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What is an Explainer Video? Why Explainer Video What makes Explainer Videos so effective? Who can use Explainer Video? Who is the target audience for Explainer Videos? Explainer Video - solution to Pitch your product / services to investors Styles that can be used to create an explainer Video How are the Explainer Videos made? 5 important things that make an Explainer Videos most successful

What is an Explainer Video? An explainer video is a short animated video that focuses on explaining a business idea in a simple, engaging and compelling way, by using a clear and concise language; appealing and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer's attention. In short, explainer Videos are designed to give new users a run-down of what your products or services are, and how they work, in the span of a few minutes or sometimes even within few seconds. These videos are typically informational and educational, generally explaining what the company offers, how it can help the customers with their problem and why that product/service is the best option in the market.

Why Explainer Video? It’s no secret that video marketing is a major trend. User engagement with video material is higher than other forms of content, video is more accessible than ever before (thanks to smart phones, iPads and all other portable devices with faster Internet), it’s easier and cost effective to produce than it has been in previous generations. Explainer Videos have proven themselves to be a powerful marketing tool that can be integrated with the rest of your online campaigns.

What makes Explainer Videos so effective? 1. They are short and sweet - Video format has the ability to convey the message in most concise way unlike a written content 2. Mostly start with a problem - solution approach, ensuring viewer’s attention as every viewer can relate with it. Illustrating how your products or services solve a customer need is incredibly valuable and trigger many conversations and reactions 3. Allows you to use your creativity : A message can be conveyed in numerous ways if you are using a video to convey it. You can experiment with the style, treatment, script (humor) It’s a chance to get inside your customer’s mind and stay there if you have the right creative team to make it happen 4. Can be posted, shared on every platform : These are short and easily shareable. Be it your website, YouTube, Facebook or even Whatsapp. 5. They are not just meant for new customers / prospects : Even though the primary function of an explainer video is to reach new audiences, they can be useful for established customers as well. This is especially true if there’s a learning curve with your products and services 6. They are easy to edit : Because they’re short and relatively easy to edit, you can switch things around quite easily. For example, if you launch a new feature, you can add a few extra seconds at the end of the video to promote it, or if you want to experiment with different music or a different narrative, you can. 7. You get a chance to attach a personality to your brand : You can let your brand’s personality shine throughout the video; you can write it in the tone of your script, include visual styles that reflect your character, and even choose a narrator that best represents your brand “voice.” Who can use Explainer Video? Whether you are an entrepreneur, a marketing expert, a CEO or a start-up owner who wants to pitch to investors. Who is the target audience for Explainer Videos? Explainer Videos are not only meant to pitch for new products / services, but can be used for established products as well, in case of any service extension or product feature extension or for any other functional changes etc. Hone Your Elevator Pitch through an Explainer Video An explainer video is a golden opportunity to show how your product / service solves some biggest problems in the world. You don’t have to talk about its effectiveness or cite case studies, stats, or testimonials. A video can accommodate everything that you

want to convey in most concise and engaging way. Also, videos are not restricted by your audience’s limited availability in the elevator. Some tips for Elevator pitch explainer video 1. No flashy intro 2. You don’t talk, let the video do all the talkin 3. Begin your video with a simple declarative sentence 4. Keep it simple yet loud and clear 5. Avoid flashy background score Styles that can be used to create an explainer Video 1. Screencast Video 2. 2d Animated Video (Character animation) 3. Whiteboard Animation 4. Motion Graphics 5. 3d Animated Videos 6. Stop Motion or Claymation Animated Videos Or any of the above styles in combination How are the Explainer Videos made? The video production process for making an animated video is complex and includes many different capabilities, so working with specialists in each area is essential. 1. Detailed brief : Brief needs to be shared by you to Video Making Agency. Brief should be as detailed as possible explaining the concept, product or service in detail, objective for the video, target markets, target audience, primary channel for posting the video etc. You clarity in thoughts should reflect in the video brief. 2. Research : Always ensure that complete research is done regarding the service to be marketed. Research is very important as it will help incorporate useful things in the video later. Also, if a similar kind of service is available in the market, doing a bit of research there helps find its flaws and showcase why the respective service is better than the existing one 3. Script : The script is the message that you want to translate to your audience. It’s one of the most important parts of the video production, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Professional script writers are a great source to pen down your ideas when it comes to creating an explainer video. 4. Written Storyboard - The storyboard is a sketch of all the main actions of the video that will let you pre-visualize how the video will flow.At this stage you can suggest edits or changes.

5. Graphical Storyboard - Once written storyboard is approved it is converted into a graphical storyboard. A script can be visually described in different ways. Here the creative skills and vision of the director and the creative team comes to a play.Once the storyboard is approved, it’s important not to make changes afterward, because they’ll be more difficult to implement and it will surely increase the cost of the production. So, make sure that you’ve taken the time to check the storyboard with your team and request the changes before moving forward. 6. Voice over : Based on your brief, samples of professional voice over artists are shared with you to select from. A voice over that complements the story of the video gets selected. 7. Illustration : (Selection of colour and style) - In this part of the process, a graphic designer and illustrator will develop the style of the characters and the color palette of all the graphic elements that will appear on the video. In most cases,colours will be selected based on your brand logo, brand guidelines. Characters are developed in such a manner that are best suited for your video story or narrative. 8. Animation: At this stage, a team of expert animators, from motion graphic artists to 2D character animators, will work together to bring all the graphic assets to life 9. Background score and sound effects : The sound effects and music are used to enhance the overall perception of the video. Adding sound effects to certain actions on the animated video will enforce the effect and make the message clearer for the viewer 10. Final delivery : Once everything above is done, the video is ready! The video in HD resolution will be delivered. 11. Video Promotion : Final step is Video Promotion, some video makers extend their assistance for promoting the video as well. This means developing a strategy to ensure the video receives the maximum amount of exposure from its intended audience. This could involve targeting specific keywords (search phrases) or implementing an outreach or syndication strategy. This may also mean finding key influencers who will help to spread the video. 5 important things that make the Explainer Videos most successful 1. Keep it short and simple - The shorter your video runs, the more likely you’re going to engage viewers from start to finish. If you spend too long describing the problem your customers have, wait too long to introduce your product or service, or waste too much time describing features, you’re going to lose people’s attention and defeat the purpose of having a video.

2. Get to the point : While you want to spend adequate time framing the problem for your viewers before introducing your solution, you also want to get to the point before it’s too late. There are plenty of videos that spend a minute or longer just setting up the context. However, studies show that most viewers are going to drop off in the first 15-30 seconds. 3. It’s all about the script : So point three summarizes point one and two.he foundation of any great explainer video is a well written script. 4. Visuals aren’t everything :Your explainer video doesn’t need to be the next Baahubali or Avatar. In fact, the visuals are simply meant to complement and reinforce a well crafted message. Sometimes fancy visuals, 3D environments, and busy scenes detract and distract from the message.However, you can’t simply ignore visuals either. The video should look professional and it should be in line with your brand. 5. Take professional help : Well, it’s about well written script, best fit voice over, impacting visuals that deliver the best result for your video. If you are looking at video that delivers best results, let’s not compromise on professional help. At every step take a professional help for most impactful video.

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