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Our Strategic Pillars CLIMATE / CULTURE The OLu Experience is a personalized, balanced approach to education designed to engage students through a process of inquiry, exploration, and discovery through varied and diverse opportunities in a safe, caring environment. The goal is to help students prepare to live a strengthened, Christian life of purpose, service, and leadership in a global society. ACADEMICS As a high school committed to helping students prepare for college and beyond, excellent academics is a priority. Quality course design, combined with passionate teaching, is paramount. ONLINE / HYBRID Most OLu students are involved in several activities, and for that reason, Orange Lutheran’s online program can be a tremendous blessing when it comes to time management and preparing for online classes in college. ATHLETICS OLu is committed to being successful in athletic competition. The school competes in the nationally-recognized Trinity League and OLu’s investment in athletics 6

includes some of the best coaches, training facilities and support staff in the entire country.

ARTS Orange Lutheran’s diverse artistic culture has something to offer everyone interested in the arts. Whether it is elegant dancers performing majestic leaps or the graceful brushstroke of a young painter, OLu continues to build on its reputation as an outstanding training ground for musicians, stage performers, and visual artists. FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY Orange Lutheran has been blessed with tremendous growth, doubling its net assets to $18 million over the past two years. The Beyond Expectations campus improvement project was a success with $10 million of the $15 million project paid for in cash, but long term debt level is too high at $18 million. OLu has a small endowment fund at $1 million, and its net operating cash is at breakeven. The Strategic Plan commits to minimal growth in tuition and wage increases only slightly above cost of living. In order to improve the financial position, OLu will focus on improving stewardship and increasing financial support from alumni, parents and supporters.

GROWTH With a nearly full campus, growth presents quite a challenge. Growth opportunities come from expanded online and hybrid classes for existing students, offering online classes to other middle and high schools, and improved physical access to the existing campus.

MISSIONS The goal of OLu’s Missions Program is to provide a hands-on way of accomplishing its mission. It desires to help students deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ by doing His work. The Missions Program affords students the opportunity to minister on a national and international scale, in hopes of doing “as Christ would do.”

Programs That Make OLu Unique



DSPS is designed to meet the unique educational needs of a diverse student body by providing various levels of support for students with special learning needs and educational disabilities.


the walls of its campus, and the school is committed to actively identifying, encouraging, and equipping the next generation of professional ministry workers.


The purpose of Orange Lutheran’s new Internship Program is to connect students with on-and off-campus resources to help create relationships and experiences that will assist with their academic and professional development. Currently in development, this exciting program is set to launch in Spring 2016 by placing students in several offices on-campus, and in the near future, off-campus within organizations affiliated with Orange Lutheran.


Orange Lutheran is reaching out to schools across the globe to provide access to its rigorous online courses, dedicated teachers and experienced counselors in an innovative and cost-effective way.


Orange Lutheran’s Counseling & College Planning Department is committed to providing quality, personalized attention and care with seven full-time qualified counselors. With two freshman-only counselors, a wealth of sophomore, junior and senior counselors, and an international counselor, Orange Lutheran is prepared to assist all students in any way it can.

created its business academy to be entrepreneurial in nature, guided by Christian educators and business leaders, and infused with a Christian ethos. Through project-based workshops and a rigorous capstone project, students learn what it means to “be in business.”


In an educational landscape filled with STEM programs, OLu’s shines bright because it is built on the foundation of faithful, gifted teachers and a Christian ethos. Through a strong emphasis in math and science courses, unique course offerings, and summer internships with the likes of Boeing and UC Irvine, the STEM program provides a path of discovery that prepares students for careers in engineering, medicine, technology, and finance.


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