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Holistic Oral Health Solutions

“I feel like your products have saved my mouth... I tell all my friends about you… So many of my friends are using your products now with amazing results. Thank you! You saved my gums!” Robin C. from CO

“I’m already starting to see the benefits of Shine & the [HealThy] Mouth Blend… teeth feel stronger & polished. I have already ordered multiple bottles of Shine! Thank you!” Namrata M. from the UK

Thousands of Happy Customers “I had some staining on my teeth & they were starting to get yellow. After using Shine for a couple of weeks, I noticed a definite improvement. I absolutely love what it's doing for my smile. Thank you for an awesome product! Already re-ordered!" Shari L. from SD

“I have purchased a total of 4 bottles of the HealThy Mouth Blend & I have the tongue scraper. Simply put, they work. So much so, that with my most recent purchase I picked up the Shine powder. I trust this company and their mission!" Kerry P. from CA

Don’t Just Clean Your Teeth & Gums, Fortify Them. Our next-generation, holistic oral care solutions help restore balance to the oral microbiome, strengthen teeth from the inside out, stop bleeding gums, soothe sensitivity, & make your oral health worries (& dentist fears!) a thing of the past.

Restoring Radiant Smiles Worldwide When Susan was blindsided by a shocking diagnosis of advanced gum disease, she refused to accept the conventional belief that she'd be stuck with it for life. After digging through scientific studies and drawing on her decades-long background in the Chinese longevity arts (think tai chi), she used natural ingredients and daily habits to restore microbial balance in her mouth. And it worked! Just one year later, the same dentist said she had zero signs of active gum disease. Impassioned to share the keys to Susan's success, we created OraWellness in 2010 to spread dental self-empowerment and help restore thousands of happy, healthy, and confident smiles around the globe.

Will & Susan Revak Founders & Chief Smile Officers

• Stops decay & helps remineralize teeth

• Naturally whitens teeth (without harsh abrasives)

• Soothes tooth & gum sensitivity

• Freshens breath

• Free of alcohol, fluoride, & SLS

• Free of gluten, soy, & dairy

• Paleo & Whole30 approved

Oral Care Impacts More Than Just the Mouth When your mouth feels good, you feel good! We're committed to creating health-restoring oral care solutions that keep whole-body wellness in mind. After all, whatever goes into the mouth impacts the rest of the body. With clean, all-natural ingredients, each OraWellness product is thoughtfully designed to nourish oral and whole-body health.

“You’ve given me the courage to smile in public again." Debbie E. from MN

HealThy Mouth Blend

Holistic Gum & Tooth Support The only toothpaste alternative made with 100% certified organic ingredients. This non-abrasive, invigorating formula is safe and effective for daily use. It addresses the root cause of bleeding gums and chronic bad breath, prevents plaque buildup, and balances your oral microbiome for healthy teeth and gums. Simply add 2-3 drops directly onto your toothbrush, coat your floss with it, or add a couple of drops to water for a delightfully refreshing mouthwash. And, it's perfectly portable for wherever you go!

“My dentist says to keep doing what I'm doing!… my hygienist was amazed at how little plaque she found on my teeth." Stephanie R. from SD

A Balanced Formula

Warming & cooling essential oils in a carrier oil base (almond oil for Original or jojoba oil for Nut Free) create a ‘just right’ concentration that helps restore microbial balance in the mouth.

Peppermint & Spearmint


Warms the formula & stops tooth decay-related pathogens so healthsupporting microbes can thrive.

Cools inflammation & stops gumdisease-related pathogens so healthsupporting microbes can thrive.



Warms the formula, prevents pathogen species from talking & coordinating with each other, & soothes sensitive oral tissue.

Supports compromised tissue by increasing blood flow to the area.


Makes it difficult for plaque to stick to teeth & gums. *Essential oil of the manuka plant, not honey. FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shine Remineralizing Tooth Powder Strengthen & Whiten Your Teeth

Powerful enough to remineralize your teeth, gentle enough to polish and nourish. This velvety soft powder provides teeth with the exact same minerals they're made of: microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (aka 'MCHA'). Shine's naturally-derived MCHA is milled to a super fine particle size that fits into the nooks and crannies of teeth (right where extra support is needed). Go beyond basic brushing: clean, polish, and remineralize to prevent cavities and make your teeth feel strong!

“My teeth are white, but more importantly they are healthy—I no longer have that stinging when drinking cold liquids.” Karolena S. from TX

MCHA (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite) The finest remineralizing ingredient on the planet: high quality powdered bone from grass-fed New Zealand cattle. Provides the perfect balance of calcium to phosphorus, in the same ratio found in teeth!

Xylitol (from non-GMO birch)

Sodium Bicarbonate

Boosts remineralization & helps ensure the MCHA is delivered right where it's most needed.

Supports whitening & reduces acidity in the mouth.

White Kaolin Clay

Calcium Lactate (non-dairy)

The most effective clay for gently polishing away food & drink stains (without damaging teeth). (Source)

Enhances the remineralization effects of xylitol.

Magnesium Carbonate

Himalayan Salt

Supports remineralization.

Provides essential trace minerals.


Mint: peppermint oil, spearmint oil, & menthol Cinnamon: cinnamon oil FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Support Your Mouth AND the Environment The first bamboo Bass-style toothbrush! It's on a mission to:

Create healthier mouths


Reduce new plastic pollution


Clean up existing plastic pollution* *We donate 100% of BrushEco profits to ocean cle anup organizatio ns.

rushes ever... “Best toothb ely em, I immediat after using th h are cleaner et te y m .. e. bought mor ndles are e wooden ha than ever. Th !" r than plastic so much bette HI m fro . Wandalea W

What are the features of the different BrushEco options? Adult 3-row option: • Spaced out bristle tufts.

What's different about Bass toothbrushes?

• Great for cleaning along the gum line with the Bass Brushing Technique, cleaning between teeth with gaps, & cleaning around braces. Adult 4-row & Junior 3-row options:

• Medium firmness bristles more effectively clear away plaque & bacteria.

• Bristle tufts are closer together.

• Rounded, polished bristle tips gently massage.

• Great for gently cleaning & polishing the teeth.

• Shorter handle encourages the user to grasp it in their fingertips & brush gently.

• Junior size is helpful for smaller mouths & for brushing any hard-to-reach areas like behind the lower front teeth & the back molars.

What Sets Our Products Apart? Safe & effective ingredients

All of our ingredients support oral health (with zero fillers, nasty chemicals, or other questionable ingredients).


To reduce our environmental impact, we use minimal plastic in all of our packaging. And, BrushEco is made from 99.97% biodegradable materials.


A bottle of Blend, jar of Shine, or BrushEco can last one person several months. Great value!

People love them

Our products have a huge fanbase because they actually work! We’ve received thousands of 5-star reviews & testimonials, & customers love to share our products with their loved ones.

We’re here to help

Need a marketing resource? Looking for an extra boost of traffic? We’ve got your back, & we’ll help send customers right to your store.

Why Is the HealThy Mouth Blend Special? Multi-functional

Brush your teeth with it, add to oil pulls, add to floss, or add to water as a mouthwash.

100% certified organic ingredients

We chose to use 100% organic ingredients (even though it wasn’t required for the official organic certfication).

Energetically balanced formula

An excess of either warming or cooling elements can have negative impacts in the body. So, we use a combination of both warming and cooling ingredients to maintain energetic balance.

What Makes Shine Tooth Powder Unique? Natural, non-nano* hydroxyapatite

The remineralizing microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA) in Shine is naturally derived from grass-fed, NZ cattle. *More and more remineralizing products are using nano hydroxyapatite in their formulas, but nano-sized particles in general are under scientific review for human safety due to concern about their genotoxic potential (their potential to damage DNA). So, we won’t use nano-sized hydroxyapatite in any of our formulas until nano particles have been proven to be safe in humans.

Hydroxyapatite is the 1st ingredient

Shine is the only product with remineralizing hydroxyapatite as the #1 ingredient (because we know ingredient quantity impacts a product’s efficacy).

Contains clay to whiten

Contrary to popular belief, clays are not effective at remineralizing. Instead, they’re helpful for whitening, which is why Shine contains white kaolin (the most effective clay for gently polishing away food & drink stains).

What Makes BrushEco Stand Out? Groundbreaking

BrushEco is the first bamboo Bass-style toothbrush. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, which helps prevent “thug bugs” from growing on the brush.


A bamboo handle with bristles that are held in place with steel staples (no glues or nasty chemicals used).

The BrushEco Mission

Create healthier mouths


Reduce new plastic pollution


Clean up existing plastic pollution

We donate 100% of BrushEco profits to ocean cleanup organizations. So, choosing this natural brush option not only creates less new plastic waste, it also contributes to the cleanup of existing plastic waste, all while creating healthier smiles.

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HealThy Mouth Blend* HealThy Mouth Blend*

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HealThy Mouth Blend

Shine Tooth Powder


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Wholesale Policies How To Order:

Easily order via phone, email, or our online portal. If emailing your order, please provide the following information so we can email you an invoice: Product Name(s), Variety, Quantity, Store Name, Buyer Contact Information, Billing Address, and Shipping Address.

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Fulfillment & Delivery: Quality Guarantee: Domestic (USA) wholesale orders: • Flat $10 shipping fee. • Free shipping on orders $250+ International wholesale orders: • Flat $25 USD shipping fee. • Free shipping on orders $750 USD+ All orders are shipped via USPS. Please allow between 7-10 business days for domestic processing and delivery. Larger volume orders and international partnerships require slightly longer lead times. Expedited shipping options are available at an additional cost.

If damage has occurred during shipping or a manufacturing issue is discovered, please notify us for assistance within 4 business days from the arrival of your order. If you are not fully satisfied with the delivered condition of any products, we guarantee a comparable replacement or full credit.


HealThy Mouth Blend: Carrier Oil Base of Organic Sweet Almond Oil (Original Blend Only) OR Organic Jojoba Oil (Nut Free Blend Only), *Organic Cinnamon Leaf Oil, *Organic Peppermint Leaf Oil, *Organic Spearmint Leaf Oil, *Organic Clove Bud Oil, *Organic Myrrh Oil, and *Organic Manuka Oil. (*Included in both the Original and the Nut Free version of the HealThy Mouth Blend)

Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder: Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite* (naturally derived, non-nano source), Sodium Bicarbonate, Xylitol (sourced from birch), White Kaolin Clay, Calcium Lactate (non-dairy), Magnesium Carbonate, Himalayan Salt, and (Mint version) Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, & Menthol OR (Cinnamon version) Cinnamon Leaf Oil. (*Powdered bone from grass-fed New Zealand cattle. Not a vegan product.)


BrushEco is made of sustainable bamboo with steel staples that hold the bristles in place, and it comes in a compostable vegetable cellulose bag inside a post-consumer recycled paperboard box. The only part of BrushEco that does not decompose on its own are the nylon bristles.

Thousands of Smiling Customers

It works! “I was made aware of the OraWellness way of oral health from the Clovis Culture Podcast. I never do this, but I ordered a starter kit before I even finished listening to the podcast! My family all ordered kits too after I made them listen and learn! I was especially excited by the idea that I could remineralize and help a few of my molars that had been painful for years even with the use of regular sensitive toothpaste. It took about four weeks of use, but my sensitive molars are not painful anymore! I am a customer for life! Thank you!"

Kathryn P. from PA

Show the world your smile! Wholesale@OraWellness.com