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Middle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers

2011–2012 In addition to outstanding books for young readers, our publishing program includes adult titles, French and Spanish translations, nonfiction titles and digital offerings that reach more readers than ever before.

eaching More eaders Rea c h i n g Re l u cta nt Rea d e rs How do you get non-readers to pick up a book? Give them something they’ll love. We have what you’re looking for with Orca Soundings, Orca Currents, Orca Sports and Rapid Reads series for reluctant readers. See page 10 for more on reluctant readers.

Rea c h i n g Rea d e rs o n t h e Go Introducing Go Readers, preloaded mp3 audio devices. Enjoy unabridged audio for selected titles from the Orca Currents and Orca Soundings series. See page 8 for details.

Rea c h i n g Em e rg i n g Rea d e rs

Rea c h i n g El ect ro n i c Rea d e rs

With picturebooks, Orca Echoes and Orca Young Readers by bestselling authors, we’ve got exciting fiction to capture the imagination of emerging readers.

See pages 19 and 20 for details.

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Text2Reader Subscription Issue 1 / SEPT 2011

Order #T3230 $175.00 ($225.00 for hard copy delivery) • A monthly Language Arts program for grades 6 to 8 • An entire school year of resource material • High-interest activities and assignments designed by teachers • Reading comprehension exercises, assessment rubrics, readers

Featured in this issue Fiction Stuffed, by Eric Walters Nonfiction The Salmon Bears, by Ian McAllister & Nicholas Read Graphic Novel Food Fight, by Liam O’Donnell & Mike Deas


theater and graphic novel selections • Links directly to common English Language Arts learning outcomes • Visit to order, or use the order form on page 22


Hi-Lo Fiction Adult/Teen

Order #1539 12 paperbacks $9.95 each Retail: $119.40 You Pay: $83.58

And Everything Nice Kim Mortisugu 9781554698387 RL 4.6 Themes: truth, lies, honesty and integrity

Love You to Death Gail Bowen 9781554692620 RL 4.2 Themes: mystery, suspense

Short, high-interest fiction & nonfiction for adults and teens • Reading levels from grade 2.0–6.0 • 128–144 pages each

The Second Wife Brenda Chapman 9781554698325 RL 3.3 Themes: mystery, murder, fraud

The Way It Works William Kowalski 9781554693672 RL 2.6 Themes: racism, beating the odds, determination

Illuminating nonfiction from leading experts

The Barrio Kings William Kowalski 97815854692446 RL 2.1 Themes: gangs, loyalty, friendship

The Middle Ground Zoe Whittall 9781554692880 RL 4.2 Themes: relationships, trust

Generation Us Andrew Weaver 9781554698042 Themes: global warming

The Spider Bites Medora Sale 9781554692828 RL 2.0 Themes: mystery, suspense

Ortona Street Fight Mark Zuehlke, 9781554693986 Themes: WWII Battle of Ortona The Fall Guy Barbara Fradkin 9781554698356 RL 4.0 Themes: mystery, murder, family issues

One Fine Day You’re Gonna Die Gail Bowen 9781554693375 RL 4.2 Themes: mystery, suspense

That Dog Won’t Hunt Lou Allin 9781554693399 RL 2.8 Themes: mystery, suspense, hunting, dogs



Hi-Lo Fiction Grades 8–12

Paperback Collection Order #1523

Resource Guide

69 paperbacks in 2 display trays $9.95 each Retail: $686.55 You Pay: $480.58

Coil-bound or cd Retail: $45.00 You Pay: $31.50

Back Norah McClintock 9781551439891 • RL 4.0 Themes: justice, vengeance, community

Charmed Carrie Mac 9781551433219 • RL 3.8 Themes: prostitution, mixed families

Exposure Patricia Murdoch 9781551434933 • RL 2.8 Themes: bullying, self-esteem, revenge

Impact James C. Dekker 9781551439952 • RL 3.8 Themes: crime, jealousy

Bang Norah McClintock 9781551436548 • RL 3.0 Themes: crime, suspicion

Chill Colin Frizzell 9781551435077 • RL 3.5 Themes: school bullying, disabilities

Fastback Beach Shirlee Smith Matheson 9781551432670 • RL 2.9 Themes: cars, crime

In the Woods Robin Stevenson 9781554692002 • RL 3.2 Themes: family, siblings, responsibility

Battle of the Bands K.L. Denman 9781551435404 • RL 2.9 Themes: music, inspiration, relationships

Comeback Vicky Grant 9781554693108 • RL 3.2 Themes: family relationships, crime, expectations

First Time Meg Tilly 9781551439440 • RL 3.1 Themes: coercion, friendship

Jacked Carrie Mac 9781554691845 • RL 3.0 Themes: crime, survival, loyalty

Grind Eric Walters 9781551433172 • RL 2.2 Themes: skateboarding, friendship, injury

Juice Eric Walters 9781551433516 • RL 2.9 Themes: steroid use, competition, football

Hannah’s Touch Laura Langston 9781554691494 • RL 3.1 Themes: paranormal, faith, death

Kicked Out Beth Goobie 9781551432441 • RL 3.0 Themes: family, confidence

The Hemingway Tradition Kirstin Butcher 9781551432427 • RL 4.2 Themes: suicide, writing, ambition

Knifepoint Alex Van Tol 9781554693054 • RL 3.8 Themes: survival, crime, adventure

Hit Squad James Heneghan 9781551432694 • RL 3.8 Themes: gangs, danger, acceptance

Learning to Fly Paul Yee 9781551439532 • RL 3.4 Themes: immigrants, drugs, friendship

Home Invasion Monique Polak 9781551434827 • RL 3.6 Themes: family, crime, mystery

Lockdown Diane Tullson 9781551439167 • RL 2.9 Themes: school violence, friendship, responsibility

Big Guy Robin Stevenson 9781551439105 • RL 2.9 Themes: acceptance, truth, online relationships Blue Moon Marilyn Halvorson 9781551433202 • RL 3.4 Themes: horse training, ambition Breathless Pam Withers 9781551434803 • RL 3.0 Themes: body image, eating disorders, scuba diving Bull Rider Marilyn Halvorson 9781551432335 • RL 3.0 Themes: death, bull riding, family Bull’s Eye Sarah N. Harvey 9781551436791 • RL 4.3 Themes: family, forgiveness Cellular Ellen Schwartz 9781554692965 • RL 2.3 Themes: cancer, perseverance, friendship


Contemporary, compelling stories for ages 12+ • Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5 • 112–144 pages each • Accelerated Reader selections • Lexile levels available • Free individual teachers’ guides online

Crush Carrie Mac 9781551435268 • RL 3.4 Themes: lesbian relationships, self-confidence, lifestyles The Darwin Expedition Diane Tullson 9781551436760 • RL 2.5 Themes: survival, adventure Dead-End Job Vicki Grant 9781551433783 • RL 3.6 Themes: obsession, suspense Death Wind William Bell 9781551432151 • RL 3.2 Themes: natural disaster, teen pregnancy Down Norah McClintock 9781551437668 • RL 3.6 Themes: racism, violence Exit Point Laura Langston 9781551435053 • RL 2.8 Themes: responsibility, self-confidence, abuse, faith


House Party Eric Walters 9781551437415 • RL 3.1 Themes: responsibility, peer pressure I.D. Vicki Grant 9781551436944 • RL 2.8 Themes: identity theft

Masked Norah McClintlock 9781554693641 • RL 3.2 Themes: identity, crime, relationships

Hi-Lo Fiction Grades 8–12 Middle Row Sylvia Olsen 9781551438993 • RL 2.4 Themes: racism, mystery, First Nations

Plastic Sarah N. Harvey 9781554692521 • RL 3.2 Themes: protest, plastic surgery, friendship

Scum James C. Dekker 9781551439242 • RL 3.0 Themes: crime, truth, justice

Thunderbowl Lesley Choyce 9781551432779 • RL 4.0 Themes: music, ambitions

My Time as Caz Hazard Tanya Lloyd Kyi 9781551433196 • RL 3.2 Themes: alienation, suicide, peer pressure

Reaction Lesley Choyce 9781554692774 • RL 3.0 Themes: teen pregnancy, responsibility, choices

Sea Change Diane Tullson 9781554693320 • RL 3.1 Themes: survival, crime, adventure

Tough Trails Irene Morck 9781551432717 • RL 2.6 Themes: pets, friendship

Refuge Cove Lesley Choyce 9781551432465 • RL 3.2 Themes: racism, danger, immigration

Snitch Norah McClintock 9781551434841 • RL 2.1 Themes: anger management, honesty, family

The Trouble with Liberty Kristin Butcher 9781551432748 • RL 4.2 Themes: trust, accusations, loyalty

No More Pranks Monique Polak 9781551433158 • RL 4.0 Themes: responsibility, pranks No Problem Dayle Campbell Gaetz 9781551432311 • RL 2.2 Themes: addiction, depression One More Step Sheree Fitch 9781551432489 • RL 2.5 Themes: divorce, family, acceptance Overdrive Eric Walters 9781551433189 • RL 2.8 Themes: cars, death, accountability Pain & Wastings Carrie Mac 9781551439044 • RL 3.6 Themes: relationships, coping, violence Picture This Norah McClintock 9781554691388 • RL 3.6 Themes: crime, responsibility, photography

Responsible Darlene Ryan 9781551436852 • RL 3.2 Themes: bullying, responsibility

Something Girl Beth Goobie 9781551433479 • RL 2.8 Themes: trust, abuse, family dynamics

Riley Park Diane Tullson 9781554691234 • RL 3.0 Themes: violence, friendship, grief

Spiral K.L. Denman 9781551439303 • RL 2.5 Themes: rehabilitation, drugs, horses

Rock Star Adrian Chamberlain 9781554692354 • RL 3.0 Themes: music, relationships, friendship Running the Risk Lesley Choyce 9781554690251 • RL 3.2 Themes: danger, risk, responsibility Saving Grace Darlene Ryan 9781551435084 • RL 2.4 Themes: teen pregnancy, accountability

Truth Tanya Lloyd Kyi 9781551432656 • RL 3.2 Themes: murder, accountability Wave Warrior Lesley Choyce 9781551436470 • RL 3.4 Themes: surfing, fear, bravery

Sticks and Stones Beth Goobie 9781551432137 • RL 2.6 Themes: labeling, gossip, confidence

Who Owns Kelly Paddik? Beth Goobie 9781551432397 • RL 3.1 Themes: attempted suicide, foster homes

Stuffed Eric Walters 9781551435008 • RL 3.8 Themes: democracy, choice, accountability

Yellow Line Sylvia Olsen 9781551434629 • RL 2.4 Themes: racism, First Nations, romance

Tell Norah McClintock 9781551435114 • RL 4.0 Themes: honesty, murder

Zee’s Way Kristin Butcher 9781551432793 • RL 3.2 Themes: art, crime, attitudes


New Titles Pack Order #1524 8 paperbacks $9.95 each Retail: $79.60 You Pay: $55.72 • Most recently released Orca Soundings

B Negative Vicki Grant 9781554698417 • RL 3.1 Themes: responsibility, family Fallout Nikki Tate 9781554692729 • RL 3.o Themes: siblings, grief, poetry Infiltration Sean Rodman 9781554699858 • RL 2.5 Themes: risk-taking, responsibility, friendship

Last Ride Laura Langston 9781554694167 • RL 2.4 Themes: responsibility, street racing, ghosts Outback Robin Stevenson 9781554694198 • RL 3.o Themes: survival, responsibility, family

Shattered Sarah N. Harvey 9781554698455 • RL 3.o Themes: friendship, responsibility, family Viral Alex Van Tol 9781554694112 • RL 2.9 Themes: friendship, responsibility, addiction

Redline Alex Van Tol 9781554698936 • RL 2.8 Themes: friendship, responsibility, risk-taking



Hi-Lo Fiction Grades 8–12

A punta de cuchillo (Knifepoint) Alex Van Tol 9781554698639 RL 3.0

El qué dirán (Sticks and Stones) Beth Goobie 9781551439730 RL 3.6

Respira (Breathless) Pam Withers 9781554693825 RL 3.1

A reventar (Stuffed) Eric Walters 9781554698615 RL 2.9

La guerra de las bandas (Battle of the Bands) K.L. Denman 9781551439983 RL 4.5

Revelación (Exposure) Patricia Murdoch 9781554690534 RL 2.5

A toda velocidad (Overdrive) Eric Walters 9781554690558 RL 3.2 Al límite (Grind) Eric Walters 9781554693818 RL 2.5 El blanco (Bull’s Eye) Sarah N. Harvey 9781554693177 RL 3.1 De nadie más (Saving Grace) Darlene Ryan 9781551439693 RL 2.9

Identificación (I.D.) Vicki Grant 9781554691340 RL 2.0 Ni un día más (Kicked Out) Beth Goobie 9781554691371 RL 2.7

El soplón (Snitch) Norah McClintock 9781554693153 RL 2.7 La tormenta (Death Wind) William Bell 9781554691357 RL 3.0

Los Pandemónium (Thunderbowl) Lesley Choyce 9781554691364 RL 2.9

Un trabajo sin futuro (Dead-End Job) Vicki Grant 9781554690510 RL 2.5

El plan de Zee (Zee’s Way) Kristin Butcher 9781554690572 RL 3.0

La verdad (Truth) Tanya Lloyd Kyi 9781551439778 RL 2.7


Orca Titles in French Order #1526 8 paperbacks $9.95 each Retail: $76.60 You Pay: $55.72


French language editions of Orca Currents and Soundings • Perfect for French language learners • Exact translations that complement the English editions


In Spanish Order #1525 18 paperbacks $9.95 each Retail: $179.10 You Pay: $125.37 Exact translations that complement the English editions • Perfect for Spanish language learners • Interest level ages 12+ • Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5 For book themes see pages 3–4.

A fond la planche! (Grind) Eric Walters 9781554693733 Themes: skateboarding, friendship, injury

L'effet manga (Manga Touch) Jacqueline Pearce 9781554693795 Themes: manga, Japanese culture, fitting in

Les Casse-Cous (Daredevil Club) Pam Withers 9781554693740 Themes: adventure, physical disabilities, friendship

Marqué (Marked) Norah McClintock 9781554698554 Themes: graffiti, employment, mystery

Ed spécial (Special Edward) Eric Walters 9781554698578 Themes: learning disabilities, school, humor

Monteur de taureau (Bull Rider) Marilyn Halvorson 9781554698592 Themes: death, bull riding, family

Frappée par la foudre (Struck) Deb Loughead 9781554693801 Themes: relationships, competition

La revanche parfaite (Perfect Revenge) K.L. Denman 9781554698530 Themes: magic, fitting in, humor

Hi-Lo Fiction Grades 5–12

Paperback Collection Order #1530

Resource Guide

28 paperbacks in a display tray Coil-bound or cd $9.95 each Retail: $25.00 Retail: $278.60 • You Pay: $195.02 You Pay: $17.50 Absolute Pressure Sigmund Brouwer 9781554691302 • RL 3.2 Themes: scuba diving, illegal immigrants, sabotage

Dead in the Water Robin Stevenson 9781551439624 • RL 3.1 Themes: sailing, endangered species, teamwork

All-Star Pride Sigmund Brouwer 9781551436357 • RL 3.8 Themes: hockey, Russia, temptation

Fly Away Nora Rock 9781554693139 • RL 3.9 Themes: competitive cheerleading, leadership, loyalty

Blazer Drive Sigmund Brouwer 9781551437170 • RL 3.8 Themes: hockey, suspense, farming Boarder Patrol Erin Thomas 9781554692941 • RL 3.2 Themes: snowboarding, loyalty, moral choices Chief Honor Sigmund Brouwer 9781551439150 • RL 3.1 Themes: hockey, steroid use, loyalty Cobra Strike Sigmund Brouwer 9781551437255 • RL 4.0 Themes: football, toxic waste Crossover Jeff Rud 9781551439815 • RL 4.0 Themes: basketball, stereotypes, peer pressure

Flying Feet James McCann 9781554692903 • RL 3.6 Themes: tae kwon do, honor, respect, mixed martial arts Hitmen Triumph Sigmund Brouwer 9781551438733 • RL 3.2 Themes: hockey, brothers Hurricane Power Sigmund Brouwer 9781551438658 • RL 3.2 Themes: running, computer hackers, illegal immigrants Jumper Michele Martin Bossley 9781551436203 • RL 3.2 Themes: horse show-jumping, mystery Kicker Michele Martin Bossley 9781551437064 • RL 3.8 Themes: soccer, mystery, sabotage


Mystery stories with sports themes for ages 10+ • Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5 • 144–192 pages each • Accelerated Reader selections • Lexile levels available • Free individual teachers’ guides online

Maverick Mania Sigmund Brouwer 9781554690473 • RL 4.1 Themes: soccer, kidnapping, championships

Squeeze Rachel Dunstan Muller 9781554693245 • RL 3.6 Themes: caving, brothers, courage

Oil King Courage Sigmund Brouwer 9781554691975 • RL 4.1 Themes: the North, secrets, Inuit culture

Thunderbird Spirit Sigmund Brouwer 9781554690459 • RL 4.0 Themes: hockey, racism, violence

Paralyzed Jeff Rud 9781554690596 • RL 4.0 Themes: football, injury, guilt

Tiger Threat Sigmund Brouwer 9781551436395 • RL 2.4 Themes: hockey, fear, crime

Razor’s Edge Nikki Tate 9781554691678 • RL 3.1 Themes: harness racing, gambling, racism, friendship

Titan Clash Sigmund Brouwer 9781551437217 • RL 3.8 Themes: basketball, family, fraud

Rebel Glory Sigmund Brouwer 9781551436319 • RL 3.0 Themes: hockey, sabotage Scarlet Thunder Sigmund Brouwer 9781551439112 • RL 4.1 Themes: stock-car racing, film-making Slam Dunk Kate Jaimet 9781554691326 • RL 4.2 Themes: basketball, domestic violence, teamwork

New Titles Pack 3 paperbacks • $9.95 each Retail: $29.85 • You Pay: $20.89

Gravity Check Alex Van Tol 9781554693498 RL 3.0 Themes: mountain biking, brothers, drugs, danger

Venom Nikki Tate 9781554690718 • RL 3.4 Themes: horse racing, doping, family issues Winter Hawk Star Sigmund Brouwer 9781551438696 • RL 3.8 Themes: hockey, competition, ADD

Most recently released Orca Sports The Drop Jeff Ross 9781544693924 RL 2.8 Themes: snowboarding, friendship, loyalty, courage

Order #1562

Two Foot Punch Anita Daher 9781551438764 • RL 4.0 Themes: free-running, gangs, loyalty


Powerslide Jeff Ross 9781554699148 RL 3.0 Themes: skateboarding, determination, danger, competition


Hi-Lo Fiction Grades 5–8

Middle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers

Order #1528

Resource Guide

46 paperbacks in a display tray $9.95 each Retail: $457.70 You Pay: $320.39

Coil-bound or cd Retail: $45.00 You Pay: $31.50

121 Express Monique Polak 9781551439761 • RL 3.9 Themes: school, bullying, racism, humor Bear Market Michelle Martin Bossley 9781554692200 • RL 3.8 Themes: wildlife conservation, mystery, activism The Big Dip Melanie Jackson 9781554691784 • RL 3.9 Themes: mystery, amusement parks Bio-pirate Michele Martin Bossley 9781551438931 • RL 4.0 Themes: bio-piracy, science, mystery Blob Frieda Wishinsky 9781554691814 • RL 2.9 Themes: self-image, obesity, mentoring Branded Eric Walters 9781554692675 • RL 4.1 Themes: social justice, activism, clothing manufacture Camp Wild Pam Withers 9781551433615 • RL 3.8 Themes: adventure, responsibility Chat Room Kristin Butcher 9781551434858 • RL 4.0 Themes: confidence, honesty Cheat Kristin Butcher 9781554692743 • RL 2.8 Themes: school issues, studying, ethics Cracked Michele Martin Bossley 9781551437002 • RL 3.4 Themes: winter sports, mystery


Paperback Collection

Crossbow Dayle Campbell Gaetz 9781551438412 • RL 3.6 Themes: wilderness survival, loneliness, environment Daredevil Club Pam Withers 9781551436142 • RL 3.9 Themes: adventure, physical disabilities, friendship Dog Walker Karen Spafford-Fitz 9781551435220 • RL 2.6 Themes: humor, entrepreneurship, dogs Explore Christy Goerzen 9781554691197 • RL 3.5 Themes: outdoor activities, personal growth Fast Slide Melanie Jackson 9781554693429 • RL 3.8 Themes: mystery, water parks, friendship Finding Elmo Monique Polak 9781551436869 • RL 3.9 Themes: family, pet care, responsibility Flower Power Ann Walsh 9781551433868 • RL 3.5 Themes: family, activism Fraud Squad Michele Martin Bossley 9781554691145 • RL 4.1 Themes: paleontology, mystery Horse Power Ann Walsh 9781551438818 • RL 3.5 Themes: activism, community, humor Hypnotized Don Trembath 9781551437057 • RL 3.1 Themes: humor, hypnotism, siblings


Short, high-interest novels for ages 10–14 • Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5 • 112–136 pages each • Accelerated Reader selections • Lexile levels available • Free individual teachers’ guides online

In a Flash Eric Walters 9781554690343 • RL 3.1 Themes: flash mobs, political activism

Rebel’s Tag K.L. Denman 9781551437408 • RL 2.2 Themes: grieving, forgiveness, rebellion

Junkyard Dog Monique Polak 9781554691555 • RL 3.1 Themes: dogs, animal rights, responsibility

Reckless Lesley Choyce 9781554692231 • RL 2.9 Themes: dirt bikes, wilderness, Vietnam War

Laggan Lard Butts Eric Walters 9781551435183 • RL 3.5 Themes: humor, basketball, democracy

See No Evil Diane Young 9781551436197 • RL 2.2 Themes: gang violence, honesty

Manga Touch Jacqueline Pearce 9781551437460 • RL 4.5 Themes: manga, Japanese culture, fitting in

Sewer Rats Sigmund Brouwer 9781551434889 • RL 2.7 Themes: friendship, adventure, paintball

Marked Norah McClintock 9781551439921 • RL 3.3 Themes: graffiti, employment, mystery

The Shade K.L. Denman 9781551439310 • RL 2.5 Themes: ghost stories, siblings, relationships

Mirror Image K.L. Denman 9781551436654 • RL 2.3 Themes: self-image, friendship, art

Skate Freak Lesley Choyce 9781554690428 • RL 2.9 Themes: skateboarding, self-confidence

Nine Doors Vicki Grant 9781554690732 • RL 3.2 Themes: humor, pranks, consequences

Slick Sara Cassidy 9781554693528 • RL 3.5 Themes: activism, oil industry, human rights

Perfect Revenge K.L. Denman 9781554691029 • RL 2.5 Themes: magic, fitting in, humor

The Snowball Effect Deb Loughead 9781554693702 • RL 4.2 Themes: honesty, pranks, snow recreation

Pigboy Vicki Grant 9781551436432 • RL 2.0 Themes: suspense, humor, farming

Special Edward Eric Walters 9781554690923 • RL 3.2 Themes: learning disabilities, school, humor

Queen of the Toilet Bowl Frieda Wishinsky 9781551433646 • RL 3.6 Themes: bullying, immigrants

Splat! Eric Walters 9781551439860 • RL 4.4 Themes: community, responsibility, humor

Hi-Lo Fiction Grades 5–8 Watch Me Norah McClintock 9781554690398 • RL 3.0 Themes: learning disabilities, ethics, friendship

Spoiled Rotten Dayle Campbell Gaetz 9781551434742 • RL 2.8 Themes: step-siblings, bravery

Sudden Impact Lesley Choyce 9781551434766 • RL 3.3 Themes: illness, loyalty, organ transplants

Struck Deb Loughead 9781554692118 • RL 3.8 Themes: relationships, competition

Swiped Michele Martin Bossley 9781551436463 • RL 3.0 Themes: mystery, literacy

Benched Cristy Watson 9781554694082 • RL 3.8 Themes: gangs, theft, restorative justice

Power Chord Ted Staunton 9781554699032 • RL 2.5 Themes: music, plagiarism, teamwork

Beyond Repair Lois Peterson 9781554698165 • RL 2.9 Themes: grieving, family, stalkers

Storm Tide Kari Jones 9781554698073 • RL 3.4 Themes: mystery, adventure, lighthouses

Farmed Out Christy Goerzen 9781554699100 • RL 4.0 Themes: art, organic farming, humor

Stuff We All Get K.L. Denman 9781554698202 • RL 2.9 Themes: music, synesthesia, celebrity culture

Living Rough Cristy Watson 9781554694341 • RL 2.6 Themes: homelessness, friendship, responsibility

Windfall Sara Cassidy 9781554698493 • RL 4.5 Themes: homelessness, grief, guerilla gardening

Wired Sigmund Brouwer 9781551434780 • RL 2.5 Themes: danger, courage, adventure


Middle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers

New Titles Pack • Most recently released Orca Currents

Go Reader and Book Collection Order #1522 5 Go Readers + 10 paperbacks Retail: $349.25 • You Pay: $244.48


Digital Reading Aid

Introducing the Go Reader, a portable, pre-loaded mp3 audio device

Go Reader Collection Order #1567

5 Go Readers Retail: $249.75 • You Pay: $174.83

Orca Soundings Go Reader Volume 1 $49.95 9781459800427 Includes: Back, Stuffed

Orca Currents Go Reader Volume 1 $49.95 9781459800410 Includes: Dog Walker, See No Evil

Orca Soundings Go Reader Volume 2 $49.95 9781459800489 Includes: Picture This, Battle of the Bands

Orca Currents Go Reader Volume 2 $49.95 9781459800496 Includes: Skate Freak, Sewer Rats

Order #1529

8 paperbacks $9.95 each Retail: $79.60 You Pay: $55.72

• Arrives at your school or library ready to play • No downloads, cds or cassettes • Batteries and headphones included • Two unabridged audiobooks on each Go Reader • Selected titles from our popular reluctant reader series • Read along while listening • Hit the Play button and go! • Custom Go Reader available. Call for details.

Orca Currents Go Reader Volume 3 $49.95 9781459800502 Includes: Chat Room, Mirror Image



At-Level Teen Fiction Grades 8–12

Teen Fiction Order #1527 9 titles Retail: $131.70 You Pay: $92.19


Exciting, contemporary stories • At-level resources aimed at ages 12+ • Themes with teen appeal

Book of Trees Leanne Lieberman 9781554692651 $12.95 pb Themes: Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Judaism, Zionism, activism

Salt The SALT Trilogy, Vol 1 Maurice Gee $18.00 hc 9781554692095 Themes: dystopia, fantasy, romance

Death Benefits Sarah N. Harvey 9781554692262 $12.95 pb Themes: family relationships, humor

She Said/She Saw Norah McClintock 9781554693351 $12.95 pb Themes: friendship, responsibility, perception

Gool The SALT Trilogy, Vol 2 Maurice Gee 9781554692149 $18.00 hc Themes: quest, dystopian fantasy, adventure

What Is Real Karen Rivers 9781554693566 $12.95 pb Themes: family life, alienation, drugs

The Limping Man The SALT Trilogy, Vol 3 Maurice Gee 9781554692163 $18.00 hc Themes: quest, dystopian fantasy, adventure

Written in Blood John Wilson 9781554692705 $12.95 pb Themes: coming-of-age, search for identity, family

Miracleville Monique Polak 9781554693306 $12.95 pb Themes: faith, sisters, paternity, disability



Reaching Reluctant Readers

What is a Reluctant Reader? Reluctant readers are those who, for whatever reason, do not like to read.

What are Hi-Lo books? Hi-Lo books from Orca Book Publishers are short, high-interest novels, written at a lower reading level but with age-appropriate plots, characters and storylines. These books feature linear storylines, limited vocabulary and contemporary topics.

Hi-Lo Books for the Reluctant Reader Effective Hi-Lo fiction for reluctant readers features strong realistic protagonists that the reader cares about. Exciting plots and interesting themes are also key elements. The subject matter is relevant and sometime controversial, which enables the reader to become emotionally attached and invested. The dialogue is authentic, lively and varied. Vocabulary and sentence structure is accessible without being patronizing through oversimplification.

“Quality teen fiction, relevant to our students’ lives, can and should be our point of entry with reluctant struggling readers. Teen fiction of this caliber is available, and it is time to provide new options for reading that let our students experience how great it feels to finish a book and how much fun it can be to escape reality by getting involved in a great story.”

— Carolyn Salonen

Program Curriculum Consultant, Waterloo Regional District School Board 10

Making the case for high quality reluctant reader fiction.

Literacy starts in the classroom. Recent studies suggest that nearly 50 percent of North Americans struggle with literacy to some extent.* *According

to Statistics Canada’s International Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (2003) and the U.S. Department of Education’s National Adult Literacy Survey (2002)

E n gagi n g Students: Effective reading instruction focuses on a student’s personal interests and includes diverse reading material. Readers can be alienated if the material they are provided with has no connection to their world. Reluctant readers need material that extends their thinking and allows them to make meaningful connections with literature.

I ndependa nt Readi n g: Providing classroom time to read is an effective way to develop literacy skills. Students have diverse interests and need to be able to selfselect appropriate material and to learn to read at their own pace. Independent reading can also teach them that reading can be enjoyable— and rewarding.

At-level Material: For reluctant and struggling readers, material must not only be meaningful and engaging, but must be at an appropriate reading level. Students who struggle with comprehension and vocabulary will have difficulty connecting to the text. Providing novels that reluctant readers have the skills to read to completion allows them to enjoy success in reading. This success instills confidence, encourages further reading, and can be a catalyst for improved student behavior. If we can get reluctant readers to enjoy books, we have the opportunity to teach the skills they require to improve their comprehension. Quality fiction that supports students at their reading level provides the best opportunity to motivate students to read.

That’s where Orca Book Publishers comes in… 11

The Orca Soundings were developed in 2002 in response to requests from teachers and librarians for books that appeal to teen reluctant readers. The goal was to develop a series that fosters an appreciation for reading and motivates students to move on to more challenging books.

With reading levels between grade 2.0 and grade 4.5, these books present themes that appeal to teen readers while being simple enough in terms of construction and plot development that less-confident readers can succeed in mastering reading.

With the success of the Orca Soundings, other series were created for reluctant readers in middle school (Orca Currents), for students interested in sports (Orca Sports) and for adults (Rapid Reads).

Short, high-interest novels for ages 10–14 Middle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers

• Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5 • 112–136 pages each • Accelerated Reader selections • Lexile levels available • Free individual teachers’ guides online

Mystery stories with sports themes for ages 10+ • Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5 • 144–192 pages each • Accelerated Reader selections • Lexile levels available • Free individual teachers’ guides online

Contemporary, compelling stories for ages 12+ • Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5 • 112–144 pages each • Accelerated Reader selections • Lexile levels available • Free individual teachers’ guides online

Engaging, short novels for adults • Reading levels from grade 2.0–6.0 • 128–144 pages each


See w w for more information on: Balanced reading programs Literature circles Metacognitive strategies How to create a readers theater Using Orca books as part of the Scholastic Read 180 Reading Program Making connections between books and readers

“Orca Soundings are my first choice when shopping for reluctant teen readers. The stories are extremely relevant. When students tell me they hate reading and all the books are boring, I take them to my Orca shelf. Once they try one Orca Soundings title, they want to read them all!” —Tori Jensen, Media Specialist, John Glenn Middle School, MN

“When I was the YA librarian at Hays Public Library, our first few copies of the Orca Soundings series needed little booktalking. They disappeared off the shelves, grabbed eagerly by teens drawn in by the appealing covers and discreet paperback size. Teens who ordinarily wouldn’t call themselves readers became regular patrons because of their love for Orca Soundings!” —Erin Downey Howerton, School Liaison, Johnson County Library Overland Park, KS

“I have been sold on the Orca Soundings line ever since I purchased the first titles in 2003. I have been talking it up for several years to both public and school librarians and parents! It is the only series I know that combines a low reading level with a wide variety of topics interesting to teen readers. Teens are able to experience both a reading success and a great read! —Patricia Foster, Salt Lake Co. Library System, Riverton, UT

Toll-free: 1-800-210-5277 • Fax: 1-877-408-1551 Email: 13

At-Level Nonfiction Grades 5–8

Juvenile Nonfiction Order #1545 7 titles Retail: $121.70 You Pay: $85.19 • To avoid back orders, you will receive 7 of the 8 titles listed.


Exciting, contemporary stories • At-level nonfiction for ages 8-12 • Themes include: the environment, young activists, child soldiers, the Olympics

In The Company of Whales Alexandra Morton $15.95 pb 9781551430584 Themes: orcas, marine biology, the environment

The Sea Wolves Ian McAllister & Nicholas Read $19.95 pb 9781554692064 Themes: ecology, the environment, natural history

Making Change Bilaal Rajan $12.95 pb 9781554690015 Themes: fundraising, fulfilling your potential

Simon Says Gold Simon Whitfield $14.00 pb 9781554691418 Themes: autobiography, sport, inspiration/ motivation

One Peace Janet Wilson $19.95 hc 9781551438924 Themes: World peace, anti-war, the “Power of One”

Siwiti—A Whale’s Story Alexandra Morton $12.95 pb 9780920501979 Themes: orca whales, environmental concerns

The Salmon Bears Ian McAllister & Nicholas Read $18.95 pb 9781554692057 Themes: Ecology, the environment, natural history, the cycle of life

When Elephants Fight Eric Walters $19.95 hc 9781551439006 Themes: effects of war on children, children soldiers



At-level Fiction Grades 4–8

Middle-School Fiction Collection Order #1531 5 paperbacks $9.95 each Retail: $49.75 You Pay: $34.83 At-level novels for readers ages 9–12

Graphic Guide Adventure Collection

Better Than Weird Anna Kerz 9781554693627 Themes: friendship, bullying, self-control, family

Liars and Fools Robin Stevenson 9781554692484 Themes: grief, psychic phenomena, friendship

Out of the Box Michelle Mulder 9781554693283 Themes: Argentine tango music, political oppression, depression, family

Silver Rain Lois Peterson 9781554692804 Themes: the Depression, poverty, dance marathons

Food Fight 9781554690671 Themes: food/nutrition, genetically modified food, agriculture Media Meltdown 9781554690657 Themes: media literacy, adventure, mystery

Order #1532 6 paperbacks $9.95 each Retail: $59.70 You Pay: $41.79

Power Play 9781554690695 Themes: government, politics, mystery

Ramp Rats 9781551438801 Themes: skateboarding, bullies Soccer Sabotage 9781551438849 Themes: soccer, mystery, teamwork Wild Ride 9781551437569 Themes: survival, adventure

Graphic novels for ages 8–12 Written by Liam O’Donnell Illustrated by Mike Deas 15


Missing Becky Citra 9781554693450 Themes: death, horses, mystery, friendship, family

At-level Fiction Grades 3–5

Orca Young Readers Collection Order #1533

Resource Guide

27 paperbacks in a display tray $7.95 each Retail: $214.65 You Pay: $150.25

Coil-bound or cd Retail: $45.00 You Pay: $31.50

Addison Addley and the Things That Aren’t There Melody DeFields McMillan 9781551439495 Themes: creative problem-solving, math Addison Addley and the Trick of the Eye Melody DeFields McMillan 9781554691890 Themes: optical illusions, change, creativity After Peaches Michelle Mulder 9781554691760 Themes: migrant workers, friendship, activism, refugees The Ballad of Knuckles McGraw Lois Peterson 9781554692033 Themes: foster families, cowboys, imagination Belle of Batoche Jaqueline Guest 9781551432977 Themes: Riel rebellion, family

Casey Little—Yo-Yo Queen Nancy Belgue 9781551433575 Themes: fears, magic, yo-yos, horses

Jo’s Journey Nikki Tate 9781551435367 Themes: pioneering, Cariboo Gold Rush

Racing for Diamonds Anita Daher 9781551436753 Themes: survival, cooperation, adventure

Catching Spring Sylvia Olsen 9781551432984 Themes: contest, family, fishing

Lucky’s Mountain Dianne Maycock 9781551436821 Themes: dogs, mining, grief, gossip

Secret Signs Jacqueline Guest 9781551435992 Themes: the Depression, hobos, acceptance

A Different Game Sylvia Olsen 9781554691692 Themes: soccer, cancer, friendship, First Nations

Meeting Miss 405 Lois Peterson 9781554690152 Themes: meditation, depression, friendship

Ten Thumb Sam Rachel Dunstan Muller 9781551436999 Themes: the circus, strengths, siblings

Feather Brain Maureen Bush 9784551438771 Themes: bullying, imagination, dinosaurs

Murphy and Mousetrap Sylvia Olsen 9781551433448 Themes: racism, soccer, family

Under a Living Sky Joseph Simons 9781551433554 Themes: the Depression, sibling rivalry, rebirth

Forward, Shakespeare! Jean Little 9781551433394 Themes: fear, blindness, bonding

On the Trail of the Bushman Anita Daher 9781554690138 Themes: the Arctic, mystery, friendship, accountability

The Undergardeners Desmond Anthony Ellis 9781551434100 Themes: magic, animals, teasing

Going Places Fran Hurcomb 9781554690190 Themes: hockey, discrimination, mystery

The Big Snapper Katherine Holubitsky 9781551435633 Themes: aging and death, storytelling, loss

Award-winning, bestselling chapter books • At-level fiction for ages 8–11 • Silver Birch, Red Cedar, Snow Willow and Hackmatack nominees

Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle? Sara Leach 9781554691456 Themes: courage, wolves, friendship, islands


New Titles Pack Order #1534

Poachers in the Pingos Anita Daher 9781551430114 Themes: the Arctic, gyrfalcons, friendship

Yossi’s Goal Ellen Schwartz 9781551434926 Themes: Judaica, hockey, unions, immigrants

Colette and the Silver Samovar Nancy Belgue 9781554693214 Themes: multicultural families, tolerence, superstition

Addy's Race Debby Waldman 9781554699247 Themes: hearing loss, assertiveness, running Chance and the Butterfly Maggie de Vries 9781554698653 Themes: foster care, butterflies, family

8 paperbacks $7.95 each Retail: $63.60 • You Pay: $44.52

Peggy’s Letters Jacqueline Halsey 9781551433639 Themes: war, loss, friendship

Whiteout Becky Citra 9781554690831 Themes: cousins, friendship, trauma, wilderness

The Last Loon Rebecca Upjohn 9781554692927 Themes: multicultural families, tolerence, superstition

Cursed! Maureen Bush 9781554692866 Themes: fear, family, superstition

Somebody's Girl Maggie de Vries 9781554693832 Themes: adoption, foster care, new baby

I Owe You One Natalie Hyde 9781554694143 Themes: friendship, old age, responsibility

Trouble in the Trees Yolanda Ridge 9781554693856 Themes: tree climbing, activism, courage



At-level Fiction Grades 2–3

Orca Echoes Collection Order #1535

Resource Guide

44 paperbacks in a display tray $6.95 each Retail: $305.80 • You Pay: $214.06

Coil-bound or cd Retail: $45.00 You Pay: $31.50

At-level fiction for ages 7–9 • Themes include character building, cooperation, humor and friendship • Generously illustrated stories • Accelerated Reader, Guided Reading levels and Lexiles available

A Bee in Your Ear Frieda Wishinsky 9781551433240

George, the Best of All! Ingrid Lee 9781551436234

A Noodle Up your Nose Frieda Wishinsky 9781551432946

Theodora Bear Carolyn Jones 9781551434964

The Big Tree Gang Jo Ellen Bogart 9781551433455

Ghost Wolf Karleen Bradford 9781551433417

Out and About with the Big Tree Gang Jo Ellen Bogart & Jill Bogart 9781551436036

Timberwolf Challenge Sigmund Brouwer 9781551437309

The Birthday Girl Jean Little 9781551432922

I, Bruno Caroline Adderson 9781551435015

Bruno for Real Caroline Adderson 9781554690237

Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater Becky Citra 9781551433226

Captain Jake Shannon Stewart 9781551438962

Jeremy and the Fantastic Flying Machine Becky Citra 9781551439501

Cheetah Wendy A. Lewis 9781551434650 Dimples Delight Frieda Wishinsky 9781551433622 Down the Chimney with Googol and Googolplex Nelly Kazenbroot 9781551432908 The Fossil Hunters Marilyn Helmer 9781554691913 A Frog in My Throat Frieda Wishinsky 9781551436326 George Most Wanted Ingrid Lee 9781551434728


Jeremy and the Golden Fleece Becky Citra 9781551436579 Jeremy in the Underworld Becky Citra 9781551434667 Kelly’s Cabin Linda Smith 9781551434087 Marsh Island Sonya Spreen Bates 9781554691173 Maybe Later Ingrid Lee 9781551437644 Monster Lunch Pat Skene 9781551439419

New Titles Pack Order #1536 9 paperbacks • $6.95 each Retail: $62.55 • You Pay: $43.78



Over the Rainbow with Googol and Googolplex Nelly Kazenbroot 9781551434698 The Paper Wagon martha attema 9781551433561 A Puppy is for Loving Mary Labatt 9781551434773 The Raspberry Room Alison Lohans 9781551433530 Rhyme Stones Pat Skene 9781551436364

Timberwolf Chase Sigmund Brouwer 9781551435480 Timberwolf Hunt Sigmund Brouwer 9781551437262 Timberwolf Revenge Sigmund Brouwer 9781551435442 Timberwolf Rivals Sigmund Brouwer 9781554691074 Timberwolf Tracks Sigmund Brouwer 9781551437347 Timberwolf Trap Sigmund Brouwer 9781551437224

Sam’s Ride Becky Citra 9781554691609

The True Story of George Ingrid Lee 9781551432939

Sam and Nate PJ Sarah Collins 9781551433349 Sea Dog Dayle Campbell Gaetz 9781551434063

Under the Sea with Googol and Googolplex Nelly Kazenbroot 9781551433660 What a Hippopota-Mess! Pat Skene 9781551434025

Sharing Snowy Marilyn Helmer 9781554690213 Adventures at Camp Lots-o-Fun Marilyn Helmer 9781554693474

Justine McKeen Queen of Green Sigmund Brouwer 9781554699278

Something's Fishy Jeff Szpirglas & Danielle Saint-Onge 9781554697878

Ben the Inventor Robin Stevenson 9781554698028

Mystery of the Missing Luck Jacqueline Pearce 9781554693962

Timberwolf Prey Sigmund Brouwer 9781554691098

Ben’s Robot Robin Stevenson 9781554691531

Smuggler's Cave Sonya Spreen Bates 9781554693085

Wildcat Run Sonya Spreen Bates 9781554698301

At-level Fiction Grades 2–3

Orca Echoes in French Order #1546 4 paperbacks $6.95 each Retail: $27.80 You Pay: $19.46

French language editions of Orca Echoes • Perfect for French language learners • Professional translations that complement the English editions

Toopy and Binoo Collection All new prices! From the popular TV series • Ages 4–8 • To avoid back orders, you will receive 12 of the 15 titles listed

Order #1538 12 paperbacks and board books $5.95 each Retail: $71.40 You Pay: $49.98

Le défi des Loups gris (Timberwolf Challenge) Sigmund Brouwer 9781554698127

La revanche des Loups gris (Timberwolf Revenge) Sigmund Brouwer 9781459800113

Peek-a-boo Binoo! 9781553890393 bb

Binoo in Colour 9781553890331 bb

Robinson Toopy 9781553890423 pb

Binoo Loves Sounds 9781553890348 bb

Toopy and the Shampoo 9781553890225 bb

Funny Halloween 9781553890133 pb

Toopy Dresses Up 9781553890294 bb

How Are You Binoo? 9781553890386 bb

Toopy Takes a Nap 9781553890263 bb

Little Red Toopy 9781553890126 pb

Toopy Tells a Story 9781553890287 bb

The Lost Sleep 9781553890140 pb

Toopy Wants to Play 9781553890317 bb

Merry Christmas Toopy 9781553890201 bb

Richard Was a Picker Carolyn Beck Illustrations by Ben Hodson 9781554690886

Great Lakes & Rugged Ground Sarah N. Harvey & Leslie Buffam Illustrations by Kasia Charko 9781554691050

Today, Maybe Dominique Demers Illustrations by Gabrielle Grimard 9781554694006 Wellington’s Rainy Day Carolyn Beck Illustrations by Brooke Kerrigan 9781554692842

Les Loups gris à la chasse (Timberwolf Hunt) Sigmund Brouwer 9781554698141

Abracadabra 9781553890430 pb

Can Hens Give Milk? Joan Betty Stuchner Illustrations by Joe Weissmann 9781554693191

Pierre’s Friends Written and illustrated by Andrea Beck 9781554690305

La course-poursuite des Loups gris (Timberwolf Chase) Sigmund Brouwer 9781459800090

Orca Picturebook

Hardcover Collection Order #1537 5 hardcovers $19.95 each Retail: $99.75 • You Pay: $69.83 Fully illustrated bestselling Canadian stories • To avoid back orders, you will receive 5 of the 6 titles listed



Orca subscriptions

are a unique way to share ebooks school-wide. Using flip technology that mimics the print reading experience onscreen, digital subscriptions provide your students with a fun, user-friendly way to access our outstanding novels. • • • •

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What You Need A web-connected computer that has Flash and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (both of these are free programs)

Collections Available as Digital Subscriptions Collection

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Digital Transition at Your School

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many options that selecting the best program for your school can be a challenge. The multi-user access of our digital subscriptions provides great value, but users are tethered to the Internet, which may not be ideal for your school. Here are three other great ways to access Orca titles digitally:

1. Library lending programs Orca titles are available through a number of companies that provide lending options: • • Follett Library Resources • Overdrive

2. District and board-level purchases We are happy to work with board and district buyers. Call 1-800-210-5277 to find out how we can provide ebooks at the district and board levels.

3. Ereading devices Some examples of electronic reading devices include Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad and smartphones to name a few. Advantages of ereading devices include: • Students can take a reading device anywhere • Once a book is loaded onto a device, it is yours forever • Many devices come with great features like built-in dictionaries and text-to-speech

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Middle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers



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Grades 6–12 Orca Collection

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69 Orca Soundings, 46 Orca Currents, 28 Orca Sports and 9 Teen Fiction

Grades K–6 Orca Collection

Retail: $801.05 You Pay: $560.74

5 Middle-School Fiction, 6 Graphic Guide Adventures, 27 Orca Young Readers, 44 Orca Echoes, 5 Picturebooks and 12 Toopy and Binoo

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Collection Rapid Reads Orca Soundings Paperback Collection  Add Resource Guide coil-bound Orca Soundings New Titles Pack Orca Soundings in Spanish Orca Titles in French Orca Sports Paperback Collection  Add Resource Guide coil-bound Orca Sports New Titles Pack Orca Currents Paperback Collection  Add Resource Guide coil-bound Orca Currents New Titles Pack Go Reader and Book Collection Go Reader Collection Teen Fiction Collection Juvenile Nonfiction Collection Middle-School Fiction Collection Graphic Guide Adventure Collection Orca Young Readers Collection  Add Resource Guide coil-bound Orca Young Readers New Titles Pack Orca Echoes Collection  Add Resource Guide coil-bound Orca Echoes New Titles Pack Orca Echoes in French Toopy and Binoo Collection Orca Picturebook Hardcover Collection *Orca Echoes Digital Subscription *Orca Young Readers Digital Subscription *Orca Currents Digital Subscription *Orca Sports Digital Subscription *Orca Soundings Digital Subscription Grades 6–12 Orca Collection

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69 Soundings, 46 Currents, 28 Sports and 9 Teen Fiction —


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Grades K–6 Orca Collection 5 Middle-School Fwiction, 6 Graphic Guide Adventures, 27 Orca Young Readers, 44 Orca Echoes, 5 Picturebooks and 12 Toopy and Binoo —

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Text2Reader Subscription Issue 1 / SEPT 2011

• A monthly Language Arts program for grades 6 to 8 • An entire school year of resource material • High-interest activities and assignments designed by teachers • Reading comprehension exercises, assessment rubrics, readers theater and graphic novel selections • Links directly to common English Language Arts learning outcomes • Visit to order, or use the order form on page 28

Featured in this issue

Fiction Stuffed, by Eric Walters Nonfiction The Salmon Bears, by Ian McAllister & Nicholas Read Graphic Novel Food Fight, by Liam O’Donnell & Mike Deas

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“Soundings and Currents provide students with books that are developmentally appropriate and still accessible…these books provide the practice struggling readers need.” —Teri

Lesesne, Sam Houston State University, TX

Orca Book Publishers gratefully acknowledges the support for its publishing programs provided by the following agencies: the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund and the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Province of British Columbia through the BC Arts Council and the Book Publishing Tax Credit. Orca Book Publishers is committed to environmentally sustainable publishing. The majority of Orca titles are printed on post-consumer waste paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), which saves trees, water and electricity.


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