn Helmer

9781551432601 $7.95 pb 144 pages

Katherine Holubitsky

9781551435633 $7.95 pb 144 pages


Backlist Orca Young Readers continued

TJ and the Cats Hazel Hutchins

9781551432052 $7.95 pb 112 pages

Going Places Fran Hurcomb

9781554690190 $7.95 pb 128 pages

Lucky’s Mountain Dianne Maycock

9781551436821 $7.95 pb 112 pages


TJ and the Haunted House

TJ and the Quiz Kids

Hazel Hutchins

Hazel Hutchins

9781551432625  $7.95 pb 112 pages

9781551437316 $7.95 pb 136 pages

Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle?

Birdie for Now

Sara Leach

9781554691456 $7.95 pb 144 pages

Backlist Orca Young Readers continued

Jean Little

9781551432038 $7.95 pb 160 pages

TJ and the Rockets Hazel Hutchins

9781551433004  $7.95 pb 112 pages

Forward, Shakespeare! Jean Little

9781551433394 $7.95 pb 122 pages

Addison Addley and the Things That Aren’t There

Addison Addley After Peaches and the Trick of the Eye Michelle Mulder

9781551439495  $7.95 pb 96 pages

$7.95 pb 144 pages

Melody DeFields McMillan Melody DeFields McMillan 9781554691890

9781554691760  $7.95 pb 144 pages

TJ and the Sports Fanatic Hazel Hutchins

9781551434612  $7.95 pb 144 pages

Rescue Pup Jean Little

9781551432991 $7.95 pb 112 pages

Ten Thumb Sam Rachel Dunstan Muller

9781551436999  $7.95 pb 128 pages

Backlist Orca Young Readers continued

Catching Spring

Discovering Emily

Emily’s Dream

The Reunion

Jacqueline Pearce

Jacqueline Pearce

Jacqueline Pearce

Sylvia Olsen

9781551432953 $7.95 pb 112 pages

9781551433684 $7.95 pb 128 pages

9781551432304 $6.95 pb 96 pages

Meeting Miss 405

Jesse’s Star

Yossi’s Goal

Any Pet Will Do

Under a Living Sky

Lois Peterson

Ellen Schwartz

Ellen Schwartz

Nancy Shouse

Joseph Simons

9781554690152  $7.95 pb 112 pages

9781551431437  $7.95 pb 112 pages

9781551434926 $7.95 pb 144 pages

9781551433547  $7.95 pb 112 pages

9781551433554 $7.95 pb 128 pages

The Keeper and the Crows

Jo’s Journey

Jo’s Triumph

Five Stars for Emily

Just Call Me Joe

Nikki Tate

Nikki Tate

Kathleen Cook Waldron

Frieda Wishinsky

9781551435367 $7.95 pb 144 pages

9781551431994 $6.95 pb 160 pages

9781551432960  $7.95 pb 144 pages

9781551432496 $7.95 pb 112 pages

Sylvia Olsen

9781551432984  $7.95 pb 144 pages

Andrea Spalding

9781551431413  $7.95 pb 128 pages

Murphy and Mousetrap 9781551433448  $7.95 pb 128 pages


Backlist Orca Young Readers continued

Backlist Orca Young Readers continued

Slam Dunk Reads!

Eric Walters’ bestselling books—collect them all!

Boot Camp

Full Court Press

Hoop Crazy

Long Shot

Eric Walters, Jerome Williams & Johnnie Williams III 9781551436951  $7.95 pb 192 pages

Eric Walters 9781551431697  $7.95 pb 160 pages

Off Season

Road Trip

Three on Three

Triple Threat

Eric Walters 9781551432373  $7.95 pb 176 pages

Eric Walters 9781551432014  $7.95 pb 176 pages

Eric Walters 9781551431840  $7.95 pb 160 pages

Eric Walters 9781551431703  $7.95 pb 128 pages

Eric Walters 9781551432168  $7.95 pb 144 pages

Eric Walters & Jerome Williams 9781551433592  $7.95 pb 144 pages

“Exciting scrimmage and fast-paced game descriptions will appeal to young basketball fans. Recommended.” —CM Magazine for Boot Camp


Eric Walters 9781551433028  $7.95 pb 176 pages


Backlist Juvenile Nonfiction

Make a difference in the world

In the Company of Whales

Siwiti—A Whale’s Story

Making Change

Pamela & Sam Bendall

from the Diary of a Whale Watcher

Alexandra Morton

Tips from an Underage Overachiever

9780920501498  $7.95 pb ages 9-12 128 pages

Alexandra Morton

9780920501979  $12.95 pb ages 8-12 48 pages

Bilaal Rajan

Kids For Sail

9781551430584  $15.95 pb ages 8+ 64 pages

9781554690015  $12.95 pb ages 9-13 176 pages

When Elephants Fight by Eric Walters and Adrian Bradbury

Forestry A-Z Kathleen Cook Waldron, Ann Walsh Bob Warick, photographer

9781551435046  $19.95 hc ages 6+ 32 pages

When Elephants Fight Eric Walters, Adrian Bradbury

9781551439006  $19.95 hc ages 10+ 96 pages

“[Walters and Bradbury] provide a thoughtful historical and political analysis to assist young readers—along with many an older reader understandably confused by world events—in seeing how these conflicts arise…The tales provide a fresh and vibrant voice that needs to be heard.” —Quill & Quire

One Peace

True Stories of Young Activists

by Janet Wilson

Simon Says Gold Simon Whitfield’s Pursuit of Athletic Excellence

Simon Whitfield, Cleve Dheensaw

9781554691418  $14.00 pb ages 10+ 128 pages

One Peace True Stories of Young Activists

Janet Wilson

“Diverse and telling emotional impact through words and pictures that express the visions of change of children worldwide...Wilson has provided a much-needed call to action for adults and children alike.” —Quill & Quire

9781551438924  $19.95 hc ages 7-12 48 pages


Backlist Graphic Guide Adventures

Graphic novels for ages 8 to 12 Online games and educational tools at

Ramp Rats by Liam O’Donnell and Mike Deas

Media Meltdown

Ramp Rats

Liam O’Donnell Mike Deas, illustrator

Liam O’Donnell Mike Deas, illustrator

9781554690657   $9.95 pb 64 pages

9781551438801  $9.95 pb 64 pages

A Graphic Guide Adventure

A Graphic Guide Adventure

“The book’s fun, stylish art and underdog story will appeal to many readers.” —School Library Journal

Soccer Sabotage

Wild Ride

Liam O’Donnell Mike Deas, illustrator

Liam O’Donnell Mike Deas, illustrator

9781551438849  $9.95 pb 64 pages

9781551437569  $9.95 pb 64 pages

A Graphic Guide Adventure

A Graphic Guide Adventure

Backlist Juvenile Fiction

Expand your world with a great story

Walking Backward Catherine Austen

9781554691470 $9.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages


The Scream of the Hawk Nancy Belgue

9781551432571  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 144 pages

The Bone Flute

The Gramma War

In the Clear

Patricia Bow

Kristin Butcher

Anne Laurel Carter

9781551433011  $8.95 pb ages 10+ 144 pages

9781551431833  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages

9781551431925  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 144 pages

Backlist Juvenile Fiction continued

Never to be Told

Just J

Alberta Alibi

Barkerville Gold

Becky Citra

Colin Frizzell

Dayle Campbell Gaetz

Dayle Campbell Gaetz

9781551435671  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 224 pages

9781551436500  $8.95 pb ages 9-13 144 pages

9781551434049  $8.95 pb ages 8-12 208 pages

9781551433066  $8.95 pb ages 8-12 144 pages

Something Suspicious in Saskatchewan Dayle Campbell Gaetz

9781551435657  $8.95 pb ages 8-12 208 pages

Quid Pro Quo by Vicki Grant


The Puppet Wrangler

Quid Pro Quo

Natale Ghent

Vicki Grant

Vicki Grant

9781551431673  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 180 pages

9781551433042  $8.95 pb ages 9-14 224 pages

9781551433707  $8.95 pb ages 11-14 176 pages

Bank Job

Safe House

James Heneghan & Norma Charles

James Heneghan

The Mountain That Walked

9781551438559 $9.95 pb ages 9-13 176 pages

9781551436401  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 160 pages

Katherine Holubitsky

9781551433929 $9.95 hc ages 11-14 224 pages

Quid Pro Quo is the winner of the Arthur Ellis Award and the CBC Young Canada Reads 2009 competition. It has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Edgar Allan Poe Award and the Ann Connor Brimer Award. Don’t miss the sequel Res Judicata (page 53)

Dunces Anonymous

The Cassandra Virus

Kate Jaimet

K.V. Johansen

9781554690978  $9.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages

9781551434971  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages


Backlist Juvenile Fiction continued


The Man in the Moonstone

The Mask on the Cruise Ship

Queen of Disguises

Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson

9781551432649  $9.95 pb ages 9-12 208 pages

9781551433059  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 192 pages

Melanie Jackson 9781554690374  $9.95 pb

The Summer of the Spotted Owl

The Mealworm Diaries

Melanie Jackson

Anna Kerz

9781551434124  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 192 pages

9781551439822  $9.95 pb ages 9+ 160 pages



The Solstice Cup

Chris McMahen

Chris McMahen

Rachel Dunstan Muller

9781551437101   $8.95 pb ages 9-12 160 pages

9781554690091   $9.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages

9781554690176   $9.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages

Shadows on the Train Melanie Jackson

9781551436609  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 208 pages

The Spy in the Alley Melanie Jackson

9781551432076  $8.95 pb ages 8-12 192 pages

ages 9-12 176 pages

Cougar Cove Julie Lawson

9781551430720  $8.95 pb ages 8-12 160 pages

I Gave My Mom a Castle Jean Little

9781551432533  $9.95 pb ages 9+ 84 pages

All-Season Edie Annabel Lyon

9781551437132  $8.95 pb ages 10+ 192 pages

When the Curtain Rises

The Truth About Rats (and Dogs)

Rachel Dunstan Muller

Jacqueline Pearce

9781551436159   $8.95 pb ages 9-12 144 pages

9781551434735  $8.95 pb ages 8-12 160 pages

Backlist Juvenile Fiction continued

Orphan Ahwak

First and Ten

High and Inside

In the Paint

Raquel Rivera

Jeff Rud

Jeff Rud

Jeff Rud

9781551436531  $8.95 pb ages 9-13 144 pages

9781551436906  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages

9781551435329  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages

9781551433370  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 144 pages

Leaving Fletchville

Behind the Sorcerer’s Cloak

Dance of the Stones

Heart of the Hill

Andrea Spalding

Andrea Spalding

René Schmidt

9781551439457  $9.95 pb ages 9-13 168 pages

Impossible Things Robin Stevenson

9781551437361  $8.95 pb ages 9-13 192 pages

Andrea Spalding

9781551436272  $9.95 pb ages 8-12 240 pages

My Name Is Mitch Shelagh Lynne Supeene

9781551432557  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 176 pages

9781551432687  $9.95 pb ages 8-12 192 pages

Robbie Packford  — Alien Monster Heather Sander

9781551432595  $8.95 pb ages 8-11 128 pages

The White Horse Talisman

9781551434865  $9.95 pb ages 8-12 192 pages

Andrea Spalding

Emville Confidential

Frog Face and the Three Boys

Fouling Out

Don Trembath

Don Trembath

9781551436715  $8.95 pb ages 9-13 192 pages

9781551431659  $8.95 pb ages 9-12 160 pages

9781551432229 $8.95 pb ages 9-12 192 pages

Gregory Walters

9781551437149  $8.95 pb ages 10+ 176 pages


Backlist Orca Currents

Backlist Orca Currents

Middle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers • Short high-interest novels for ages 10 to 14 • Reading levels from grade 2.0 to 4.5 • Free individual teachers’ guides online

• Accelerated Reader selections • $9.95 paperback • $16.95 library bound

“Enticing photographic cover images and swiftly paced, contemporary stories.” —Booklist




Fraud Squad


Sewer Rats

Michele Martin Bossley

Michele Martin Bossley

Michele Martin Bossley

Michele Martin Bossley

Sigmund Brouwer

9781551438931 pb 9781551438955 lib rl 4.0

9781551437002 pb 9781551437026 lib rl 3.4

9781554691142 pb 9781554691159 lib rl 2.6

9781551436463 pb 9781551436524 lib rl 3.0

9781551434889 pb 9781551435275 lib rl 2.7


Chat Room

Skate Freak

Sudden Impact

Mirror Image

Sigmund Brouwer

Kristin Butcher

Lesley Choyce

Lesley Choyce

K.L. Denman

9781551434780 pb rl 2.9

9781551434858 pb rl 4.0

9781554690428 pb 9781554690435 lib rl 2.9

9781551434766 pb rl 3.3

9781551436654 pb 9781551436678 lib rl 2.3

Backlist Orca Currents

The Orca Currents collection now comes in a freestanding display that is perfect for use in the classroom or library. See page 20 for details.

Perfect Revenge

Rebel’s Tag

The Shade

K.L. Denman

K.L. Denman

K.L. Denman

9781554691029 pb 9781554691036 lib rl 2.5

9781551437408 pb 9781551437422 lib rl 2.2

9781551439310 pb 9781551439334 lib rl 2.5


Spoiled Rotten


Nine Doors

Dayle Campbell Gaetz

Christy Goerzen

Vicki Grant

9781551438412 pb 9781551438436 lib rl 3.6

9781551434742 pb rl 2.8

9781554691197 pb 9781554691203 lib rl 3.5

9781554690732 pb 9781554690749 lib rl 3.2

9781551436432 pb rl 2.0

The Big Dip

Watch Me

Manga Touch

Norah McClintock

Jacqueline Pearce

9781554690398 pb 9781554690404 lib rl 3.0

9781551437460 pb 9781551437484 lib rl 4.5

Dayle Campbell Gaetz



Melanie Jackson

Deb Loughead

Norah McClintock

9781554691784 pb 9781554691791 lib rl 3.9

9781554692118 pb 9781554692125 lib rl 3.9

9781551439921 pb 9781551439945 lib rl 3.3

Pigboy Vicki Grant


Backlist Orca Currents continued

121 Express

Finding Elmo

Junkyard Dog

Dog Walker


Monique Polak

Monique Polak

Monique Polak

Karen SpaffordFitz

Don Trembath

9781551439761 pb 9781551439785 lib rl 3.9

9781551436869 pb 9781551436883 lib rl 3.9

9781554691555 pb 9781554691562 lib rl 3.1

9781551435220 pb 9781551435336 lib rl 2.6

9781551437057 pb 9781551437071 lib rl 3.1

Flower Power

Horse Power

In a Flash

Laggan Lard Butts


Ann Walsh

Ann Walsh

Eric Walters

Eric Walters

Eric Walters

9781551433868 pb rl 3.5

9781551438818 pb 9781551438832 lib rl 3.5

9781554690343 pb 9781554690350 lib rl 3.1

9781551435183 pb 9781551435312 lib rl 3.5

9781551439860 pb 9781551439884 lib rl 4.4

Special Edward

Queen of the Toilet Bowl

Camp Wild

Daredevil Club

See No Evil

Pam Withers

Pam Withers 9781551436142 pb 9781551436180 lib rl 3.9

Diane Young 9781551436197 pb 9781551436647 lib rl 2.2

Eric Walters 9781554690923 pb 9781554690961 lib rl 3.2 50

Frieda Wishinsky

9781551433646 pb 9781551435558 lib rl 3.6

9781551433615 pb 9781551435572 lib rl 3.8

Backlist Orca Sports

• • • •

Mystery stories with sports themes for ages 12+ Reading levels from grade 2.0 to 4.5 Free individual teachers’ guides online Accelerated Reader selections

Kicker Michele Martin Bossley

9781551437064  $9.95 pb rl 3.8

Absolute Pressure Sigmund Brouwer

9781554691302  $9.95 pb rl 3.2

Jumper Michele Martin Bossley

9781551436203  $9.95 pb rl 3.2

All-Star Pride

Blazer Drive

Chief Honor

Sigmund Brouwer 9781551436357  $9.95 pb

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer

9781551437170  $9.95 pb rl 3.8

9781551439150  $9.95 pb rl 3.1

rl 3.8

All-Star Pride by Sigmund Brouwer “A thrilling story that will pull you in and not let you out until the book is over.” —

Cobra Strike

Hitmen Triumph

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer

9781551437255  $9.95 pb rl 4.0

9781551438733  $9.95 pb rl 3.2

Hurricane Power Sigmund Brouwer

9781551438658  $9.95 pb rl 3.2

“A very well-written novel, with a plot complex enough to appeal to many young readers...Recommended.” —CM Magazine


Backlist Orca Sports continued

Maverick Mania

Oil King Courage

Rebel Glory

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer 9781554691975  $9.95 pb

Sigmund Brouwer 9781551436319 

9781554690473  $9.95 pb rl 4.1

Sigmund Brouwer

Thunderbird Spirit Sigmund Brouwer

rl 4.1

$9.95 pb rl 3.0

9781551439112  $9.95 pb rl 4.1

9781554690459  $9.95 pb rl 4.0

Titan Clash

Winter Hawk Star

Two Foot Punch

Slam Dunk

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer

Anita Daher

Kate Jaimet

9781551436395  $9.95 pb rl 2.4

9781551437217  $9.95 pb rl 3.8

9781551438696  $9.95 pb rl 3.8

9781551438764  $9.95 pb rl 3.2

9781554691326  $9.95 pb rl 4.2



Dead in the Water

Razor’s Edge


Jeff Rud

Jeff Rud

Robin Stevenson

Nikki Tate

Nikki Tate

9781551439815  $9.95 pb rl 4.0

9781554690596  $9.95 pb rl 4.0

9781551439624  $9.95 pb rl 3.1

9781554691678  $9.95 pb rl 3.1

9781554690718  $9.95 pb rl 3.4

Tiger Threat


Scarlet Thunder

Backlist Teen Fiction

Cover to cover satisfaction for ages 12+

A Time to Choose

Juggling Fire

martha attema

Joanne Bell

9781551430454  $9.95 pb 166 pages

9781554690947  $12.95 pb 176 pages

The Warrior’s Daughter Holly Bennett

9781551436074  $9.95 pb 240 pages

Feral Bev Cooke

9781551437477  $9.95 pb 208 pages

Two nominees for the 2009 Governor General’s Literary Award: Sister Wife by Shelley Hrdlitschka (p.55) and A Thousand Shades of Blue by Robin Stevenson (p.56)

Me, Myself and Ike by K.L. Denman

“Completely riveting, suspenseful, and heartbreaking…one of the best young adult releases of the year.” Me, Myself and Ike

—Quill & Quire

K.L. Denman

9781554690862  $12.95 pb 208 pages

The Dream Where the Losers Go Beth Goobie

9781551434551  $9.95 pb 256 pages

Res Judicata

Before Wings

Vicki Grant

Beth Goobie

9781551439402  $9.95 pb 184 pages

9781551431635  $9.95 pb 176 pages

Hello, Groin

The Lottery

Beth Goobie

Beth Goobie

Beth Goobie

Beth Goobie

9781551433745 $19.95 hc 288 pages

9781551433141  $19.95 hc 256 pages

9781551434599  $19.95 hc 288 pages

9781551432809  $9.95 pb 272 pages




Backlist Teen Fiction continued

The Lit Report by Sarah N. Harvey

“Edgy, earthy—and filled with literary references...”

—KLIAT Home Before Dark Jo Hammond


Sarah N. Harvey

Alyxandra Harvey-Fitzhenry

9781551433400  $9.95 pb 176 pages

9781551439051  $12.95 pb 208 pages

A Kind of Courage

All Sleek and Skimming—Stories

Colleen Heffernan

9781551433585  $14.00 pb 160 pages


The Lit Report

Lisa Heggum, Editor

9781551434476  $19.95 pb 232 pages

9781551434896  $9.95 pb 176 pages

Torn Away James Heneghan

9781551432632  $8.95 pb 256 pages

Alone at Ninety Foot Katherine Holubitsky

9781551432045  $9.95 pb 192 pages

The Hippie House Katherine Holubitsky

9781551433165  $19.95 hc 240 pages


Dancing Naked


Kat’s Fall

Sun Signs

Katherine Holubitsky

Shelley Hrdlitschka

Shelley Hrdlitschka

Shelley Hrdlitschka

Shelley Hrdlitschka

9781551438511  $9.95 pb 192 pages

9781551432106  $9.95 pb 240 pages

9781551437378  $9.95 pb 272 pages

9781551433127  $9.95 pb 176 pages

9781551433387 $9.95 pb 272 pages

Backlist Teen Fiction continued

Sister Wife by Shelley Hrdlitschka

Sister Wife Shelley Hrdlitschka

9781551439273 $12.95 pb 280 pages

“The characters, from the multilayered Celeste to the elders of the cult and the confused boys whom Celeste encounters, are all believable individuals engaged in their own struggles… This novel gives depth and nuance to an experience that is portrayed without subtlety in the popular press.”

—School Library Journal


Waiting for Sarah

Leanne Lieberman

Bruce McBay & James Heneghan

9781554690497  $12.95 pb 256 pages

The Burning Time Carol Matas

9781551436241  $9.95 pb 112 pages

9781551432700  $10.95 pb 176 pages

The Whirlwind Carol Matas

9781551437033  $9.95 pb 144 pages

Naming the Baby The Best of The Claremont Review

McCachen, Stenson, Stenson & Young, editors

9781551437729 $19.95 pb 264 pages

The Middle of Everywhere Monique Polak

9781554690909  $12.95 pb 208 pages

Tangled Web

Voice of the Valley

Shelley Hrdlitschka

Sheena Koops

9781551431789  $8.95 pb 240 pages

9781551435145  $9.95 pb 224 pages


The Beckoners

Norah McClintock

Carrie Mac

9781554691524  $12.95 pb 165 pages

9781551437293 $9.95 pb 224 pages

What World is Left

Five Minutes More

Monique Polak

9781551438474  $12.95 pb 232 pages

Darlene Ryan

9781554690060  $12.95 pb 224 pages


Backlist Teen Fiction continued

A Thousand Shades of Blue by Robin Stevenson

Rules for Life


Darlene Ryan

Robin Stevenson

9781551433509  $9.95 pb 176 pages

9781554690770  $12.95 pb 240 pages

Red Sea Diane Tullson

9781551433318  $9.95 pb 176 pages

The Popsicle Journal Don Trembath

9781551431857  $8.95 pb 144 pages

Out of Order Robin Stevenson

9781551436937  $9.95 pb 224 pages


A Thousand Shades of Blue Robin Stevenson

9781551439211  $12.95 pb 240 pages

The Tuesday Cafe

Don Trembath

Don Trembath

9781551432618 $9.95 pb 128 pages

9781551430744  $9.95 pb 128 pages

“[Stevenson] eschews cliché in her keen and credible exploration of family dynamics...Readers looking for a family drama with adroit characterization, serious issues, and a little risky romance on the side should sign up for this voyage.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Death on the River by John Wilson



Caged Eagles

War of the Eagles

Heather Waldorf

Eric Walters

Eric Walters

9781551439372  $12.95 pb 208 pages

9781551431390  $10.95 pb 256 pages

9781551430997  $10.95 pb 224 pages

“Teen fiction rarely gets so involved with notions of morality in war, and this is a thoughtful, provocative work.” —Booklist

Death on the River John Wilson

9781554691111  $12.95 pb 9781554692576  $18.95 hc 224 pages

Backlist Teen Fantasy Series Salt Maurice Gee

9781554692095  $18.00 hc 240 pages

Salt The Salt Trilogy, Volume 1 by Maurice Gee “Salt succeeds in being not only plot driven and fast paced,

but also character oriented…The dominant themes of prejudice and governmental oppression are subtly presented and do not overpower the action-filled plot. Salt will delight lovers of dystopic fantasies and leave them anxious for the second installment.” —School Library Journal starred review

The Warlocks of Talverdin Series

Awards for Nightwalker • Ann Connor Brimer Award winner • CCBC Best Books • OLA Best Bets • SYRCA Snow Willow nominee • Tayshas nominee • VOYA Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror List • YALSA Quick Picks


Treason in Eswy

The Warlocks of Talverdin Book One K.V. Johansen

The Warlocks of Talverdin Book Two K.V. Johansen

9781551434810  $9.95 pb 208 pages

9781551438887  $9.95 pb 192 pages

Warden of Greyrock The Warlocks of Talverdin Book Three K.V. Johansen

Awards for Treason in Eswy • Cybil Award nominee

9781554690053 $9.95 pb 256 pages

the bonemender series

Awards for The Bonemender • Abraham Lincoln Award nominee • CCBC Starred Our Choice • IRA Book Award nominee • New York Public Library’s Books for the Teen Age • Tayshas List • White Pine nominee

Awards for The Bonemender’s Choice

The Bonemender

The Bonemender’s Choice The Bonemender’s Oath

Holly Bennett

Holly Bennett

Holly Bennett

9781551433363  $9.95 pb 208 pages

9781551437187  $9.95 pb 240 pages

9781551434438  $9.95 pb 176 pages

• CCBC Best Books

Awards for The Bonemender’s Oath • CCBC Our Choice • Stellar Award nominee


Backlist Orca Soundings

Teen Fiction for Reluctant Readers • • • • • •

Contemporary, compelling stories for ages 12+ Reading levels from grade 2.0 to 4.5 Free individual teachers’ guides online Accelerated Reader selections $9.95 paperback $16.95 library bound

The Hemingway Tradition


Refuge Cove Lesley Choyce

9781551432793 pb rl 3.2

9781551432465 pb rl 3.2

Wave Warrior



Lesley Choyce

James C. Dekker

James C. Dekker

9781551436470 pb 9781551436494 lib rl 3.4

9781551439952 pb 9781551439976 lib rl 3.8

9781551439242 pb 9781551439266 lib rl 3.0

Kristin Butcher

9781551432748 pb rl 4.2

9781551432779 pb 9781551435527 lib rl 4.0

9781551432151 pb 9781551435435 lib rl 3.2

Kristin Butcher

9781551432427 pb rl 4.2

Lesley Choyce

William Bell

Zee’s Way

The Trouble with Liberty

Kristin Butcher


Death Wind

Running the Risk Lesley Choyce 9781554690251 pb 9781554690268 lib rl 3.2

Battle of the Bands K.L. Denman

9781551435404 pb rl 2.9

Backlist Orca Soundings continued


No Problem


One More Step

K.L. Denman

Sheree Fitch

Colin Frizzell

Dayle Campbell Gaetz

9781551439303 pb 9781551439327 lib rl 2.5

9781551432489 pb 9781551435541 lib rl 2.5

9781551435077 pb rl 3.5

9781551432311 pb 9781551435565 lib rl 2.2

9781551432441 pb rl 3.0

Something Girl

Sticks and Stones

Who Owns Kelly Paddik?

Dead-End Job


Beth Goobie

9781551433479 pb 9781551435602 lib rl 2.8

Blue Moon Marilyn Halvorson

9781551433202 pb rl 3.4

Beth Goobie 9781551432137 pb

9781551435626 lib rl 2.6

Bull Rider  Marilyn Halvorson 9781551432335 pb rl 3.0

Vicki Grant

Kicked Out Beth Goobie

Vicki Grant

9781551432397 pb rl 3.1

9781551433783 pb 9781551435664 lib rl 3.6

9781551436944 pb 9781551436968 lib rl 2.8

Bull’s Eye 

Hit Squad 

Sarah N. Harvey

James Heneghan

9781551436791 pb 9781551436814 lib rl 4.3

My Time as Caz Hazard

rl 3.8

Beth Goobie

9781551432694 pb

Tanya Lloyd Kyi

9781551433196 pb rl 3.2


Backlist Orca Soundings continued



Exit Point

9781551432656 pb rl 3.2

Laura Langston 9781551435053 pb rl 2.8

Jacked Carrie Mac

Hannah’s Touch



9781554691494 pb 9781554691500 lib rl 3.1

Carrie Mac 9781551433219 pb 9781551435787 lib rl 3.8

Pain & Wastings



Carrie Mac

Norah McClintock

Norah McClintock

9781554691845 pb 9781554691852 lib rl 3.0

9781551439044 pb 9781551439068 lib rl 3.6

9781551439891 pb 9781551439914 lib rl 4.0

9781551436548 pb 9781551436562 lib rl 3.0

9781551437668 pb 9781551437682 lib rl 3.6

Picture This



Fastback Beach 

Norah McClintock

Norah McClintock

Norah McClintock

Shirlee Smith Matheson

Tough Trails

9781554691388 pb 9781554691395 lib rl 3.6

9781551434841 pb rl 2.1

9781551435114 pb rl 4.0

9781551432670 pb 9781551435800 lib rl 2.9

Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Laura Langston

Carrie Mac

9781551435268 pb rl 3.4

Down Norah McClintock

Irene Morck

9781551432717 pb rl 2.6

Backlist Orca Soundings continued


Middle Row

Yellow Line

Patricia Murdoch

Sylvia Olsen

Sylvia Olsen

9781551434933 pb rl 2.8

9781551438993 pb 9781551439013 lib rl 2.4

9781551434629 pb rl 2.4


Saving Grace

Big Guy

Darlene Ryan

Darlene Ryan

Robin Stevenson

9781551436852 pb 9781551436876 lib rl 3.2

9781551435084 pb rl 2.4

The Darwin Expedition Diane Tullson

9781551436760 pb 9781551436784 lib rl 2.5

Home Invasion

No More Pranks

Monique Polak

9781551434827 pb rl 3.6

Monique Polak 9781551433158 pb 9781551435848 lib rl 4.0

In the Woods

First Time

Robin Stevenson

Meg Tilly

9781551439105 pb 9781551439129 lib rl 2.9

9781554692002 pb 9781554692019 lib rl 3.2

9781551439440 pb 9781551439464 lib rl 3.1


Riley Park


House Party 

Diane Tullson

Diane Tullson

Eric Walters

Eric Walters

9781551439167 pb 9781551439181 lib rl 2.9

9781554691234 pb 9781554691241 lib rl 3.0

9781551433172 pb 9781551435862 lib rl 2.2

9781551437415 pb 9781551437439 lib rl 3.1


Backlist Orca Soundings continued



Learning to Fly 

Eric Walters

Eric Walters

Eric Walters

Pam Withers

Paul Yee

9781551433516 pb rl 2.9

9781551433189 pb rl 2.8

9781551435008 pb rl 3.8

9781551434803 pb rl 3.0

9781551439532 pb 9781551439556 lib rl 3.4

La Tormenta (Death Wind)

El plan de Zee (Zee’s Way)



Backlist Orca Soundings in Spanish

Spanish Teen Fiction for Reluctant Readers

• • • • •

Exact translations to complement the English versions Teen fiction for reluctant readers Interest level ages 12+ Reading levels grade 2.0 to 4.5 Now 14 titles in the series

Los Pandemónium (Thunderbowl) Lesley Choyce

9781554691364 pb rl 2.9 62

9781551439983 pb rl 4.5

9781554691357 pb rl 3.0

Kristin Butcher

9781554690572 pb rl 3.0

Ni un día más (Kicked Out)

Identificación (I.D.)

Beth Goobie

Beth Goobie

Vicki Grant

9781551439730 pb rl 3.6

9781554691371 pb rl 2.7

9781554691340 pb rl 2.0

La guerra de las bandas El qué dirán (Battle of the Bands) (Sticks and Stones) K.L. Denman

William Bell

Orca Soundings in Spanish continued

Un trabajo sin futuro (Dead-End Job)

La verdad (Truth)

Vicki Grant

Tanya Lloyd Kyi

9781554690510 pb rl 2.5

9781551439778 pb rl 2.7

Revelación (Exposure) Patricia Murdoch

9781554690534 pb rl 3.0

De nadie más (Saving Grace) Darlene Ryan

A toda velocidad (Overdrive) Eric Walters

978-1-55143-969-3 pb rl 2.9

978-1-55469-055-8 pb rl 3.2

Backlist Adult Nonfiction

For the Love of Reading David Bouchard with Sally Bender, Anne Letain & Lucie Poulin-MacKey

9781551432816  $24.95 pb 200 pages

The Gift of Reading David Bouchard with Wendy Sutton

9781551432144  $19.95 pb 192 pages

Once Upon a Time My Life with Children’s Books Sheila Egoff with Wendy K. Sutton

9781551433356  $34.95 hc 176 pages

Craigdarroch The Story of Dunsmuir Castle Terry Reksten

9780920501078  $12.95 pb 118 pages

Hiking Trails Essential hiking guides to one of the most spectacular islands in the world. Now in their 13th, 9th and 10th editions!

Hiking Trails I

Hiking Trails II

Victoria & Vicinity—13th edition Vancouver Island Trails Info. Society

South-Central Vancouver Island & Northern Vancouver Island— Gulf Islands—9th edition 10th edition Vancouver Island Trails Info. Society Vancouver Island Trails Info. Society

9780969766759  $24.95 pb 192 pages

9780969766735  $26.00 pb 192 pages

Hiking Trails 3

9780969766766  $26.00 pb 224 pages


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ISBN 9781554691432 9781551435619 9781553890638 9781553890645 9781553890621 9781553890614 9781554691531 9781554691098 9781554692408 9781554692613 9781554692187 9781554691692 9781554692033 9781554692057 9781554690671 9781554692460 9781554691951 9781554691814 9781554691821 9781554692675 9781554692682 9781554692231 9781554692248 9781554692200 9781554692217 9781554692941 9781554692903 9781551439259 9781554692583 9781554691586 9781554691654 9781554692347 9781551439563 9781554692590 9781554692330 9781551439549 9781554692606 9781554692354 9781554692361 9781554693108 9781554693115 9781554692521 9781554692538 9781554692774 9781554692781 9781554692828 9781554692620 9781554692446 9781554692880

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___121 Express $9.95 PB (p.50) ___121 Express $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___A toda velocidad $9.95 PB (p.63) ___Abracadabra $9.95 HC (p.34) ___Absolute Pressure $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Addison Addley and the Things That Aren’t There $7.95 PB (p.40) ___Addison Addley and the Trick of the Eye $7.95 PB (p.40) ___After Peaches $7.95 PB (p.40) ___Alberta Alibi $8.95 PB (p.45) ___All Sleek and Skimming $19.95 PB (p.54) ___All-Season Edie $8.95 PB (p.46) ___All-Star Pride $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Alone at Ninety Foot $9.95 PB (p.54) ___Alphabetter $9.95 PB (p.29) ___Alphabetter $19.95 HC (p.29) ___Any Pet Will Do $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Art’s Supplies $19.95 HC (p.33) ___Baby Toopy $6.95 PB (p.34) ___Back $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Back $16.95 LIB (p.60) ___Bang $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Bang $16.95 LIB (p.60) ___Bank Job $9.95 PB (p.45) ___Barkerville Gold $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Battle of the Bands $9.95 PB (p.58) ___The Beckoners $9.95 PB (p.55) ___A Bee in Your Ear $6.95 PB (p.38) ___Before Wings $9.95 PB (p.53) ___Behind...Sorcerer’s Cloak $9.95 PB (p.47) ___Belle of Batoche $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Ben’s Big Dig $19.95 HC (p.33) ___Ben’s Bunny Trouble $19.95 HC (p.33) ___The Big Dip $9.95 PB (p.49) ___The Big Dip $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Big Guy $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Big Guy $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___The Big Race $6.95 PB (p.34) ___The Big Snapper $7.95 PB (p.39) ___The Big Tree Gang $6.95 PB (p.35) ___Binoo Blows Raspberries $6.95 PB (p.34) ___Binoo in Colour $7.95 BB (p.5) ___Binoo Loves Sounds $7.95 BB (p.5)


___Bio-pirate $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Bio-pirate $16.95 LIB (p.48) ___Birdie for Now $7.95 PB (p.40) ___The Birthday Girl $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Blazer Drive $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Blue Moon $9.95 PB (p.59) ___The Bone Flute $8.95 PB (p.44) ___The Bonemender $9.95 PB (p.57) ___The Bonemender’s Choice $9.95 PB (p.57) ___The Bonemender’s Oath $9.95 PB (p.57) ___Boot Camp $7.95 PB (p.42) ___Breathless $9.95 PB (p.62) ___Bruno for Real $6.95 PB (p.35) ___Bubbles $6.95 PB (p.34) ___Bull Rider $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Bull’s Eye $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Bull’s Eye $16.95 LIB (p.59) ___The Burning Time $9.95 PB (p.55) ___Buttercup’s Lovely Day $9.95 PB (p.29) ___Buttercup’s Lovely Day $19.95 HC (p.29) ___By a Thread $19.95 HC (p.30) ___Caged Eagles $10.95 PB (p.56) ___Camp Out $6.95 PB (p.34) ___Camp Wild $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Camp Wild $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___Captain Jake $6.95 PB (p.38) ___Carl, the Christmas Carp $19.95 HC (p.31) ___Casey Little—Yo-Yo Queen $7.95 PB (p.38) ___The Cassandra Virus $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Catching Spring $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Charmed $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Charmed $16.95 LIB (p.60) ___Chat Room $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Cheetah $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Chief Honor $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Chill $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Clever Rachel $19.95 HC (p.33) ___Cobra Strike $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Cougar Cove $8.95 PB (p.46) ___Cracked $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Cracked $16.95 LIB (p.48) ___Craigdarroch $12.95 PB (p.63) ___Crossbow $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Crossbow $16.95 LIB (p.49)

___Crossover $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Crush $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Dance Baby Dance $9.95 BB (p.29) ___Dance of the Stones $9.95 PB (p.47) ___Dancing Naked $9.95 PB (p.54) ___Daredevil Club $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Daredevil Club $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___The Darwin Expedition $9.95 PB (p.61) ___The Darwin Expedition $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___De nadie más $9.95 PB (p.63) ___Dead-End Job $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Dead-End Job $16.95 LIB (p.59) ___Dead in the Water $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Death on the River $12.95 PB (p.56) ___Death on the River $18.95 HC (p.56) ___Death Wind $9.95 PB (p.58) ___Death Wind $16.95 LIB (p.58) ___Dimples Delight $6.95 PB (p.38) ___Dinosaurs on the Beach $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Discovering Emily $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Dog Days $7.95 PB (p.38) ___Dog Walker $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Dog Walker $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___Down $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Down $16.95 LIB (p.60) ___Down the Chimney with Googol and Googolplex $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Dragon Tide $21.95 HC (p.31) ___The Dream...Losers Go $9.95 PB (p.53) ___Dunces Anonymous $9.95 PB (p.45) ___Each One Special $8.95 PB (p.33) ___El plan de Zee $9.95 PB (p.62) ___El qué dirán $9.95 PB (p.62) ___Ellie’s New Home $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Emily Carr’s Attic $9.95 PB (p.31) ___Emily’s Dream $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Emville Confidential $8.95 PB (p.47) ___Exit Point $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Explore $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Explore $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Exposure $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Fairy $19.95 HC (p.29) ___Fastback Beach $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Fastback Beach $16.95 LIB (p.60)

Canadian Backlist Order Form continued FAX to 1-877-408-1551 Ship to: Bill to:

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___Feather Brain $7.95 PB (p.38) ___Feral $9.95 PB (p.53) ___The Final Game $9.95 PB (p.30) ___Finding Elmo $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Finding Elmo $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___First and Ten $8.95 PB (p.47) ___First Time $9.95 PB (p.61) ___First Time $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___Five Minutes More $12.95 PB (p.55) ___Five Stars for Emily $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Fixed $19.95 HC (p.53) ___Flight from Bear Canyon $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Flight from Big Tangle $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Flower Power $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Flux $19.95 HC (p.53) ___Follow That Bus $5.95 PB (p.32) ___For the Love of Reading $24.95 PB (p.63) ___Forestry A-Z $19.95 HC (p.43) ___Forward, Shakespeare! $7.95 PB (p.40) ___The Fossil Hunters $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Fouling Out $8.95 PB (p.47) ___Fraud Squad $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Fraud Squad $16.95 LIB (p.48) ___Fred and Pete at the Beach $19.95 HC (p.32) ___Frog Face and the Three Boys $8.95 PB (p.47) ___A Frog in My Throat $6.95 PB (p.38) ___Full Court Press $7.95 PB (p.42) ___Funny Halloween $9.95 HC (p.34) ___Funny Stories $15.95 HC (p.34) ___Funny Stories 2 $15.95 HC (p.34) ___George Most Wanted $6.95 PB (p.37) ___George, the Best of All! $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Ghost Wolf $6.95 PB (p.35) ___The Gift of Reading $19.95 PB (p.63) ___Going Places $7.95 PB (p.40) ___Gotcha! $9.95 PB (p.54) ___The Gramma War $8.95 PB (p.44) ___Grandpa’s Clock $21.95 HC (p.30) ___Gravity $12.95 PB (p.55) ___Grind $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Grind $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___Hannah’s Touch $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Hannah’s Touch $16.95 LIB (p.60) ___Heart of the Hill $9.95 PB (p.47)

___Hello, Groin $19.95 HC (p.53) ___The Hemingway Tradition $9.95 PB (p.58) ___Hero $7.95 PB (p.38) ___High and Inside $8.95 PB (p.47) ___Hiking Trails I $24.95 PB (p.63) ___Hiking Trails II $18.95 PB (p.63) ___Hiking Trails 3 $26.00 PB (p.63) ___The Hippie House $19.95 HC (p.54) ___Hit Squad $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Hitmen Triumph $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Home Before Dark $9.95 PB (p.54) ___Home Invasion $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Hoop Crazy $7.95 PB (p.42) ___Horse Power $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Horse Power $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___House Party $9.95 PB (p.61) ___House Party $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___How Are You Binoo? $7.95 BB (p.5) ___Hurricane Power $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Hypnotized $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Hypnotized $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___I Gave My Mom a Castle $9.95 PB (p.46) ___I, Bruno $6.95 PB (p.35) ___I.D. $9.95 PB (p.59) ___I.D. $16.95 LIB (p.59) ___Identificación $9.95 PB (p.62) ___Impact $9.95 PB (p.58) ___Impact $16.95 LIB (p.58) ___Impossible Things $8.95 PB (p.47) ___In a Flash $9.95 PB (p.50) ___In a Flash $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___In the Clear $8.95 PB (p.44) ___In the Co. of Whales $15.95 PB (p.43) ___In the Paint $8.95 PB (p.47) ___In the Woods $9.95 PB (p.61) ___In the Woods $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___Inferno $12.95 PB (p.56) ___It’s Raining, It’s Pouring $8.95 PB (p.32) ___Jacked $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Jacked $16.95 LIB (p.60) ___Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle? $7.95 PB (p.40) ___Jeffrey and Sloth $9.95 PB (p.33) ___Jeffrey and Sloth $19.95 HC (p.33) ___Jeremy...Enchanted Theater $6.95 PB (p.36)

___Jeremy...Fantastic Flying Machine $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Jeremy...Golden Fleece $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Jeremy in the Underworld $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Jesse’s Star $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Jessie’s Island $9.95 PB (p.32) ___Jo’s Journey $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Jo’s Triumph $6.95 PB (p.41) ___Jousting with Jesters $19.95 HC (p.32) ___Juggling Fire $12.95 PB (p.53) ___Juice $9.95 PB (p.62) ___Jumper $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Junkyard Dog $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Junkyard Dog $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___Just Call Me Joe $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Just J $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Kat’s Fall $9.95 PB (p.54) ___The Keeper and the Crows $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Kelly’s Cabin $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Kicked Out $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Kicker $9.95 PB (p.51) ___Kids For Sail $7.95 PB (p.43) ___A Kind of Courage $14.00 PB (p.54) ___Klutzhood $8.95 PB (p.46) ___La guerra de las bandas $9.95 PB (p.62) ___La tormenta $9.95 PB (p.62) ___La verdad $9.95 PB (p.63) ___Lady Ginny’s Tea Parties $19.95 HC (p.31) ___Laggan Lard Butts $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Laggan Lard Butts $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___Learning to Fly $9.95 PB (p.62) ___Learning to Fly $16.95 LIB (p.62) ___Leaving Fletchville $9.95 PB (p.47) ___Leftovers $12.95 PB (p.56) ___The Lit Report $12.95 PB (p.54) ___Little Red Toopy $9.95 HC (p.34) ___The Littlest Sled Dog $19.95 HC (p.31) ___Lockdown $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Lockdown $16.95 HC (p.61) ___Long Shot $7.95 PB (p.42) ___Los Pandemónium $9.95 PB (p.62) ___The Lost Sleep $9.95 HC (p.34) ___The Lottery $9.95 PB (p.53) ___Lucky’s Mountain $7.95 PB (p.40) ___Making Change $12.95 PB (p.43)


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___The Man in the Moonstone $8.95 PB (p.46) ___Manga Touch $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Manga Touch $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Marked $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Marked $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Marsh Island $6.95 PB (p.35) ___The Mask on the Cruise Ship $8.95 PB (p.46) ___Maverick Mania $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Maxine’s Tree $8.95 PB (p.31) ___Maybe Later $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Me and Mr. Mah $9.95 PB (p.32) ___Me, Myself and Ike $12.95 PB (p.53) ___The Mealworm Diaries $9.95 PB (p.46) ___Mechanimals $19.95 HC (p.33) ___Media Meltdown $9.95 PB (p.44) ___Meeting Miss 405 $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Merry Christmas Toopy $7.95 BB (p.34) ___The Middle of Everywhere $12.95 PB (p.55) ___Middle Row $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Middle Row $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___Mirror Image $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Mirror Image $16.95 LIB (p.48) ___The Moccasin Goalie $9.95 PB (p.30) ___Monster Lunch $6.95 PB (p.37) ___The Mountain That Walked $9.95 HC (p.45) ___Murphy and Mousetrap $7.95 PB (p.41) ___My Name Is Mitch $8.95 PB (p.47) ___My Time as Caz Hazard $9.95 PB (p.59) ___The Name of the Child $19.95 HC (p.32) ___Naming the Baby $19.95 PB (p.55) ___Never to be Told $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Ni un día más $9.95 PB (p.62) ___Nightwalker $9.95 PB (p.57) ___Nine Doors $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Nine Doors $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___No More Pranks $9.95 PB (p.61) ___No More Pranks $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___No Problem $9.95 PB (p.59) ___No Problem $16.95 LIB (p.59) ___No Two Snowflakes $9.95 PB (p.30) ___A Noodle Up Your Nose $6.95 PB (p.38) ___Off Season $7.95 PB (p.42) ___Oil King Courage $9.95 PB (p.52) ___On the Trail of the Bushman $7.95 PB (p.39)


___Once Upon a Time $34.95 HC (p.63) ___One More Step $9.95 PB (p.59) ___One More Step $16.95 LIB (p.59) ___One Peace $19.95 HC (p.43) ___Orphan Ahwak $8.95 PB (p.47) ___Out and About...Big Tree Gang $6.95 PB (p.35) ___Out of Order $9.95 PB (p.56) ___Out of the Deeps $19.95 HC (p.30) ___Over the Rainbow with Googol and Googolplex $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Overdrive $9.95 PB (p.62) ___Pain & Wastings $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Pain & Wastings $16.95 LIB (p.60) ___The Paper Wagon $6.95 PB (p.35) ___Paralyzed $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Peek-a-Little Boo $19.95 HC (p.30) ___Peek-a-boo Binoo $7.95 BB (p.5) ___Peggy’s Letters $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Perfect Man $9.95 PB (p.33) ___Perfect Revenge $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Perfect Revenge $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Picture This $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Picture This $16.95 LIB (p.60) ___Pierre Le Poof! $19.95 HC (p.29) ___Pigboy $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Piper $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Poachers in the Pingos $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Pocket Rocks $19.95 HC (p.30) ___The Popsicle Journal $8.95 PB (p.56) ___The Puppet Wrangler $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Puppies on Board $19.95 HC (p.30) ___A Puppy is for Loving $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Queen Nadine $8.95 PB (p.31) ___Queen Nadine $17.95 HC (p.31) ___Queen of Disguises $9.95 PB (p.46) ___Queen of the Toilet Bowl $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Queen of the Toilet Bowl $16.95 HC (p.50) ___Quid Pro Quo $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Racing for Diamonds $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Ramp Rats $9.95 PB (p.44) ___The Raspberry Room $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Razor’s Edge $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Rebel Glory $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Rebel’s Tag $9.95 PB (p.49)

___Rebel’s Tag $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Red Sea $9.95 PB (p.56) ___Refuge Cove $9.95 PB (p.58) ___Res Judicata $9.95 PB (p.53) ___Rescue Pup $7.95 PB (p.40) ___Responsible $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Responsible $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___The Reunion $6.95 PB (p.41) ___Revelación $9.95 PB (p.63) ___Rhyme Stones $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Riley Park $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Riley Park $16.95 LIB (p.61) ___Road Trip $7.95 PB (p.42) ___Robbie Packford...Monster $8.95 PB (p.47) ___Robinson Toopy $9.95 HC (p.34) ___Rooster $9.95 PB (p.56) ___Rules for Life $9.95 PB (p.56) ___Running the Risk $9.95 PB (p.58) ___Running the Risk $16.95 LIB (p.58) ___A Sack Full of Feathers $9.95 PB (p.33) ___Safe House $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Salt $18.00 HC (p.57) ___Sam and Nate $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Sam’s Ride $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Saving Grace $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Scarlet Thunder $9.95 PB (p.52) ___The Scream of the Hawk $8.95 PB (p.44) ___Scum $9.95 PB (p.58) ___Scum $16.95 LIB (p.58) ___Sea Dog $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Secret of the Dance $9.95 PB (p.32) ___Secret of the Dance $19.95 HC (p.32) ___Secret Signs $7.95 PB (p.39) ___See No Evil $9.95 PB (p.50) ___See No Evil $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___Sewer Rats $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Sewer Rats $16.95 LIB (p.48) ___The Shade $9.95 PB (p.49) ___The Shade $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Shadows on the Train $8.95 PB (p.46) ___Sharing Snowy $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Simon Says Gold $14.00 PB (p.43) ___Sister Wife $12.95 PB (p.55) ___Siwiti—A Whale’s Story $12.95 PB (p.43)

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___Skate Freak $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Skate Freak $16.95 LIB (p.48) ___Slam Dunk $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Sneezing Toopy $6.95 PB (p.34) ___Snitch $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Soccer Sabotage $9.95 PB (p.44) ___Solomon’s Tree $9.95 PB (p.32) ___The Solstice Cup $9.95 PB (p.46) ___Something Girl $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Something Girl $16.95 LIB (p.59) Saskatchewan $8.95 PB (p.45) ___Special Edward $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Special Edward $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___Spiral $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Spiral $16.95 LIB (p.59) ___Splat! $9.95 PB (p.50) ___Splat! $16.95 LIB (p.50) ___Spoiled Rotten $9.95 PB (p.49) ___The Spy in the Alley $8.95 PB (p.46) ___Sticks and Stones $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Sticks and Stones $16.95 LIB (p.59) ___Strawberry Moon $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Struck $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Struck $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Stuffed $9.95 PB (p.62) ___Sudden Impact $9.95 PB (p.48) ___The Summer..Marco Polo $19.95 HC (p.32) ___The Summer...Spotted Owl $8.95 PB (p.46) ___Sun Signs $9.95 PB (p.54) ___Super Toopy $9.95 HC (p.34) ___Swiped $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Swiped $16.95 LIB (p.48) ___Tabloidology $9.95 PB (p.46) ___Taken $12.95 PB (p.55) ___Tangled Web $8.95 PB (p.55) ___Tell $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Ten Thumb Sam $7.95 PB (p.40) ___That’s Hockey $9.95 PB (p.29) ___Theodora Bear $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Things...Looking Grimm, Jill $7.95 PB (p.38) ___A Thousand Shades of Blue $12.95 PB (p.56) ___Three on Three $7.95 PB (p.42)

___Thunderbird Spirit $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Thunderbowl $9.95 PB (p.58) ___Thunderbowl $16.95 LIB (p.58) ___Tiger Threat $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Timberwolf Challenge $6.95 PB (p.35) ___Timberwolf Chase $6.95 PB (p.35) ___Timberwolf Hunt $6.95 PB (p.35) ___Timberwolf Revenge $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Timberwolf Rivals $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Timberwolf Tracks $6.95 PB (p.36) ___Timberwolf Trap $6.95 PB (p.36) ___A Time to Choose $9.95 PB (p.53) ___Titan Clash $9.95 PB (p.52) ___TJ and the Cats $7.95 PB (p.40) ___TJ and the Haunted House $7.95 PB (p.40) ___TJ and the Quiz Kids $7.95 PB (p.40) ___TJ and the Rockets $7.95 PB (p.40) ___TJ and the Sports Fanatic $7.95 PB (p.40) ___Toopy and the Shampoo $7.95 BB (p.34) ___Toopy Dresses Up $7.95 BB (p.34) ___Toopy Goes Bananas $6.95 PB (p.34) ___Toopy Takes a Nap $7.95 BB (p.34) ___Toopy Tells a Story $7.95 BB (p.34) ___Toopy Wants to Play $7.95 BB (p.34) ___Toopy’s Story $6.95 PB (p.34) ___Torn Away $8.95 PB (p.54) ___Tough Trails $9.95 PB (p.60) ___Treason in Eswy $9.95 PB (p.57) ___Triple Threat $7.95 PB (p.42) ___The Trouble with Liberty $9.95 PB (p.58) ___The True Story of George $6.95 PB (p.37) ___Truth $9.95 PB (p.60) ___The Truth About Rats (and Dogs) $8.95 PB (p.46) ___The Tuesday Cafe $9.95 PB (p.56) ___Tweaked $9.95 PB (p.54) ___The Twelve Days of Summer $9.95 PB (p.29) ___Two Foot Punch $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Un trabajo sin futuro $9.95 PB (p.63) ___Under a Living Sky $7.95 PB (p.41) ___Under a Prairie Sky $8.95 PB (p.30) ___Under the Sea with Googol and Googolplex $6.95 PB (p.37)

___Underdog $7.95 PB (p.42) ___The Undergardeners $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Venom $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Victory at Paradise Hill $19.95 HC (p.30) ___Voice of the Valley $9.95 PB (p.55) ___Waiting for Sarah $10.95 PB (p.55) ___Waiting for the Whales $9.95 PB (p.32) ___Waking $9.95 PB (p.54) ___Walking Backward $9.95 PB (p.44) ___War of the Eagles $10.95 PB (p.56) ___Warden of Greyrock $9.95 PB (p.57) ___The Warrior’s Daughter $9.95 PB (p.53) ___Watch Me $9.95 PB (p.49) ___Watch Me $16.95 LIB (p.49) ___Wave Warrior $9.95 PB (p.58) ___Wave Warrior $16.95 LIB (p.58) ___Welcome Song for Baby $9.95 BB (p.29) ___The West Is Calling $19.95 HC (p.31) ___What a Hippopota-Mess! $6.95 PB (p.37) ___What World is Left $12.95 PB (p.55) ___When Elephants Fight $19.95 HC (p.43) ___When the Curtain Rises $8.95 PB (p.46) ___The Whirlwind $9.95 PB (p.55) ___The White Horse Talisman $8.95 PB (p.47) ___Whiteout $7.95 PB (p.39) ___Who Owns Kelly Paddik? $9.95 PB (p.59) ___Who’s in Maxine’s Tree? $21.95 HC (p.32) ___Wild Ride $9.95 PB (p.44) ___Winter Hawk Star $9.95 PB (p.52) ___Wired $9.95 PB (p.48) ___Yellow Line $9.95 PB (p.61) ___Yossi’s Goal $7.95 PB (p.41) ___You Can’t Rush a Cat $8.95 PB (p.30) ___Zee’s Way $9.95 PB (p.58)


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Canadian Catalogue Spring 2010  

Canadian Catalogue Spring 2010

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