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A tool that has made UN’s Sustainable Development Goals easy to work with powered by

When your company wants to become more sustainable, you can document your ambition and initiatives in Mylius using UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework. Mylius is a universal dialog- and communication tool that makes it simple and easy to use the SDG’s in your daily professional work. The tool gives you an overview of your company’s contribution regarding sustainability and makes it easy to share which SDG’s you focus on. Mylius is developed utilizing the know-how of multiple key domain specialists representing many business areas.




Mylius is a Software as a Service (SaaS) app that offers: • Overview of the sustainability of your activities in a very visual way, no matter if it is regarding an overall company profile, key projects or your products • Ability to work with scenario-based assessments – starting point, objectives (wanted effect) and evaluation • Ability to scale how much your activities are intended to have effect on the sustainability • Ability to make action plans on how you want to achieve the planned improvements • An output format appropriate as supplementary information for CSR reporting Mylius makes it simple to work with the intangible concept of sustainability. The name Mylius: Mylius has been developed and created by the engineering consulting company, Orbicon, a subsidiary of Hedeselskabet. Hedeselskabet was founded in 1866 on the initiative of the committed and energetic people, Enrico Mylius Dalgas, Georg Morville and Ferdinand Mourier-Petersen, and has had great significance for the development of society in Denmark. Today, the company stands for green innovation with a focus on nature, environment and energy. We have called the SDG tool, Mylius, because we hope the tool will help organizations in all industries to create sustainable innovation that will have a positive impact on the planet. If you want to know more, please contact: Project manager and PhD Lea Ravnkilde Møller leam@orbicon.dk +45 23 62 44 29

Projekt manager Louise Meier lmei@orbicon.dk +45 21 15 50 60

Sales manager Dan O. Kiilerich doki@orbicon.dk +45 51 83 51 80

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Mylius Onepager - English  

Mylius Onepager - English