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Orange Farm reservoir opens

PROGRESS IN ORANGE FARM: Joburg Water managing director Ntshavheni Mukwevho, ward councillor Simon Motha and City of Johannesburg member of the Mayoral Committee for Environment and Infrastructure, Nico de Jager, at the opening Johannesburg Water in partnership with Environment and Infrastructure Service Department in Orange Farm opened the

Reservoir on the 24 January in Ext 8B. This Launch was attended by community members and government officials, Ward 4



Cllr Simon Motha, Ms Fatima Chokama and Councillor Nico De Jager, these were the main speakers of the day. Ms Fatima

Chokama appreciated all the contributors who made this project to prosper. “This is the sixth water project to be done in Orange Farm, it was initiated from April 2015 completed on September 2017. It has created job opportunities to the people of Orange Farm, 64 Labours and general builders were employed. All these jobs were done by local sub-contractors even though we had some challenges with labour issues but we dealt with them,” said Ms Chokama. MMC of Environment and Infrastructure Service Department, Cllr Nico de Jager said: “We are committed to the upliftment of Orange Farm, as a City of Johannesburg we being an inclusive, pro-poor government that placesdevelopment of forgotten communities. On top of our agenda in order to give dignity to our people, we have set aside R1.9 billion for the coming development. Ten informal settlements will be upgraded in the 2017/2018, financial year; another 21 informal settlements in 2019/2020. The City of Joburg has inherited a water infrastructure backlog that is going to cost almost R13 billion to ensure safe delivery of water to communities.” He criticized the theft of infrastructure in Gauteng; 4 000 brass water meters were stolen during the 2016/2017 financial year. He also urged people to take responsibility for the reservoir and to protect it. “We have provided it and I have no doubt that the leaders of Orange Farm community will guard the City’s infrastructure and report all attempts to vandalize it to the authorities,” added De Jager.

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