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ORBIT GIS GeoSpatial Business Intelligence

GeoSpatial Business Intelligence GeoSpatial Information is everywhere. As 90% of all enterprise data is geo-related, you are able to boost your business and optimize your organization’s resources by effectively using this information. Geospatial information technology is key to better, faster and more efficient work processes and decision making. ORBIT GeoSpatial Technologies provides products and services to maximize the effective integration of geospatial data throughout your organization’s workflows. With over 45 years in mapping industry, Orbit keeps up-to-date with cutting edge and emerging technologies, while focusing on interoperable standards, integration and foremost user friendliness.

We Specialize For You Government Efficient use of geospatial technologies enhances your resource management, decision support and communication. Orbit embraces every department. From Urban Planning, Environment and Road Maintenance, over Traffic Management to Demographics analysis, we provide tools adapted for each task within the administration. Furthermore, our procedure guidance lowers the threshold to access geospatial knowledge for the whole administration.

Public Safety Every day, policemen, firefighters and leading officers are out there to serve and protect. Having real-time reliable access to critical information is paramount for each public safety worker. From operational solutions through fast and easy decision support systems, they use Orbit’s dedicated solutions in preparation, planning and briefing, emergency events, debriefing, crime and traffic control and analysis, traffic management, obstacle & public works management, patrol steering, AVL & APL, airborne observation, priority management, dispatching and lots more.

Mapping Industry ORBIT GeoSpatial Technologies bridges the gap between Airborne and Mobile mapping and adds geospatial awareness and intelligence to everyone’s daily job and to each decision making process. Backed by over 45 years of experience in photogrammetry, cartography, spatial database management and geospatial processing, the specialized know-how and exceptional flexible software system architecture guarantees effective and affordable integration in each business process.

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The Orbit Touch Innovation & Emerging Technologies Both industry-driven and technology-driven innovations grasp our continuous focus of attention to stay ahead. Therefore, Orbit stands for continued innovation with the maturity to embrace emerging technologies and withstand hypes.

Integration & Operational Effectiveness To obtain the desired results, integration of GIS in your workflow, organization and business processes is of higher importance than the used technology. Orbit strongly believes that GIS is not an island, but a core part of your business, just as your data does not belong in separate silos but in a comprehensive corporate solution.

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Choosing Orbit

The Orbit portfolio offers a high ROI and cost effective solution to any of your geospatial challenges with decision support and business intelligence oriented solutions.

Orbit’s superb user friendliness, wide range of dedicated solutions and high level of training and support will encourage everyone to start using geospatial data on a daily basis with near to no effort.

The Orbit architecture is a transparent and straight forward technology using common maintenance techniques and well-known core technologies such as Java. All modules and extensions are well described in our online technical knowledge base.

High-end and complex software solutions restrain your organization from letting the majority of users efficiently use your corporate resources. Orbit stands for user friendly, low threshold and context-aware solutions, empowering geospatial knowledge throughout your organization. Smart and integrated solutions bring geospatial data to every desktop, website or mobile device, just as normal as a spreadsheet or text editor.

Decision Support & Corporate Governance There’s no sense in using GIS if it does not support the wellbeing of your organization. GeoSpatial knowledge needs to finalize in decision support deliverables. Just as a CRM or ERP tool, GIS needs to rollout throughout the organization. Orbit believes in a collaboration model supported by SaaS and Server-based processes, a corporate SDI using OGC and INSPIRE standards, to enable instant feedback to decision makers on all levels of your organization while simplifying the processes for all co-workers.

Consultancy & Dedicated Services We help you do the job. We understand that no software, however genius, however market dominant, however free or open, solves your problem. It requires the whole package: technical solutions, integration roadmap, consultancy, training, support. We understand your challenges. We deliver the solutions.

ORBIT GIS GeoSpatial Business Intelligence

The integration of processes and content adds knowledge and business intelligence to your organization. Keeping up-to-date with cutting edge and emerging technologies, bridging the gap between Airborne and Mobile mapping, shortening the path between highly specialized production processes and day-to-day use of geospatial content : These are a few of the means Orbit uses to create GeoSpatial Business Intelligence solutions.

Architecture The Orbit core architecture is based on a flexible client-server model, elaborated, integrated and right-sized whereas needed. Powerful server extensions can serve millions of web- and mobile applications, as well as be run as stand-alone extension on your desktop. Supplementary features and functions can easily be built-in, not bolted on. The Orbit system abstracts the resources from the processes, gaining maximum reusability of features and services. It provides a 360° corporate geospatial engine with automated processes and embedded systems to make your life easier.

Developer Orbit’s engine comes with hundreds of API’s. As a fact, 90% of the Orbit portfolio is built upon the core engine’s API’s. Both server-side and client-side API’s are identical, making extensions for desktop or corporate server basically the same. A dramatic advantage in reuse of resources! Orbit’s core technology is open for business in all industries, and all the support you need is right at your fingertips.


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