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Lucky Thwala: Love does not exist anymore, it ended with our parents. It is not like in the olden days like the 80s where people were getting married. The only thing they do now is Vat n Sat. Children today rush into sex instead of building their future


February is the month of love, OFN asked our readers if LOVE still exists....

Dinah Ndawule: Love still exists it’s just that people nowadays are not honest. They make promises and don’t keep them, they promise to love you only you but turn around and cheat on you, and break your heart. Then you start thinking love does not exist and that’s not true. You’re just dated the wrong person!

Charles Malema: Love does not exist these days as we are living in the 21st century where money talks. In order for you to strengthen your relationship you must have money for material things to keep the relationship healthy. In simple words, a man must work in order to take care of his partner


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Precious Pepukai: There’s still love. The problem is we date wrong people who lie and cheat. We also date people because we are attracted to them sexually, we don’t love them. Some people date a person because they are sexy, charming, curves and bums. The other problem is that some people are forced to stay even if they are not happy because they just want be in a relationship