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Orange Farm’s celebrates Collen’s 34th birthday


By Dumezweni-Ndweni

On 2 March, the face of Orange Farm Collen Chauke - celebrated his 34 birthday at a lavish VIP style party hosted at Eyethu Mall. The event was attended by ward councillors Simon Motha, Makhosazana Ndlela and Lucky Rambo Mbuso. Eyethu Management, Eyethu Mall stores management, Chauke’s family, Thetha FM staffers, others and OFN. An emotional Chauke thanked everyone who contributed to his birthday, he reserved special thanks to the likes of Thetha FM DJ Mochacho and his friend CLR Motha. Chauke instructed everyone to wait for CLR Motha to arrive first before the party started. Chauke was supported by his sister-in-law Nomathemba Nompondo and a friend Ntombifuthi Malinga.The sister-in-law attempted to thank everyone but was overwhelmed by a wave of emotions and could not speak and Chauke had to comfort her. The guests had only good things to say about Chauke and his friendly smile. They all love Chauke they described him as a loving, supportive person who loves his family and who knows everything that happens in Orange Farm. Chauke could not contain himself when Motha made a speech. Motha thanked everyone who made this day a success and shared a story about their history. He said Chauke was the one who

FOR THE LOVE OF COLLEN: Ntombifuthi Malinga (left) with Collen Chauke and his sister-in-law, Nomathemba Nompondo comforted him when he lost his mother last year. The guests showered Chauke with gifts from shoes, clothes and money. In closing, Eyethu Mall Centre manager Joseph Mashabela, said that Chauke checked on him daily and if he did not,

Mashabela knew Chauke was at an ANC rally or event. He said that Chauke should not be seen as a pity case, he must be accepted as he is and shown love. However, he had stern words for Chauke and warned him about alcohol.

An alleged fake prophet was busted by community members of Ext 7b at the end February. Archbishop Sbusiso ‘Mkhulu Thandiwe Ndwandwe’ Radebe of The St Bethuel Apostolic Church told OFN that a woman called Mamremi goes to Apostolic churches and tells them God sent her to inform them there are evil things buried in the yard. These are his allegations against her: She digs in their yards and produces hair, monkey hand and muthi. She then ‘cleanses’ the yard and gives the owners muthi. What is suspicious is that she prophecies the same things in the same way for everyone and finds the same things. She also tells the owners to slaughter goats. This woman came here claiming she’s from Upington and was sent by God. She claimed she knows no one around. What made everyone believe

Mamremi with the muthi given to the churches

her was that she knew everything about us. I think she researched us first. We allowed her to do whatever she said she must do, but soon after she performed the “cleansing” things fell apart. In my home, soon after she came, there was a funeral and at my church there were massive fights. It is clear she bewitched us! All the churches she went to, bad things happened and some people even lost their jobs. It is clear she left a curse (Isichitho)! I want people to be aware of this woman as she lies, robs people and some lost their money. Mamremi however, is sticking to her story when OFN recorded her addressing the community: ‘‘I saw all these people in a dream and God sent me to help them.’’ Archbishop Radebe said the woman has since disappeared. There was no case opened as there is no charge for witchcraft but he advises people to be aware of fake prophets.

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Residents warned of ‘fake’ prophet

By Themba Mndebele and Mbali Nqubuka