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Mobile Mapping Solutions ORBIT Mobile Mapping Solutions : Manage, Process, View, Check, Extract, Publish, Share and Embed Empowering Mobile Mapping to change the face of GIS

Get the most out of your Mobile Mapping data

Changing the face of GIS Mobile Mapping is a disruptive technology that is changing the face of GIS forever. Serving vast volumes of real life data, Orbit empowers companies and organizations to embrace and embed Mobile Mapping content in every day work. Extract features using Orbit’s Mobile Mapping solutions to produce and update content faster and more effective than ever before. Use Orbit’s Mobile Mapping Publisher to share over the internet, embed in your corporate software, and deliver to mobile devices.

.run, project, imagery, point cloud However the capture of mobile mapping data is organized, with imagery either panoramic or planar, with or without a point cloud, Orbit imports it all. Manage clearly all single runs and bundle raw data into manageable projects. Limitless.

.navigate terabytes at ease Orbit optimizes all data for performance. Roam through terabytes of point cloud easily and combine with imagery and your own vector and raster data.

.centralize, produce and share All Mobile Mapping content and Feature Extractions can be stored in a central storage system of choice. Orbit’s core client-server technology shares all types of data corporate wide and over the internet. A GSDI on its own or as part of corporate infrastructure.

.document assets With Orbit Asset Inventory, each registered item is automatically documented with an extraction from the image used to create it. Now add extra pictures, documents, a map annotation, and fill in any attribute that is useful for this item. Use Orbit’s intelligent attribute rules to fill in automatically.

.publish to the web and mobile devices Orbit’s Mobile Mapping Publisher provides the tools to publish both Mobile Mapping content and Asset Inventories to the web. Mobile Apps such as the free iOS PanoViewer access any Orbit Publisher.

.embed and integrate in any host Orbit’s publishing components are equipped with SDK’s and API’s to embed in Flex projects, web-based applications, dotNet applications, business intelligence tools, and any host such as your favorite GIS or CAD system.

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