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Contactperson: Mr. Peter Barendse Monitoring peter.barendse@kcsport.nl Be in control 24/7. Monitor and analyse all growth conditions and make decisions based on valid data with Phone: +49 69 973 93 59 900 our grass monitoring tools. Website: Assist SGL Assist offers personal agronomical support. Receive advanced analyses, accurate forecasts, weekly 作为国际领先的全民体育运动组织, TAFISA 优势在于通过推广全民体育运动, 为全球社区和公民带来欢乐、 reports and applicable advice. 健康、 社交、 融合和发展。 Grass Care TAFISA 在全球growth 160 多个国家拥有超过 我们与联合国 联合国教科文组织 。Reduce 、 世界卫生组织 Create healthy circumstances for300 the个成员组织 grass plant. plant stress in summer,、control diseases and、 国际奥委会 、 ICSSPE 等其他全球变革者积极合作, 共同致力于实现一个活跃的世界。 create air circulation.

Orange Sports Forum (OSF) was founded in 2010 with the aim of promoting companies, organisations and institutions associated with Dutch sport abroad. It encompasses ʻhardwareʼ (infrastructure and accommodation) as well as ʻsoftwareʼ (training, coaching, education and sports marketing). As OSF identi-

and institutions can approach new potential clients and partners. Currently, OSF has a network consisting of more than 300 organisations. OSF focuses on the following pillars: •The supporting and advising of organizations within its network with their ambitions to export.

•Develop a sports business network that is relevant for use domestically and for foreign users. The net work currently exceeds 300 Dutch companies. lands, rather than the sporting achievements.

Mr. Rick Sleegers

NextSportChina is building bridges between European and Chinese football. We connect Chinese football talents, coaches, industry partners and policy leaders with the European football market (via football training, educational programs, train-the-trainer, skills, football experiences, players agents, etc.). For European clubs and football related companies we are the gateway to the Chinese football market (market research, digital brand building and promotion, partnerships, investments, etc.). NextSportChina is a subsidiary of NextportChina, the leading China-focused digital marketing agency in the Benelux. Contactperson: Mr. Quinten Kemp quinten@nextportchina.com Phone: +31 (0) 6 282 91 976 Website: www.nextportchina.com NextSportChina 正在架设欧洲和中国足球之间的桥梁。 我们通过足球培训和教育项目、 培训师培养、 技能、 足球经验、 球员代理等将中国足球人才、 教练、 行业合作伙伴和政策领导者与欧洲足球市场联系起来。 对于 欧洲俱乐部和足球相关的公司, 我们是进入中国足球市场的门户公司, 提供的服务包括市场调查、 数字品牌的 建设和推广、 合作关系洽谈、 投资等。 NextSportChina 是 NextportChina 的子公司, NextportChina 是比荷 卢地区以中国市场为重点的领先数字营销机构。

Holland Sports & Industry is the natural partner for foreign organisations looking to access Dutch sports expertise or products. Holland Sports & Industry can get enquirers in touch with the best companies, sports associations and knowledge partners in the Netherlands. Holland Sports & Industry is an initiative of the Orange Sports Forum foundation.

TAFISA 旨在通过为人们 国家和组织赋能来提高全球范围内全民体育运动的参与度, 从而实现可持续 Contactperson: Mr. Frank van 、 社区 、 Beusekom 发展的活跃世界 Email: F.vanBeusekom@sglconcept.com F nBeusekom@sglconcept.com F.va 。 Phone: (0)79 5933801 联系人:+31 Peter Barendse 先生 Website: W We bsite: www ww www.sglconcept.com .sglconcept.com peter.barendse@kcsport.nl 电子邮件: 电话: +49 69 973 93 59 900 网站:



Mr. Frank van Beusekom

Orange Orange Sports Sports Forum

SGL As the leading international Sport for All organization, TAFISA is in the privileged position to bring joy, The SGL System you to grow andand maintain a high quality natural grass sports playing surface health, social enables interaction, integration development to communities and citizens around theunder globe any circumstances and with any playing The activity. system consists of a wide range of unique tools that through the promotion of Sport for All schedule. and physical optimize the growth conditions of your grass playing surface, whether it is a pitch, a court or a green. IndiTAFISAthese has over 300 member organizations more than 160 countries onthey all continents. We actively vidually tools offer you solutions for specificinturfgrass challenges, together form a complete grass cooperate with other global change-makers, including UN,grass WHO, UNESCO, the IOC, ICSSPE and management system. Our goal is to help you achieve your the desired quality. others, in our mission to achieve an Active World. Lighting TAFISA aims to you achieve sustainable active aworld by empowering communities, and consistent and healthy people, grass coverage acrossnations the entire Grow lights help growagrass and achieve organizations to increase sportwear for all andquickly physical worldwide. surface throughout the entireparticipation year. Recoverinhigh areas andactivity strongly.

Contactperson: Mr. Rick Sleegers r.sleegers@orangesportsforum.com Phone: +31 (0) 854 011 977 Website: ebsite: ww www.orangesportsforum.com w.orangesportsforum.com f

Mr. Camil Smeulders

橙色体育论坛 (OSF) 成立于 2010 年, 旨在促进与荷兰体育事业相关的海外公司、 组织和机构。 从硬件方面, OSF 提供基础设施和住宿; 从软件方面, OSF 提供培训、 指导、 教育和体育营销。 随着 OSF 在全球各国的 拓展, 它为荷兰的公司和机构提供了一个平台, 可以帮助他们接触到新的潜在客户和合作伙伴。 目前, OSF 有一个由 300 多个组织组成的合作网络。 OSF 重点关注以下方面: • 支持和建议合作网络内有志于出口的组织机构。 • 发展面向国内和国外客户的体育商业网络, 该商业网络目前拥有超过 300 家荷兰公司。 • OSF 旨在展示荷兰体育和创新领域的知识和经验, 不仅仅是体育成绩。 荷兰体育与工业组织 荷兰体育与工业组织是外国组织机构获得荷兰体育专业知识或产品的理想合作伙伴。 荷兰体育与工业组织可以 帮助咨询客户联系到荷兰最好的公司、 体育协会和知识合作伙伴。 荷兰体育与工业组织是一个由橙色体育论坛 (OSF) 发起的组织。 联系人: Rick Sleegers 先生 电子邮件: r.sleegers@orangesportsforum.com 电话: +31 (0) 854 011 977 网站: www.orangesportsforum.com f

联系人: Quinten Kemp 先生 电子邮件: quinten@nextportchina.com 电话: +31 (0) 6 282 91 976 网站: www.nextportchina.com


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