Memories in Stone - A Survey of the Old Graveyard Oranmore

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Oranmore Old Graveyard, aerial view 1964



4 Oranmore Heritage was founded as the Old Graveyard Restoration Group in 2000 by interested members of the Oranmore community in order to preserve the Old Graveyard in Oranmore which was under threat of being developed for purposes other than a graveyard. At that time the Graveyard had been closed to new graves for nearly 50 years. It had been neglected and was overgrown and the perimeter walls were breached. The Committee felt strongly that steps needed to be taken to restore and preserve the Graveyard as it is a designated archaeological site and is the last resting place of generations of people from Oranmore and the surrounding areas. The Committee restored the walls, and with assistance from Galway County Council made a path around the Graveyard to make the graves accessible. throughout the site.

Various other works were carried

At all times during restoration works, steps

were taken to ensure that the integrity of the graves was not compromised. Having accomplished access to most of the graves, the Committee decided to carry out a survey and record the inscriptions on the various slabs and monuments as far as possible. In tandem with this, we proceeded to initiate the recording of all the deaths registered in the Ecclesiastical parish of Oranmore between 1864 and 1950 to assist those who may wish to investigate their ancestry. Access to the Register of Deaths was very limited and 7

ultimately completely restricted and therefore the Registry of Deaths information, while as complete as possible, should in specific cases be investigated by individuals at the Registry of Deaths. The result of the work is contained in this publication and we hope that it will be of benefit to those who are interested in tracing their Oranmore roots.



Oranmore Old Graveyard, the subject of this work, is situated on the right hand side of the main street as you go towards the southern end of the village. It was originally accessed by a lane clearly shown on the old Ordnance Survey maps. The lane has now been absorbed into a commercial development, through which it is still possible to gain access to the Graveyard. The key to the gate can be obtained from the shop on this site. The Graveyard is of irregular shape, measuring .302 hectares. This irregular shape created a lot of problems when decisions had to be made about where to locate the path and how to divide the Graveyard in order to survey and record the inscriptions on the slabs and monuments. Although all the graves are oriented in an east/west direction there are no ordered rows and it could be said the graves are in a chaotic state of distribution. It is believed to be a very old site, although efforts to find any documented history relating to its age have so far yielded little fruit. A church ruin, which forms part of the northern perimeter wall, is thought to be of thirteenth century origin. Although only the sidewalls remain, there are indications that it was a much larger church. Cut stone, which probably framed its doorways and windows, is to be found as grave markers around the Graveyard. It is likely that the church fell into disuse and decay in the postReformation period. In the Ordnance Survey letters of 1837, it is described as a ruin, and there are a number of slabs within its precincts dating from the late 1700s. In addition, there are some slabs from the medieval period in the immediate vicinity of the ruin, which would support this belief. Like many graveyards where ownership could not be established, it came under the jurisdiction of a Burial Board in the mid 1800s, 9

and with the demise of the Burial Board system, it became the responsibility of the local authority, in this case Galway County Council. In the 2000 Draft Development Plan, it was proposed to turn this graveyard into a ‘Pocket Park’ to provide open space in the centre of the village. The Graveyard had been officially closed for about fifty years at the time—though a few interments did subsequently take place there. There were very strong objections to the proposal by local people whose ancestors were buried there, and the proposal was not acted on. It was at this point that we came together to form the Old Graveyard Restoration Group1. We set about repairing the walls, clearing away the shrubbery, gathering the rubbish and clearing away the long grass. The following year, with help, guidance and financial assistance from Galway County Council, we constructed a metre wide path around the graveyard to facilitate access to the graves. At the same time, the Presentation Nun’s graveyard, previously walled off in the eastern corner of the site, was incorporated into the site2. It was decided to make the path roughly about thirty metres from the perimeter wall where this was practical. However in order to avoid walking on grave slabs or designated graves the path has taken many twists and turns, resulting in a very erratic route, as will be seen from the map.

It has proved nevertheless to be very

effective and helped in sectioning the graveyard for the Survey. For the purposes of the Survey, the site was divided into six sections labelled A through F (see attached map). 1

Section A

The Old Graveyard Restoration Group subsequently changed its name to Oranmore Heritage as it began to become involved in other matters relating to local heritage. See 2 Prior to the building of a large convent to the south of the village, the Presentation Nuns lived in a house on Main Street, adjacent to the Graveyard


begins just inside the entrance gate and is bounded on the southwestern side by the perimeter wall and on the northern side by the path.

It extends to the point where the path meets the wall near

the end of the Church of Ireland site. Section B extends from a line roughly from the northern end of the church ruin to the path and is bounded by the perimeter wall in the north–western corner. Section C is bounded by the path on the southern side and includes the Presentation Nuns’ plot and the monument within the church ruins. Section D reaches from the Nuns’ plot to the entrance gate and is bounded on the northern side by the path and on the other side by the perimeter wall to the rear of the village. Section E is located on the northern side of the path, which forms the boundary of Section A and extends to a line running from the Walsh family grave ( F1) to the left side of the grave of Patt Keane ( F47).

Section F extends from this line to the path which forms

the boundary of Sections B and C. All visible slabs and monuments were recorded in a thorough examination of the site. However, because this site was neglected for so many years, it is also possible that some slabs have sunk into the ground. The growth and dying back of vegetation over many years would have formed a new layer of topsoil.


graves have caved in and some monuments have fallen.

In our

work we did not interfere with these, nor did we dig around any monument where part of the script was below the surface.

At all

times the integrity of the site was respected. Every effort was made to record the inscriptions accurately but in some cases it was not possible due to the deterioration of the slab or monument. These cases are indicated by a question mark (?) or symbol of illegible text (^^^^) 11

Aberrations in spelling are not uncommon in the original inscriptions and these are recorded in the Survey as they appear on the grave slabs. This may be due to human error or to the fact that some names have multiple spellings i.e. Coen/Coan, Furey/Fury, Byrnes/Burns etc. – this should be considered in the course of any research undertaken. There are other minor oddities such as the frequent use of superscript evidently caused by the stonemason running out of space or the last letter or letters of a word being carried over to the following line. Many of the gravestones are decorated, some with very elaborate symbols.

Some have occupational symbols indicating the trade

practised by the deceased. The Cullinan grave slab (C28, Figure 1) for example as well as being richly decorated has an interesting symbol engraved on it.

It shows a bent arm holding a triangular

shaped tool in the hand within a circle.

There is some

indecipherable script underneath and there is what appears to be a small gimlet (a boring tool) within this circle as well. We can only speculate what trade might be represented – it may well be the symbol of a stonemason. The slab on the grave of Patrick Hanly (E9, Figure 2) has the symbol of a plough carved on it. There may have been further carving on it, which is no longer visible due to the deterioration of the surface of the slab. E18 is the last resting place of James Malone “who departed this life February 22 1797 aged 67 years”. It is safe to assume that he was a blacksmith. On the bottom half of the slab in a panel with an 12

arched top are carved the outline of an anvil, a hammer and a tongs or pincers. (Figures 3 & 4) E32 is also the grave of a blacksmith, Mathias Bermingham ‘who departed this life January 30th 1790 aged 84’. His grave slab shows a square panel, this time with a hammer, tongs or pincers on each side and a horseshoe over a small anvil in the middle. (Figures 5) On the slab of Hugh Coen (E23, Figures 6 and 7) are the tools of a carpenter, an axe, a saw, a pincers and a square. Tradesmen were proud of their crafts and were highly regarded in the society of their day. They may well have been more prosperous than most since their services were needed all year round and work would always have been available in the ‘Big Houses’.

Blacksmiths would have been in demand all the time in

the era of ‘horse power’, making farm implements and gates and shoeing horses of which there were many.3 As well as the graves with occupation symbols there are many examples of high quality artwork on slabs and monuments throughout the graveyard well worthy of study for anybody interested in the stone carving of that period. There are a great number of graves marked only by a stone, some stones obviously taken from the walls of the church ruin as previously noted, and there were many interments that were left


In an address given to the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland in 1888, the then Registrar General Dr. Grimshaw quoting from the 1861 Census stated that in that year, there were 614,000 horses, 20,000 mules and 194,000 asses - enough to keep many blacksmiths busy.



Many slabs and monuments, particularly the older

ones, are decorated with the letters IHS surmounted by a cross. This is the symbol of the Holy Name of Jesus5. Devotion to the Holy Name was popularised in Italy in the thirteenth century by St. Bernadine of Siena and was formally approved for the universal Church in 1721. In the early 1700’s funerals could only take place with the permission of, and payment to the local Anglican minister and this symbol may have been a discreet way for Catholics to show their religion without offending the imposed church authority6. In this graveyard, the IHS symbol with the initials of the deceased or an abbreviation of the name characterise a number of the monuments from the eighteenth century. (Figures 8-12)) Anyone undertaking research on the graveyard would have to consider a number of factors. While it is intended to record the burials for the Ecclesiastical parish of Oranmore, (Figure 13) it appears that a number of families outside the Ecclesiastical parish are






Grealy families


Ballinamanagh and the Bradys from Gurrane Lower in Maree are examples of this. Fahys from Lydican and Kings from Briarhill are also buried here, as are the Fahys and the O’ Flahertys from Murrough, the maternal ancestors of the Cannon family in Moneymore. There are many others as well about whom we have no knowledge. On the other hand, there are families from the 4

Our efforts to identify these graves are ongoing and we have appealed to local people to come forward and help. 5 The IHS monogram is an abbreviation of Jesus’ name in Greek to the first three letters . Thus IH OY is shortened to IH and transliterated into English or Latin characters as IHS or IHC. 6 Corish, Patrick, The Irish Catholic Experience (Dublin 1985) pp143&157. Wall, Maureen, Catholic Ireland in the Eighteenth Century –collected essays (Dublin 1989) p. 51


parish itself who are not interred in this graveyard.

The ancestors

of the Finn family of Oranhill and the Trayers family of Renville are buried in Kilcaiman. So, the possibility of some Oranmore families being buried in other cemeteries cannot be ruled out. In conjunction with this survey we have also examined and recorded the Register of Deaths for the Ecclesiastical Parish of Oranmore from the year 1864 to 1950. The cemetery behind St. Mary’s Church7 across the road from the graveyard site was opened in the late 1940’s, and, with few exceptions that are well documented, all later interments took place there. In comparing the Survey of the Graveyard with the Register of Deaths, it appears that not all deaths were registered.


knowledge of specific deaths, which do not appear on the Register would confirm this.

Local knowledge would also suggest that the

addresses in the Register are not always correct. Addresses like Cregannamore and Cregannabeg, Gurrane North and Gurrane South, Renville East and Renville West have contributed to this. Significant other discrepancies have been noted in the records. For example Ellen Grealy of Oranmore died on 12th September 1903 according to her gravestone (F21) yet the Register of Deaths records an entry of Ellen Greaney of Oranhill who died on 7th September 1903. It was widely accepted that 10 to 15% of deaths were not recorded, and our research would indicate that the percentage might be even higher in Oranmore. As late as the 1970s, the number not registered was still very high. Professor John Kennedy, Pathologist at the Regional Hospital, told the Western Health Board of the day, that as many as 35% of those who died in some parts of the West of Ireland were buried without 7

St. Mary’s Church now houses Oranmore Library.


their deaths being registered. It was suggested that responsibility for registration be given to undertakers but that was found to be impractical at that time8. Over 80 deaths registered between 1864 and 1902 have the address ‘Newtownbutler’.

No such townland appears on the

Ordnance Survey maps. Again, local knowledge would suggest – though this is not definite and requires more research – that this name was imposed on Carrowmoneash by the Butler family who lived in Thornpark. It appears only twice after 1900 and not at all after 1902.

Griffith’s valuation circa 1855 shows about 50

occupiers of land and houses in Carrowmoneash all leased from Xavierius or Ann Butler. Some addresses in the Register are not actual townlands. ‘Bayview’ home of the Blakes is in Renville West, ‘Shraduff’ is in Oranmore, ‘Thornpark’ is in Carrowmoneash, ‘Roseville’ is in Moneyduff and Vesey Lodge and Oranisland are in Oranmore. Caheradrine, is in the townland of Cregannamore and Tonroe, though not shown as part of the civil parish of Oranmore, is included in the Ecclesiastical parish. Seafield, Cottage and Ardfry are contiguous townlands not in the Ecclesiastical parish of Oranmore, but may be of interest to researchers. (figure 13) We noted that addresses are shown on slabs in the graveyard only in very rare cases.


Connaught Tribune January 11th 1974


Figure 1.The Cullinan grave (C28) slab showing an occupational symbol suggesting that the deceased was a stonemason

Figure 2. An indistinct carving of a plough can be seen on the grave slab of Patrick Hanly (E9)


Figure 3

Figure 4.

The outline of an anvil, a hammer and a tongs or pincers can be observed on the grave of blacksmith James Malone (E18)


Figure 5 E32, the grave of another blacksmith, Mathias Bermingham., showing a square panel, with a hammer, and tongs on each side and a horseshoe over a small anvil in the middle.

Figure 6. (see below)


Figure 7 An axe, a saw, a pincers and a square clearly indicate that the deceased, Hugh Coen, was a carpenter (E23)

Figure 9

Figure 8


Figure 10

Figure 12

Figure 11

Figure 8-12 The IHS monogram, a transliteration from the Greek of the first three letters of the Name of Jesus was a popular devotion in the eighteenth century. It’s appearance on grave slabs may have been a subtle demonstration of Catholic faith during a time of persecution


Figure 13 Map of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Oranmore Ardfry, Seafield and Cottage, denoted in blue are outside the Ecclesiastical parish.


Map of the Graveyard outlining sections and locations of Graves


. 4 Key to symbols ? = unclear ^^^^=illegible text










A6 A7 A8


+IHS+ Grant O Lord Eternal rest to the soul of Daniel Dooly dept. this life 26th of Sept. 1867 aged 75 years Erected by his beloved wife Anne Dooly alias Divany and his son Peter Dooly for him and Posterity Slab IHS Grant O Lord eternal rest to the sol of Thos Dooly who died Dec the 6th 1880 aged 11 years Erected by his Father Danniel Dooly for him and Posterity Decorated Half- IHS Circle Tomb This monument was erected by Patrick (Slab on four and John Lane in memory of their legs) father Michael Lane who departed this life Febry the 4th 1814 aged 65 (55?) years. O Lord have mercy on his soul & posterity Standing Erected by Mary Mahon alias Grealy headstone & slab ^^^^ in front ^^^^ Grant O Lord eternal rest to the soul of John Grealy who deptd life 29th Dec 1819 aged 65 years Erected by his beloved daughter Mary Mahon alias Grealy in memory of him and posterity Decorated God be merciful to the soul of Patrick slab Hehir who died Febr. 1813 aged 55 years Erected by his brother Martin Hehir in memory of him & posterity. Standing Stone Rough mark Celtic cross Loving memory of Thomas Melvin died single grave with November 1941 his wife Delia died surround – kerb August 1936 erected by Peter Melvin Two flat slabs No discernable inscription 24


Slab decorated with IHS with floral symbol

Erected by John F. Derham in memory of his beloved wife Bridget Derham who died July 23 1815 aged 25 years. May she rest in peace Amen


Headstone decorated with cherubs




Decorated raised slab

Erected by Rev Daniel O Connell in the memory of his father Denis O Connell who departed this life in 1845 aged 62 years. May he rest in peace In memory of Patrick Turke died 8th July 1901 aged 31 years Erected by his father and mother and sisters Annie and Maggie Grant O Lord Eternal Rest to the soul of Mary Donohue Alias Moran who departed this life the 1st Febry 1855 aged 61 yrs. Erected by her beloved husband Thomas Donohue for him and posterity AD 1857 Beatu Mortoi Qui in Domino mortum Here lies the mortal remains of Pat Kelly and Honore Noone May the lord have mercy on their souls Lord have mercy on the soul of Anthony Connell who departed this life 1831 aged 62 years and his son Patt Connell aged 20 years. This tomb was erected by his beloved wife Bridget Connell alias Melia as a token of love to their memory O Lord have mercy on the soul of John Burke who died January 6th 1836 aged 71 years. Lord have mercy on the soul of Myles burke and Family AD 1831 Placed by his daughter Bridget Burke in memory of them and posterity


Wide slab


Decorated slab


Decorated slab


Decorated slab


Decorated slab



D.O.M Pray for the soul of Ann Fagan who died at Ardfry 13th December 1778 ^^^^ Grace Doherty Alias Fagan Erected to the memory of her beloved mother

Thomasina Ryan the youngest daughter of James Ryan of Renville died 22nd November 1822 aged 20 years 25




Round headed slab



B14 B15

Slab 66cm x 130 cm small child Slab


Decorated slab




Decorated slab




Decorated slab

Renville B21

Headstone and

Have Mercy O God on the soul of Philip Lynch Athy late of Renville who died 23rd August 1774 aged ^^^^ Requiem escant pace Amen Here lies the remains of Edmond Lynch Athy of Renville Esquire and also his wife Honora Athy alias Nothingham who died November 11th 1807 aged 55 years? She died April 20th 1781 aged 25 years Lord have mercy on their souls Amen. Also Philip their only son died 18th May 1810 aged ? years. Here lieth the body of ^^^^ Nothingham alias Burke wife of Peter Nothingham of Gurteen Esq of this county. She departed this life on the 22nd January 1811 aged 87. Lord have mercy on her Amen Honora Lynch Athy second daughter of Philip Lynch Athy Esquire of Renville who died November 1818 aged 3 years O Lord have mercy on the soul of Laurence Carrick who died December 1810 aged 33 years. Placed by his beloved Wife M? Carrick alias Jordan in memory of him and posterity Pray for the soul of Richd Carrick who died 19th August 1819 aged 68 years. Erected by his son Danl Carrick in memory of him and posterity. IHS Pray for the soul of Brian O Loughlin and Christina Blake his wife and his sister Bridget who died October 5th 1781. IHS Christ have mercy on the soul of James (?) Farrel who departed this life 1784 and also his wife Margaret Farrel alias Larn^^^^ who died 1782. This slab was erected by their son John Farrel for them and his posterity. May they rest in Peace Amen Erected by Michael Joyce in memory of his father John Joyce who died on 10th June 1882 aged 83. RIP Grant O Lord Eternal rest to the soul of Biddy McDonagh who died 22nd June 1831 aged 13 years ( ?) Placed by her brother John McDonagh in memory of her and posterity Thomas Mc Donagh died 5th November 1910 and his wife Delia who died 27th January 1934. William McDonagh 13th December 1931 In Loving Memory of John St George 26

concrete slab B22 B23

B29 B30

Headstone partially broken, decorated Slab and broken headstone

Usher Rocklands House Oranmore, died 19th July 1947 aged 62 years. RIP Erected by John Atkinson in memory of his daughter Ann who departed this life 17th March 1838 Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Daniel Higgins his wife Alice his son HM Hugo Higgins his daughter Bessy who remains he brought to this monument and also for the repose of the soul of Mary Julia Higgins who died on 21st April 1872 aged 75 years. May they rest in peace headstone erected by John T. Higgins in memory of his beloved parents to show the faith in which they lived and died and as a tribute of respect for their virtues. Requiem escant in pace Amen Grant O Lord eternal rest of Mrs. Eleanor R. Taafe alias Higgins who departed this life on 2nd September 1868 aged 50 years. This stone erected by her fond daughter Helena Taafe for her and posterity.


Decorated slab

B25 B26

Round headed monument with raised cross Decorated slab


Decorated slab



In memory of Thomas Furey who died August 12th 1883 aged 4 years RIP

Headstone topped by Celtic Cross Low monument

n Memory of Margaret Jane Spelman who departed this life in 1913 aged 21 years. IHS surmounted by a cross over the initials IBCB 1777

Lord have mercy on Stephen Burke who died 3rd January 1886 May he rest in Peace Have Mercy O Lord on the soul of Mary Clarke alias Blake who died 11th November 1877 aged 77 years also her husband George Clark. Rest in Peace This flag was erected by Joseph Conway (?) to the memory of his father? and brother James who departed in 1821 and 1822 The Lord have mercy on their souls and posterity



Presentation Nun’s Plot

Sr. Teresa Donnellan died Feb 13 1873 aged 73 Sr Berchman Moran died July 14th 1874 aged 48 years Sr. Mary Joseph Agnes Lynch died 4th March 1880 aged 44 years Sr. Mary Rose Magee died July 3rd 1881 aged 69 years Sr. Veronica Shortall died October 4th 1866 aged 45 years Sr. Anthony Walsh died 29th April 1909 aged 78 years


Headstone Decorated with two doves Cross Slab

IHS Erected by Patrick Tynan and ^^^^ for his posterity AD 1872 Honora King







Slab decorated with a cross in the circle


Monument Oranbeg

Cross – Have Mercy O Lord on the soul of Thomas Coppinger died 24th Nov 1907 Aged 70 Year RIP Slab- HIS Erected by Thomas Coppinger in memory of his brother John Coppinger died in April 1879 aged 90 and his mother Mary Coppinger died June 184? aged ^^^^ also his sister Mary Coppinger died 1861 aged ^^^^ years. May they rest in peace Amen Here lieth the body of Lilly Greaves who dep this life Feb Y 11th 1806 aged 46 years. Erected by her husband W’m Greaves. This monument was erected by George ?eaves in memory of his brother William Greaves departed life the 8th day of August 1806 aged 55 years O Lord have mercy on the soul of Honora Sheehan alias Grealy dep’t this life April 6, 1836 aged 52 y…rs. This stone was placed by her husband Martin Sheehan in memory of her and for the wife of his posterity. Erected by Thomas Furey in loving memory of his father Thomas who died 12 dec 1927 also his mother Bridget who died 1st nov 1939 and his brother Patsy died 21 Oct 1939






C12 C13 C14


Stone measuring 177mm broken in two. width at top 55cm tapering to 47cm at base. Raised impression of Celtic cross with the date 1661 and the initials M.B. within the circle. This slab is not on its original site, currently lying on top of another much later slab Slab decorated with IHS with sunburst around the I and S Tomb Diocesan archives confirmed date of death as March 1818 Tomb

Slab with raised Celtic cross design no script Low decorated cross inscribed Nappy 1781 Slab IHS in recessed oval Decorated with dove Slab

The Lord have mercy on the soul of Mich’l Byrnes who died June 3rd 1835 aged 73. This stone was erected by his brother Matthew Byrnes in memory of him and posterity Here lieth the remains of Reverend Walter Blake Vicar of the College of Saint Nicholas and PP of Oranmore. Departed this life March 1808/68? Aged 59 The Lord have mercy on his soul Amen The Lord have mercy on the soul of Reverend Peter Blake DD Vicar of the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas and Rector of the United Church of Oranmore § Ballinacourty who departed this life on the 1st day of January AD 1789 In the 49th year of his age RIP

This stone was erected by Walter Staunton in memory of his father Myles Staunton who departed this life in the year 1770 and also of his brother William Staunton Esq MD who died in the year 1778. Requiscant in Pace Thomas Powell departed this life 27 Nov 1890 aged ? years. Honor Powel departed life Feb 1893 aged 18 years. May they rest in Peace Amen Placed 29


Slab raised script




Decorated slab










Carved low cross with inscription IHS at the head of slab






Headstone and Slab

by his son Wil’m Powell in memory of him and posterity Pray for the soul of John Finnigan and his wife and family? ^^^^ ^^^^ Grant O Lord eternal rest to the soul of Nicholas Byrnes who departed this life on 17th day of April, 1865 aged 50 years. This tomb was erected to his memory by his beloved wife Margaret Burns alias Prosser? May he rest in peace O Lord have mercy on the soul of Stephen Long who died on the 19th of May 1817 aged 65 years. Erected by his nephew Paul Haverty in memory of him and posterity Erected by Bridget Mahon in memory of her grandmother Bridget Burke alias Feeney died regretted. May she rest in peace amen 1864 God be merciful to the soul of Martin Kennedy who was interred here in April 176? 1734 Pray for the soul of the undernamed John Kennedy and his wife Honor Power Catherine Kennedy alias Keane? O Lord be merciful to the soul of John Walsh who dep life ^^^^ 1737? O Lord have mercy on Y soul of Thomas Walshe seignor who departed this life Nov Y 27 1796 aged 63? His wife Margaret Walsh alias Collins laid by their son Tho Walsh in memory of them and posterity Erected by John Cullinane. This stone was erected by ? sicaly? Cullinan in memory of her daughter Sally Cullinan April 4 1856 aged 26 years. Have Mercy O Lord on the souls of John Kerin who departed this life on the eight day of May 1791. His wife Mary Ann? Alias McG? Who died Feb 24 1798 In memory of whom their sons placed this stone for their posterity O Lord have mercy on the soul of Nappy Kerins alias Mullowney who departed this life on the 22 Oct 1830 aged 60. This? was erected by her beloved husband Patt Kerins in memory of her and posterity 30



C29 C30



Headstone – O Lord have mercy on the soul of Eleanor Kerins who departed this life on the 25th July 1867 aged 53 years Patt Kerins departed life 14 march 1876 aged 77 Thomas Kerins departed life June 4 1877 aged 30 years Erected by John Kerins . W. Reynolds Galway Slab O Lord have mercy on the soul of James Cullinan who died May 18th 1811 aged 46 years Erected by his beloved wife Margt Cullinane alias Kelly AD 1816 Headstone Headstone - In loving memory of my surmounted by dear husband Patrick Holland died 8th decorated Celtic July 1934 his father Michael Holland of type cross & Renville died 18th March 1914 aged 72 slab decorated years. His wife Mary died 29 June with cross within 1981? RIP Erected by his sons a circle & a shield Michael & Andrew each side of IHS M. Fahy Galway Maker and an Slab – Gloria in Excelsis Deo Beneath occupational this stone lie the remains of Stephen symbol Cullinane who departed this life on 25th Blessed be those March 1825 aged 76 years also his wife Bridg Cullinane. This monument was who died in the erectd by their son Joh Cullinane as a Lord tribute of affection for them and posterity. The Lord have mercy on their souls Amen. Beati Qui in Domino mortim Headstone with Erected in memory of Bartley Caulfield Cross departed this life on the 23rd ? 1884 aged 29 years. Unmarked Grave Identified by John Furey ( Bushfield) Julia Furey died Nov 16 1895 Edward Furey died Nov 30 1902 Michael Furey died Oct 23 1905 Margaret Furey died Mar 3 1912 Slab Erected by Honora Connell alias Walshe, her son Michl Connell in memory of her beloved husband Patk Connell died 9th May 1849 aged 61 years. May he rest in peace. Richly decorated slab champhered on the left side. Right side not visible. It lies against the south wall of the old church. Measures 46cm 31

wide at top tapering to 36cm at base and is 183cm long. There is no legible script and the top section is badly damaged C33

Slab, no visible markings 15cm x 4 cm



Pray for ye soul of Philip Wall who died July 4th 1765 aged 12 years



O Lord have mercy on the soul of Catherine Fitzgerald who departed this life March 1817aged 70 years. Erected by her sister Ann Blake 1811 O Lord have mercy on the soul of James Hanneffy and his wife Eleanor Hanneffy alias Commons died in the year 1798. Erected by their son Michael Hanneffy




Small Headstone Modern 46cm x46cm










Decorated slab


Between D5 & D6 a headstone and small grotto Decorated slab


Slab crude headstone 23cm x 76cm standing by wall


Roundheaded slab

Pray for James Lyons Main Street Oranmore died 14th March 1937 aged 74 and his grandson Noel Joseph Curran Vesey lodge died 3rd June 1939 aged 8 years. Rest in Peace Gloria in Excelsis ^^ Lord have mercy on the soul of William Devaney who departed this life in December 1819 Placed by his beloved wife and children Mary and ^^^^ Jim Devaney for his posterity In loving memory of Patrick Brennan died 3rd April 1953 his wife Winifred died ^^ June 1953 On their souls Jesus have mercy RIP Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Forde who died 27th October 1925 aged 76 years Erected by her brother Martin O Lord have mercy on the soul of Patrick Forde who died 26th May 1881 aged 48 years and his son John Forde died 7th July 1885 aged 19 years Margaret Hanley who died 18th March 1886 aged 65 years. Erected to their memory by Catherine Forde Blessed are they who die in the Lord. Erected to the memory of Bernard Hanley who died 9th July 1881 aged 11 years. This tomb was erected by his parents Timothy Hanley and Mary Burke. May the Lord have mercy on his soul.

Pray for the Soul of Mary Hanley alias Long who departed this life December 27th 1825 aged ^^^^ In memory of her posterity. This was erected by her beloved husband John Hanley and son Jim Hanley Requiem Escant Pace Amen IHS Pray for the soul of Patk Kildaye & his pos’t 1780

Lord have mercy on the soul of Bridget Gildea alias Parloe in whose memory her fond son Math? has placed this 33

D10 D11

Small Slab 12 x 24 Slab


Wide Slab decorated 48 x 68




Small headstone 31cm x 56 cm Headstone by path











+ Small round headstone 76cm x41cm Decorated slab


monument for his posterity Erected by Peter Fahy in memory of Fahy Family This monument was erected in memory of Margaret Burke who departed this life on 2nd January 1885 aged 80 years O Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Burke who departed this life on 1st August 1769 this memorial erected by ? William Burke AD 1799 O Lord have mercy on the soul of Patrick King who died 15th April 1893 aged 93 years also his wife Margaret died 2nd January 1918 aged 84 ? Erected by their son Martin King IHS A M 1777 O Lord have mercy on the soul of Martin Hynes who departed this life 1851 and his wife Honor Hynes who died 1862 also their sons pat died 1887 john and martin died 1895 RIP erected by his son Bryan Hynes Pray for the soul of Thomas Dillon who departed this life on 4th August 1900 aged 55 years RIP erected by his loving wife Mary Dillon Lord have mercy on the soul of Martin King who departed this life 9th December 1814 aged 22. This monument was erected by his father Myles King of Coolough in memory of him and his own father Edmd King who died AD 1798 aged 68 years. Lord have mercy on the soul of John Toole who died April 2nd 1874 aged 38 years Erected by his beloved wife Bridget as a tribute to his memory IHS Lord have mercy on the soul of James Moran who died September Y 3rd AD 1796 aged 32 years. May 1786 Pray for the soul of Thos Connor who died May Y 1786 aged 50 yrs V his wife Mary Moran In memory of whom their son PATT Connor placed this stone Amen



Decorated slab




Slab 170cm long lying in a north south direction Measures 51 cm at top end tapering to 48cm and ends in a crude point. Decorated with an elaborate cross on a stepped base probably medieval. Decorated slab


D26 D27


Headstone lying flat Decorated slab

Decorated slab

Grant O Lord Eternal Rest to the soul of William Moran ^^^ 27 of Oct 1837 aged 21 yrs and his mother Honora Moran alias Qualter died 3rd June 1859 aged 70 years Erected by her son Richard Moran O Lord have mercy on the soul of Michael Moran Died 1801 aged 25 yrs and his father Wil’m Moran died 1808 aged 60 yrs and his wife Honora Moran alias Nolan died 1st March 1833 aged 77 yrs. Erected b y their son Richard Moran

Lord have mercy on the soul of John Burke who died 17 Jan 1799 aged 57 years placed by his son John Burke for him and posterity O Lord have mercy on the soul of Theobald Burke who departed this life 19th May 1822 aged 78 yrs also john burke his brother who departed this life 27 May 1825 aged 78 yrs. This was erected by their sister Nappy Burke as a tribute of affection for the memory of them January 1829 O Lord have mercy on the souls of John Burke Mary Burke alias Gibbons and their Sons Will Edm § John Erected in memory of said parents Y afore said sons have placed this stone for them and posterity. AD 1795




D31 D32

D33 D34 D35


Headstone Cross Pray for the Soul of William Burke Ballinacourty Died 11th April 1929 his wife Mary died 1st Nov 1934 also his brother Richard Frenchfort died 8th March 1930? and his sister Winifred died 25th Nov 1937 RIP Fahy Galway BURKE Decorated slab O Lord have mercy on the soul of William Burke who died AD September 9th 1815 aged 57 yrs also his son John Burke who died AD 1835 Aged 35 yrs. May they rest in Peace Amen This stone was erected by his son Richard Burke Mary Burke died 14th March 1886 aged 75 years also Margaret Burke wife of William Burke died 7th Feb 1919 aged 80 yrs. William Burke 6th Dec 1930 aged 96 yrs. IHS

Small Headstone by path 31cm x31 cm Headstone O Lord have mercy on the soul of William King who died 11th Feb 1885 aged 82 yrs also his wife Bridget King who died 3rd Aug 1889 aged 68 yrs. Sabina King died March 7th 1916. Patrick King April 15th 1924 – Briarhill RIP. Erected by their son Pat King. Concrete Headstone, no script Small headstone IHS 26cm x 31cm Slab Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Francis alias Mahon departed this life April 11th 1834 aged 34 yrs Erected by her husband Thos Francis as a tribute of affection of her and his posterity. Slab with arched Have Mercy O Lord on the soul of top Laurence Halpin who died 12 may 1870 aged 68 yrs also his daughter Ellen Halpin who died 6th August 1873 aged 25yrs. Erected by his beloved wife Bridget Halpin for her and posterity.



Cross with wrought iron rails surround


Unmarked grave –

Of your charity please pray for the repose of Thomas Halpin who died 27 May 1901 aged 65 yrs his son 23-41898 Michael aged 26 years Stephen 14 Feb 1902 aged 23 yrs and his daughter Margaret 29-5.1900 aged 18 yrs Julia died June 9th 1903 aged 25yrs and also his wife Julia who died July 5th 1920 aged 78yrs. Erected by Pat Halpin Moneymore McHugh Tuam & Athenry Identified by Frank Furey BE, Dublin Road, Oranmore Thomas Furey, Gurrane







Domed tomb







Lord have mercy on the soul of James Kiggy who died December 3rd? 1880 Aged 71 years. Erected by his wife Mary Kiggy alias Conway For Her ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ In loving memory of Thomas Sullivan who died on 9th February 1929 aged 67 His wife Ellen who died 31st April 1934 aged 70 Erected by their daughter Bridget Have mercy O Lord on the soul of James Moran died 1759 Edmund Coen 1873 Luke Kerin January 18th 1876 aged 77 years RIP In loving memory of Pat Furey who died the 2nd Feb 1911 His wife Julia Died 11th Nov 1930 Their son Pat Died 2nd June 1955 Thomas died 28th May 1898 RIP Nicholas Furey died 1960? Erected by Margaret Costello alias McGrath In Memory of her father Thady McGrath Died 1841 aged 67 years her mother Cisly McGrath alias Sheridan died in 1857 aged 58 years also her husband Pat Costello died in Mar 1885 aged 71 years May they rest in peace Amen FLANAGAN Erected by Michael Flanagan In loving memory of his father Martin died 25th Jan 1951 And his mother Mary Died 29 Dec 1957 Also his brothers John Died 19 April 1919 Anthony died 17 Nov 1919 38






Decorated slab (occupational symbol – plough)


Decorated slab




Slab (raised) Decorated

Michael Pierce 23 Jan 1920 Patrick died 17 Sept 1929 RIP Murphy Family Pray for the soul of Rodger Fahy who died 14 Aug 1891 aged 60 years and his wife Ellen Fahy who died 1st Jan 1888 Aged 40 years RIP Erected by their daughters Bridget Mary Norah IHS In loving memory of The Fahy Family Lydican RIP Here lyeth the Remains of Patk Hanly who dep life April 16 1801 aged 54 years Erect’d by his sons James and Tho Hanl? for him and posterity May he rest in peace Amen Have Mercy O Lord on the soul of Tobias Burk who departed this life on the 22nd of May 1867 Aged 27 years Erected by his beloved Wife Catherine Burk alias Kelly in memory of Him and Posterity Pray for the soul of Michael Burke of Renville who died 19th Jan 1869 aged 32 years also of Tobias Burk his eldest son who died on 2nd Nov 1870 aged 12 years Jesus Mercy May Help RIP Pray for the soul of John Burke Died 7 Mar 1954 His wife Mary Died 10 June 1964 RIP O Lord have mercy on the soul of Patk Holland who dep this life on the 6th day of Oct AD 1825 Aged 83 years as also on the soul of Rebecca Holland alias Williams his wife who departed this life on the 1 day of June 1828 aged 76 years 39


Decorated slab


Decorated slab








Decorated Slab occupational symbols of a blacksmith- anvil

In memory of whom this stone has been placed by their children May they rest in peace Amen This slate was laid? by Pat Carr in me mory of his Nephew Bartly Donnelan who died Jan 1794 aged 25? Years his father Darby Donnelan ^^^^ ^^^^ here in this slate? Grant O Lord eternal rest to the soul of Eleanor Burke of Renville who dep this life 21 of April 1871 aged 22 years In loving memory of Patrick Casey died 1892 His wife Kate died 1923 Their sons John died 17 June 1943 Michael died 27 Jan 1930 His wife Mary Casey died 31st Jan 1969 aged 60 years Their son Tommy died 23 Jan 1996 aged 68 years interred in Renville New Cemetery On their souls Jesus have mercy. In loving memory of Cusack Family Sacred Heart of Jesus Have mercy on their souls In memory of James Quirk died April 30 1893 aged 43 Dead but not forgotten Erected by his loving wife Cecilia & family Sabina Mary Patrick & James & Margaret Lord have mercy on the soul of James Malone who depart’d life February the 22 1797 aged 67 years and his wife Cecily Malone alias Quinn who de 40

,hammer & tongs








part’d life June 2nd 1800 aged 66 years this slate was placed by their sons John & Pat Malone for them and their posterity. Of your charity Pray for the soul of Anne O Malley who died 1st June 1907 in the 73rd year of her age also Michael her beloved husband who died on 22nd December 1914 in the 85th year of his age

Erected by their son Thomas O Malley Slab O Lord have mercy on the soul of John Hawkins who departed this life Sep 26th 1845 aged 52 years and his wife Eleanor Haw kins alias McInereheney? who departed this life May 2nd 1857 aged 50 years Erected by their son Patt Hawkins for them and posterity And my daughter Mary Hawkins Died July 18th 1888 aged 15 years. Headstone ( Erected by Margaret Cooley in memory fallen) of her grandmother Bridget Cooley alias Donohoe? Died in 1848 aged 76 years also her grandfatherMichael Cooley Died in 1865? Aged 78 years RIP Amen Slab Pray for the soul of Edmond Grealy who died June 1 1807 aged 30 years Erected by his son James Grealy of? him and posterity Decorated slab Pray for the soul of Hugh Coen who (occupational departed this life symbols of Nov 3 ?94 aged 72? years. carpenterThis slate was erected by Edm’d Coen pinchers, saw etc) and his wife Elizabeth Coen for them and their posterity Requisat in Pace Cross (?) Lord have mercy on the soul Of John Rabbit died 30th April 1914 aged 81 years Also his wife Winifred Rabbite? Died 5 Jan 1920? aged 76 years 41




Decorated slab


Headstone ( Made by T Mac Aodha Tuam & Athenry)


Decorated slab


Decorated slab



Their son Patrick Died 23rd Aug 1935 aged 65 years His wife Ellen Died 23 April 1965 aged 78 years PARKROE RIP Erected by his son Patrick? O Lord have Mercy on the Sol of John Niland who Departed this life 15th of Oct 1811 aged 43 years Erected by his beloved wife Mary Niland alias Prendergast for them and posterity Lord have Mercy on the Soul of Stephn Treacy and His beloved wife Judy Treacy Alias Cullinan they dep In 1830 and 1839 Erectd by their son Tho Treacy And his wife Bridget Treacy Alias Byin? In memory of Them & to their Posterity. In Loving Memory Patrick Greely Who died July 5 1881 aged 40 yrs Also his wife Bridget Who died Jan 20th 1906 aged 67 years their son Thomas Died 30th March 1946 aged 65 years Erected by son Thomas Grealy RIP Erected by John Bready 1812 Gloria in Excelsis Deo Grant O Lord Eternal Rest to the soul of Edmd and Luke Bready who deptd in 1831 aged 37 Y and 1836 aged 58 years Erectd by their brothers John & Thomas Bready in memory of them & posterity Gloria in Excelsis Deo Lord have mercy on the Soul of Patrick Bready Who died on the 5th June 1809 aged 65 Y rs. This tomb stone was placed by his ^^^^^ sons John & Thos Bready 42

& Posterity




Decorated slab Occupational Symbols Decorated with hammer , horseshoe and anvil Decorated


They are not dead but Sleepeth Erected by Rik & John Brady sacred to the memory of their Father John Brady who as he lived beloved Died regretted on the16 June 1848 aged 65 years The? divine prediction? must not ? pass that Blessed are they who died in the Lord Pray for Y soul of Mathias Bermingha? Who departd this Life January Y 30th 1790 Aged 84 years Erectd by Peter Bermingham in Memory of him and Posterity 1810 Lord have Mercy on The soul of Martin Burke who died 1810 Aged 72 years Erected by his son Wilm Burke for him& Posterity Pat O’ Loughlin 1815


Headstone Decorated slab


Unmarked grave

Identified by Sean Rooney Frenchfort Daniel Boyle died ? John Boyle died 1948 Maisie Burke alias Boyle aged 30?


Low monument

IHS surmounted by a cross Thomas Moony 1791







Small Headstone 25cm x 51 cm


Decorated slab






Slab Slab Slab Outline of Pincers and hammer barely discernable in centre of slab. Slab

Decorated Curved top

In loving memory of Patrick Walsh Glenascaul Died 19th August 1978 his wife Eileen died 19th Feb 1959 his parents Stephen died 24 May 1942 and Margaret died 14 Feb 1933 his sister Julia died 8th march 1933 his uncle Michael died 10th June 1927 RIP Erected by their son Stephen Walsh Pray for the soul of Martin Connell who departed this life in the year 1792 Erected by Daniel and Bridget Connolly ANO D 1799 IHS G? I B? IHS Blessed are they who die in the Lord Lord Grant Eternal Rest of the soul of Mary Martyn who departed this life on the 27th day of January 1854 aged 52 yrs This tomb has been erected by her affectionate husband Peter Martyn and their son William Martin in memory of her and their posterity. May she rest in peace Amen Have mercy O Lord on the soul of Bridget Burke wife of Festus Burke who died March 2nd 1784 aged 68 years God be merciful to the soul of Rog? Manah? Who departed this life the year 1747 aged 50 Lord have mercy on the soul of Bridget O Dea alias Moran who deptd life dec 28 1811 aged 63 years Erected by her son John O Dea for him and posterity Pray for the soul of John Connein who died AD 1783 aged 77 yrs. Erected by his son Michael Connein and his wife Margie Glennane in memory of him & his posterity.

Headstone curved Sacred to the memory of Michl top McNerney aged 59 years Also his wife Elizabeth aged 42 years May they rest in peace. Erected by their daughter Julie Kearns on the 7th Novr 1881. W Reynolds Galway 44




Decorated slab

F12 F13

Wooden cross Slab






Concrete Slab, broken cross script on base of cross


Decorated slab





F20 F21

Small monument Decorated slab , Monument

Martin Connor Husband of Margaret McGrath who died 15th July 1884 aged 73 yrs Born in Glenascale Co. Galway erected by their children Thomas John Patrick Margaret and Mary Connor now natives of Lynn Mass USA Requiescant in Pace Amen Pray for the soul of Edmund Kelly who died 1 May 1778 aged 40 Michael and Nora Turke Cartroon RIP Erected by James Comber in memory of his father Laughlin Comber who dept life Nov Y 10th Aged 50 years ? 1789? His wife Bridget? Hanley? Alias Comber for them & their posterity Lord have mercy on the soul of Bridget Kilkelly who died 1st Sept 1828 aged 17 yrs. Erected by her father Michael Kilkelly. Lord have mercy on the soul of Joseph Hawkins who died Nover 25th 1831 aged 88 yrs his wife Sarah Hawkins alias Collins? Aged 60 Erected by his son Thos Hawkins in memory of him and his posterity. In loving memory of Mary Feeney who died 4th May 1854 John Feeney who died 1875 their daughter Bridget who died 15th July 1919 their son John Feeney who died 8th March 1922 aged 80 years. Lord have mercy on the soul of John Cooley died 1815 aged 68? years placed by his son John Cooley in memory of him & posterity. Lord have mercy on the soul of Michael Cooley who died June 9th 1906 aged 48 years Also his father John who died June 1st 1870 aged 48 years and his mother Mary who died April 9th 1904 aged 72 years Also his sister Bridget died Dec 29th 1882 aged 15 years RIP Erected by his brother Martin MacAodh Tuam/Athenry Lord have mercy on the soul of Peter Cooley died 11th February 1917 aged 68 years also his brother Francis who died 8th Oct 1917 aged 56 yrs. RIB Erected by his fond nephew Darby Grealy IHS Pray for John? Bench? 1776? Monument - In loving memory of Michael Grealy who died 27th October 1896 aged 61 years. His wife Annie died 45


Decorated slab


Small Headstone decorated Slab


F25 F26 F27

Small Headstone


Small Upright stone Monument







27th Feb 1899. his sister Ellen Grealy died 12th September 1903 aged 70 years Patrick Grealy died September 14th 1950. Slab- Lord have mercy on the soul of Michael Grealy who died December 5th 1826 aged 53 yrs Also his beloved wife Sarah alias Sheehan died Sept 1811 aged 28 yrs. Placed by their son Michael Grealy in memory of them & posterity Grant O Lord Eternal Rest to the soul of Andrew McDonagh died 12th of June 1824? aged 81years and his beloved wife Eleanor McDonagh Alias Grealy died 27th Feb 1810? aged 96 years. Erected by their son Edmond McDonagh for him and posterity. IHS J G Grant O Lord Eternal rest to the soul of Margaret Carr alias Grealish who departed this life 2nd of January 1866 aged 62 years. Erected by her beloved husband Thady Carr sons Richard & John and for their posterity Erected by John Lee in memory of ^^^^ IHS I F over DF 1777 IHS erected by John Furey in memory of his wife Elen Fury alias Roberts died Feb 19th 1753 Aged 43 years Requestat in Pace Amen. John Furey died 18th August 1873 Mary furey died 5th October 1902 Catherine Furey 1858 - 1914 Martin Furey 1855 – 1933 Patrick Furey 1853 – 1933 Margaret Furey Died 1/11/1963 Sumite mouiu? et venite ad Judiaum Lord have mercy on the soul of John Grealy who departed this life on the 22nd day of April 1828 aged 77 yrs Placed by his sons James and John Grealy in memory of him and posterity This monument was erected by Michael Grealy in memory of his father James Grealy and his wife May? Grealy alias Joyce. Lord have mercy on them and their D^^^^M? posterity 1794 aged 90years. Erected by Mar? Grealy in memory of 46




Slab at base of tree partly obscured Slab partly obscured by tree



Slab no script Small headstone by path Decorated slab

F38 F39

Slab no script Slab


Decorated slab


Headstone decorated cross


Headstone Decorated cross

F35 F36

his wife Jenny? Grealy who died Mar 10 1797? Aged 60 years O Lord have mercy on her and posterity IHS O Lord have mercy on the soul of Thomas Concannon who died June 10th 1792 aged 45 years this stone was erected by his son Patk Concannon for him and his posterity O Lord have mercy on the soul of Michael Ryder of Balinamana who died June 1817 aged ^^^^^ Placed by Patrick Markahan in memory of his son Patt who died June 21st 1789 Reuium escant in Pace IHS William Millon? 79? Lord have mercy on the soul of Elenor Ryder died March 25th 1830 aged 12 years and Kitty died April 3rd aged 11 years and Bridget died June 11th 1836 aged 12 years and Michael 1st September 1839 aged 11 years. Placed by their father Thomas Ryder for them and posterity DOM Pray for the soul of Myles Burke who died 3rd Oct 1780 aged 37 yrs Honoria Burke alias Sweeney erected this to the memory of her beloved husband. O Christ have mercy on the soul of Bu? Ihalomue? Connell who and his wife Mary Connell alias McDaniel departed this life in the year 1799 This slab was erected by their son John Connell for them and posterity. May they rest in peace Amen. In Loving memory of Thomas Killoran who died 21st March 1929 aged 70 yrs. His son Patrick who died 15th April 1929 aged 21 years also his daughter Christina who died 10th July 1932 aged 19 yrs. Erected by his loving wife Margaret Williams Galway In loving memory of our dear parents John and Bridget Hawkins of Rinn Oranmore who died 17th January 1920 and 8th August 1934 respectively also their sons Harry Hawkins who died 3rd March ?? 1913 and Martin? Hawkins 17th October 1925 Erected by their 47


Headstone decorated






Decorated headstone



loving family Fahy Galway Erected by Mr. Rodger Mahon America in loving memory of his dear parents and his brother James died may 17th 1891 Lord have mercy on them also Thomas Mahon who died 15th February 1913 aged 35 years. Hugh Regan lodge Athenry? This monument was erected by Rodger Mahon in memory of his daughter Hanna Mahon alias Mahon who departed this life July 28th 1811 aged 28 years. Lord have mercy on her and posterity. O Lord have mercy on the soul of Celia? Brennan alias Connell who departed this life the year 1797 this slate was erected by her husband Thomas Brennan in memory of him & her & their? father Patt Brennan & his posterity Pray for the soul of John Curran died 9th June 1885 his wife Catherine died 18th august 1900 their sons John died 2nd November 1889 Nicholas died 9th Dec 1909 Grant O Lord eternal ? for soul of Patt Kean who died Sept 13th 1835 aged 28 yrs Plac’d by his father Conner Kean for them & Posterity


1 B

1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892

. 1


40 34 36 37 23 44 26 12 25 21 28 36 37 35 21 35 45 27 24 29 15 25 18 24 23 23 14 23 26


1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921


9 16 26 16 18 27 17 14 13 13 17 20 16 19 17 16 12 20 12 9 10 20 15 14 18 13 11 13 5

1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950


9 10 8 7 9 7 6 8 12 12 10 11 6 10 17 14 6 16 10 8 10 10 9 7 5 13 7 8 8

Note: Population of Ireland in 1841 was 8,175124. In 1881 it had decreased to 5,174,836, a decrease of 3,000,288 (36%) of which 1622,739 (19.8%)occurred between 1841 and 1851 . In 1899 47,065 emigrated. 49




* Access to the Register of Deaths in Galway was very limited to the Committee








Notwithstanding, the Committee decided to make available the information that we did collate. Therefore, all the information herein, while as complete as possible, should in specific cases be investigated by individuals at the Registry of Deaths, Births and Marriages, Newcastle Road, Galway. Oranmore Heritage accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions.





Description Labourer Of the Labouring Class Wife of a Labourer Son of a Labourer Landholder Of the Farming Class Farmer Child of a Labourer Child of a Farmer Married Bachelor Spinster Widow Widower Servant Pensioner Wife of a Farmer Wife of a Labourer Child of a Landholder Wife of a Landholder Householder Child of a Servant Peasant Child of a Peasant Of the Peasant Class Of the Gentry Class





BOOK 1 Ellen Judy Margaret Honor Thomas Elizabeth Nellie Margaret Honora

Mooney Lawlep McInerney Nestor Connell McInerney Rabbite Devaney Goode

Oranmore Ballinamanagh Ballymanagh Moneymore Oranmore Moneymore Parkroe Rocklands Oranmore

5.01.1864 11.01.1864 4.02.1864 5.01.1864 19.02.1864 16.02.1864 9.03.1864 16.03.1864 18.03.1864

70 62 60 16 6mths 85 78 62 32

Kathleen Patrick William Mary Catherine Michael Elizabeth

Forde Brennan Cormican Hill Farrell Healy Harding

Parkroe Oranmore Tonroe Middle Third Frenchfort Oranmore Frenchfort

22.03.1864 30.04.1864 15.05.1864 17.05.1864 21.5.1864 4.06.1864 22.6.1864

67 6mths 63 5 65 12 23

Teddy Mary Ann Mary Nellie Bridget Thomas Walter

Hynes Mylan Walsh Monaghan Connolly Murray Cormican McCoog McHugh Molloy Halpin Loughnane Loghlin Mylan Corbit Niland Kelly Kelly Lyons Healy Smith Nestor Mullowney Niland Fineghty Jennings

Oranbeg Renville, Oranmore Oranmore Glenascaul Frenchfort Tonroe Oranmore

24.06.1864 5.07.1864 20.7.1864 12.07.1864 21.07.1864 16.07.1864 4.08.1864 21.08.1864

81 50 5 3 2 6 4mths 50

Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Moneymore Innplot Oranmore Newtownbutler Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Tonroe Moneymore Cregannamore Newtownbutler Oranmore Newtownbutler

26.08.1864 27.08.1864 7.09.1864 8.09.1864 10.09.1864 19.09.1864 21.09.1864 24.09.1864 4.10.1864 8.10.1864 28.10.1864 15.11.1864 25.11.1864 8.12.1864 22.12.1864 24.12.1864 4.01.1865

67 2

John Stephen Mark Patrick Patrick Honor Catherine William Margaret John Ann Stephen James Pat Catherine Mary Margaret


52 45 70 1 49 40 35 8 70 40 35 38 60 49

S W W S Infant W S Sister of Rev John Goode

Daughter of Capt John Harding F



Bridget Mary William Patt Fardy Catherine Thomas Martin William Mary John Mary John Sabina Ann John

Geoghan Tolan Coor Holland Grimes Burke O’Dea McDonagh Connolly Nestor Shaughnessy Boyle Shaughnessy Gilmore Ryder Loghlin

Oranmore Oranmore Renville Oranmore Newtownbutler Moneymore Renville Renville Moneymore East Newtownbutler Glenasaul Frenchfort Glenascaul Glenascaul Ballinamanagh Ardfry


O’ Connor




Pat Randal William

Griffin Athy

Oranmore Renville

27.09.1865 13.10.1865

1 ½ hour

Thomas Patt Michael Michael Martin James Catherine Anne Maria Brigid Cecelia Theresa Maria

Mogan Healy Cooley Rooney Burke Burke Grealy Monaghan Connell Healy Lynch

20.10.1865 1.11.1865 20.11.1865 11.11.1865 8.11.1865 13.11.1865 18.11.1865 25.11.1865 28.11.1865 4.12.1865 12.12.1865

64 17 83 24 2 64 32 15 76 95 58

Honor Joseph

Faherty Fogarty

Newtownbutler Frenchfort Renville Innplot Moneymore Rinville Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Rocklands Oranmore Oranmore Newtownbutler

25.12.1865 26.12.1865

6wks 10

Nebbie Kate Lewis

Corcoran Kennedy Seymour

Oranbeg Oranmore Oranhill

Mary Michael Michael Mary John Michael Margaret Mary Mary John William

Cloran Fogarty McGrath Grealy Halpin Martin O’ Dea Melia Grealy Murray Forbes

Tonroe Newtownbutler Glenascaul Glenascaul Glenascaul Frenchfort Tonroe Moneymore Gurrane Frenchfort Oranmore 52

17.01.1865 75 18.01.1865 16 19.02.1865 22.02.1865 88 6.03.1865 73 7.02.1865 4 29.03.1865 60 29.03.1865 63 1.05.1865 45 12.05.1865 15 20.05.1865 100 27.05.1865 7 21.07.1865 33 15.08.1865 60 1.09.1865 74 25.08.1865 11mths

5.1.1866 4 26.01.1866 11mths 29.01.1866 47 4.03.1866 11.03.1866 30.03.1866 30.03.1866 24.04.1866 15.04.1866 1.05.1866 27.04.1866 8.06.1866 15.05.1866 1.06.1866

1 13 2 60 60 72 7 74 6 86 44

PR Mason Fisherman Fisherman

Lab WF FC B Child of Coastguard Son of Constable LC B GC LC Lab WR Lab B Lab LC B Lab WF S FC FC W W GC CL Son of a Shepherd SL FC M Gentleman CF LC CL M FC Lab Lab CF S LC CF WR Lab MF

Margaret Margaret Sally Michael Judy Catherine John

Furey Kennedy Turke Gibbons Long Kirwan Bermingham

Gurrane Oranmore Cartron Moneymore Tonroe Oranmore Moneymore

Ellen Mary Margaret Tom Brigid Mary Patrick Honor Honor John Mary John Catherine Brigid Mary Honor Mary Brigid William Mary Mary Judy Kate William Brigid Honor Brigid Rev. Bart J. Toby Tom James Margaret Martin --Honor

Burke Melvin Burke Killilea Griffin Gibbons Donoghue Gibbons Shaughnessy Cogavin Melvin Burke McInerney Fahy Quirke Connell Burke McDonagh Kean Walsh Coppinger Burke Feerick Hart Holland Toole Kiloran Roche PP Burke Lee Holmes Blackier Coppinger Burke Walsh

Renville Oranmore Renville Innplot Oranmore Moneymore Oranmore Oranmore Parkroe Newtownbutler Newtownbutler Frenchfort Moneymore Oranmore Glenascaul Gurrane Oranbeg Creganna Oranmore Newtownbutler Newtownbutler Oranmore Oranmore Carrowmonesh Moneymore Oranmore Moneymore Oranmore Renville Oranmore Newtownbutler Oranmore Newtownbutler Rinville Frenchfort

25.08.1866 11mths 1.09.1866 20mths 7.09.1866 11mths 28.09.1866 1 25.09.1866 90 13.09.1866 9mths 19.10.1866 80 10.11.1866 80 17.11.1866 3 wks 29.11.1866 50 21.11.1866 68 6.12.1866 24 14.12.1866 49 7.12.1866 50 19.12.1866 29 1.1.1867 80 18.1.1867 72 28.1.1867 2 14.2.1867 63 15.2.1867 60 21.2.1867 2 6.3.1867 67 16.3.1867 70 22.3.1867 52 18.3.1867 78 16.4.1867 3 days 14.4.1867 72 18.4.1867 67 22.5.1867 27 23.5.1867 62 11.6.1867 72 25.6.1867 80 4.7.1867 5 11.7.1867 1day 20.7.1867 70

John Patt John John Mary Martin John

Walsh Melvin Hynes Killoran Conneely Melvin Hynes

Newtownbutler Rinville Rinville Moneymore Oranmore Rinville Rinville

31.7.1867 11.8.1867 11.8.1867 7.8.1867 6.8.1867 11.8.1867 11.8.1867


29.06.1866 8.07.1866 30.06.1866 23.07.1866 1.07.1866 13.07.1866 8.07.1866

72 5 9 days 2 86 4 67

63 16 12 77 50 14 12

W LC LC CF LC W LC CL M Blacksmith CL CL CF CL W FC CL M Lab W LC CL M Lab W LC Lab W LC S LC WL M WL W LC CF M Lab M WL CL W LC M LC M Lab W LC CL W LC B FC Shoemaker Lab LC CL CLH S Mendicant WR Lab Lab LC LH S LC Lab No Occupation

Catherine John Catherine -John Thomas Mary Mary Larry Martin Margaret

Kerins Donoghue Glynn Long Melia Francis Hanley Monaghan Donoghue Connell Jackson

15.8.1867 26.8.1867 5.9.1867 6.10.1867 10.11.1867 6.11.1867 18.12.1867 18.12.1867 8.12.1867 29.12.1867 10.1.1868

70 44 57 1hr 2 70 88 87 58 14 56


Derrig O’ Dea Cunniffe Burke Cooley Hynes Keeley Halpin Connor Luttrell Flaherty St. George

Moneymore Oranmore Glenascaul Gurrane Caherdrinin Oranmore Rinville Newtownbutler Oranmore Oranmore Vesey lodge, oranmore Oranmore Tonroe Glenascaul Tonroe Glenascaul Oranbeg Frenchfort Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore Frenchfort Oranmore

Catherine Margaret Denis Michael John John Mary Thomas Martin Catherine Bridget Henry

7.4.1868 23.3.1868 15.4.1868 4.6.1868 31.5.1868 9.6.1868 18.6.1868 6.7.1868 4.8.1868 19.7.1868 31.7.1868 21.8.1868

64 1mth 3 69 50 6days 83 1 58 80 55 3

Brigid Michael Mary Martin Marian

Kerrigan Murray Martin Monahan Kennedy

Oranmore Frenchfort Frenchfort Oranmore Oranmore

30.8.1868 1.9.1868 15.9.1868 16.10.1868 1.11.1868

53 1 wk 80 1hr 33

Margaret Honoria Catherine Patrick Catherine Honoria Michael Brigid

Boyle Monaghan Fury Cooley Niland Brennan Burke Griffin

Oranmore Rinville Rin Tonroe Newtownbutler Oranhill Rinville Moneymore

28.10.1868 30.11.1868 10.12.1868 16.12.1868 28.12.1868 1.1.1869 19.1.1869 7.1.1869

1yr 70 10wks 72 1 70 38 9mths

FC CL LC Lab Lab CF LC CL Lab M LC M WL B Child of Postmaster W LC B CL W LC B CL M Wife of A Policeman S CL W LC S CL M Lab S CL M LC M Lab S CL

Patrick James Bryan Martin Mary Margaret John

Mitchell Fahy Flaherty Connolly Pole (?) McGrath Lee

Oranmore Tonroe Oranhill Carrowmonesh Rinville Glenascaul Oranmore

6.2.1869 15.2.1869 6.3.1869 7.3.1869 31.3.1869 2.4.1869 15.4.1869

13 49 70 23 52 3mths 34

Catherine William William Mary

Goode McDonagh O’ Dea Collins

Oranmore Oranhill Tonroe Oranmore

19.4.1869 30.4.1869 30.4.1869 3.5.1869

70 55 47 64


FC M Lab M Lab B S LC S CL Discharged Soldier W FC MF MF S LC

William Judith --Thomas BOOK 2 Laurence Sarah Thomas John Mary Winifred Mary Ann

Burke Egan McGrath Kerrens

Frenchfort Moneymore Glenascaul Moneymore

8.5.1869 8.5.1869 14.5.1869 14.5.1869

67 28 ½ hr 74


Lewis O’ Dea Murray White Donohue Laghlin Black

Renville Tonroe Frenchfort Gurrane Oranmore Moneymore Oranmore

30.5.1869 8.7.1869 16.7.1869 29.7.1869 2.8.1869 13.08.1869 13.8.1869

4 12 wks 57 70 73 60 24






Mary Celia Bridget Patrick Judith Ellenor Catherine Mary Honoria Mary

Hawkins Donnellan Donohue Curreen Coog Curreen Loghlin Cunniffe Kerin

Moneymore Gurrane Oranmore Tonroe Oranmore Tonroe Oranmore Glenascaul Oranmore

3.9.1869 13.9.1869 24.9.1869 11.10.1869 14.10.1869 18.10.1869 22.10.1869 6.11.1869 15.11.1869

1day 3 1 day 1 90 4 3 2 30

Peter Mary Bridget John Edmond John Mary Martin Mary Charlotte William Teddy Patrick

Brennan Melvin Burke Connor McDonagh Whelan Melvin Connell Mylan Harding Martin Carr Kenny

Oranhill Newtownbutler Frenchfort Glenascaul Creganna Oranmore Newtownbutler Oranmore Creganna Frenchfort Gurrane Glenascaul Newtownbutler

Mary Margaret Robert

Daly Rabbit Hilcock Parker

Oranmore Gurrane north Oranmore

10.11.1869 88 18.12.1869 6 17.12.1869 72 14.12.1869 73 25.12.1869 2 27.12.1869 6 18.12.1869 6 30.08.1869 10mths 21.7.1869 11mths 31.1.1870 22 10.3.1870 6 21.9.1869 9 wks 24.3.1870 17 days 21.03.1870 20 30.3.1870 50 31.3.1870 70

B CST S CF M Lab M Lab W LC M WL M Wife of a Subconsta ble M Wife of Constab ulary S CF S CL S CL B CL W LC S CF S CF S CL M Wife of a Registrar WR Lab S CL W LC M Lab B CF B CL S CL B CL S CL S GC B CF B CF B CL

Mary Mary John Michael Andrew

McLoghlin Shaugnessy Dermody Dwyer Bodkin

Oranbeg Glenascaul Oranmore Caherdrineen Oranmore

14.3.1870 4.4.1870 18.4.1870 28.4.1870 16.4.1870

23 70 6 mths 58 62







S LC M WL M Excise Pensioner S LC W LC B CL M Lab M Gardener MF

John Mary

Melvin Golding

Glenascaul Oranmore

14.5.1870 15.5.1870

23 75

Brigid Mary ---

Connaghton Nestor Female child

Oranmore Newtownbutler Gurraun

21.5.1870 16.7.1870 20.06.1870

Timothy James

Hanly Malone

Renville Newtownbutler

2.6.1870 4.8.1870

3 46 a few hours 75 69






Mary Michael Tobias John Ellenor John Mary Mary Michael

Griffin Mulkern Burke Mullen Carr McDermot Monahan Mahon Murphy

Moneymore Oranmore Renville Oranmore Glenascaul Oranmore Gurrane Oranmore Frenchfort

5.9.1870 17.9.1870 2.11.1870 8.11.1870 20.8.1870 27.11.1870 7.12.1870 6.1.1871 21.1.1871

4 mths 1 wk 13 65 10 wks 50 80 76 45






John Bridget Mary Catherine

Connell McTieg McGrath Joyce

Newtownbutler Oranmore Glenascaul Oranmore

1.2.1871 13.2.1871 6.3.1871 26.3.1871

84 3 74 40

----Catherine Andrew Joseph

Burke Dooly Kennedy

Gurrane Oranmore

21.04.1871 28.4.1871 6.5.1871

½ hr 75 7






Patrick Elizabeth Mary Patrick John Peter Patrick

Carty Fynn Kelly Lally Sheeal Keenan

Frenchfort Seafield Oranmore Caherdineen Oranmore Oranmore

29.5.1871 5.6.1871 20.6.1871 22.60.1871 26.6.1871 25.6.1871

73 5 wks

WR F M Blacksmith WR Shepherd S CL B CL B FC M Lab S CL M Lab W LC W FC M Shepherd W Medicant WR Lab S CL W LC M Wife of Shepherd B W FC B Son of a Head Constable S Schoolmistr ess M Lab B CF

37 9?


Catherine Mary ? John John Anne Maria

Joice? Grealy Joyce St. George Curran Foley

Glenascaul Moneymore Gurrane Oranmore Frenchfort Oranmore

21.6.1871 19.8.1871 2.9.1871 19.8.1871 9.9.1871 17.9.1871




Child of a


B Lab W Widow of a Constab ulary S CL M WL CST




12.11.1871 11.9.1871 21.9.1871 23.11.1871 17.1.1872 15.9.1871 8.2.1872 20.2.1872 27.2.1872 6.3.1872 30.3.1872 23.2.1872 28.3.1872 21.4.1871 13.05.1872 7.6.1872 3.7.1872 17.7.1872 17.7.1872 2.8.1872 9.8.1872 17.8.1872 13.8.1872 21.9.1872 24.9.1872 5.9.1872 5.10.1872 24.10.1872 8.10.1872 9.10.1872 14.11.1872 14.11.1872

Retired officer of the army and customs

75 80 ½ hr 3 82 67 6 wks 77 86 40 9 mths 19 84 52 83 ? 23 73 18 75 45

6.12.1872 3.12.1872 13.12.1872 10.12.1872 14.12.1872 9.12.1872 25.1.1873 21.1.1873

3 65 65 14 12 64 64 64

W LC S LC B B CF W Lady WR Lab B LC M Lab W FC M Lab S CL B FC W LC M Tailor W LC W LC B Lab B GC B Lab W LC M Wife of Tailor B CL M Lab W LC S CF S CF S LC W FC S LC

Michael Thomas Helen John Martin William

Boyle Bermingham Pyle Connaghtwon Conneely Hill Buckle

Oranmore ? Renville Moneymore Carrowmonesh Renville

16.9.1871 ? 14.10.1871 4.11.1871 8.11.1871 15.11.1871

Patrick Mary Eleanor Michael Honoria Catherine Patrick Michael Judith Margaret Bridget Nappy Anne -William Georgina Peter William Mathias Catherine Michael Mary Thomas Catherine Patrick Bridget Julia Patrick Mary Anne John Mary Catherine

Joyce Boyle? Kenny Harty Lally Murphy Ruane Killoran Lally Kerrigan Nestor Connaghton Geohegan Burke Trayers Blake Loghlin Kelly Mooney Farrell Connaghton McGrath Quinn Conway Healy McDonogh Malone Burke Blake Butler Burke Nolan Loghlin

Oranmore Glenascaul Newtownbutler Frenchfort Moneymore Frenchfort Glenascaul Caherdrineen Moneymore Oranmore Moneymore Moneymore Renville ? Renville Bayview Moneymore Oranmore Moneymore Oranhill Oranmore Glenascaul Oranbeg Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Newtownbutler Renville Thornpark Tonroe Oranmore Renville

Martin Patrick Mary Ann Louise Mary Catherine Judith

Rabbit Corles Murray Cullinane Cullinane Murray Quinn King

Frenchfort Newtownbutler Frenchfort Rocklands Rocklands Frenchfort Oranbeg Oranmore 57

Patrick John Peter Mary Teresa

Conaghten Monahan McGrath Donnellan

Oranbeg Oranmore Glenascaul Oranmore

13.1.1873 26.2.1873 5.3.1873 13.2.1873

77 78 2mths 73

Michael Mary Brigid Thomas Henry

Curreen Loughlin Hughes Crop

Tonroe Ardfry Oranmore Renville

16.3.1873 29.3.1873 28.4.1873 10.5.1873

Patrick ---Martin Margeret Bridget John Ellenor

Goaly Burke Toole Kelly Devaney Fury McGrath

---Renville Oranbeg Oranmore Tonroe Moneymore Glenascaul

---23.5.1873 29.5.1873 24.8.1873 27.8.1873 18.8.1873 25.9.1873

Mary John

Beatty Fury

Oranmore Rin

24.7.1873 7.11.1873

67 80 103 11 mths 27 ½ day 85 40 78 67 11 mths 80 42

Peter Mary

Martyn Flynn

Gurrane Oranmore

Margaret Patrick Thomas Patrick John Margaret James Patrick Bridget John

Kelly Carr Connelly McLoghlin McGrath Monahan Ward Healy Cooly Toole

Gurrane Glenascaul Glenascaul Carrowmonesh Glenascaul Newtownbutler Newtownbutler Caherdrineen Tonroe Oranmore

Mary Mary Patrick Thomas Mary Mary

Comer Cavanagh Kelly Hynes Finn Mannion

Oranmore Oranmore Gurrane Carrowmonesh Oranhill Oranhill

Margaret Mary



Honoria Mary Bridget Rodger

Hynes Killeen Lally Kelly

Oranbeg Newtownbutler Carrowmonesh Gurrane 58

M Lab M Lab B CL Religious Presentatio n Convent B Lab W LC W LC B Child of a gardener B S CF M Lab W LC W LC MF S CL

W FC M Shepherd 24.11.1873 86 WR F 28.11.1873 56 M Wife of a Nailor 13.1.1874 74 M WF 3.1.1874 6 wks B CL 3.1.1874 60 M Lab 4.2.1874 55 M Lab 19.2.1874 6 B CL 14.3.1874 30 S LC 28.3.1874 95 M Lab 7.3.1874 68 B Lab 19.4.1874 7mths S CL 2.4.1874 36 M Shopkeepe r 26.4.1874 81 M WL 30.6.1874 75 W LC 4.7.1874 1mth B CL 9.7.1874 50 M Lab 26.6.1874 4 mths S CF 5.7.1874 70 W Mendicant 13.7.1874 48 W Religious of Presentatio n Order 11.8.1874 75 W LC 27.7.1874 74 S LC 29.8.1874 63 W LC 8.9.1874 90 WR LH

--Tobias James John Margaret

Burke Bodkin Monahan McDonogh Cullinane

Tonroe Oranmore Oranmore Creganna Oranmore

6.10.1874 22.10.1874 24.10.1874 24.10.1874 15.11.1874





John Mary Catherine Bridget Sarah James Anne

Cormican Gildea Murphy Kelly Connor Naughton King

Tonroe Newtownbutler Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Carrowmonesh Oranmore

28.12.1874 6.1.1875 19.1.1875 27.1.1875 6.2.1875 26.1.1875 19.2.1875

Mary Denis Mary BOOK 3 Thomas Julia Honoria Lionel Martin A

Kelly Rabbit Killoran

Gurrane Parkroe Moneymore

25.1.1875 8.3.1875 3.3.1875

79 56 10 73 80 65 14 mths 60 82 76

Loghlin Grealish White D’arcy

Ardfry Gurrane Newtownbutler Rockhill

23.3.1875 20.3.1875 6.3.1875 25.3.1875

45 1 60 1

Honoria Patrick Thomas Ann (Ainee?) Judith Ann William --Margaret Bridget

McGrath Murray Hynes Melvin White Mooney Kean King Joyce Derham

Glenascaul Frenchfort Carrowmonesh Gurrane Oranmore Moneymore Oranmore Oranmore Glenascaul Oranmore

30.3.1875 15.4.1875 27.4.1875 14.5.1875 14.5.1875 21.4.1875 2.6.1875 16.6.1875 1.7.1875 23.7.1875

1 wk 25 13 3 wks 80 76 63 ½ hr 72 25

Ellenor Catherine Kate John Mary

Halpin Grealy McCormack Feeny Clark

Glenascaul Shraduff Oranmore Renville Oranmore

16.8.1875 23.9.1875 2.11.1875 7.11.1875 14.11.1875

25 63 80 82 77

Mary Stephen Bridget Margaret John Mary John Mary Luke R Honoria

Kelly Halpin Mylan Brennan Moran Quirke? Burke Donohue Kerins Gibbons

Glenascaul Glenascaul Oranisland Oranmore Ardfry Glenascaul Renville Oranmore Oranmore Moneymore

17.11.1875 12.11.1875 12.11.1875 29.11.1875 4.12.1875 18.12.1875 19.12.1875 8.12.1875 15.1.1876 8.2.1876

50 1 53 70 73 62 33 70 70 1


½ hr 68 70 9 mths 9 mths 1

S CL M Butcher M Lab B CF S CF S Child of a Weaver WR Lab W LC S CL W LC W LC W LC S CL M LC M Lab W LC B Lab S CF S LC B Child of a Gentleman S CL B Lab B SL S CL W LC W LC M Lab B CL W LC M Wife of a Baker S LC W FC W Begger WR F M Wife of a Pensioner W LC B CL M WL M WL M Lab M WL MF W LC WR Painter S CL

Catherine Mary Honoria Edmund

Holland McNerney Butler Finn

Oranmore Moneymore Rinn Oranhill

21.2.1876 10.3.1876 3.4.1876 12.04.1876





86 43 80 13 days 80






Catherine Margaret Thomas Sally Michael Mary

Greaney Melvin Linnane McGrath Holmes Kelly

Oranmore Glenascaul Tonroe Glenascaul Newtownbutler Renville

24.4.1876 26.4.1876 5.5.1876 19.5.1876 18.5.1876 2.6.1876

45 1mth 45 37 14 64

Margaret Ann Bridget Patrick Mary Michael Mary Mary George

Higgins Mogan Duffy Halpin Cunniffe Ryan Maguire Quirke Clarke

Moneymore Newtownbutler Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Oranbeg Renville Glenascaul Oranmore

6.6.1876 26.6.1876 8.6.1876 2.7.1876 3.7.1876 9.07.1876 12.7.1876 9.4.1875 6.8.1876

68 1 78 4mths 1 23 4 5 wks 85

Mary Margaret

Brennan Joyce

Renville Oranmore

14.6.1876 21.8.1876

Ann Patrick James Michael

Persse Waldron O’ Connor

Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore

27.7.1876 5.10.1876 12.10.1876

78 3 mths 52 3 6 wks

Mary Mary Mary Josephine Mary Patrick John Anne Bridget Michael John

Kelly Connell Cullinane Walsh Giveneen Spelman Grealy Melvin Melvin Geraghty

Gurrane Deerpark Rocklands Oranmore Frenchfort Frenchfort Glenascaul Oranbeg Oranbeg Oranmore

8.11.1876 21.10.1876 22.11.1876 27.11.1876 26.11.1876 1.12.1876 29.11.1876 13.11.1876 10.12.1876 12.1.1877

3 mths 73 17 85 73 76 5 mths 1 8 65

Richard Honoria Mary Catherine Catherine

Burke Griffin Cooly Dillon Bath

Renville Moneymore Tonroe Oranmore Roseville

4.1.1877 11.2.1877 17.2.1877 28.2.1877 13.3.1877

83 21 2 68 87


W LC S LC S B CLH W Mendicant M Mendicant M Lab S CL M Lab M WL B CL M Wife of a Shepherd M WF S CL W LC B CL S CL B Lab S CL S CL WR Constabula ry PR W LC S CF M B CL B Child of Sub constable S CF W LC S CF S LC M Lab M Lab S CL S CL B CL B RC Parish Priest MP S LC S CP W LC W of a

Solicitor S CL B CL B CL W LC B Lab S CL W LC S CL B Mendicant S Child of a Policeman WR Lab S CL S CL S CF

Margaret Martin Thomas Margaret Patrick Honoria Ellenor Mary Stephen

Boyle King Brennan Murry Kean McDonagh Connell Monahan Walsh

Oranmore Oranmore Moneymore Frenchfort Tonroe Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore

7.4.1877 5.4.1877 13.4.1877 12.04.1877 7.4.1877 18.4.1877 27.4.1877 29.4.1877 3.5.1877

1 4 80 34 1 84 6 45





Patrick Margaret Mary Mary Joseph

Whelen Furey Melvin Cullinane

Tonroe Oranbeg Gurrane Oranmore

8.5.1877 11.5.1877 3.4.1877 19.6.1877





10 mths 81 4 7 14 mths 63

Michael Mary Honoria

Sullivan Monahan Cuniffe

Moneymore Creganna Glenascaul

29.6.1877 9.7.1877 6.7.1877

William Celia

Burke Walsh

Tonroe Glenascaul

8.7.1877 15.7.1877





58 60 3 mths 65 3 mths 84

Honoria John Bridget Winifred Bridget Joseph Michael Michael Mary John

Connell Keeneen Hynes Farrell Jones Finn King Rabbitt McGrath Gardner

Oranmore Moneymore Carrowmonesh Tonroe Oranmore Seafield Oranbeg Frenchfort Frenchfort Creganna

1.10.1877 20.10.1877 10.10.1877 7.11.1877 18.11.1877 15.11.1877 24.11.1877 3.12.1877 7.1.1878 18.1.1878

80 70 60 60 60 7 mths 65 80 65 65

Peter BOOK 5 Margaret Ellenor Margaret Patrick Mary Thomas Catherine Honoria Mary





WR Captain Royal Navy W LC WR Lab M LC M WL W LC B CF M Lab M Lab W LC M Shepherd M Weaver

Furey Bodkin McGrath Carr McGrath Coen Grealy Conaghten Berth

Oranbeg Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Glenascaul Oranmore Glenascaul Oranbeg Oranbeg

4.3.1878 2.3.1878 8.3.1878 8.3.1878 27.3.1878 30.6.1878 18.9.1878 2.10.1878 15.10.1878

60 70 1 day 5 wks 42 65 4 days 70 75



M Shoemaker M Lab W LC S CL MP S CL

Patrick Bridget Mary Mary John Bridget Mary Margaret Honoria Martin

Clery Lyons Hanly McGrath McGrath Kelly Melia Furey Murray Fogarty

Renville Oranmore Frenchfort Glenascaul Glenascaul Gurrane Gurrane Oranbeg Frenchfort Oranmore

2.11.1878 5.11.1878 24.11.1878 23.11.1878 13.11.1878 6.12.1878 22.12.1878 3.12.1878 29.12.1878 3.1.1879

70 70 1 wk 80 84 4 mths 80 2 wks 80 50

Mary John Bridget

Joyce Johnston Burke

Oranbeg Oranmore Oranmore

4.1.1879 6.1.1879 3.1.1879

22 1 22

Bridget Bridget Catherine Mary Patrick John

Fury White Connor Cunniffe Connell Mahon

Gurrane Gurrane Renville Glenascaul Oranmore Renville

23.1.1879 30.1.1879 4.2.1879 6.2.1879 17.2.1879 16.3.1879

12 80 65 5 mths 76 80

Honoria James

Lenihen Burke

Oranbeg Oranmore

12.3.1879 6.3.1879

1 6 mths

William Judith Honoria John Michael Bridget John Michael Michael Nappy John Anne Margaret Catherine

Sullivan O’ Dea Carrick Caulfield Boyle Glynn Coppinger Henehan McDonogh Connolly Gilmore Ryan Murray Granger

Moneymore Oranmore Renville Glenascaul Frenchfort Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Renville Gurrane Glenascaul Oranmore Glenascaul Newtownbutler

18.3.1879 18.3.1879 15.3.1879 27.3.1879 1.4.1879 1.4.1879 14.4.1879 15.4.1879 27.5.1879 2.6.1879 31.5.1879 23.6.1879 5.7.1879 17.8.1879

74 76 29 65 84 70 100 67 23 65 77 65 66 80

Bridget William Margaret James

McGrath Kean Burke Craddock

Glenascaul Oranmore Glenascaul Oranmore

11.8.1879 3.9.1879 9.10.1879 12.11.1879

5 wks 22 76 78

Martin John John John B. James Bridget

Halpin Griffin Guthrie Morgan Kiggy McDonagh

Glenascaul Newtownbutler Tonroe Renville Renville Oranhill

24.11.1879 12.12.1879 15.12.1879 24.12.1879 21.12.1879 9.1.1880

81 63 65 4 mths 75 19


Mendicant W Lab W LC S CL M LC WR Lab S CL W LC S CL S LC B Ex Constable S LC B CP M Wife of a Baker S CL W LC M LC S LC M Lab M Shepherd S CL B Child of a Baker M Lab W LC S FC M Weaver WR LC W LC WR Lab WR Lab B Lab W LC WR Lab W LC S LC W Mendicant S CP B Lab M WP WR Blacksmith WR Lab M Weaver B Lab B CF M Lab S PC

James Patrick Margaret Bridget

Burke Monahan Mahon Lally

Frenchfort Renville Renville Caherdrineen

27.1.1880 26.1.1880 4.2.1880 15.2.1880

Patrick Charles John Mary Teresa

Monahan Morgan Kean Lynch

Renville Renville Tonroe Oranmore

26.1.1880 28.2.1880 10.3.1880 4.3.1880

Honoria Mary

Carrick Fahy

Renville Tonroe

1.4.1880 2.4.1880

John Bridget

Kean Long

Tonroe Gurrane

10.3.1880 16.5.1880

Joseph Thomas Michael Judith Mark Mary Honoria

Mooney Kean Walsh Walsh Grealy Joyce Morgan

6.4.1880 26.5.1880 4.5.1880 4.5.1880 26.4.1880 7.6.1880 9.6.1880

Catherine Ellenor James Honoria Thomas Mary William Michael Thomas Bridget Ellenor John ? John Mary Elizabeth

Burke Craddock Brennan Finn Walsh Trayers Trayers Farrell Nolan Lally Walsh Connor

Creganna Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Oranmore Oranbeg Newtown butler Renville Oranmore Moneymore Oranhill Oranbeg Renville Renville Tonroe Gurrane Caherdrineen Oranbeg Renville

Coppinger Grealy Lynch

Oranmore Moneymore Oranmore

24.4.1880 19.6.1880 4.6.1880 7.6.1880 22.6.1880 9.5.1880 2.6.1880 6.7.1880 6.7.1880 14.2.1880 16.7.1880 13.8.1880 13.8.1880 29.9.1880 25.9.1880 5.10.1880

Peter Mary John Margaret Bridget Michael John Bridget Martin

Scanlan? Ward Collins Gilmore Toole Kelly McGuire McGrath O’ Neill

Frenchfort Newtownbutler Bayview Glenascaul Oranmore Rocklands Renville Glenascaul Oranmore

13.10.1880 5.11.1880 13.10.1880 26.11.1880 12.12.1880 13.12.1880 13.12.1880 22.12.1880 11.1.1881


74 70 70 2 days 54 5 60 44 72 1 wk 60 1 wk 55 31 36 27 57 90 73 75 70 80 5 wks 83 38 54 95 78 1 day

MP WR Lab W PC S CP WR Lab B CF M Lab S Nun of Presentatio n Order W PC S CL MF S CP M Lab BP M Lab M WL M Lab W LC W LC W PC S PC MP S CP MF M WP WR P WR P MP S CP

Of the Gentry Class

Peter Michael Bridget John Mary Michael Catherine Margaret Mary Honoria Patrick BOOK 4 James

McGrath Lowney Carty McDonagh Turke Fahey Devaney McLoughlin Commins McDonagh Forde

Oranmore Oranmore Frenchfort Renville Newtownbutler Oranmore Tonroe Oranmore Caherdrineen Creganna Renville

13.12.1880 25.1.1881 31.1.1881 1.2.1881 9.2.1881 22.12.1881 5.3.1881 8.1.1881 18.3.1881 28.3.1881 26.5.1881

Patrick Mary Catherine Judith Eleanor Ann Bridget Bridget Margaret Thomas

Quirke Foley Grealy Mooney McGee McGrath Curran Conway Melvin Devaney Connor Hughes

Glenascaul Oranmore Moneymore Creganna

1.6.1881 4.6.1881 5.7.1881 12.7.1881 3.07.1881 26.7.1881 24.7.1881 11.8.1881 25.8.1881 1881 24.9.1881 13.9.1881

Bridget Bridget Margaret John Martin Catherine Peter Honoria Mary Mary Ann John Michael Bridget Mary Patrick John Martin James Thomas Margaret Mary Michael William Michael Margaret

Cooley Healy Cullinane Bodkin Devaney Murray Ward Glynn O’Neill Toole Connor Higgins Griffin Grady Devaney Joyce Grealy Walsh Rabbit Lenehin Loughlin Boyle Burke Holmes Hughes

Glenascaul Tonroe Oranmore Glenascaul Tonroe Glenascaul Roseville, Moneyduff Tonroe Frenchfort Oranmore Oranmore Tonroe Frenchfort Oranmore Frenchfort Oranmore Oranmore Glenascaul Moneymore Oranmore Oranmore Tonroe Gurrane Glenascaul Gurrane Parkroe Oranbeg Newtownbutler Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Roseville


20.9.1881 7.11.1881 24.1.1881 24.11.1881 8.1.1882 28.1.1882 10.2.1882 6.03.1882 24.03.1882 24.03.1882 2.4.1882 25.4.1882 12.4.1882 10.6.1882 10.6.1882 12.6.1882 17.7.1882 5.9.1882 4.10.1882 8.10.1882 2.10.1882 12.10.1882 14.10.1882 4.12.1882 11.12.1882


Widow of medical doctor

Patrick Thomas Bridget Peter -----

Kelly Griffin Kelly Ward Foley

Gurrane Oranmore Tonroe Oranmore Oranmore

15.12.1882 29.12.1882 21.01.1883 8.2.1882 22.01.1883

Bridget Ann Laurence Catherine Mary Mary Margaret Catherine Mary Honoria Bridget Bridget William Monica Michael Edmund Michael Catherine Thomas Catherine Thomas Cecilia Martin Richard Martin Bridget Bridgid Mary Patrick Dermot Patrick Martin Bridget John Mary Robert George Martin Catherine BOOK 5 Catherine Bartholomew James Bartley Bridget Bridget

Whelen Furey Connell Brady Welby Costello Halpin Bermingham Murray Kelly Brennan Walsh Duggan Grealy Higgins Moran Higgins Toole Hawkins Keane Furey Carr Nolan Burke Quirke Grimes Cooley Grealy Hawkins Ryan Brady Long Walsh Casey Casey O’ Connor Connor Smith

Tonroe Gurrane Oranmore Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Glenascaul Oranmore Frenchfort Oranmore Oranmore Newtownbutler Oranmore Creganna Moneymore Gurrane Moneymore Oranmore Moneymore Tonroe Gurrane Glenascaul Oranmore Renville Glenascaul Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Gurrane Glenasacul Gurrane Tonroe Frenchfort Oranbeg Oranbeg Oranmore Glenascaul Ardrfy

21.01.1883 24.01.1883 03.1883 18.03.1883 17.03.1883 21.03.1883 21.03.1883 28.03.1883 31.03.1883 6.4.1883 12.4.1883 18.04.1883 21.04.1883 21.4.1883 4.5.1883 5.5.1883 4.5.1883 15.5.1883 13.05.1883 20.5.1883 12.8.1883 10.7.1883 30.09.1883 1883 21.11.1883 21.12.1883 29.12.1883 7.2.1884 19.2.1884 28.2.1884 7.3.1884 22.3.1884 12.4.1884 25.4.1884 2.5.1884 4.7.1884 18.7.1884 26.7.1884

Burke Caulfield Burke Caulfield Murray Higgins

Renville Gurrane Oranmore Oranmore Station Frenchfort Newtownbutler

15.11.1884 25.12.1884 28.12.1884 26.12.1884 3.1.1885 8.1.1885


Shepherd Daughter of constabular y


32 19 36 25 68 88

SP B M Lab B Lab W LC W LC









Patrick Patrick Michael Roderick

Coen Costello Connor Quinn

Oranmore Glenascual Oranmore Oranmore

6.03.1885 13.03.1885 27.03.1885 5.05.1885

3 64 74 51

Margaret John John Patrick John Stephen Mary Ann John Laurence Mary Catherine John Patrick

Fahey Curran Whelan Kean Forde Cullinane Higgins King Gildea Murray Monaghan Hanley Lee

Renville Oranmore Tonroe Oranmore Renville Oranmore Caherdrineen Oranmore Newtownbutler Frenchfort Oranmore Renville Oranmore

5.5.1885 9.6.1885 13.5.1885 12.6.1885 4.7.1885 22.7.1885 8.9.1885 11.9.1885 7.9.1885 15.11.1885 18.11.1885 25.11.1885 29.09.1885

53 67 1wk 43 20 83 2 63 60 11 43 53 69

Mary John Bridget Bridget Winifred Bridget Bridget Mary Judith Mary Patrick Rose James Thomas Patrick Tom? Mary Xavierius Margaret Eleanor

Nolan Harte Murphy Craddock Kelly Murray Monaghan Toole Gilmore Melia Harte Dooley Dooley McCook Melvin Melvin Commins Blake Butler Harding Shorthall

Oranmore Frenchfort Frenchfort Oranmore Renville Frenchfort Oranmore Oranbeg Glenascaul Carrowmonesh Bushfield Gurrane Gurane Oranmore Glenascaul Gurrane Moneymore Thornpark Frenchfort Oranmore

7.12.1885 21.11.1885 22.12.1885 28.12.1885 28.12.1885 9.12.1885 31.1.1886 9.2.1886 8.3.1886 9.4.1886 19.3.1886 11.3.1886 20.3.1886 21.3.1886 25.5.1886 17.5.1886 30.6.1886 29.6.1886 8.10.1886 4.10.1886

80 7wks 6 mths 96

W of a Military Officer M Land Agent CL MP M Lab B Parish Priest M WL M Lab CP B Lab B Lab WR Lab CP MP M Tailor CP M WL MP WR Shoemaker W LC CL CL PC



John Roger Bridget

Ruane Kelly Bodkin

Glenascaul Gurrane Oranmore

Catherine Mary

Francis Martyn

Oranmore Gurrane

15.11.1886 25.11.1886 18.12. 1886 8.1.1887 23.02.1887



Nun of Presentatio n Order

John Patrick Delia Kate Andrew Bridget James Mary William Marie Honoria Brian Mary Sarah Mary Ann James Mary Margaret Peter

Connell Commins Hughes Monaghan Grealy Moran Moran Mitchell Lally Donoghue Grady Hawkins Jordan Burke Fahy Burke Burke Reynolds – Dalon

Oranmore Caherdrinin Oramore Oranmore Glenascaul Oranbeg Oranbeg Renville Creganna Renville Oranmore Moneymore Gurrane Glenascaul Tonroe Moneymore Renville Renville

2.3.1887 13.3.1887 26.3.1887 5.4.1887 17.5.1887 21.05.1887 24.5.1887 22.5.1887 29.5.1887 6.6.1887 30.6.1887 28.7.1887 21.7.1887 2.8.1887 12.9.1887 18.9.1887 17.9.1887 28.9.1887

Mary John Mary John Thomas Patrick Patrick Honoria Patrick Mary Eleanor Edward Delia Ann

Moran Keane Melvin Curran Harten Kelly Fahy Murray Kelly Grealy Grealy Kelly Kelly

Oranmore Tonroe Oranmore Oranmore Gurrane Gurrane Renville Frenchfort Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Gurrane Rockhill

3.11.1887 7.10.1887 25.11.1887 15.12.1887 7.2.1888 28.2.1888 5.3.1888 27.2.1888 8.3.1888 7.3.1888 9.3.1888 14.3.1888 21.3.1888

Thomas Winifred Martin Thomas Joseph

Quinn Long Grealy Kelly

Moneymore Gurrane Creganna Moneyduff

6.4.1888 2.4.1888 4.4.1888 25.4.1888

Margaret Peter Michael Eleanor ------

Melia Coen Burke Duffy Quilty

Moneymore Tonroe Tonroe Newtownbutler Innplot

10.5.1888 24.5.1888 7.6.1888 5.6.1888 14.7.1888

William Elizabeth

Kelly Clowsley

Renville Renville

28.3.1888 18.9.1888

Mary Julia

Moran Reddington

Glenascaul Oranmore

12.10.1888 10.10.1888



Medical Officer of Dispensary

2½ 1½

CP CP Of the Gentry Class

Child of a Teacher


Child of a Constable Wife of a Navy Pensioner

Thomas William Edmund A. Thomas Honora John John Mary Patrick Michael Bridget Mary Mary James Michael Patrick Joseph Bridget Michael Patrick Margaret Martin Thomas Bridget Honoria Bridget Julia Bridget John Patrick John Mary Terence Bridget Arthur Patrick John Bartley Christopher Patrick Catherine

Harty Whelan Lynch Healy Connell Loughlin Heneghan Burke Fahy Mulkerrins Ryan Rabbitt McGrath Mc Coog Fynn Furey Harte Grealy Hanley Murphy Connor Curreen Bodkin Duggan Reddington Kelly Quirke Mylan? Coen Killoran Murray Conneely Heneghan Alexander Fahy Kelly Keane Finn Dooley Martyn

Gurrane Tonroe Oranmore Frenchfort Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore Frenchfort Oranmore Oranmore Oranbg Parkroe Oranhill Oranmore Parkroe Gurrane Glenascaul Glenascaul Renville Frenchfort Glenascaul Tonroe Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Gurrane Glenascaul Creganna Frenchfort Moneymore Frenchfort Moneymore Oranmore Gurrane Renville Oranmore Moneymore Seafield Gurrane Bayview

5.11.1888 6.11.1888 20.1.1889 29.1.1889 4.2.1889 6.2.1889 10.2.1889 5.3.1889 20.3.1889 27.3.1889 31.3.1889 14.5. .1889 14.5. 1889 1.5. 1889 22.8.1889 4.9.1889 30.8.1889 1.10.1889 29.9.1889 26.10.1889 1.11.1889 8.11.1889 29.11.1889 6.12.1889 22.12.1889 25.1.1890 3.3.1890 22.02.1890 20.02.1890 6.3.1890 20.2.1890 7.3.1890 16.5.1890 2.6.1890 1.7.1890 6.5.1890 9.9.1890 14.10.1890 20.11.1890 7.1.1891

Bridget Martin Margaret Mary John Patrick Roger Mary

Harte Hare Martyn Burke Furey Flaherty McGrath

Frenchfort Moneymore Carrowmonesh Frenchfort Oranbeg Frenchfort Frenchfort

21.1.1891 8.2.1891 18.2.1891 12.3.1891 13.3.1891 17.3.1891 19.3.1891





Present at her death was Mary Flanagan her daughter

Michael Margaret Bridget Mary Margaret Mary James Constance Mary Martin Catherine/Kate Michael Winifred Mary Eleanor Michael Michael Honoria Mary Laurence Martin Mary Mary Nancy Mary ---Catherine Hannah James Peter Delia John Mary Honoria Catherine Mary Mary Bridget John John Michael Mary Mary

Costelloe Higgins Turke Murray Keane Mahon Daly Melvin Bute Murphy Harty Long Bute Killeen Trayers Burke Duffy Niland Kelly Duffy Tarpey Gibbons Harte Harte Kelly Hare Coen Burke Bermingham Loghlin O’ Donnell O’ Dea Flaherty Flaherty Corcoran Murray Burns O’ Connor Commins Burke O’ Donnell

Mary John James Mary Catherine Michael Denis Edward Mary Sabina

Martyn Fahy Quirke Coen Shaughnessy Joyce Griffin Shaughnessy Healy Kennedy

Oranmore Moneymore Oranmore Frenchfort Gurrane Oranmore Oranmore Newtownbutler Carrowmonesh Moneyduff Gurrane Tonroe Newtownbutler Newtownbutler Oranmore Renville Innplot Caherdrinen Oranmore Innplot Oranmore Oranmore Frenchfort Frenchfort Gurrane Moneymore Oranmore Carrowmonesh Newtownbutler Moneymore Oranmore Tonroe Oranmore Oranmore Oranbeg Oranmore Frenchfort Oranmore Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore Gurrane Gurrane Tonroe Glenascaul Frenchfort Deerpark Oranmore Ardfry Parkroe Oranmore Oranmore 69

29.3.1891 4.4.1891 3.4.1891 16.4.1891 10.5.1891 17.5.1891 19.5.1891 21.5.1891 7.7.1891 18.9.1891 6.10.1891 19.10.1891 26.11.1891 20.12.1891 13.12.1891 16.2.1892 17.2.1892 22.2.1892 17.2.1892 17.2.1892 5.3.1892 18.3.1892 3.5.1892 4.5.1892 1.6.1892 2.7.1892 21.6.1892 30.8.1892 30.8.1892 15.9.1892 10.10.1892 31.10.1892 1.11.1892 2.11.1892 8.10.1892 10.11.1892 14.11.1892 26.11.1892 21.10.1892 13.12.1892 10.10.1892 15.2.1893 4.3.1893 14.2.1893 30.04.1893 22.6.1893 9.7.1893 1.12.1893 2.11. 1893 23.12.1893 20.1.1894 2.2.1894

Thomas Josepsh John Richard Bartley Patrick Matthew

Higgins Kelly Toole Connor Martyn Ryan Finn

Moneymore Oranmore Oranbeg Renville Newtownbutler Oranbeg Seafield

17.2.1894 13.2.1894 16.3.1894 26.4.1894 7.6.1894 9.7.1894 9.7.1894


Patrick Patrick Mary -----

Coen Martyn Grealy Monaghan

Frenchfort Gurrane Shraduff Oranmore

6.8.1894 22.8.1894 18.8.1894 13.10.1894

School teacher

4 hrs

Mary Julia Julia Mary Honoria Mary Mary Bridget Mary John Mary Ellen Maria Margaret Mark Ellen Thomas Patrick Honour Hugh Laurence Michael Rose Honor Anne Margaret John Margaret Michael Michael Bridget Martin

Moran Corcoran Furey Toole McDonagh McGrath Kelly Monaghan Melvin Conroy Hynes Kelly Hynes Conneely Hart Melvin Brennan Connor Burke O’ Toole

24.10.1894 21.10.1894 15.11.1894 1.1.1895 4.1.1895 7.1.1895 13.1.1895 26.1.1895 30.1.1895 17.2.1895 17.2.1895 6.3.1895 1.3.1895 29.3.1895 7.4.1895 22.4.1895

Grealy Gildea Connell Lane Duggan Burke McDonagh Kerins Joyce Coen Howley

Carrowmonesh Oranbeg Bushfield Oranbeg Creganna Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore Newtownbutler Oranmore Tonroe Gurrane Caherdrineen Oranmore Glenascaul Gurrane Gurrane Glenascaul Moneymore Oranbeg Oranhll Shraduff Newtownbutler Oranmore Gurrane Oranmore Renville Oranhill Moneymore Gurrane Frenchfort Oranmore

Child of a Baker

5.7.1895 13.7.1895 8.10.1895 19.10.1895 27.10.1895 4.11.1895 17.11.1895 23.11.1895 29.11.1895 29.12.1895 27.12.1895 10.1.1896 5.2.1896 18.8.1896 21.8.1896


Michael Martin Thomas Margaret Margaret Bridget

Qualter Toole Shaughnessy Donnellan McGrath Keane

Gurrane Oranmore Deerpark Gurrane Oranmore Oranmore

12.8.1896 19.9.1896 17.9.1896 7.10.1896 13.9.1896 4.10.1896

Shop keeper


James Mary Bartley Michael Michael Bridget Roger Ellen Honor Michael John Catherine Catherine Kate Bryan Honor Michael Michael Michael John Patrick Michael Thomas B. Mary Thomas John John Michael Bridget Bridget Bridget Margaret Margaret Mary Pat Bridget Patrick Kate Honor Kate Martin ----------

Furey Harte Sullivan Moran McGrath Keane Forde Partridge Loughlin Melvin Melia Burns Fahy Cullinane Ruane Murphy McGrath Corcoran Connell Hynes Hynes Melvin Kelly Connolly Furey Connell Burke Carrick Cummins Hawkins Cusack Farrell Grealish Brennan McGrath Burke Hawkins Brennan Coen Mahan Harte MacHale MacHale

Gurrane Newtownbutler Moneymore Tonroe Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Moneymore Glenascaul Caherdrineen Frenchfort Moyvilla Parkroe Glenascaul Frenchfort Frenchfort Renville Oranmore Parkroe Caherdrineen Glenascaul Rockhill Moneymore Gurrane Oranmore Frenchfort Renville Creganna More Moneymore Oranmore Oranhill Frenchfort Moneymore Glenascaul Frenchfort Moneymore Moneymore Frenchfort Oranmore Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore

16.10.1896 15.10.1896 13.11.1896 27.11.1896 7.12.1896 21.12.1896 9.1.1897 20.1.1897 15.2.1897 20.2.1897 23.2.1897 25.02.1897 2.01.1897 4.3.1897 24.3.1897 23.3.1897 29.5.1897 29.5.1897 21.6.1897 4.11.1897 13.11.1897 6.12.1897 21.12.1897 5.12.1897 5.2.1898 11.2.1898 16.2.1898 15.2.1898 17.3.1898 5.3.1898 25.3.1898 28.3.1898 10.3.1898 15.4.1898 28.04.1898 5.5.1898 16.5.1898 6.7.1898 16.7.1898 5.8.1898 5.9.1898 12.9.1898 12.9.1898

John Mary Michael John John Laurence Ellen

Killoran Sullivan Kelly Brady Fallan Trayers Curran

Moneymore Moneymore Oranmore Gurrane Renville Oranhill Tonroe

13.9.1898 29.9.1898 24.10.1898 27.11.1898 4.12.1898 15.12.1898 26.12.1898



Ÿ hr ½ hr

Twins of Station Master

Michael John Mary Ann Francis Patrick Charlotte Michael Margaret William Patrick Bridget Bridget Martin Martin John John John John D. Edward Margaret Kate? John Honoria Maggie Bartholemew James Bridget Annie Margaret Anne Kate? Catherine Bridget Ann Thomas John Mary Honoria Martin Mary James Daniel Michael Michael Stephen Mary Anne

Howley Long Fitzmaurice Grealy Blake Killoran Richardson Harte Fitzmaurice Cummins Martyn Burke Grealish Conneely Niland Niland Devaney Kerins Mahon McEvoy Moran Connolly O’ Dea Murray Gilmore Halpen Doyle Killoran Bute Halpin Furey Nyland Curran Carr Farrell Halpin Murray Burke Kelly Hanley Toole Cullinan Martyn Killoran Walsh Halpin Mooney

Oranmore Tonroe Oranmore Renville Bayview Moneymore Frenchfort Glenascaul Oranmore Moneymore Gurrane Tonroe Glenascaul Moneymore Cregannamore Cregannamore Tonroe Moneymore Rocklands Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Tonroe Frenchfort Glenascaul Glenascaul Gurrane Moneymore Oranmore Moneymore Gurrane Oranmore Oranmore Glenascaul Oranhill Moneymore Frenchfort Tonroe Gurrane Renville Oranmore Parkroe Gurrane Moneymore Oranmore Moneymore Renville

26.9.1899 2.10.1899 16.10.1899 14.10.1899 13.11.1899 27.11.1899 29.11.1899 16.12.1899 28.1.1900 6.01.1900 13.02.1900 12.2.1900 25.2.1900 19.4.1900 19.4.1900 8.05.1900 27.4.1900 12.4.1900 19.5.1900 29.05.1900 30.05.1900 24.01.1900 18.8.1900 16.3.1901 9.5.1901 25.05.1901 3.6.1901 20.07.1901 26.9.1901 26.10.1901 19.11.1901 22.12.1901 21.12.1901 19.12.1901 2.2.1902 19.2.1902 27.12.1901


Ellen Thomas Michael Joseph

Harte Farrell Burke

Newtownbutler Oranhill Ardfry Point

8.3.1902 26.3.1902 4.5.1902

Daugher of a Coachman




31.12.1898 9.1.1899 4.3.1899 25.2.1899 26.5.1899 15.5.1899 15.5.1899 22.5.1899


Patrick Bridget Honor Peter Mark Mary Bridget Mary Martin Edward Peter Edward

Grealish Cummins Burns Harte Grealy Furey Loughlin Kelly Boyle Furey Molloy Corcoran

Gurrane Glenascaul Parkroe Newtownbutler Oranmore Moneymore Moneymore Oranmore Oranmore Bushfield Oranmore Oran Island

6.5.1902 22.5.1902 20.7.1902 1.8.1902 21.9.1902 5.10.1902 16.10.1902 18.1.1903 18.1. 1903 30.11.1902 8.2.1903 12.2.1903

Mary Julia Delia Mary Julia Josephine Martin John Mary Ellen

Martyn Melvin Cloran Burke Halpin Mooney Burke Ryan Trayers Greaney?

Oranmore Glenascaul Moneymore Frenchfort Moneymore Oranmore Frenchfort Glenascaul Renville Oranhill

5.3.1903 3.1.1903 31.3.1903 18.3.1903 17.6.1903 19.5.1903 26.6.1903 11.7.1903 27.7.1903 7.9.1903

Margaret Julia Margaret Catherine Bridget John Honaria Mary James Mary Ann Catherine Patrick Joseph John Honor Thomas Bridget Sally Thomas Honor Pat Christopher William Stanlislaus

Hanley Joyce Burke Farrell Farrell Burke Melvin Crowley Mahon Kerin Furey Healy Martyn Moran Brennan Halpin Mahon Toole Monaghan Long Finn Burke Burke

Renville Gurraun Renville Frenchfort Oranhill Rinn Glenascaul Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore Moneymore Oranmore Oranmore Tonroe Moneymore Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Gurraun Seafield Seafield Oranmore

18.10.1903 30.09.1903 24.11.1903 17.1.1904 18.1. 1904 22.2.1904 20.3.1904 8.4.1904 2.04.1904 20.5.1904 16.06.1904 20.5.1904 25.7.1904 6.8.1904 14.8.1904 13.9.1904 2.8.1904 29.11.1904 30.9.1904 27.11.1904 15.12.1904 15.10.1904 2.12.1904






found drowned.




Son of a Herd


House keeper

Sister Presentation Nun

Selina Peter Bridget Mattias Pat Honor John(James) Patrick

Harte Whelan Grealy Finn Comer Fahy Burke Thornton

Carrowmonesh Tonre Moneymore Seafield Curragreen Tonroe Tonroe Tonroe

23.2.1905 7.4.1905 11.2.1905 1.2.1905 30.3.1905 17.6.1905 1.8.1905 29.5.1905

Mary Kate John BOOK 7 Michael Honor Mary Margaret Bridget Patrick

Connaughton Bermingham Flanagan

Oranmore Oranmore Frenchfort

15.3.1905 30.9.1905 22.10.1905

Furey Byrnes Cooley Carr Grealy Cusack

Bushfield Parkroe Renville Glenascaul Moneymore Oranmore

Patrick Sarah Anne Bridget Ester Mary Michael Mary Bridget Thomas Kathleen Edward Margaret John Ann John Celia Mary Eoghan Lizzy Michael BOOK 6 Mary Mary Malachy Ann Mary John Martin Mary John Joseph Thomas

Grealy Mc Donagh Givney Trayers Harding Coen Cooley Monahan Maguire Cooley Looby? Donoghue Brennan Cooley Farrell Gillen Murphy Finn Thornton Furey Niland

Creganna Beg Oranhill Frenchfort Renville Frenchfort Oranhill Glenascaul Carrowmonesh Renville Moneymore Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Renville Oranhill Oranmore Frenchfort Seafield Tonroe Gurrane Carrowmonesh

23.10.1905 8.11.1905 23.9.1905 22.12.1905 20.1.1906 6 19.2.1906 27.3.1906 21.4.1906 1.4.1906 13.5.1906 6.6.1906 9.6.1906 5.7.1906 7.7.1906 13.11.1906 23.11.1906 4.9.1906 3.7.1906 4.12.1906 10.12.1906 22.12.1906 7.1.1907 17.1.1907 5.2.1907 6.2.1907 21.2.1907

Burke Furey Foley O’ Malley Murray Murray McGrath Gibbons Flynn Melvin

Tonroe Rinn Glenascaul Carrowmonesh Frenchfort Frenchfort Glenascaul Moneymore Cottage Gurrane south

29.2.1907 1.1.1907 6.3.1907 1.6.1907 10.7.1907 12.7.1907 18.7.1907 21.7.1907 17.7.1907 12.10.1907


John. J. F? James Michael Patrick John Mary James Joseph Michael Elizabeth Edward Patrick George Mary Patrick John Nicholas Michael Mary Patrick Margaret Margaret

Noone Harding Gilmore McTigue Joyce Cusack Cunniffe Commins Smith Brennan Kelly Kelly Bute Walker Finn Quirke Murray Curran Halpin Melvin Hart Harren Walsh

Oranmore Frenchfort Glenascaul Oranmore Gurrane Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Glenascaul Glenascaul Rinville Gurrane Oranmore Ardfry Oranbeg Glenascaul Frenchfort Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore

2.1.1907 ?.1.1907 12.2.1908 18.2.1908 29.1.1908 22.3.1908 28.4.1908 25.5.1908 26.5.1908 21.5.1908 17.7.1908 25.8.1908 20.9.1908 7.10.1908 ?.10.1908 1.12.1908 21.12.1908 9.12.1908 8.1.1909 2.3.1909 13.3.1909 12.1.1909 29.4.1909

Mary Frances John Michael Brigid John James Catherine Michael John James Michael Clare Honor Ellen Michael James Brigid Michael John Mary Catherine Sarah John Thomas Michael Stephen Ellen Ellen

Kenny Lally Griffin Grealy Higgins Regan Hehir Corbitt Comer Murphy Kelly Burke Grealy Hannon Grealish Kiloran Connaughton Coen Burke Devane Forde Monaghan McGrath McDonagh Hawkins Quinn Mogan Oliver

Moneyduff Cregannamore Gurrane Glenascaul Cregannamore Oranmore Moneymore Oranhill Oranbeg Frenchfort Oranmore Frenchfort Cregannabeg Gurrane Glenascaul Moneymore Oranmore Frenchfort Tonroe Tonroe Rinville Gurrane north Glenascaul Rinville Glenascaul Oranmore Carrowmonesh Oranmore

28.4.1909 16.5.1909 23.7.1909 7.9.1909 13.8.1909 10.11.1909 14.12.1909 18.1.1910 19.3.1910 2.4.1910 3.4.1910 7.4.1910 21.4.1910 11.4.1910 6.5.1910 11.5.1910 18.6.1910 9.6.1910 2.7.1910 15.7.1910 9.10.1910 1.12.1910 4.12.1910 25.11.1910 5.12.1910 22.12.1910 14.12.1910 21.1.1911


Sergt. RIC

Presentatio n Nun Teacher

Martin John Honor Patrick Margaret Gertrude John Michael Michael John Honor Elizabeth

McGrath Coen Kean Furey Connell O’ Hanlon Toole Harte McDonagh Roche Mullen Brady

Oranhill Oranmore Tonroe Ballinageeha Oranmore Oranmore Oranbeg Carrowmonesh Oranhill Tonroe Moyvilla Oranmore

27.12.1911 5.2.1911 21.2.1911 21.2.1911 26.3.1911 28.4.1911 15.7.1911 23.9.1911 11.10.1911 1.9.1911 1.2.1912 25.10.1911

Mary Honor Esther Jane Mary Margaret Daniel Annie Ann Mary Thomas Daniel Patrick Patrick John John John Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth Michael Thomas Margaret Winifred Margaret Margaret Michael John Brigid. M. Catherine Margaret Margaret Kate Mary Denis Mary Mary Denis Malachy Michael Patrick

Kenny McTigue Nutt Monaghan Furey Martin Nally Sullivan Commins Mahon Wall Connaughton Cummins Hehir Tuohy Martin Crehan Martin Corcoran Trayers Molloy Hynes Smith Trayers Holland Rabbitte Cullinane Walsh Keane Murray O’ Keefe King ? Burke McGrath McGrath Kelly O’ Malley McDonagh

Oranmore Oranmore Frenchfort Oranmore Bushfield Gurrane Cregannamore Moneymore Cregannamore Oranmore Frenchfort Moneymore Glenascaul Moneymore Oranmore Gurrane Rinville Oranhill Moneymore Rinville Oranmore Oranbeg Oranmore Rinville Rinville Parkroe Oranmore Oranbeg Carrowmonesh Frenchfort Oranmore Gurrane Glenascaul Rinville Glenascaul Glenascaul Gurrane Carrowmonesh Cregannabeg

24.4.1912 13.1.1912 8.4.1912 31.7.1912 9.3.1912 1.7.1912 28.9.1912 8.11.1912 20.1.1913 15.2.1913 1.1.1913 23.2.1913 3.9.1913 21.5.1913 7.9.1913 3.9.1913 7.9.1913 18.1.1913 8.1.1914 2.2.1914 4.2.1914 10.1.1914 10.3.1914 5.4.1914 18.3.1914 30.4.1914 26.7.1914 11.8.1914 3.8. 1914 29.9.1914 12.10.1914 11.11.1914 18.10.1914 8.11.1914 25.11.1914 26.12.1914 6.10.1914 22.12.1914 21.1.1915


Presen -tation Nun

Owen John Patrick Mary Michael Julia John Patrick Peter Patrick Ellen James Brigid Thomas Patrick Ann Mary ? Mary Patrick Thomas Francis Margaret Martin Jimmy Sabina Ann Michael Annie Brigid Edward John Peter Mary William Mary Maria Christie Honor Margaret Thomas John Joseph

Commins McGrath Kelly Connaugton McGrath Melia McCarthy Commins Martin Costello Gilmore Hart McEnery Lenihan O’ Dea Martin Burke ? Burke Furey Whelan Carr Shaughnessy Melvin Gilmore Usher Linnane Casey Boyle Reilly Burke Cooley Carr Harte McDonagh Grealish Burke Furey Furey Lally Cooley McDermot

Creganna Glenascaul Rinville Moneymore Glenascaul Cregannamore Oranmore Cregannamore Gurrane Glenascaul Glenascaul Bushfield Oranmore Oranbeg Tonroe Oranmore Rinville Bushfield Rinville Gurrane Carnmore Glenascaul Moyvilla Glenascaul Glenascaul Rocklands Oranmore Frenchfort Frenchfort Oranmore Glenascaul Glenascaul Glenascaul Oranbeg Cregannabeg Gurrane Tonroe Gurrane Rinn Cregannamore Tonroe Ardfry

9.2.1915 17.2.1915 15.2.1915 19.2.1915 24.1.1915 25.2.1915 11.4.1915 3.4.1915 7.3.1915 30.4.1915 23.6.1915 11.8.1915 24.8.1915 18.11.1915 5.1.1916 28.1.1916 10.4.1916 1.4.1916 18.4.1916 10.7.1916 28.4.1916 23.6.1916 31.7.1916 16.10.1916 15.10.1916 15.9.1916 28.12.1916 20.12.1916 25.1.1917 9.3.1917 20.1.1917 11.1.1917 3.2.1917 23.2.1917 9.4.1917 8.5.1917 20.4.1917 16.5.1917 7.6.1917 24.6.1917 31.5.1917 12.8.1917

Winifred Francis Michael Louisa Margaret Mary Michael Honor

Hawkins Cooley Halpin Griffin Boyle Duval Lee Walsh

Rinn Glenascaul Glenascaul Gurrane Oranmore Carrowmonesh Oranmore Oranmore

5.8.1917 6.9.1917 28.10.1917 25.10.1917 18.11.1917 4.2.18 22.3.18 13.3.18


Chauffeur found drowned

Thomas Thomas William Mary Brigid Mary Catherine Norah Ellen Patrick Edward Mary Brigid Mary Martin Michael Annie Teresa Kate Anna

White King Walsh Leo Commins Finn Carr King Harte Loughlin Shaughnessy Quinn Shaughnessy ? Glynn Lynch Lardner Craig

Gurrane Oranbeg Oranbeg Oranmore Cregannamore Oranmore Glenascaul Oranbeg Bushfield Moneymore Glenascaul Frenchfort Glenascaul Tonroe Tonroe Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore

18.4.1918 18.5.1918 15.4.1918 7.5.1918 22.8.1918 28.9.1918 24.10.1918 28.12.1918 29.12.18 14.1.1919 9.1.1919 10.3.1919 10.3.1919 19.4.1919 23.3.1919 7.10.1918 23.9.1919 28.9.19

Mary Brigid Anthony Michael Winifred Michael John Michael Pearse William Mary Evelyn Margaret Bridget Julia Brigid Patrick John Peter Brigid Honor Mary Julie James Mary Honor John Catherine Mary Margaret Ellen John Brigid Annette

Shaunghessy Finn Flanagan Carr Rabbitte Commins Hawkins Flanagan Kean Barrett Linnane Melia Halpin Murray Murphy Connaughton Healy O’ Dea Melvin Cooley Kenny Furey McGrath Lenihan Feeney Hart Grealish Furey Dermody Cooley Egan Lynch Athy

Glenascaul Rinville west Frenchfort Glenascaul Parkroe Moneymore Rinn Frenchfort Oranmore Oranmore Tonroe Cregannamore Moneymore Glenascaul Rinville Moneymore Frenchfort Tonroe Glenascaul Rinville Gurrane Gurrane Glenascaul Oranmore Rinville west Glenascaul Gurrane north Gurrane Innplot Glenascaul Frenchfort Rinville

7.11.1919 21.7.1919 7.11.1919 19.12.1919 5.1.1920 1.1.1920 18.1.1920 23.1.1920 28.1.1920 19.1.1920 13.3.1920 29.4.1920 13.7.1920 29.7.1920 18.2.1921 23.12.1920 28.3.1920 8.11.1920 2.10.1921 21.10.1921 12.11.1921 15.11.1921 25.11.1922 2.2.1922 7.3.1922 10.4.1922 24.4.1922 2.12.1922 9.12.1922 17.11.1922 8.11.1922 14.1.1923


Landowner Dealers Daughter

Landowner s Wife

Kate John Martin Honor Mary Mary Catherine John Thomas Brigid John Mary Ann Patrick Teresa Mary Margaret John Michael Thomas Martin William Brigid James Brigid Thomas Patrick Joseph William Sarah Albert Denis Owen Brigid Christopher John Mary Joseph Mary Martin Joe Martin Thomas Patrick Mary Annie Rebecca Julie Catherine Josephine Michael Thomas Darby

Commins Holland Duggan Killilea Kelly Long Casey Dermody Furey Brennan Finn Molloy Brennan Burke Burke Connaughton Burke Joyce Kelly Devaney Kelly Connors Gilmore Tully McGrath Sheeran Furey Furey --DeValera Grealy Higgins Mullen Reilly Boyle Brennan Lally Higgins Flanagan Lane Furey Corcoran Burke Martin Stephens

Cregannamore Gurrane Oranmore Oranbeg Oranmore Tonroe Oranbeg Innplot Oranmore Moneymore Oranhilll Oranmore Moneymore Tonroe Oranmore Bushfield Glenascaul Gurrane Oranmore Tonroe Gurrane Rinville Glenascaul Oranbeg Oranmore Carrowmonesh Gurrane Gurrane Gurrane

25.1.1923 28.2.1923 23.5.1923 1.6.1923 1.6.1923 28.7.1923 25.11.1923 20.12.1923 13.11.1923 21.1.1924 28.2.1924 25.4.1924 7.6.1924 25.6.1924 21.8.1924 13.9.1924 10.4.1924 12.3.25 8.3.1925 19.4.1925 7.6.1925 29.8.1925 16.10.1925 13.1.1926 9.2.1926 26.11.1925 9.8.1926 27.8.1926 12.7.1926 2.9.1926

Oranhill Cregannamore Oranmore Frenchfort Moneymore Cregannamore Moneymore Oranbeg Cregannamore Oranbeg Oranbeg Glenascaul Gurrane Ardfry

7.11.1926 27.12.1926 27.12.1926 1.1.1927 2.3.1927 20.4.1927 5.6.1927 12.7.1927 20.11.1927 14.12.1927 15.1.1928 12.6.1928 28.4.1928 17.9.1928

Martin Casey

Gurrane Oranbeg

15.12.1928 26.11.1928

Kelly Killoran Ryder

Oranmore Moneymore Carrowmonesh

12.3.1929 21.3.1929 12.1.1929


Caretakers Daughter

Catherine Brigid Owen Joseph Mary Martin Michael Patrick Joseph

Ruane Devaney Mullen Flaherty Hynes Cunniffe Flanagan

Glenascaul Tonroe Oranmore Frenchfort Lidecan Renville Frenchfort

23.3.1929 3.6.1929 24.8.1929 14.11.1929 2.10.1929 3.3.1930 16.2.1930





Michael Richard Catherine James Joseph

Ruane Burke Callinan Keane

Glenascaul Frenchfort Gurrane Moneyduff

29.03.1930 8.3.1930 17.3.1930 2.8.1930

Patrick Honor

Brennan Carr

Oranmore Moneymore

13.9.1930 8.7.1930


Christopher Joseph Annie

Usher Kelly

Rocklands Gurrane

8.8.1930 21.11.1930


Bridget John Nora Delia

Ryder Burke Trayers Trayers

Ballinamana Tonroe Treanlaur Renville

24.09.1930 4.1.1931 26.02.1931 17.3.1931

Winnie Mary Nora

Kelly Holland Trayers

Gurrane Creganna beg Renville

3.5.1931 10.6.1931 20.08.1931


Peter William Sarah

Burke Burke Walsh

Glenascaul Frenchfort Oranbeg

10.9.1931 4.9.1931 25.9.1931

2 89 63

Michael Catherine

Kelly Moran

Renville Oranmore

23.10.1931 17.11.1931

84 84

William Honor John Joseph Mary Annie Mark Ellen Matthew Mary Christina Honor Catherine Margaret

McDonagh Trayers Furey Brennan Burke Harte Loughlin Connaughton Melville Killoran Turke Kelly Walsh

Renville Oranhill Gurrane Oranmore Tonroe Glenascaul Moneymore Moneymore Glenascaul Moneymore Cartroon Gurrane Glenascaul

30.12.1931 28.2.1932 16.3.1932 26.02.1932 13.3.1932 13.04.1932 26.4.1932 27.5.1932 9.8.1932 10.7.1932 27.11.1932 6.1.1933 12.2.1933

74 79


Labourer Bachelor Labourers Son Farmers Widow Bachelor Spinster Parish Priest Farmers Wife Farmers Wife Widow Widower Widow Spinster Farmers Daughter Spinster Farmers Wife Farmers Wife Farmer Sister of Presentatio n Convent Bachelor Spinster

2 78 77 51 94 9 77 72 68

Widower Widow Farmer Widow W WF

Angelina Patrick Richard Albert Michael

Ferguson Furey Usher Glynn

Oranmore Moneymore Rocklands Oranmore

13.2.1933 17.3.1933 28.4.1933 8.7.1933

John Martin Susan Thomas Mary James Patrick Ellen Anne Bridget Kathleen

Comer Furey Casey Hill Fagan Ryder Stephens Sullivan Toole Hawkins Cahir

Oranhill Moneymore Frenchfort Treanlaur Oranmore Carrowmonesh Ardfry Moneymore Oranmore Rinn Oranmore

22.9.1933 19.9.1933 4.10.1933 31.12.1933 28.02.1934 30.01.1934 16.02.1933 21.4.1934 16.6.1934 8.8.1934 28.11.1934

Patrick Michael John John Bridie John Oranbeg Mary Catherine Michael John Michael Bartley Mary Bridget Mary John Patrick Bridget Mary

McGrath Connolly McGrath Casey Corcoran McGrath Honor Costello Carr McGrath Finn Nally Boyle Whelan Cooley Higgins Givney Harte Melvin O Connor

Frenchfort Rinn Renville Frenchfort Oranmore Glenascaul King Glenascaul Cartroon Glenascaul Seafield Curragreen Oranbeg Tonroe Glenascaul Cregannamore Frenchfort Carrowmonesh Oranmore Oranhill

22.02.1935 24.7.1935 9.6.1935 1.10.1935 30.11.1935 23.11.1935 23.11.1935 23.11.1935 27.12.1935 15.1.1936 26.2.1936 22.2.1936 7.2.1935 9.3.1936 15.3.1936 22.1.1936 18.4.1936 16.5.1936 18.8.1936 3.4.1936

Delia Mary John

O Connor McGrath Costello

Carrowmonesh Glenascaul Oranmore

5.9.1936 8.10.1936 13.11.1936

68 67 79

William Mary

McGrath Costello

Glenascaul Oranmore

15.11.1936 8.12.1936


Patrick Anna Nina Mary

Burke Blake Commins

Tonroe Bayview Glenascaul

6.12.1936 14.1.1936 31.12.1936

75 87 36


5 28 50 76 76 62 78 72 80 3 96 76 69 73 35 71 79 83 64 76 80 65 87 70 86

Shop keeper B F M WR S F W W W Presentatio n Nun F F Caretaker WR WF W W W F F B W WF S B M Lab Domestic Servant Mgt grealy present at death Bakers wife WF Retired shopkeeper B Widow of Shop keeper F LH Farmers

Mary Bridget Roseleen

Reilly Sheehy

Oranmore Renville

Patrick James Pat John William Patrick Thomas Patrick Ellen Margaret Mary Patrick Winifred James Pat John James Mary Ann Catherine

Hawkins Lyons Harte White Coen Hawkins Furey Burke Grealy Madden Fihely Burke Burke Casey Devaney Trayers Carr Barrett



Rhinn Oranmore Bushfield Gurrane Frenchfort Moneymore Gurrane Tonroe Glenascaul Treanlaur Ardfry Frenchfort Oranhill Frenchfort Tonroe Renville Moneymore On roadside at Oranbeg Oranmore Oranmore

Bridget Thomas Patrick John Martin Patrick Joseph Margaret Delia

Linnane Killoran Corcoran Connor Trayers Kelly Carr Dooley

Tonroe Moneymore Oranmore Glenascaul Oranhill Renville Glenascaul Oranmore

24.1.1939 16.3.1939 4.5.1939 11.6.1939 5.7.1939 9.7.1939 13.9.1939 18.6.1939

Noel Joseph Bridget Martin

Curran Furey Burke

Oranbeg Oranbeg Treanlaur

3.6.1939 1.11.1939 13.11.1939

END OF BOOK 10 Patrick Martin Mary Bridget Mark Julia Margaret Thomas Patrick Patrick Mary

Healy Keane Mahon Corcoran Melia Long Burke O’ Connor Burns Keane

Frenchfort Tonroe Lydican Oranbeg Caherdrineen

8.11.1939 20.12.1939 2.12.1939 24.12.1939 9.2.1940 6.1.1940 8.3.1940 11.3.1940 25.4.1940 19.6.1940

Frenchfort Carrowmonesh Parkroe Oranmore


7.1.1937 21.1.1937

1 11

10.1.1937 14.3.1937 74 16.2.1937 3.4.1937 79 14.4.1937 86 11.7.1937 75 17.7.1937 77 6.6.1937 9.11.1937 82 19.10.1937 1 14.11.1937 20.11.1937 77 25.2.1938 57 1.3.1938 37 4.5.1938 64 22.9.1938 65 17.11.1938 15mths 8.11.1938 61 29.1.1939


76 83 70 4 wks 7mths 8 77 10 days


daughter Gardeners daughter B Lab F F F F WR B W CF S F F F

Retired Gentleman BF WR B F B Present -ation Nun W


74 7mths 72

Licensed trader and farmer widow

Edward Magaret Mary

Furey O’ Reilly

Bushfield Oranmore

26.6.1940 21.8.1940

John Sarah Josephine

Higgins Burke

Cregannamore Renville

4.11.1940 18.12.1940

Mary Lucy

Coen O’ Reilly

Frenchfort Oranmore

11.1.1941 16.1.1941





Mary John Mary

Higgins Boyle Burke

17.1.1941 2.5.1941 6.6.1941

86 80 26

Thomas Michael

Melvin Cooley

Oranhill Frenchfort Of Carrick Donegal body found in Frenchfort bog drowned Oranmore Renville

66 85


John Honor Richard John Stephen Elizabeth

Melia Ryder Tarpey Niland Walsh Wilson

Cregannamore Carrowmonesh Seafield Carrowmonesh Glenascaul Oranmore

24.11.1941 27..11.194 1 5.2.1942 12.3.1942 14.1.1942 6.5.1942 17.5.1942 12.7.1942

71 81


68 72

John James Patrick Winifred Michael Bridget

Cooley Cunniffe Farrell Givney Shaughnessy Quinn

Glenascaul Oranmore Oranhill Frenchfort Renville Oranmore

6.9.1942 9.11.1942 28.11.1942 14.12.1942 8.2.1943 13.3.1943


F WR Sister of Presentatio n Order

Margaret Honor

Boyle Fihely

Frenchfort Ardfry

13.2.1943 23.5.1943

65 79

Josephine Mary John

Kerins Heavey

28.5.1943 8.5.1943

58 22

Patrick Patrick Anthony Honor Bridget Francis

Lane Carr Toole Turke Furey Malone

Oranmore Found drowned in sea at Ardfrey Cregannamore Glenascaul Oranbeg Oranbeg Oranmore

6.8.1943 20.10.1943 13.10.1943 15.12.1943 17.2.1944

55 3mths 79

Patrick Joseph James Joseph Delia

Kelly Walsh O Dea

Renville West Oranbeg Tonroe

25.4.1944 7.7.1944 21.8.1944

5wks 10wks


20 71

S daughter of civil servant B Farmers daughter W Spinster Licensed Trader Ex RIC Sergeant W MF Wife of agricultural instructor

Lab Present -ation sister W Caretakers widow Lab F

Ex RIC Constable

Bridget Mary Bridget Martin Patrick Kate John Celia Anne Thomas

Kelly Forde Cannon Byrnes Halpin Connolly Moran Loughlin Farrell Brennan

17.8.1944 26.10.1944 25.10.1944 6.12.1944 1.12.1944 1.2.1945 27.1.1945 1.2.1945 26.2.1945 11.6.1945

78 82 72 77 71 75 93 54

Conway Byrnes

Oranmore Renville Moneymore Parkroe Moneymore Rhinn Tonroe Moneymore Oranhilll Found drowned in the sea at Gurrane Oranmore Thornpark Oranmore

Richard Violet Mary

3.6.1945 13.9.1945

70 46

Patrick John Mary Mary

Grealy Burke McGrath Donoghue

Ardfry Cartron Frenchfort Oranmore

11.1.1946 16.3.1946 17.5.1946 19.10.1946







Norah Rev Canon Matthew Margaret John Joseph Michael Norah Honor Gertrude Catherine John St. George Mary Joseph John Bridget Mary Peter John Martin Christopher Maria Delia

Finn Griffin

Seafield Moneyduff

15.1.1947 2.2.1947

78 76

Cusack Kerin Thornton McGrath Kelly Conway Burke Usher Lynch Athy McDonagh Burke Moran Thornton Cunniffe Hawkins Burke

Oranmore Oranmore Tonroe Glenascaul Renville Oranmore Treanlaur Rocklands Bayview Oranmore Creganna Treanlaur Cregannamore Tonroe Renville Rhinn Gurrane South

20.2.1947 2.1.1947 3.4.1947 27.3.1947 2.4.1947 17.3.1947 1.8.1947 19.7.1947 29.6.1947 12.11.1947 28.11.1947 7.1.1948 23.2.1948 3.4.1948 24.6.1948 4.11.1948

97 66 87 79 86 32 83 74 70 76 76 94 80 67 83 48

Gilmore Cahir

Glenascaul Oranmore

17.12.1948 19.12.1948


John Martin

Mogan McGrath

Carrowmonesh Renville

15.3.1949 29.4.1949

76 42

Martin Martin Ellen Ellen

Forde Linnane Carr Carr

Renville Tonroe Glenascaul Glenascaul

20.8.1949 11.9.1949 28.9.1949 23.12.1949

86 73 68 70



82 84

W S WF WR B W B WF Widow Lab LH House owner F W Present -ation nun Carpenters wife W Parish Priest W Merchant W W CLH WF LH W LH F B F Presentatio n Sister F Farmers Son F Cottier W







Ellen Martin Catherine Margaret Mary Patrick Michael Michael Patrick

Carrick Flaherty Halpin Burke Melville Greally Harte McGrath Gilmore

Renville Frenchfort Moneymore Tonroe Glenascaul Renville Glenascaul Glenascaul Glenascaul

22.1.1950 2.3.1950 19.12.1949 27.1.1950 28.7.1950 14.09.1950 12.7.1950 7.11.1950 1.12.1950

89 93 84 80 75 64 62 82 82