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Public Safety ORBIT GIS GeoSpatial Business Intelligence for Public Safety Empowering Public Safety Services with GeoSpatial Intelligent Value

Vision on Public Safety Every day, policemen, firefighters and leading officers are out there to serve and protect. Having real-time reliable access to critical information is paramount for each public safety worker. From operational solutions through fast and easy decision support systems, they can use ORBIT’s dedicated solutions in preparation, planning and briefing, emergency events, law enforcement, debriefing, crime and traffic control and analysis, traffic management, obstacle & public works management, patrol steering, AVL & APL, airborne observation, priority management, dispatching and lots more.

The Orbit Way Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies adds the map-dimension to daily public safety workflows. Orbit provides every department with the proper integrated mapping tools to plan, view, analyze and share your work internally and externally. Orbit’s software solutions for Public Safety are based on local and international standards, tuned to the work processes, integrated in your organization, and explicitly easy-to-use to comfort all users and maximize their focus on their real-life jobs.

Much more than a mapping solution Effective implementation of geospatial technologies requires more than just the proper software solutions. Orbit provides rightsized support for data migration, data integration, training and consultancy, technical support, and project management support. At Orbit, we realize that implementing geospatial technologies in any organization requires proper change management. Consultancy services to your Project Steering Group is therefore a standard offering in our support catalog, no matter the size of your organization.

A Clear Gain with Orbit GeoSpatial Intelligence With Orbit Solutions for Public Safety, you cover the big picture of GeoSpatial Intelligence in your organization with a profitable cost of ownership. You create, manage and share actionable intelligence amongst cooperatives and partners, even on an automated daily basis. You provide reports to officers and government as well as publications to the public. Orbit’s Public Safety solutions helps you do your job more safely.

.analysis Crime, Traffic and Accident analysis solutions tap in to your back office to extract and map according to your multidimensional criteria. Use the automated processes to generate a daily report according to your prioritized crime phenomena descriptions or use traffic analysis feedback for optimized law enforcement initiatives.

Orbit for Police Forces Orbit emphases all aspects of day to day police work. Active feedback to effective law enforcement based on smart and fast fact analysis, is a unique feature of our solution set. From operational activities to policy support, a map tells more than a thousand words.

Orbit for Fire Brigades Having access to geospatial enabled documentation and disaster planning, can mean difference between life and death. Clear and complete overview of knowledge resources and intervention situation enables the dispatching unit to forward essential yet focussed and filtered information to those who need it most.

.decision support systems The analysis and reporting solutions provide direct feedback on your management priorities from top decision making down to daily patrol steering. Integrated analysis with AVL/ APL querying and/or ANPR registrations can boost your research results.

.dispatching tools With a direct view on current interventions and vehicle location, a matched presentation of disaster planning, gas explosion cloud and other location based content, aerial and streetlevel views, law enforcement situations, camera positions and more, the dispatching unit has an easy and complete view of all information and intelligence available. The integrated InfoCenter intranet solution shows information from various resources and databases on a single map and street image overview.

.operational solutions Standardize Traffic Accident registration and sketches in a superb easy workflow, with direct feedback to traffic and accident analysis tools. The Orbit GIS traffic signs and marks extension provides core mapping support for accident maps. Traffic Obstacle management is done online with live feedback for your intervention navigation tool. Law Enforcement solutions uses international conventional signs to plan, communicate, make a live event registration, playback, analyze and report. Use the Microdrone UAV for instant observation and ad hoc video-streaming and aerial pictures.

.on board applications Mobile Data Terminals equipped with a GPS guided Patrol Assistance solution optimize patrol routing and patrol focus in each neighbourhood or street. Live Sketch helps you map a car accident at the spot.

 web publishing & communication, mobile Make your analysis report automated on organization intranet or email reports. Publish your results directly to the public using the Orbit core Web Mapping solutions or inform via Orbit’s Mobile solutions.

 supported by Orbit Get the most out of the wide variety of solutions with tailored training, support, consultancy and project management assistance.

ORBIT GIS Geographic Business Intelligence

GeoSpatial Information is everywhere. As 90% of all enterprise data is geo-related, you are able to boost your business and optimize your organization’s resources by effectively using this information. Geospatial information technology is key to better, faster and more efficient work processes and decision making. The integration of processes and content adds knowledge and business intelligence to your organization. ORBIT GeoSpatial Technologies provides products and services to maximize the effective integration of geospatial data throughout your organization’s workflows. With over 45 years in mapping industry, ORBIT keeps up-to-date with cutting edge and emerging technologies, while focusing on interoperable standards, integration and foremost user friendliness.


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