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Dutch Sports Business Mission Chongqing & Xi’an

23 - 28 October 2017


Mr. Camil Smeulders Founder Orange Sports Forum &DPLO6PHXOGHUV‫ض‬ኞ 艰‫ه‬ཨᜋ֛ᙙᦞࣚԆଅ

Mr. Koen Sizoo Consul-General in Chongqing ৿௏߽‫ض‬ኞ 艰‫ه‬ሴࢵḦ᯿ଣ௛ᶾԪ

It is with pride that we embark on this Dutch Sports Business Mission to China. The mission focuses on football development in Chongqing and Xi’an, with a special focus on youth development and sports facilities. The economy of Chongqing and Xi’an is growing rapidly, and sport participation is more and more important in this region. The opportunities to benefit from this market are, therefore, enormous. OSF is a well-connected network of companies, organisations and institutions representing Dutch expertise and know-how in a variety of sport-related sectors. The participants in the mission are all highly experienced sports professionals. It is our hope that this initiative will produce a number of fruitful and long-lasting partnerships in Chongqing and Xi’an for Dutch companies.

౯ժ盄ឍଛํ๢տ౮ԅ艰‫ه‬੒܏֛ ᙙմӱդ蔭ࢫጱӞާ牐դ蔭ࢫ᯿ᅩ ‫ဳى‬᯿ଣ޾ᴶᥜጱ᪃ꕟ‫ݎ‬疻牧疪ٌ ฎᶆ靦ଙ璢ِ޾֛ᙙᦡ碞ӷොᶎ牐 ᯿ଣ޾ᴶᥜጱᕪၧ괐ᳩ蜫蝧牧݇犌 ֛ᙙၚۖࣁᧆ瑿豽ጱ᯿ᥝ௔犖犌෭ ‫ק‬괐牐ࢩྌ牧ࣁᧆ૱࣋‫ݎ֢ݳ‬疻 ጱ๢蝽覍ଉ癨य़牐2UDQJH6SRUWV )RUXPҁཨᜋ֛ᙙᦞࣚ牧26)҂ฎ Ӟӻ贻ռग़‫ݪل‬牏ᕟᕢ޾๢຅ᔲੂ 관羬蚏๶ጱᗑᕶ牧鉖Զ‫ݪل‬牏ᕟᕢ ޾๢຅դ蔭ԧ艰‫֛ه‬ᙙፘ‫ى‬ᤈӱᶾ ‫ض‬ጱӫӱᎣᦩ޾ದꖥ牧‫ے‬獈դ蔭ࢫ ጱ獊蟂᮷ฎᕪḵ犐੄ጱ֛ᙙᤈӱጱ ӫӱՈॊ牐౯ժ૶磭牧ྌԈꖥᦏ艰 ‫ݪله‬犌᯿ଣ݊ᴶᥜୌ缏蚏ᳩ๗牏 ೮ԋӬ‫ํܓ‬౮硳ጱ‫ى֢ݳ‬羬牐

The west of China has been undergoing rapid economic development and improvement to its international connections. As a result, there has been growing interest in sport, both as a form of entertainment and as part of a healthy lifestyle. I am delighted that Dutch sports businesses are discovering the region, and that such a diverse group of enterprising companies has chosen to explore the tremendous opportunities that are available.

Ӿࢵᥜ蟂ᕪၧ‫ݎ‬疻蜫蝧牧ࣁࢵᴬԻ ஃොᶎ犖෭ፅ犐੄牐ࢩྌ牧ᥜ蟂Ո ࿆੒֛ᙙጱ‫ي‬蚕෭ፅၫܹ牧ํጱฎ ‫ڊ‬ԭৈԔ襑ᥝ牧ํጱ‫ڞ‬ԅԧ୩蛪؋ ֛牐౯盄ṛ‫ي‬፡‫ک‬艰‫֛ه‬ᙙմӱ‫ݎ‬ ሿԧ鉖ᇆᅾࢿ牧ռग़犋‫ݶ‬ᐿ随ጱ‫ل‬ ‫ݪ‬犖᮷豙ਧ矐ᔱࣁ鉖᯾ጱ癨य़珶๢ 犌‫֢ݳ‬๢蝽牐

The Netherlands is a small country (131st in the world by land area), but it punches far above their weight, both in terms of its economy (the 20th largest) and its sporting performance (11th position at the last Olympics). A major factor behind these success stories is the effective combination of hard and soft infrastructure that the Netherlands has developed. Its facilities, knowledge base, innovative technology and organisational structures give the country’s business community and athletes an important edge. All those critical elements are represented in this delegation, and will be highlighted during the visits and events in Chongqing and Xi’an. Sport is a growing business worldwide, and one of the best ways for nations to interact and build up connections. This visit is designed to encourage those dynamics, and I have no doubt that it will be an opportunity to learn and inform, laying the foundations for further contacts and cooperation.


艰‫ࢵه‬疑ࢿ瑿ᶎᑌᡱੜҁࢵࢿᶎ ᑌࣁ獊ӮኴՐ矎֖҂牧ٌ֕ࣁ ᕪၧҁ矎ᒫ֖҂޾֛ᙙҁӤེ 閴霙տ‫ڜݷ‬ᒫ֖҂ොᶎ‫ߥ୽ܩ‬窼 牐艰‫ه‬ԏಅ犥ꖥࣁ֛ᙙᶾऒ玲괔 癨य़౮‫ۑ‬牧Ԇᥝܻࢩࣁԭꖥํ硳‫ڥ‬ አ୏‫ڊݎ‬ጱᏝկ޾᫫կᒵचᏐᦡ 碞牐ٌᦡ碞ᦡ॓牏Ꭳᦩପ牏‫ڠ‬ꔢದ ๞޾ᕟᕢᕮ຅牧‫ݶو‬ᩙԨԧ艰‫ه‬珶 ӱኴ޾霙ۖާӞӻ᯿ᥝጱ犭۠牐ಅ ํ鉖Զ‫ى‬Ძᥝᔰࣁྌդ蔭ࢫӾ璂ํ ֛ሿ牧ଚӬ贻տࣁ᯿ଣ޾ᴶᥜጱᦢ ᳯ݊ၚۖӾ统‫ڊ‬蔭ሿ牐 ই犡牧獊ꕟ֛ᙙӱ荲ۡ‫ݎ‬疻牧֛ᙙ ౮ԅࢵ疑ᳵ‫ے‬୩Իꔷ޾관羬ጱ磧֯ ꗯ趥ԏӞ牐ྌེᦢᳯ碫ࣁԧ薹ᤈӱ ۖா牧Ἡۜᤈӱ‫ݎ‬疻牧౯窼‫ེྌמ‬ ᦢᳯ贻౮ԅӞӻ਍ԟ޾Իꔷጱ臑অ ๢蝽牧ԅ窼獈矑薼޾‫֢ݳ‬಑ӥࣙ 贶चᏐ牐


Orange Sports Forum Foundation The Netherlands has produced many sporting successes, and is considered a leading sports nation. Thanks to their bright orange strips, the nation’s teams and athletes are instantly recognisable. It’s a country with a lot to offer in both elite-level sport and sport for all. The Orange Sports Forum is a platform for the promotion of companies, organisations and institutions involved in Dutch sport. It encompasses ʻhardware’ (infrastructure, accommodation, goods, etc.), but also ʻsoftware’ (training, coaching, education, marketing, etc.). One of the forum’s most important roles is to map opportunities and create a platform from which Dutch companies and institutions can engage with potential clients and new markets. The Orange Sports Forum is the natural partner for Chinese organisations looking to access Dutch sports expertise or products. The forum can very quickly put enquirers in touch with the best companies, sports associations and knowledge partners in the Netherlands. The







• To support, represent and advise sports organisations regarding international business. • To create and maintain a national and international sports network. • To promote and represent Dutch sport and Dutch sports organisations abroad.

艰‫ه‬玲괔ԧᦜग़֛ᙙ౮疰牧ᤩᥤԅӮኴᶾ‫ض‬ ጱ֛ᙙ୩ࢵ牐艰‫ه‬ጱᴚշ޾霙ۖާ蛪Ӥ犝ཨ ᜋጱ갢ᕖֵ犢ժࣁՈᗭӾӞ縄疰ꖥᤩᦊ‫ڊ‬牐 艰‫ࣁه‬ᒋದ֛ᙙ޾獊࿆֛ᙙᶾऒ᮷玲괔ԧ盄 य़ጱ౮疰牐 2UDQJH6SRUWV)RUXPҁཨᜋ֛ᙙᦞࣚ҂ฎ Ӟӻ艰‫֛ه‬ᙙᤈӱጱᵞᤈӱ‫ݪل‬牏ᕟᕢ޾๢ ຅ጱവଠଘ‫ݣ‬ᵞᗭ޾ᗑᕶ牐ਙ犋Ր೜ํʼnᏝ կᦡ碞ŊҁचᏐᦡ碞牏֘ਾ牏አߝᒵ҂牧鉕 ೜ํʼn᫫կᦡ碞Ŋҁ璢ᦒ牏硽ᕞ牏硽ᙙ牏០ᲀ ๐‫ۓ‬ᒵ҂牐26)磧᯿ᥝጱӞӻ֢አฎ‫ݎ‬യ๢ 蝽牧‫ڠ‬ꗰӞӻ‫׀ݢ‬艰‫޾ݪله‬๢຅矑薼޾ԧ 薹ꔢ‫ي‬૱࣋ጱଘ‫ݣ‬牐 2UDQJH6SRUWV)RUXP‫ݢ‬ԅ੒艰‫֛ه‬ᙙӫ ӱᎣᦩ޾Ծߝ眤‫ي‬蚕ጱӾࢵ๢຅൉‫׀‬੒矑๢ տ牧ฎॠꕍጱ犭臑犮֎牐ᧆᦞࣚ‫ݢ‬蜫蝧ԅ襑 ꔴᘏ관羬‫ک‬艰‫ه‬ጱӞꔷ‫ݪل‬牏֛ᙙᕟᕢ޾Ꭳ ᦩ犮֎牐 磧໐ஞጱ๐‫ۓ‬物 •ඪ೮牏դ蔭ํ‫ࢵى‬ᴬӱ‫ۓ‬ጱ֛ᙙᕟᕢଚԅ ٌ൉‫׀‬ୌᦓ牐 •‫ڠ‬ୌଚ霙ᤈӞӻࢵ疑ᕆ޾ࢵᴬᕆጱ֛ᙙ ᗑᕶ牐 •դ蔭艰‫֛ه‬ᙙӱ݊艰‫֛ه‬ᙙᕟᕢ‫ݻ‬ၹक़ വଠ牐



Dutch Sports Business Consortium The Orange Sports Forum has taken a leading role in the Partners for International Business programme (PIB) – a consortium of Dutch sports companies working together to explore opportunities in the Chinese Market.

2UDQJH6SRUWV)RUXPࣁ艰‫ࢵه‬ᴬӱ‫֢ݳۓ‬ 犮֎ᦇ‫ښ‬ҁ3,%҂Ӿ蚏陟Ԇ੕֢አńń艰‫ه‬ ֛ᙙ‫ܐ‬տᵞ‫ݳ‬ռग़‫ݪل‬牧‫ݶو‬矐ᔱࣁӾࢵ૱ ࣋ጱ‫ݎ‬疻๢տ牐

The PIB programme is supported by the Dutch government and will run for three consecutive years. During those three years, the consortium will participate in a number of economic trade missions, exhibitions, sporting occasions and other suitable events in China in order to establish good relati-

֛ᙙԾӱ3,%ᦇ‫ښ‬괔‫ک‬ԧ艰‫ه‬硰଱ጱඪ೮牧 贻ᬳᖅ霙០ӣଙ牐ࣁ鉖ӣଙӾ牧ԅԧୌ缏臑 অ‫ى‬羬牧‫ܐ‬տ贻݇‫ے‬ग़ӻӾࢵᕪၧᩆฃդ蔭 ࢫ牏疻տ牏֛ᙙၚۖ޾ٌ犢‫ݳ‬蝒ၚۖ牐ྌᦇ ‫ښ‬ጱፓຽԏӞฎࣁӾࢵ಑ꗰӞӻӾ艰֛ᙙ 珶ӱӾஞ牐

ons. One objective of the programme is to create a Chinese-Dutch sports and business hub in China.

艰‫ه‬ᔰ犥ٌࣁ᪃ꕟᶾऒጱᎣᦩ޾ᕪḵ茐‫ݷ‬牧 ٌӾ۱ೡᶆଙ霙ۖާጱ璢ِ޾ᦒᕞ牐艰‫ه‬੒ ํॠᩙጱଙ᫷霙ۖާᘒ᥺ᓌꕭฎᇆԔࢿ牧 犢ժ贻ࣁྌ൉‫܋‬ᛔ౯牧ଚ蝍계ᕅᘆz‫ظ‬Ṽն ॢ牏᪠盓z‫ڥݘ‬ᇙ牏ᗔᕑ盓zᑀ磥牏ԗ絮ੰz 舰૲ᵇ‫ظ‬襚ේᇙ޾ᗔ਽z舰֫ᥜᒵ茐‫ݷ‬霙ۖ ާጱ郥ྍ牐

The Netherlands is well known for its knowledge and experience in football, and that includes the development and training of youth players. The country is the perfect environment for talented young players to develop themselves and start following in the footsteps of players like Johan Cruijf, Ruud Gullit, Ronald Koeman, Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Robin van Persie.


This national expertise in youth development means the Netherlands has a large number of licensed trainers and coaches. As a result, young players receive good instruction from highly skilled football trainers. In addition, facilities in the Netherlands are superb. Every player has the opportunity to train in a great setting. Thanks to the cooperation of several companies and organisations, talented players are developed in the best possible surroundings, putting them on the path to a professional career in football.

艰‫ࣁه‬ᶆଙ霙ۖާ璢ِොᶎጱṛଶӫӱ௔‫׏‬ ֵ艰‫ه‬೜ํय़ᰁ೮ᦤ硽ᕞާ޾硽ᕞ牐ࢩྌ牧 ᶆଙ霙ۖާꖥ՗ದ๞鉑Ꮭጱ᪃ꕟ硽ᕞާᮎ᯾ 酄괔臑অጱ瞲੕牐ྌक़牧艰‫ه‬ጱᦡ碞࿜ଘ犖 璱거Ӟꔷ牐ྯ֖霙ۖާ᮷ํ๢տࣁ臑অጱ辘 हӾᬰᤈᦒᕞ牐ࣁग़疑‫޾ݪل‬ᕟᕢጱ‫֢ݳ‬ ӥ牧ᦜग़ॠᩙ୑ᐫጱ霙ۖާ괔犥ࣁ磧অጱ辘 हӾ൉‫܋‬ᛔ౯牧ᬰᘒ୏‫ސ‬ᘳӱ᪃ꕟ霙ۖާ ኞ႕牐

The mission includes representatives of many of the consortium companies and organisations. They will be showcasing a wide range of products, knowledge and services, all related to sports facilities and the development of youth players in football. Together, the members of our delegation are able to provide complete training packages for young Chinese players, preparing them for a professional career.

դ蔭ࢫӾํᦜग़疑‫ܐ‬տ౮ާ‫޾ݪل‬ᕟᕢጱդ 蔭牐犢ժ贻疻ᐏय़ᰁ犌֛ᙙᦡ碞牏ᶆଙ᪃ꕟ 霙ۖާᦒᕞํ‫ى‬ጱԾߝ牏Ꭳᦩ޾๐‫ۓ‬牐ํԧ դ蔭ࢫ౮ާጱ‫ݶ‬ஞ‫ێݳ‬牧疰ꖥԅᶆଙ霙ۖ൉ ‫׀‬獊ॺᦒᕞ޾ದꖥ璢ِ牧ᦏ犢ժ霙ᓉଈ଎ᛔ ૩ጱ霙ۖኞၚ牧綍ᛗᘳӱኞ႕牐


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Chinese Partner

áŻżŕŹŁâ€Ť×œâ€ŹáŠźŕˇˆéş Öƒŕ§œŕš?褖‍ݪل‏

Chongqing Yuyue Culture & Media Co. Ltd. About Yuyue Chongqing YuYue Culture & Media Co. Ltd was founded in 2008 with support from the Chongqing Sports Bureau. It is a comprehensive sports service company with seven distinct strands: sports event management, sports media, technological development, sport and tourism, venue management, the M-Cloud Chongqing online platform and youth sports training. To facilitate this broad range of activity, the company established centres dealing with operations, event planning, event execution, business promotion, mobile network technology, media promotion, venue operation, youth training programmes, TV broadcasting, print media and online technologies. The company has managed events such as the Chongqing Games for Public Health, the 2015 Aoti Swimming Festival involving more than 3,000 participants, a running event with more than 5,000 participants at the 2015 YuBei Silk Route International outdoor sports challenge, the 20152016 HeiShan Valley Cup badminton competition involving more than 3,000 junior badminton players, the 2016 Gele Mt. International SlowPaced City event, the ShaPingBa ZhongLiang cross-country event, the MinSheng Bank 5K health run, the 2015 LangJiu HongHuaLang ʝDance with the Wolf’ badminton tournament, the NBA Superstar Chinese tour (Chongqing), the ʝJoy Run China’ event in Chongqing, the ʝWho’s the King?’ junior football tournament, a 100K Challenge and much more besides.


â€ŤŮ‰â€ŹÔ­â€Ť×œâ€ŹáŠź áŻżŕŹŁâ€Ť×œâ€ŹáŠźŕˇˆéş Öƒŕ§œŕš?褖‍ݪل‏๎çź?Ô­ŕŹ™ç‰§ ŕŹšę´”â€ŤÚŠâ€ŹÔ§áŻżŕŹŁŕŤąÖ›á™™ŕŠ´áŒąŕśŞŕłŽç‰?ᧆ‍ݪل‏ฎӞ ç–‘á–“â€ŤÖ›Ýłâ€Źá™™ÔžÓąâ€ŤÝŞŮ„â€Źç‰§ŮŒÓąâ€ŤŰ“â€Źčˆ°ŕ˘ąçŞŠá??犊ŕĽ&#x; áśžŕ¤’ç‰ŠáŠŚÔŞá šŰ–á“•á‰˜ç‰?Ö›á™™Öƒŕ§œç‰?ದ๾ŕ­? ‍ݎ‏ç‰?֛ᙙޞç˘&#x;჋ç‰?ŕŁ‹ç‘żá“•á‰˜ç‰?᯿ଣ0&ORXG ŕŁ á•šŕŹ˜â€ŤŢžÝŁâ€Źáś†ŕŹ™Ö›á™™áŚ’á•žç‰? Ô…ŕł?ŕ¨źŕšœŕ˝şá šŰ–áŒąčˆ°ŕ˘ąç‰§â€Ť×œâ€ŹáŠźâ€ŤÝŞŮ„â€Źŕ­Œçź?ԧ༚ ÓťÓžŕŽžç‰§ÓŤáłŞá¨Žá¨ąéœ™á&#x; ç‰?á šŰ–áĽ˘â€ŤÚšâ€Źç‰?á šŰ–ŕ˛— ᤈç‰?ç?śÓąŕ´ľŕŹ ç‰?á‘?Ű–á—‘á•śŕ˛Śŕšžç‰?ŕ§œÖ›ŕ´ľŕŹ ç‰? ŕŁ‹ç‘żéœ™á&#x; ç‰?áś†ŕŹ™áŚ’á•žáŚ‡â€ŤÚšâ€Źç‰?ᩪᥤଠ砮ç‰?ŕŹ˜áśŽ ŕ§œÖ›ŢžŕŁ á•šŕ˛Śŕšžá’ľŕˇœáśŽç‰? á§†â€ŤÝŞŮ„â€ŹŕąŽâ€ŤŰ‘â€ŹÔˆâ€ŤŰ?â€ŹÔ§ŕĽšáśąá šŰ–ç‰§çŠ‰ŕŚ‡áŻżŕŹŁç?Šŕż† Ř‹č›Şéœ™Ű–Őżç‰?é–´Ö›áƒ‹á€şáœ“Ň Ý‡çŠŒŐˆę°—áŠť 鉑ŐˆŇ‚ç‰?Óžŕ˘ľáŻżŕŹŁá‚żéşƒĹŽÓ´á–?Ô?᪠ࢾ á´Źŕ˛ ŕĽ˜éœ™Ű–ŕł´ŕą´áŠŚŇ Ý‡çŠŒŐˆę°—áŠťé‰‘ŐˆŇ‚ ç‰?ŕŹ™Ĺ‰áź“ŕŞŠá¨•çŁťĹŠŕ˘ľá´Źá—ľŕžˇę•&#x;ŕł´ŕą´ áŠŚŇ Ý‡áŠŚáŒąé?ŚŕŹ™á—ľŕžˇę•&#x;éœ™Ű–Ţ§áŠťé‰‘ŐˆŇ‚ ç‰?ŕŹ™ç¨§Ô”ŕŞŠ ŕ˘ľá´Źçœ¸ŕ¤‰çŹ¤áƒ‹á š Ű–ç‰?ę”śŕŁĽŕŁœzÓž ę”ŚáŠźá°€áŞ’á šŰ–ç‰? Óžŕ˘ľŕż†áŠžáąˇá¤ˆŘ‹ çš?Ô˛â€ŤŮ„â€ŹáŻžá…žáŞ’á š Ű–ç‰?á—ľáŽ¤â€ŤŮˆâ€Źč†šz ᕠۖӞࢾ Ꭴč&#x;¸á• ę–´áŽ¤á—ľŕžˇ ę•&#x;癧ࢧኌ牧1%$ ç™¨ŕ¸ˆÓžŕ˘ľç™§ŕ˘§áŠŚ Ň áŻżŕŹŁá’ŠŇ‚ç‰§áŻż ŕŹŁĹ‰Ô”áŞ’Óžŕ˘ľĹŠá š Ű–ç‰?Ĺ‰á§ĄçŠŒÔŠá˛‹ĹŠáś†é?ŚŕŹ™áރę•&#x;Ფຽኌç‰?áŒŻâ€ŤŮ„â€ŹáŻž ೴๴ኌᒾ՟༚ኌԪç‰?

In 2015, we founded M-Cloud Chongqing, a cloud platform promoting fitness and health in the Chongqing region. It has become the most influential platform of its kind, quickly attracting participation from the City’s sports department as well as multiple sports associations and local sports departments. It acts as a shared resource for sports venues and coaches, providing registration, score posting and other services. To date, M-Cloud Chongqing has acquired 60,000 users, 90% of whom are active. There have been around 1 million interactions with the system.

ଙ牧౯ժ‫ڠ‬ୌԧ᯿ଣ0&ORXG牧ਙฎ Ӟӻࣁ᯿ଣ瑿豽വଠ؋蛪޾؋皐ኞၚጱԯଘ ‫ݣ‬牐ԏ‫ݸ‬牧᯿ଣ0&ORXG౮ԅԧ‫ݶ‬随ଘ‫ݣ‬Ӿ 磧ٍ୽ߥ‫ێ‬ጱଘ‫ݣ‬牧盄盠‫ޕ‬୚ԧ᯿ଣ֛ᙙ蟂 ᳪ牏ռग़֛ᙙ‫ܐ‬տ݊瑿ො֛ᙙ蟂ᳪጱ݇犌牐 ࣁଘ‫ݣ‬Ӥ‫ݢ‬犥‫و‬Ձ֛ᙙၚۖ޾硽ᕞጱᩒრ牧 ଘ‫ݣ‬鉕൉‫ဳ׀‬ꯓ牏‫ړ‬갗‫ٌ޾૲ل‬犢๐‫ۓ‬牐蜪 犡牧᯿ଣ0&ORXG૪ᕪ೜ํ‫ݷ‬አಁ牧 ၚ᪋አಁ鉏Ԝ౮牐ଘ‫ݣ‬Ӥ犌羬ᕹ԰ۖ鉏 ӡ갢ૢ‫ݦ‬牐

In 2016, the company expanded its sport-andtourism business, which places sport at the service of local tourism needs. Travel to an exciting destination and exciting physical activities make a great combination. In the popular spot of JinDaoXia, for example, the company runs the annual JinDaoXia International Canyoning Elite Competition. In the HeiShan Valley natural park, the company added considerable value to the tourism experience by creating the Jungle Safari and Via Ferrata attractions.

ଙ牧‫ל‬᩼‫ݪل‬ಘ疻ԧ֛ᙙ޾碟჋ӱ‫ۓ‬牧 犥ֵ֛ᙙၚۖჿ᪃୮瑿碟჋๐‫ۓ‬ጱ襑ꔴ牐჋ ᥦ碟჋胦瑿޾୏疻֛ᙙၚۖ‫ݢ‬犥ፘᬀፘ౮牧 臑অᕮ‫ݳ‬牐ֺইᰂ‫ڏ‬赎疰ฎӞӻ碟჋胦瑿牧 ᘒ‫ࣁݪل‬鉖Ԉ‫ې‬ԧӞ࣋ଙଶᰂ‫ڏ‬赎競褔ࢵᴬ ᔜ舣೴౴ᩦ牐ࣁἓઊᨕᛔꕍ‫ࢮل‬牧‫ݪل‬಑ꗰ ԧἓઊᨕʼnᷢ᩼Ӳ຋Ŋ޾ʼn᱈ᔱඣટŊӷӻว ᅩ牧ᕳᧆ瑿碟჋ӱ‫ڠ‬ꗰԧፘ୮य़ጱհ꧊牐

Chongqing YuYue Culture Media Co. Ltd is the sole partner of Ali Sports in the south-western region of China. The company became part of the World Online Running Alliance (WORA) established by Ali Sports, and enjoys exclusive rights to deliver sporting activities for Ali Sports in the region. Global Partner In our fast-developing world, forging international links is more important than ever before. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to work with best-of-breed sports partners, become familiar with new concepts, acquire the latest technologies and benefit from expert knowledge. Accordingly, we were honoured to become Orange Sports Forum’s exclusive Chinese partner. This influential Dutch organisation comprises 300 sports-related companies and institutions. The enormous resources and experience that they have access to will open another door for Yuyue.

᯿ଣ‫ל‬᩼෈麁փড়ํ褖‫ݪل‬ฎᴨ᯾֛ᙙࣁӾ ࢵᥜ‫ܖ‬瑿豽ጱࠔӞ‫ݳ‬犮Ո牐ᧆ‫ݪل‬૪౮ԅᴨ ᯾֛ᙙࢵᴬᗑᕶ᪠᪒관ፑҁ:25$҂ጱӞ蟂 ‫ړ‬牧ଚՁํᴨ᯾֛ᙙࣁᧆ瑿豽൉‫֛׀‬ᙙၚۖ ጱᇿ疑๦‫ڥ‬牐 獊ꕟ犮֎ ୮犡Ӯኴ‫ݎ‬疻蜫蝧牏ୌ缏ࢵᴬ관羬穉犥ஃ 犨֜෸狡᮷᯿ᥝ牐‫כ‬೮ᶾ‫ض‬ጱ 磧֯ොୗฎ犌磧ᶮ靫ጱ֛ᙙ犮 ֎‫֢ݳ‬牧ԧ薹‫ݱ‬ᐿꔢ禊盢牧酄 괔磧ꔢದ๞牧ํ硳‫ڥ‬አӫӱᎣ ᦩ牐ࢩྌ牧౯ժ盄ឍଛ౮ԅ 2UDQJH6SRUWV)RUXPࣁӾ ࢵጱࠔӞ‫֢ݳ‬犮֎牐2UDQJH 6SRUWV)RUXPฎኧग़疑֛ ᙙፘ‫޾ݪلى‬๢຅ᕟ౮ጱ艰‫ه‬ ᕟᕢ牧ᶿٍ୽ߥ‫ێ‬牐犢ժ൉‫׀‬ ጱᩒრ޾ᕪḵ闫穉犐੄牧贻ԅ ‫ל‬᩼‫ݪل‬಑୏ꔢӮኴጱय़ᳪ牐


The Netherlands: Leading in Sports!


Orange Sports Forum Foundation (OSF) SX Center for Sport, Marketing & Media Torenallee 3 5617 BA Eindhoven The Netherlands www.orangesportsforum.com www.hollandsportsindustry.com

Mr. Camil Smeulders Founder Orange Sports Forum E: c.smeulders@orangesportsforum.com M: +31 (0)6 46 09 57 83

Mr. Rick Sleegers Project Manager Orange Sports Forum E: r.sleegers@orangesportsforum.com M: +31 (0)6 20 39 92 05



A smart, cool & adaptable facility for travelling venues www.shadeddome.com

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Mission Booklet Trade Mission China October 2017  

Mission booklet of the trade mission to China (Chongqing and Xi'an) in October 2017, with a Dutch sports delegation.

Mission Booklet Trade Mission China October 2017  

Mission booklet of the trade mission to China (Chongqing and Xi'an) in October 2017, with a Dutch sports delegation.


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