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Guidelines to Hire an insurance aGent

WHy insurance aGent? An insurance agent or broker can help you to choose right policy that suits your needs and requirements impeccably.


1. Persona

∗ Have direct conversations with the insurance agent. Ask him or her to explain the policies and ask for quotes. This would be a perfect chance to judge how they work and respond.

2. credentials and license ∗ Check if the insurance agent you hire has credentials such as Certified Insurance Counselor, Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter, etc. ∗ You can visit official websites and check if the agent is licensed or not.

3. comPlaints

∗ Pay a visit to online Insurance Department consumer resources and check if any complaints have been registered against the agent whom you have decided to deal with.

4. ask your kitH and kitH

∗ This is one of the best ways to single out best insurance agents. Ask your friends, relatives and colleagues about the reliable insurance agent in your area. Based on their feedbacks you can opt for a reliable agent.

5. ask for referrals

∗ Ask your agent to provide details about few clients he has worked with. Contact such clients, ask them about their experience with the particular agent and decided whether to deal with him/her or not

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