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Personal Data Complete Name: Tania Tirado Duarte Residence: Barcelona (Spain) Phone: (+34) 600 52 91 94 Mail: website: Portfolio:

Carrer Freelance since 2010, I have been active from 10 years in the arts. My newest projects: S4gaming (client since 2010, freelance): Making interactive games. I make from the concept art of characters and backgrounds to the animations. Link: Arts Assets (client since 2011 freelance): Making interactive games for iPad and others smartphones. From the concept art to animations y sounds. Chicken Weebus (client since 2011, freelance) Making, from descriptions of characters from a radio series. Short animations to add to the website:

Expertise I have extensive experience in graphic, video and sound editing programs: Software: Photoshop / Flash / Indesign / Illustrator / Soundbooth.

Languages Spanish English Catalan

Book and CV April '13  

Some works and my CV