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Teachers reflect on senior class

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Class of 2010 Edition

Volume 37 Issue 11

Thursday, May 27, 2010



A school career lasts a Pokemon long time, 12 years to was first introduced be exact. This timeline chronicles major events from the “Class of 2010’s” first day of school all the way to 1997 graduation.

June 30

April 8 Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, found dead from selfinflicted wound.

The first Harry Potter was published by J.K. Rowling.


May Michael Jordan plays last game with Chicago Bulls.

Summer St. Louis’ Mark McGwire and Chicago’s Sammy Sosa chase home run record set in 1961.

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Congratulations Class of 2010

Moments like that

A group of seniors gathered at midnight to camp out on the front lawn a week ago and played hide and seek girls against boys and the game “Never Have I Ever,” sat around in a circle singing numerous songs, and people who had never spoken before having heart to hearts. It’s moments like that, which we will remember for the rest of our lives....

Capturing one of the best times of their senior year, camp out attendees pause games for a group photo. Seniors which attended the camp out, took turns tracing each other with chalk across the parking lot linking them all by holding hands.

Your graduation headquarters

VFW Post 9716 Located at: 9434 State Route 43 Streetsboro, Ohio 44241

For membership information call: 330-626-0544 1999

April 20

July 27

December 31

September 11

Boy bands are all the rage as Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, O-Town and 98 Degrees launch.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 13 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

Tony Hawk lands first 900 in the X-Games “Best Trick” competition.

World goes into scare as billions of dollars are spent worldwide to brace for “end of world.”

Hijackers ram jetliners into the Twin Towers in New York City.




Congratulations Class of 2010

Senior social survey results

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high school experience is different for 20 The everyone. For some it consisted of going to 10 football games on Friday then sneaking out on Saturday nights. For others high school


was hanging out with a significant other, then lying about “loving them.” Each person takes his or her own path on a long journey to becoming a unique high school graduate...





Have you ever cheated on a test? yes 85% no 15%

Have you ever snuck out? yes 65% no 35%

Have you ever fallen on the senior hallway stairs? yes 54% no 46%

Have you ever lied about where you were going? yes 84% no 16%

Have you ever written on the bathroom wall? yes 33% no 66%

Have you ever been drunk? yes 67% no 33% Have you ever smoked? yes 51% no 49%

Have you ever gone to a football game? yes 97% 3%


Have you ever gone to a basketball game? yes 89% no 11%



Have you ever had sex? yes 75% no 25% Have you ever played “Spin the Bottle?” yes 59% no 31%

Have you ever said “I love you” and didn’t mean it? yes 58% no 42%

March 5

First Harry Potter The Osbornes movie opens nation- reality TV show wide grossing 93.5 debuts on MTV. million.


Have you ever been skinny dipping? yes 41% no 59%

Have you ever gotten in an accident? yes 41% no 59%

Did you ever think you were in love? yes 71% no 29%


Have you ever gone egging? yes 38% no 62%

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? yes 84% no 16%

Have you ever cheated in a relationship? yes 25% no 75%

November 16

Have you ever been TPing? yes 49% no 51%

Have you ever laughed so hard you peed your pants? yes 38% no 62% Have you ever lied about your age? yes 57% no 43%


February 19

Kelly Clarkson wins the first-ever American Idol competition.

Columbia space shuttle explodes while taking off killing all seven astronauts.


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Congratulations Class of 2010

The rest of our lives

begin here...

Mesa State College Grand Junction, CO >> Dani Radic University of Missouri Columbia, MI >> Lauren Groff

University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM >> Brittany Ozmun

Biola University La Mirada, CA >> Katylyn Kuchta

United States Armed Forces U.S. Marine Corps >> Jacob Bennett >> Luke Tinch >> Dan Tomasch

U.S. Air Force >> Cam Gomula >> Jay Lugo

March 19

U.S. Navy >> Cory Blondeaux

United States and allies invade Iraq in attempts to find Saddam Hussein and “weapons of mass destruction.”


November 17

Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes governor of California.

January 14 President Bush sets sights on another flight to the moon by 2020 and a launching base there for a trip to Mars and beyond.


February 1

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Justin Timberlake rips Janet Jackson’s costume exposing her breast.


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Congratulations Class of 2010 University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PE, Canada >> Reed Davis

Johnson and Wale University Providence, RI >> Nicole Kanengeiser

Slippery Rock University Slippery Rock, PA >> Jordan Lupica Art Institute of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA >> Ryan Anderson University of Akron

Coastal Carolina University Conway, SC >> Shay Colescott University of South Carolina Columbia, SC >> Jack Lewis

Valencia Community College Orlando, FL >> Gaby Ryzcek

April 2

Pope John Paul II dies. Benedict XVI becomes the next pope on April 24.

August 28

Akron, OH >> Mike Calhoun >> Courtney Coggins >> Kevin Cummings >> Tom Grice >> Vince LaVallee >> Lauren Lynde >> Jaynina Manibusan >> Matthew Melice >> Alyssa Nichols >> Zach Puster >> Therese Rowland >> Courtney Shields >> Kelsey Slusarczyk >> Stephanie Switzer >> Kayla Todd >> Merrisa Wilcox >> Josh Yanis

>> Nick Schmitt >> Alison Schuster >> Jason Silvis Baldwin - Wallace College >> Dan Spindler Berea, OH >> Mario Valenti >> Jason Cook Kent State University >> Brittany Welms >> Craig Donovan Kent, OH >> Heather Werner >> Shelly Johnson >> John Bores >> Amber Whitney >> Stephanie Lesher >> Michelle Brown >> Mike Wisniewski Bowling Green State University >> Caleb Cade >> Mike Zitkewicz >> Tiffany Dalton Bowling Green, OH >> Cheyenne Frederick Miami University >> Lindsey Fitzgibbons Oxford, OH >> Dare Gleason >> Nate Tonkin >> Olivia Allen >> Tyler Harris Fortis College >> Skye Flanders >> Sarah Henderson Cuyahoga Falls, OH >> Aaron Hernandez Ohio University >> Amanda Baker >> Lauren Holt Athens, OH >> Cory Germani >> Megan Humphrey >> Katelyn Alesci >> Court Willa >> Chelsea Jones Ashland University >> Brittany Bargerstock >> Shawnee Justus Ashland, OH Hiram University >> Billy Bejger >> Luke Klements >> Matt Hanish Hiram, OH >> Jillian Ferarro >> Luke Krispinsky >> April McClure >> Robert Hegedish Bluffton University >> Jennifer Langford >> Rachael Shields >> Breanna Komara Bluffton, OH >> Mike Lanham >> Megan Unger >> Zack Loska >> Nick Wiseman >> A.J. Lysiak >> Alex Westerh Bradford School Lakeland Community College >> Brett Nola Columbus, OH >> Alex Olesky Kirtland, OH >> Mackenzie Crock >> Shannon Roseberry University of >> Brian Poston Northwestern Ohio >> Jennie Prentice >> Wayne Walker Cleveland State Lima, OH >> Alyssa Savel University Mount Union College >> Kyle Kolke >> Katie Schlegel Cleveland, OH Alliance, OH >> Tony Tackett >> Gio Valenti

Hurricane Katrina hits the southern coast of the U.S. It was reported that more than 1,800 people died and there was more than 81 billion dollars in damage.

Ohio State University Columbus, OH >> Greg Coffee >> Ricky Ghrist >> Christine Tacke (Wooster) >> Shawn Wiler-Martin Stark State College North Canton, OH >> Frankie Diehl >> Brad Heeter Tri-C Community College Cleveland, OH >> Malcolm Brooks >>Taylor Herndon >> Tyler Herndon >> Tanisha Hill >> Darrin Looper >> David Moore >> Justin Packwood >> Stan Rocuskie >> Brandon Rolko >> Amber Williams Ursuline College Pepper Pike, OH >> Marshe Wright Walsh University North Canton, OH >> Karlie Grigoli >> Taylor Landgraf University of Toledo Toledo, OH >> Zach Roberts

September 4 “Crocodile hunter,� Steve Irwin dies at the age of 44 years of age. His heart pierced by the spine of a stingray.



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Congratulations Class of 2010

g n i c an


v d A


Four seniors set to play college sports >> Craig Donovan

Sports Writer

Four senior boys -- Malcolm Brooks, Jason Cook, Vince LaVallee and Nick Wiseman -- plan to continue their athletic careers at local colleges. Due to a spinal injury that had him benched Brooks most of his senior basketball season, Brooks plans to attend Tri-C Community College in Cleveland to tune-up his skills. “I am just going to get better, then I’m transferring to another school,” he said. Brooks said to make the transition from high school to college play, he will have to make the move from shooting guard/forward to point guard. “I have to work on my shooting and dribbling because I am going to run

April 16

Virginia Tech shootings: Perpetrator Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and wounded many others before committing suicide.


the point,” said Brooks. Brooks said he is excited to play at the next level. Fellow teammate Vince LaVallee is also planning to attend Tri-C and wants to try out for the basketball team. Soccer player Nick Wiseman is attending Bluffton College this fall and will be playing on the soccer team. He is also considering kicking for the football team. “I hope to lead my team to a Division III championship,” said Wiseman. Wiseman said he wants to coach soccer at a big high school after college, and feels confident in his ability to take it to the next level. “I play with a lot of D1 kids on the Akron Metro Futbol Club, and we are undefeated,” said Wiseman.

May Senior Cricket Prank: A group of seniors snuck into the school and let out 10,000 crickets.

Jason Cook is attending BaldwinWallace College in Berea to play football. “I am excited to play with some new people, and have some new competition,” said senior Jason Cook. Cook said he would like to thank Coach Arlesic, the rest of the coaches, his parents, and everyone else who helped him out. Though the rest of the senior athletes will not be taking their game to the next level, they will always have high school memories to take with them, Volleyball player Brittany Bargerstock said her favorite senior sports memory was winning the fifth straight Portage Trail Conference championship. Football player Dan Spindler said


Cleveland Cavs make NBA championships vs. San Antonio (4-0)

his favorite memory was scoring four touchdowns against rival Crestwood his senior year. “It made it even sweeter, because they said they were going to kick our butts,” he said. Cross country runner Skye Flanders said her favorite memory was the 24-four hour relay, and the PTC meet both during her senior year,where she ran a career best time. “It qualified me to run on the Varsity team for the district meet,” said Flanders. Wrestler Mike Wisniewski said his favorite past sports memories included the bus rides with “O” (Alex Oleksy) during JV baseball because they were always entertaining and funny, and senior night for wrestling against Crestwood.


Barack Obama becomes America’s first AfricanAmerican president


November 13 WSTB returns to airwaves after being shut down for 30 days

Here’s to the Congratulations Class of 2010

Page 7 Seniors king Gio Valenti and queen Brittany Welms.

‘Arabian Nights’

20 10

After announced as queen, senior Brittany Welms lets out an excited ‘’ahh’’ while fellow candidate Katylyn Kuchta claps with excitement. Trying to neatly eat her chocolate pretzel is senior Katelyn Alesci. Getting crazy on the dance floor are senior Amber Williams and junior Jeff Dowdall. Jokingly grinding on fellow senior Olivia Allen is senior prom king Gio Valenti.


Enjoying attention from the crowd are senior court members Mario Valenti and Karlie Grigoli. Looking into each other’s eyes during a slow song are junior Heather Davidson and her boyfriend, Jesse. Waiting to enter the ballroom are junior Nick Price and seniors Josh Welms, Mike Formick and Mike Wisniewski.

January 15

Flight 1549 was forced to land in the Hudson river after striking a flock of geese. All on board survived.


Feburary 9

March 14

Streetsboro’s Varsity boys basketball Yankees pitcher Alex team get their first-ever district title Rodriguez admits to and Co-PTC Championship. using a performanceenhancing substance in the past.


Lebron James wins MVP.


Levy fails for the first time; it would fail two more times.


Page 8

Congratulations Class of 2010

Teachers to remember 2010 Some share funny experiences and future advice to class Favorite Memory: “Over Christmas break, the team volunteered their time to Hattie Larlham,” Muckleroy said. “During our time at the facility, the players were asked to help the individuals become familiar with animals that were brought in from the Cleveland Zoo.”

“This senior class, I think is one of the more personable classes that we had... overall the class seems to be kind to one another,” Featherstun said.

Commentary: “Any senior group that comes through is special and as happy as I was that we won the teacher-senior basketball game its always an indicator that they’re going to be leaving us very soon,” Muckleroy said.

>> Lauren Groff Managing Editor

Favorite Memory:

Reflecting on some of the experiences they have had with the Class of 2010 are Science teacher Matt Featherstun, P.E. teacher Krista Vonstein, social studies teacher Gabe Swarts, head basketball coach Todd Muckleroy and English teacher Mindy Moulton. These teachers are telling about funny and personal experiences they have encountered over the past four years, experiences such as taking comfort in your students while out of the country and bonding with the basketball team while helping others at Hattie Larlham over Christmas break. “What is unique about the Class of 2010 is this is the first class I had as freshman and saw all the way through to their senior year so I got to see a lot of students literally grow up in front of me,” Vonstein said.

January 12 7.0 Magnitude earthquake devastates Portau-Prince, death toll estimated at 200,000.



“Keeping in touch with my seniors on my trip to Indonesia this year was great. It really helped cure my homesickness!” Swarts said. Advice: “Don’t sacrifice yourself,” Moulton said. “Don’t sacrifice your beliefs. As you progress in life, every belief you have will be tested. Those things you hold closest to you will remain. Stand strong in your faith in you.”

Commentary: “The great people. I always miss my students... I only get to meet them for a year as seniors, then they leave. Its not fair to only know you for that short amount of time,” Swarts said.

Bussing for high school students cut.

Feburary 12 Olympic luger Nodar Kumaritashvili loses control of his sled and dies in a crash while training for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancover Canada.


A tanker ship loaded with oil in Texas collides with two barges, resulting in a spill of about 450,000 gallons of oil.

Favorite Memory: “Kyle Dolovacky working in the rain to finish the courtyard,” Moulton said. “I didn’t have many of you guys anymore and you willingly and openly helped me.”


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Orbiter Senior Issue  

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