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How The 70s Music Scene Was The 70s can be considered as a great decade for music as well as music lovers. The music industry that prevailed during 70s has influenced a lot of the present music industry and some people love it even today. Classic rock, Southern rock and disco music genres came into the music industry during the 70s. The world famous heavy metal music was also originated during the 70s and it was called by the name Hard Rock at that time. Disco music originated during the mid 70s and it was very popular in western countries like North America and Europe. It was also considered as one of the biggest genres of the decade because of its popularity. Apart from disco music, other music types like funk and jazz also prevailed as very popular music genres. Rock music in the 70s was able to become very popular during the mid 70s because of punk rock. The platform for Hip Hop music was laid during 70s music, but it developed in a very slow process. The technology in 70s was not developed like the present days. Therefore they did not have high end musical instruments and they mainly performed from basic instruments. However, electronic music prevailed up to a certain extent in 70s music and people continued to develop synthesizers and harmonizers while getting the help of technology. Just like in Western countries, the music industry in the rest of the world also developed a lot during 70s music. Folk influenced music in Japan started to develop along with electrical music. Electronic dances also emerged and many countries embraced them. The 70s music industry marked a great time along with experimentation. Different cultures embraced new music genres because of these experimentations. Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were some awesome artists who performed hard rock music on the stages. They moved the traditional rock music industry to a new path and many people started following it after a few years. In the mean time, punk music emerged in another part of United States and the Ramones and Sex Pistols were the leading artists who were behind this scene. Donna Summer, the Village People and the Bee Gees also contributed a lot towards the development of 70s music. Disco music became a hit in the night clubs within a short period of time. How many of these 70s songs on here do you remember? Artists like Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra refused themselves from popular music and they followed jazz music. They added electric guitars and rock music sound effects into the jazz music as an experiment during the 70s. That experiment became a success and they were able to invent a new music genre by the name ‘jazz fusion’. The funk music genre was beginning to evolve during the latter part of the decade. That helped a lot with regards to the development of hip hop. Therefore it is very clear that 70s music influenced a lot in the development of music industry.

At the time they may have just been songs to listen to and enjoy but a lot of what was going on influenced the future as well. It is easier to see this looking back but people also had a sense at the time that things were different in the 70s. It certainly wasn't a bland decade by any measure and there were all sorts of enjoyable elements besides the music as well. It was a fast moving time (though aren't all decades?) and people that lived through it often remember it with happy pictures in their mind that are richly colorful.


How The 70s Music Scene Was The 70 s can be considered as a great decade for music as well as music lovers.

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